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Olixar Galaxy S10 Plus Case Compatible Glass Screen Protector - Black Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus' screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass curved screen protector, designed for full coverage of your phone's screen. This design leaves enough space for a case too.
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Keep your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus' screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass curved screen protector, designed for full coverage of your phone's screen. This design leaves enough space for a case too.
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Crystal view glass protector
This is a great screen protector, fitted really easily and with no bubbles! One BIG draw back though is the ultrasonic fingerprint detector doesn't work on the S10+ (or not very well) After trying many attempts I managed to reregister my fingerprint but then it would only work erratically and after many attempts! Very frustrating, had to divert back to pass code!
Samsung s10 plus screen cover
I was very sceptical about the purchase as I have had many screen protectors for my Samsung s10 but struggled with the finger print, and I am very happy with this one as my fingerprint works perfectly fine.
Thanks very much.
Good but no as tough as expected
Pros: This perfectly fits my Quadlock case, unlike other 'case friendly' glass curved screen protectors.
The fingerprint sensor initially didn't work, however over time the adhesive improved the contact with the actual screen and it now works well about 70% of the time with multiple apps - no real issue for me honestly.
Generally good with finger smudges unless you have very oily/sweaty hands then it leaves a mess.
Looks good when on!
Cons: The main thing I have an issue with is that it just absorbs minimal impact and results in hairline cracks across the screen - fine for the first week and suddenly, despite normal use for me, 3 have appeared and continue growing. This occurs from just being in a pocket, or put on a hard surface a little heavier than usual, or tossed on to a bed. I previously used a gel cover and had no issues, so I recognise that this is not actually absorbing impacts which would have otherwise affected the actual screen.
Good protection but hinders finger print
The coverage is good and fits well. The fingerprint recognition is slightly affected as i have to try multiple times to unlock my phone. Pressing harder on the sensor does help avoiding multiple tries at unlocking
reduced fingerprint sensitivity
Really pleased with this protector. Initially did not think it had a cut out for camera and fingerprint but if you hold it to the light there is obviously thinner sections. I did have a problem resetting my fingerprints. i would try your existing fingerprints before you delete and reset them as suggested.
Avoid for Fingerprints
Fits well, nicely cut. Phone will not register fingerprints tho regardless of how hard I press.
Screen Cover
The screen cover was easy to apply and excellent quality
Easy to apply - but fingerprint reader poor
Good protection - however if you use fingerprint reader a lot don't use
Screen Protector
Soon received and fitted - seems fine so far (around one month).
Works well with fingerprint scanner.
Not much else to say.
Best ever
Best screen protector I've found. Fits well with case and has good contact
Works perfectly
Fits my Samsung S10 plus
Not needed
I turns out that Samsung supply the Galaxy S10+ with a screen protector already fitted. So this product is redundant until I damage the fitted one. But it looks nicely made.
Always use a glass screen saver before we use our new phones. This is ideal and good quality
Good quality. Easy fit. Excellent service
Fits my Samsung galaxy perfectly
S10 plus
Screen looks nice on phone but fingerprint sensor does not work more than half the time. Left screen protector on phone but can't use fingerprint would recommend b/c its glass protector
Easily cracks, Fingerprint works (just), black edges cover pixels.
Applies easily, and will probably do a good job at absorbing face-down drops. But that's where the positives end.

1 - Somehow (i haven't dropped my phone to my knowledge), it already has 2 cracks in it. (2 weeks in).

2 - Fingerprint zone: The 'hole' is not a hole its plastic, and its hard to et the air-holes out, during application. Even once that is done, you have to press very hard to get it to work.

3 - Black edges: What is the point of this??? These edges actually cover pixels on all 4 edges, meaning wherever you place it, the screen will be partially covered. Why not just have clear edges? this serves absolutely no purpose and detracts from the enjoyment of the phone.

Overall, i'll keep it on, but I'm already looking for a replacement.
Fits brilliantly.
Fits brilliantly, feels great. Fingerprint scanner sensitivity is a bit of an issue. Phone keeps telling me to press harder. Sometimes it just wont register that your pressing.
A Must
A great item. Had several before and am pleased if anything has to break it's the screen protector and not the screen. Highly recommended
Good but finger print scaner doesn't work
So i bought this screen protector, it came fast but when I've put it on my Phone the finger print scanner doesn't work at all, which is really annoying. Overall it's okay but not the best. Wish I knew before i bought it.
I do not like the circle at the bottom of the screen. It does not feel very resistant.

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