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Olixar FlexiShield OnePlus 3T / 3 Gel Case - 100% Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Custom moulded for the OnePlus 3T / 3, this 100% clear Olixar FlexiShield case provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage.

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£4.99 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 67 customers

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Return customer!
Very happy with the product and service. My old one was getting a bit discoloured after a couple of years or so. Hassle-free to replace.
Good Fit and Flexible
Fits well on my OnePlus 3T, flexible enough.
Great product and quick delivery
Great product and quick delivery
exactly what I wanted as does not detract from the phone itself.
Case lights up
Nice cut outs. I like the clear case and the price is good. Also I got an app that lights up the flash light for notifications, looks cool an I can see when I get calls and texts.
Excellent product
Excellent product
Royal Mail delayed my receiving the packet, but the cover is superb. It's as described, makes my phone look better and has already shrugged off several bangs without scars.
Good soursce for supplies
Very efficient and prompt in delivery. Highly recommended for others.
Light and clear
A good quality clear Andy light case. It covers all bezels and also doesn’t hide the design of the phone.
Basic Protection
Product is a cheap plastic protector.
Amazing product
The case is slim yet protects the phone very well, it doesn't feel cheap
Exactly what I expected. Decent quality case. And thin too.
Good case, fits right and is slim/protective.
Wonderful product. flexible, thin, and able to protect my phone.
The case doesn't​ add any bulk the phone still feels very slim
Everything i wanted to know was on your website very helpful. The case Olixar flexshield oneplus 3t/3 gel case solid black. My reason for giving 4 stars is Their is not much of a lip around the front of the screen to protect it and if your using a tempered glass screen protector no lip at all.other than that the case fits the phone very snug all the cut out are perfect buttons and alert slider works seamlessly. The case doesn't​ add any bulk the phone still feels very slim and add no weight to the phone with the case on. Would highly recommend this case if your looking for minimalist protection to prevent your phone from getting scratched. Hope my review is of help to you.
Exactly what I was after
Wanted a simple, clear case to protect my wife's new phone and the Olixar FlexiShield is exactly that. Very happy with the purchase.
Perfect quality fits really well
Really great quality
Lights up...
Whenever you use the flash, the case itself lights up too. Also have a random clear case from elsewhere, that also does this. On the other side, the Nilkin Nature Series has a closer fit and does not do this. Fit is ok, buttons get slighly harder to press, and has a small lip around the screen.
Generally happy with product
Happy with the product.
Mine arrived with a defect that looks to have happened during manufacturing. It doesn't prevent it from working or fitting on the phone, but is significant to expose their lack of quality assurance. With that said, it was cheap, so I guess you get what you pay for. It's slightly thicker than I would have preferred, but the grip and feel for the case is okay.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not totally happy with this case. Can you please contact our Customer Services team and tell us exactly what the defect on your case is with photos so we can investigate further.
Good product
Perfect case for OnePlus 3T. Fits well with the phone body dimensions.
Good product
Perfect case for OnePlus 3T. Fits well with the phone body dimensions.
Great product
Ordered this for my new oneplus 3 as I wanted protection without spoiling the look, it's great, fits well and looks fab, thanks mobile fun for a great product at a great price
Rock solid but nice to touch
Delivery was quick to protect my Beautiful One Plus 3 T from day 1!
Colour was lovely, material is very good, tough but feel fantastically soft and grippy to hand.

Unfortunately I have to return my phone but I am still keeping this lovely cover!!
Great case
Fits tight around the phone and looks great. Makes the phone easier to hold and protects the back of the phone.
Great product
This case fits the phone perfectly and gives some protection to the screen as the edge gives a lip around the front. The other benefit is that it gives much better grip than the uncovered phone.
I am extremely delighted with this product and would highly recommend it but only if you've got the One Plus 3 phone.
Really nice blue case
Before buying this case I had the official Black Apricot case and the Tudia Arch case. The reason I didn't like those cases was due to lack of grip while holding it, I came from the Nexus 5 which has an amazing grip.
I haven't had any scares of dropping it yet and I can easily use the phone one handed due to it having that great grip (and because I have fairly large hands). I feel this case will give enough protection from drops, but obviously not as much as the bulky cases, I would say it adds minimal weight and thickness to the phone.
The buttons are very responsive and you still can feel that click when pressed, and the protruding camera is now protected.

The only bad things I have to say is that the colour isn't as vibrant as shown in the pictures, it's a lighter blue, but still looks great.
Also like most cases, fingerprints can faintly be seen, but due to the material it can be easily wiped.

This will definitely be the case I'm sticking with and maybe I'll get a dbrand skin to make it stand out.
This arrived a bit too late to protect my new phone from its first dent, because I'm a clumsy sod! Paired with a screen protector, this has protected my phone from many more drops and scrapes already! I love the colour, and that it's translucent. All of the buttons are still easy to use, but the silence slider can be a bit fiddly.
I received the cover in 3 days from UK to Italy and it looks awesome. Fit perfectly on the OnePlus 3 and the camera is well protected. 100% satisfied by this product. Recommended.
Excellent fit but the plastic yellows
It's a very well designed case and fits perfectly. For the price, it's the best one out there for an OP3. A grudge I have is that the plastic yellowed after 4 weeks of usage and looks old now.
Good quality and fits the purpose and would recommend to anyone
As above
Good value
Nothing dramatic but does exactly what it promises to do. Fits Oneplus 3, snugly, and does make device any thicker since the camera protrudes almost exactly to the thickness of the skin. Actually makes phone more stable when laid flat. Well engineered with apertures in right places.
Great Case
This is the second of these cases I have purchased.
This is a great case, and the service was as usual fantastic.
Good fit and classy finish
The case is of very high quality and looks great with a clean shine. Seems very durable and buttons are easy to press. The black contrasts great with the white phone. A bet good product that looks much more expensive then it actually is.
U can't go wrong with the case!
The case is possibly the best ones out there. If you have made a wise decision by purchasing an OP3, make an even better one by purchasing this case.
Great Product
The case was delivered from the UK within a week. Great service, great product. Would recommend.
Fits well.
Product fits extremely well, looks alright and seems to be made of a decent material. Doesn't add that much to bulk of device.
Quality item for sure 10 out of 10
Having dipped my toe into the smart phone market I though I should make sure I did not end up with the dreaded smashed winscreen effect I have seen elsewhere so I avoided eBay and bought a trade name. This certainly is well made and you can see the inserted rubber protection throughout clear plastic which is most reassuring. When I compare it to the eBay item I bought for my Samsung Galaxy mini this oxilar case is significantly better quality. Almost tempted to drop test it such is my confidence but I suspect with all the commuting on London transport it will get plenty of opportunity to demonstrate how good it is. I would also say considering the shape it does not appear to add much bulk to the phone so I can still show off my new 5.5 inch android device which was half the price of an iPhone and far more adaptable,
Good price for the value
Quick delivery, good quality. Unfortunately i ordered only 1 pcs
Very good case for a very good phone !
For the price this case is amazing value.

I got the case as I found the one plus 3 a little slippy to hold.

The case arrived quickly and resolved the issue.

The only criticism I have of the case is that the cut out for the alert slider makes it difficult to toggle it.
Great case
It fits like a glove and makes the metal case less slippery

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