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Olixar FlexiCover iPhone XR Complete Protection Case - Clear Reviews

An iPhone XR case that offers 360 degree front, back and sides protection and still allows full use of the phone. The Olixar FlexiCover in crystal clear is the most functional and protective gel case yet.
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An iPhone XR case that offers 360 degree front, back and sides protection and still allows full use of the phone. The Olixar FlexiCover in crystal clear is the most functional and protective gel case yet.
 4.3 stars from 59 customers

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Very nice
Screen still responsive and phone easy to hold and grip
This case isn’t bulky but has full protection. I love that it is protecting the screen so well unlike stick on screen protectors.
I love this product
I was just looking for a protective cover for my phone
Something I’ve been looking for for a while
A clear case giving reasonably good protection. The phone can be used through the front part of the case although in bright light, the screen can be difficult to see. However the front goes on and off quite easily so can quickly be taken off to use the phone in sunlight then put back on again afterwards. I’m not sure how well it will last before getting scuffed, being quite soft plastic but as it’s quite cheap replacing it at intervals is possible.
Nothing the item fitted the phone well.
Pretty good cover.
The cover does what it says but it is not as clear as I thought it would be. Can’t figure out how dust manages to get through the cover.
Love this
Fits phone well
I would give it five stars but I think the back part should be thicker to protect the camera on my XR iPhone. The camera is not protected so you have to be careful with how you put it down so the camera glass doesn’t get scratched . For that reason I wouldn’t recommend it.
Good protection
Easy to slip on, good protection and screen still responsive and clear enough.
Great Value for money
Full clamshell-like cover provides great protection though the thickness near the edges of the front cover prevents the use of thick screen protectors - II use both.
Quite good
Clear protection Olixar Flexi cover
I got this item as a short term protection as my case has broken. It is good value, clear so you can see what’s happening on your phone, covers the whole phone so offers complete protection and it is quite thick and strong. Fitted the phone iPhone XR perfectly. I would recommend this cover for anyone.
Very pleased
Pleased with discription
Good cover
I wanted a 360 cover to protect my phone these covers do the job well. Already have one on another phone , they do a good job don’t even have any other screen protector
Clear case for I phone xr
Clear cover to be able to see the colour of phone as to nice to cover without seeing! Definitely recommend
Complete protection case
To be honest I wasn’t happy with the case at all l... I doesn’t fit well and this causes the touch to the phone to be very unresponsive.
Very happy with phone case. Fits well and will protect my shiny new phone.
No problems. Soft plastic does show finger marks but that’s a small price to pay for keeping phone safe.
Clear and strong
This 2 piece clear case is just what I wanted. It allows me to protect my phone and still thin enough to use the touch screen and enjoy the appearance of my blue coloured iphone. Would definitely recommend.
Very good
Easy to keep clean and well fitting
Love it !
Does it’s job ! Fits well and keeps my lovely phone safe .
Just the job!
Really pleased with cover! Didn’t really think it could protect the phone without being bulky but it really isn’t.
It’s as if it isn’t there!
Good and bad
The cover on the front isn’t very good in natural daylight. Otherwise good.
Phone case
Very good a all round case
Fits perfect
This is the second phone case I’ve bough and they were both worth the wait
It is a good item because it is contained both case and screen protector.
All information was enough.
Blurry front cover
The idea is great as a full cover, but the front cover makes the screen blurry as it is not a clear screen. (It has some fine texture on the inside of thecover which makes it blurry.)
Fantastic case
No fingerprints no marks on front of phone or on the back .
Safe in my bag from scratches also
This is the best case I have had completely coved back and front so no fear if I drop it this is for my Apple iPhone XR
Superb cover
This is a fantastic cover, clear vision at front easy to fit excellent all round.
Perfect cover
Great to find a cover that not only showcases the phone and it’s coloured back but also encases it fully. Really like the slimline design
Does what it says on the tin
Good cover, fit for purpose
Excellent cover
All questions were answered when purchasing this item that is why I brought it. Thank you
Fantastic item
Bought this a week ago great item fits perfect and works great on the phone and keeps my phone clean and scratch free I would highly recommend if you want a complete see through case that covers front and back
It does just what it is meant to do protect my Iphone
Excellent. What I wanted
I received all the necessary information
The case comes with dots all over the inside of the case which means your screen has dots all over it. These dots are distracting and annoyance and okay tricks on your eyes when you are concentrating. Although protection does feel good I would not recommend this case.
It is also impossible to keep clean as all smudges show up drastically and and mark you may get on it (for example if you had greasy hands when you pick up your phone) goes into the case and is harder to get off than you’d expect. The silent switch on the side is also slightly hard to get to as you really need to push your finger in to change it, I am okay but with short nails may be a struggle.
The item was also 2 days late in arrival.
Phone case
Good case only thing is quite hard to use the phone when the front case is on but other wise it’s a good case
Great product
If the case was soft or hard
If it's ok to use phone while the front cover is on as it very hard to use have to remove the font cover to get my phone to work so I went and bought a new front and it works ok now
Excellent product
Nice product
It’s as described. Good quality and flexible. Covers the whole phone so good protection
thick front material
Cover gives a overall good protection to your mobile but the front plastic material is too thick. mobile loses its sensitivity. It also minimizes the clarity.
Excellent product
I wanted a cover that protected both the face and back and not to clumsy and I can say this product is so light you would not think it was on the phone and at the same time protecting my phone.????????????
Phone cover
It’s okay , but it takes away the sleekness of the Apple XR, leaving it feeling plasticky and a bit bulky.
On a more positive note it does protect the phone very well, and to can see the colour of the phone, which is why I purchased this particular cover as my phone is red.
There was nothing else i needed to know prior to buying, everything was fully explained in advert.
Xr case
Fantastic value ,this product gives 100% protection to:your phone
Xr case
Fantastic value ,this product gives 100% protection to:your phone
Great Fit
Ideal cover. Great fit. Takes a little while to get used to but bear with it, it is ideal.
Don't buy this one!!!
Cling wrap will work better than this.
Good price
Easy to put on, fits well.
Perfect fit
Excellent case for the iPhone XR, snug fit, good protection and all over clear so you don't conceal the beauty of the contents.
Overall Decent
Very sturdy case, seems strong enough so far. The only niggle I have with is is there are small dots across the screen, so it irritates the eyes a little
Good case
I like the idea of this sort of case but being rubbery on the front I didn’t find it smooth enough or quite as responsive on the screen
Can Recommend
Great item! I was really sceptical about this product, having looked at dozens of different ways to protect my new phone. This one is reasonably priced and is very easy to fit

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