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Olixar FlexiShield Ultra-Thin HTC One M8 Case - Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Custom moulded for the HTC One M8, this 100% clear Ultra-Thin FlexiShield case by Olixar provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage while adding next to nothing in size and weight.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44492
$8.24 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 48 customers

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Good fit, Not bulky
Happy so far. Easy to put on phone. Completely clear, and is not bulky. Really improved the grippiness of the slippery phone. I don't know if this cover would prevent damage from a drop, but will prevent scratching & wear n tear of everyday use. Does not attract dirt and dust like some gel covers do.
Cheap, slim, nice feel but poor practicality...
Good points :
The case adds no bulk, looks smart, adds grip but not too much
Bad points:
The camera cut-out on the back is off centre, a small point but its an annoying lack of attention to detail by Olixar.
Where the case has raised sections for the lock and volume buttons, the gap between the phone button and the inside of the case is too big. What this means is, as you try to lock/unlock the phone or change the volume you have to press really hard to deflect the case sufficiently to press the physical button. This is pretty irritating, so not really happy with the design from a practical standpoint. I would rather have paid more and had additional thought put into the details of the otherwise elegant design.
Great and nice case
Initially I though it will be a matt dark grey case, but actually is quite shiny case, dark grey case but shiny.
Fits ok.
Delivered promptly. Great fit.Feels good
Delivered promptly, feels good in your hand. Fits htc m8s perfectly
Excellent Phone Case
The Olixar FlexiSheild Ultra-Thin HTC One M8 Clear Phone Case is excellent both in its fit and feel. A great improvement on the one provided with the phone itself.
Such a good case I've brought 2
If you are looking for a HTC One (M8) case which allows you to show off the beauty of your phone but still offer protection for soft metal body then you can't go wrong with this case. It covers most of the metal without covering ports and not becoming a massive bulk on your phone. it also has a slight lip around the case so that your screen shouldn't hit the ground.

I've just replaced my first one which I've had for 2 years because it had yellowed making the phone look gold (Just to say I'm not a smoker).

I would have to say that over the last 2 years they have now re-designed the case making it slimmer, the case now covers the power button and is textured on the inside. It also now has Olixar name about where the lower antenna bar is on the back.

So far I've not dropped my pone to test the new case out, and plan never to. But my original one drop a couple of times and my phone safe every time.
No problem at all. Well packed.
Has revived the look of my phone. It's small but effective :-)
The flexishield skin for my htc one m8 has saved my phone from soo many dints and scratches! It doesn't make the phone too bulky and the cut-outs for the charger and aux cables are big enough that you don't have to remove the cover to charge the phone - which I've had trouble with in the past! Overall a great product for the price
flexishield skin for M8
very good product good fit better than the one that came with the phone
Does the job
Arrived quickly and at a reasonable price. Easy to apply. Does the job so far at least.
Well made and sleek
Item fits the phone (in my case HTC M8s) very snugly and has a great feel in the hand. Cutouts are well positioned. Material feels very sturdy and is well finished.

A few niggles though:
-the item shown on the listing is not the same as the one supplied - on the one I received, there is no cutout for the power button making it extremely difficult to operate. I ended up cutting it out myself.
-Likewise, the volume buttons need quite a hard push to operate.
-The cutout for the usb/headphone is one hole, and not separated by a small strip as shown in the image on the listing.
Great fit!
The cover is a really tight fit which is good because the last case I had for my phone was a little loose. The purple colour is nice and bright.
Nice case
The case is certainly ultra thin an adds very little bulk to the phone. It case has sufficient grip to allow the phone to be held without slipping from the hand. The volume control is covered by the case but the activation button on top of the phone is not - the reason why I have only given 4 stars.Slots for ports and lenses are accurately cut.
Not what expected
The material was not what I had expected. I thought it would be hard cover.
MobileFun Reply
Hi there,

The Flexishield range are usually soft and shock resistant. For hard cases for this device try:

