Olixar FlexiShield Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - 100% Clear Reviews

Custom moulded for the iPhone 5S / 5, this clear Flexishield case provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage.
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Good quality product
Does what it’s supposed to, quality materials used to make product, 100% clear, edges lip over phone screen for extra protection. Only small criticism if any is it could do with lipping over the screen a bit more than it does
Great fit and good price
Simple and easy to buy and fit
Probably the best accessory for a smartphone.
I have used Olixar Flexishield cases on other smartphones. They are, in my opinion, the best and most practical tool to increase the user's grip on their expensive phones. The cases also prevent phones slipping off surfaces they are placed upon.
Great service, product was as described.
Very happy with the product and the service
Descret, and effective. Has already saved my phone from the scrap heap and I only just got it!
Excellent quality
Very clear, not bulky in any way- exactly what I was looking for....
First Class
First class design and fit for iphone5s - goes for service too. Will be buying another for my son.
Very Good Case
Great case which fits well and will offer good protection. Shame it has the makers name on the back which wasn't shown in the picture.
Good quality product
Very sturdy case and see through so you can show off your phone.
Very pleased with this and good quality for the money.
Product is of high quality
Durable,suitable and appearance like the way it looks and the design
Very good case
This case fits the iPhone s5 perfectly it seems to give reasonable protection with out add much to the size of the phone it's a very good blance between the to. As usual Mobile Fun service was very good the order arrived on time and as described
Great item
Arrived quickly after ordering. Well packaged. The cover fits the iPhone SE like a glove. Looks great. Good quality. Worth every penny. Would purchase from here again.
Good product
Been looking around for case found this one and just what I wanted and a great product to cheap and nasty ones I have seen good value for money
Perfect case
Phone case is a perfect fit and makes the phone feel safe from damage without feeling too bulky at the same time. Finally a phone case that fits, looks good and isn't over priced! Quick delivery too! Thank you mobile fun.
I love this clear non slip case for my pretty rose gold phone. I ordered that colour phone because I liked it; now I can actually see the colour. Delivery speed was super quick. Thank you Mobile Zap.
Very Good
This is a very good phone case and it also looks good as well
Perfect fit!
I purchased this item for my iPhone 5s. I'm really pleased as this fitted perfectly on the handset, it looked as if the phone doesn't have a case cover on. It arrived as advised and was well packed. I would purchase again from the seller as so far everything was impressive.
Lovely product!
This case is nice and clear, easy to get on and off and feels robust enough to protect my phone without being bulky. I'm very happy with it.
Exactly what I expected
Fits great, completely clear all round protection for iPhone 5s. I always buy this type of cover as I like to see the phone through it rather than cover it up. Sits just a couple of mm above the screen to protect against drops on screen but does not add bulk to the phone. Definitely not disappointed. Great price, made just for this phone not like the cheaper products from well known auction sites! Finish off with a tempered glass screen protector and your good to go.
The Flexishield case is slim and chic and very discreet.
The Flexishield case is slim and chic and very discreet.
Just perfect
Bought this case for my precious iPhone 5s and it couldn't be more perfect. Excellent fit and quality at a great price. As it says it's 100% clear so I can still see the gold colour of my phone. Comfy to hold without worry of dropping. I'm a happy bunny.
Flex shield case for iPhone 5
Excellent product.
Fits the phone perfectly giving protection to all sides and rear ( combined with a screen protector gives all round protection )
The case looks very good on the phone adding very little bulk but increasing grip to the phone which without the case is quite tricky and sharp.
My handset is nearly three years old but people have commented " is that a new phone " since I added the cover.
I have had more expensive cases but would not hesitate to purchase another flex shield case.
Overall an excellent great value piece of kit.
Great product
Much easier to fit than the thin plastic screen protectors. Looks great and will be very protective. Good value. No negatives. Get one!
Protect the phone, but still see the phone
This case is great if you want to protect your iPhone from bumps while still seeing and feeling the great design of the phone itself. Plus with such a low price, if buy it and don't like it you can always use it as an occasional case!
Best case I've had
I've tried so many cases, wanting to show off my phone but still protect it against the odd drop but none have come close to this one! It's only a simple clear case but it's exactly what I'm after. This case won't crack like others I've had and it's not bulky so it still looks like an iPhone. Highly recommended especially for the price.
Perfect case that doesn't hide your phone
