Olixar Full Cover OnePlus 3T / 3 Glass Screen Protector - Black Reviews

Keep your OnePlus 3T / 3's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass screen protector, designed to fully cover the front of the phone. Black edges match the black fronted phone perfectly.
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Does the job!
Love the screen clarity. And it does the job... when I dropped my phone, the glass protector cracked a little instead of the screen itself. Easy to replace. Great service.
Love my glass screen protector!
It's the first time I've had a glass screen protector. It's almost like going from night to day — so clear, and no bubbles. It arrived in excellent condition and within the time stated.
Easy to fit, perfect fit
Very easy to fit. Covers perfectly and in line with colour of phone. You would not notice it.
Great Product
I know it was a bit late but after I had cracked my phones glass I wanted to protect it from further damage and quickly ordered the Olixar Screen Protector as a quick patch.

It provides a strong tempered glass layer atop the crack and since the ditizer and screen were fine it allows me to continue using my device sans cut fingers.

It was my own folly for removing my Olixar branded case however Olixar has provided yet again the solution.
not a great screen protector at all.
Did not properly affix to screen.
Made viewing the screen hard in sunlight, screen brightness had to be pushed up to the max.
Easily smugged.
would not recommend at all
Not sure if I would recommend
It covers the screen and protects it, so that part is accurate. However, the adhesive is only on the top and bottom and does not actually adhere fully to the screen.

Examples: if water droplet landed on side of screen it gets absorbed under the screen protector. Also, after application theres a smudge right in the middle in the only bit where the screen adheres to the protector. Also, small hairs can get under the edge on the sides. So It does it's job, but it's definitely not one of the better protectors available!
Very Clear, no bubbles, but I struggle in bright sunlight to see the screen
Good fit, easily applied, touch screen seems to be unaffected. It seems to have had quite a detrimental affect on the screen in bright sunlight
Exaxtly what I required
Great quality product at competitive pricing and delivery
I've used this before and it's protected my phone's screen perfectly, despite my pet cats doing their best to knock my phone off the table onto a hardwood floor. Mobile fun provide a top quality product at competitive pricing and fast delivery, I'm very happy.
Not happy
Not happy . Will not by again
Delivery arrived promptly and packaging was excellent. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Screen fitted perfectly and have no issues whatsoever. Highly recommend. Fantastic quality.
Good itemm
Very good item cover the screen full without any air bubbles
Disappointing Protector
Pro: Clear instructions, easy to apply, well packaged
Con: Even though the product was installed correctly, the description claims "will not impair the sensitivity of your screen", it has made interacting with my phone difficult with less sensitivity registering on my phone, with the screen protector slightly over lapping the edge because the phone screen itself is slightly curved

Conclusion: In the end, I had to remove the screen protector, and invest in a new one, perhaps a protector film instead of a glass protector
Rainbow effect
Rainbow effect, very bad product
Good product
It took almost a month to get here, but very happy with the product. Got it for OnePlus 3 and it fits great, they also gave a wet and dry wipe for cleaning the phone screen before applying.
Quality material, average fit
I bought this for the OnePlus 3t which presumably should be the same dimensions as the OnePlus 3. The cutouts are mostly accurate and well centered, with little room for error when applying.

My only real issue is with the black border around the screen which is ever so slightly too small - meaning that it marginally covers the edges of the screen.

In hindsight, I would buy the transparent one instead. I'm not sure if there is any benefit to having the black border. This border also makes the edges of the screen more obvious, which diminishes some of the aesthetic advantage of an OLED screen.

Otherwise, the material seems quite high quality and definitely reflects the price. However, If the protector were any cheaper I would probably remove it.
Awesome protection - but glass does smudge
Looks awesome and super durable. When it was put on by a specialist it had this weird bubble in the middle, but disappeared soon after.

It markets it as no fingerprints - but it definitely leaves smudges like glass would.
Terrible in everyway
It's always smudgey and doesn't fit on the screen properly
Excellent protector very happy!
perfect fit
perfect fit for the one plus 3 . thumbs up
If you want a screen protector for your OnePlus, get this. Don't waste time with the other cheaper one, this is perfect. You will seriously forget you have a cover on it. It fits great and because it is basically a mirror of your screen it looks great on and suits the phone perfectly. I couldn't recommend this any higher. It also protected my phone when I dropped it the other day, the protector cracked but my screen didn't. Thank god! I will need to buy a new one but it will be worth it.

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