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Olixar FlexiCover Complete Protection Samsung Galaxy S8 Case - Clear Reviews

At last, a Samsung Galaxy S8 case that offers all around front, back and sides protection and still allows full use of the phone. The Olixar FlexiCover in crystal clear is the most functional and protective gel case yet.
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$17.25 inc VAT
 4 stars from 25 customers

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WOW Olixar complete coverge clear works great
Does it's job great , I am a mechanic and it has lasted 2 weeks through my travels taking a beating and not one issue I love it !
s8 case
good case, slim and complete protection but made my s8 screen seen to dim and dull so went back to my flip case
Great minimulist case
This case is an extra backup I have purchased. If you are looking for a "complete" case to cover back, sides and front of phone then this case is for you! No need for a screen protector with this cases since it completely covers the screen with ALL the cut outs for sensors and earpiece are there. Since the back and front covers overlap on the sides you have double thickness for protection. If you're looking for simplistic cover that looks fine and offers some protection against bumps and scratches I think you will like this case. If you are out on the town and want protection, but want not to add bulk to phone, this is the case!
just bought seems okay up to now easy to fit its a bit open around the lens on the back so bits can get in from your pocket, But it looks like it will do a good job protecting your ph.one
just bought seems okay up to now easy to fit its a bit open around the lens on the back so bits can get in from your pocket, But it looks like it will do a good job protecting your phone.
Fab cover
Great item. Flexible and transparency makes this cover a must have. Costa very little and looks great on my mobile device. Great delivery options and a very reasonable price. Thanks
Nice but not as expected
This cover is pretty nice and it shows of my phone pretty well. But, I don't use it because it is noticeable difference in screen quality. As you all know the S8 OLED screen is outstanding. The cover takes away the quality. It's in my desk for back up
Fast Service
I received my Galaxy S8 case fast, satisfied with everything
Great fit phone cover
This item is flexible and light weight. You wouldn't even know this covers the whole mobile phone. Protects it from damage and scratching. Worth every penny
Fantastic fit but sadly useless
This case is, in all but one important way, excellent. It fits extremely well, it has cutouts in all the right places, it virtually glues your S8 to your hand, it feels like it will protect the S8 from all but the harshest impacts. BUT any amount of light falling onto the screen and the phone becomes unusable, the tiny dot pattern turns opaque. If it was truly clear it'd be fantastic shame.
I recently purchased a Olixar FlexiCover Complete Protection Samsung Galaxy S8 Case - Clear from mobilefun.com as I was struggling to find and all round protective produce for my phone even from samsung and as I work with the construction industry PPE is a must especially for a phone screen. I ordered the case before 5pm it came next day fits arou d the phone as if it was vacume packed and lucky for me because two day after I bought the case a dropped my phone from standing hight and it slid screen down across the road under my van I cringed at what was to come and yet on inspecting the device my phone and car were both fine one corner took the brunt and just left a slight impression on the case nothing more. Brilliant product and very fast order to door turn around thanks
Really terrible product
The cover has dot on the top and he screen is not visible.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Anish

As it says on the page: "Please note - The inside of this case is covered with tiny dots to ensure "water marking" doesn't ruin the look of your Samsung Galaxy S8"

Hope this helps.
Sleek phone case
Product was delivered on time.The product fits the phone well and looks really good, not bulky but offers decent protection for the phone.
Almost the answer!
Great fit, gives terrific all round protection, but let down by poor visibility when in sunlight.
See through cover i can use
Very happy with phone cover.
It's clear and i can use it without without removeing cover or open a case. Eas y to clean aaves getting screen protector.
Makes holding the phone easier
Looking through Mobile fun website was easy, found the product I was looking for quickly. A clear case to cover the back & front off my son Samsung S8, this case makes holding the phone easier, seem able to grip the phone better with this case on it.
Postage was quick & the packaging was ample to protect the product while in the post
Brilliant service and super fast delivery
Great cover but not perfect
Does exactly what it says on the tin.....but the front cover has tiny dots and when the sun hits it you can't see a thing. This does over full phone cover which is good as I did a lot of cover hunting before ordering this!
All round protection for your Samsung Galaxy S8
All round protection for your Samsung Galaxy S8.

It fits around the phone, the top/front cover goes over the back cover (put the back on first). Easy to assemble.

There are holes where needed, charger, headphones and so on. Adds extra grip to your S8, no more slippery fish slice to hold on to.

On the downside, no more smooth screen to touch. However I would rather use this cover than not, I bought it to stop my phone being scratched.

Not sure about drop protection, I'm not eager to drop my phone to find out. I don't think it adds much to "toughness" over all, but as I said before it stops scratches and that was why I bought it.

In bright sunlight however be prepared to be blinded by your phone and also be prepared not to be able to actually see the screen.
Fair, but not excellent
+ covers entire body
+ good material quality
+ moderately fits

- too thin, it may not protect your phone from impact/drop
- not 100% clear (it has small dots)
- charging hole is a little bit too small (I need to cut a litte bit to enlarge it)
One fatal flaw...
This thing is awesome when it comes to providing a protective shell. I've dropped my phone several times and I have yet to receive a single scratch. It fits tight and isn't restrictive on the touch screen. The problem is that if you go outside, sit by a window or are in any kind of sun light, it's nearly impossible to see through. Makes waze useless on these phones if you can't see it while driving.
Excellent quality
Excellent case quality backed up with excellent service
A nice skin case
This case is pretty nice. I get to see how nice my phone is instead of covering it up. It fits very well and doesn't add any bulk in my hand.my only criticism is that the piece that goes on the front doesn't sit flush over the on/off button so my finger catches on it but that could be just just because I know it's there. Other than that it's a good buy and would buy again.

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