Don't like the feel of silicon? Hard plastic case scratched your phone? Then this case is for you. It is crystal clear, soft enough to slip on and off easily but rigid enough for support. It even has covers for ports to keep them lint free. They are fiddly at first but you can pinch the case to pop them out. Highly recommend. Ditched my apple leather one for this.
clear iphone case
I ordered this case for my daughter who wanted a thin clear case that offered good protection for her new iphone 5S. She is so pleased with everything about this case and would highly recommend it. 5/5
clear iphone case
I ordered this case for my daughter who wanted a thin clear case that offered good protection for her new iphone 5S. She is so pleased with everything about this case and would highly recommend it. 5/5
Flexishield case
After having rubber case on my phone that stretched I read the reviews on this case and decided to give it a go.
This as got to be one of the best phone cases I've owned. It's a tight fit and also a hard rubber type case that protects the phone.
As it's clear it also shows off the phone especially as the iPhone 5s comes in a nice shiny metal case.
I would reccommend this case, for the price it's a bargain.
Good if you're looking for a sturdy case
Very pleased with speedy delivery. Case seems pretty robust so far..but time will tell!
Best case yet!
This case is cheaper than most - and I've certainly paid far more, but don't be fooled into thinking cheaper means poor quality. This is the best case I've had and I've wasted some money on cases before! It is perfect for my needs - flexible, doesn't crack, gives good protection from knocks ( yes, I've dropped the phone!), is genuinely transparent so the phone doesn't appear to have a cover and the chosen colour of your phone is seen. I've now bought 2 more for friends who wanted mine!
Flexishield case
Received promptly. Lovely, not bulky at all, shows the beauty of the iPhone 5s Gold. Would highly recommend.
Great Price, Good Product
Cheap price for a Good Product. No scratches so far on the phone surface as it protects it well. Looks good on the phone and can clearly see the details on the phone.
Nice Case so far
So far I like the case. Fits very snug around the iPhone 5s. It seems like a strong flexible material. When on the iPhone 5s, it may look like cheap plastic cover but far from it. Although it's clear, it's quality material, feels good in your hand, not too hard and not gooey as if going to rip. I hope it does not turn yellow as I've seen with other cases, but so far 2 thumbs up. I took about a week to be delivered from across the pond which is actually pretty good considering the distance and postal fee. So far, I would recommend this product to a friend but wouldn't want them to have the same exact case as I do.
Spot on and perfect
This is no doubt the best case ever for your iPhone 5/5s. The case is "100 % clear" as described ,it shows the unique body of your iPhone all round and will make you stand out in the crowd.The case is made of quality material and fits perfectly on the iPhone. The case does not scratch(you will hardly see any scratches on the case with daily usage) and slips but hold a nice and steady grip in the hand.
I have bought expensive cases for my iPhone before but none are near this one when it comes to quality.What else can I say- "EXCELLENT CASE"
I will score it 5 out 5.
excellent purchase
This Flexishield case is fantastic. It is exactly as described. Very easy to fit, sleek yet providing ample protection. I've had it on my phone for over 2 months and it is still as flexible as when it was first purchased, so no risk of cracking if it needs to be removed. I've had clear cases in the past that end up discolouring with time. The Flexishield is as clear and clean as the day I received it. Extremely satisfied with my purchase.
Great Item
Great phone cover, I had ordered the same type of cover from Mobile Fun before and this fits the bill needed as before. The only down side to the item was the amount of time I had to wait for it due to supply problems. Other than that perfect.
Well pleased
This item is ideal - very neat and it enhances the appearance of the phone as well as offering great protection.
The case arrived really quickly, and was simple to fit. It gives the impression of supple strength, and fits superbly. I won't know how effective it is unless I drop the phone, but it certainly feels strong and secure without being obvious. All round good buy.
Fits & Protects
This is the third FlexiSheild case I've bought - the previous two were used on my old HTC Desire and HTC Sensation. They were both excellent so I had to buy another for my new phone. They're incredible cases because someone got the material choice absolutely spot on. The elastomer material retains its shape perfectly, which means after years of being slipped on and off, bent and twisted they never loose their snug fit (they've all fitted perfectly). Additionally, whenever you drop your phone the material absorbs the impact like no other case. With a normal thermoplastic, the case will either crack and break or deform over time. The elastomer material does neither of these, and absorbs the impact, protecting your phone without the need to ever replace your case.

Overall - Excellent fit, ridge on the top edge holds the phone in place and protects the screen when laid face down, material will protect your phone, will last the lifetime of your phone and longer and so cheap!

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