I wanted something slim and unobtrusive for my device for "day wear". I have sturdier cases for other use. This case fits the bill perfectly. It fits perfectly with all the holes for camera etc.as they should be. It feels good and importantly,secure in the hand. To protect your phone from small drops and scratches etc, this case is ideal. Recommended
Can't believe how hard it is to buy HTC covers in shops. I'm stoked with finding this cover on this website. Love the colour and slightly see thru look. Perfect fit. Just what I wanted.
Great service.
Good Case
The clear case is a good product for me and my HTC8. It is thin and virtually weightless. By the same token it probably not take a big hit on a drop, and I'm not anxious to see what it does if I drop it on a hard surface, though I expect modest protection from it. But it meets my requirement and I'm satisfied.
Couldn't be happier!
The quality of this cover is excellent - much better than the genuine HTC cover that came with the phone. It feels great, and gives my phone a really good look that gets WOW comments from friends. It seems tough too - had it everywhere over three weeks and still looks as new as the day I received it. Very happy.
HTC One M8
Excellent cover. Actually turned out to look better than I thought. Easy to fit and sits well in the hand. Much bbette than the cover that came with the phone. Well worth it.
Flexishield Case for HTC M8
Offers decent protection, and grip to an otherwise slippery device.
Amazingly good quality and value
I didn't expect much for the money, but this case is very well made, and has the bonus of retaining the attractive appearance of the device. The case fits very well; nice and snug, and will fit a HTC One M8S. The case was delivered very promptly and for this price I am extremely satisfied. I would highly recommend this case to anyone considering it.
Love it!!!
After receiving my clear cover I rate it on a scale from 1-10 a 10!!
I love this cover.
I am very happy with the item. Also, delivery was as stated.
Good product
Really good quality and finish. I like it.
FlexiShield Skin for HTC One M8 - Smoke Black
The FlexiShield is better than the cover supplied with the phone - Better design and more robust and has a bigger cut-out for the charger lead and earphone plug.
Awesome case!!!
I was searching for a case for my HTC One M8 that is thin, transparent and protective, and I found it!!! This case is what i have been looking for!!!
The case is great, very transparent and protects the phone well from scratches and dings, i do not know about falls, since it did not fall, but it looks it will protect the phone well enough, even has a raised bezel to protect the screen. Very thin profile!!! Not bulky at all!!!
You can clean the case with a microfiber cloth and looks awesome.
The only flaw I saw was the top hole for the depth camera, is a little out of center, but for the rest, is a great product to show off your wonderful HTC One M8 in all its splendor, plus adds grip to hold the phone, since the phone is very slippery.
I will buy this case again and recommend it to owners of this great phone.
Good - With Minor Flaws
The case feels sturdy so there's no chance of slipping out of your hands. The case is fully transparent, allowing you to show of the beautiful design of the phone. However there are a few issues. For one, the headphone cut out may be too small for some. This leads to random disconnection. Also if you have a tempered glass screen protector that is raised above the screen, operating the volume rockers on the case tends to push on the screen protector causing it to open up.
Great Case
Very Good Case For The Price £4.99 Really Good Fit + fast delivery many thanks *****
Just what I was looking for
I was looking for an inexpensive, barely noticeable case for my HTC One M8. I wanted a more rubbery case as opposed to a brittle, plasticky case, because I feel like a rubbery case doesn't get cracked or scratched as easily. This is perfect; the only thing I wasn't expecting was that it's actually shiny on the outside rather than being a matte.
Good phone case
Once it finally arrived it was as advertised. The color is great and slightly transparent so I can still enjoy the phone's looks. I wanted a case that's easy to put on and take off, no snap-on. It durable and easy to use. It does cover the buttons but they still function properly. Definitely recommend!
Excellent quality really really happy. I ordered the case yesterday and it arrived today, I would recommend this site to anyone
Very Pleased
Upon the purchase of my new HTC One M8, I noticed that the store didn't carry a cover that met my needs. The phone is so attractive with its stainless steel back so it was a no-Brainer for me that I needed to show it off. When I found your site and saw that you carried a clear/gel cover for a very good price, I had to have one. It arrived in a reasonable amount of time and fit the phone like a glove. I am totally satisfied with this purchase!
HTC One (M8) Case - Works Great
Ordered this case and was a little unsure what to expect, but the price was right. It's a smoke gray rubberized case that was delivered fast. It fits perfectly and does the job. Recommended!
The FlexiShield skin protects my phone without adding bulk. The colour is transparent which works well with the brushed aluminium of the phone itself. Because of the oh so slight lip on the front I can put my phone face down without scratching the screen and mine is purple. I love it!!
Perfect for the looks of the One
Arrived nice and quickly, fits well and still shows of my lovely phone. Not tested it as I haven't dropped my phone, and hopefully won't :D

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