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Olixar FlexiCover Complete Protection iPhone 8 / 7 Gel Case - Clear Reviews

At last, an iPhone 8 / 7 case that offers all around front, back and sides protection and still allows full use of the phone. The Olixar FlexiCover in crystal clear is the most functional and protective gel case yet.
Price: £6.99

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At last, an iPhone 8 / 7 case that offers all around front, back and sides protection and still allows full use of the phone. The Olixar FlexiCover in crystal clear is the most functional and protective gel case yet.
 4 stars from 62 customers

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Exactly what was needed
Case fits well, protecting the phone from all angles.
Recipient also has a tempered glass screen protector fitted to the phone but the Screen is still responsive.
Recipient is happy with this phone cover, it is exactly what they wanted.
Good quality Flexicover
Just what I needed , good strong cover & nice quick delivery .
Great for clumsy daughters
I ordered 2 of these for both my daughters as I bought them both i Phone 8's for Christmas and knowing how clumsy they both are and paying for new screens several times before this idea looked as though it could actually save me from doing that ! They put them on their phones and then an hr later my younger daughter was skating and dropped her phone on the pavement but with this front and back protection there wasn't a single scratch so I'm VERY HAPPY that I purchased these. I didnt know before seeing this that you could buy a screen cover for phones I only thought you could have a normal screen protector which has never stopped our screens cracking only prevented scratches so I'm very glad I saw these on your site.
It does its job
quite pleased with the case, however l used to keep my bus pass, (that gives the game away as to how old l am) in the previous case, this case will not let you scan through it, you have to remove it to scan it, which is a bit of a pain, but the case in general is good. I would recommend it to a friend providing they don't want to scan a card through it.
Could be better
I found that screen doesn’t work well at the edges & corners. Have to press or tap numerous times to get response from phone. Looks & feels good in the hand though.
Great purchase
Does what I wanted, protects my iPhone although keys not as responsive sometimes.
Does what I expected
Outdoor use more difficult as the dots show up more.
Fits perfect, comfortable to hold and not bulky, I feel unsure if this will completely protect my phone, but hey I’ve not had the chance to know, and I won’t be dropping it to check, I’ll let you know if the time comes
If it completely protects the phone if I drop it
Nice Case
Hate phone cases as iPhones are beautiful on their own.this is next best thing to no case..
Recent order
The quality of the product and the service were excellent.
Good work!
Great service
Will recommend to everyone
Almost Perfect
As the heading states this product is almost perfect. For me I would have preferred to have the buttons for the “on/off” and “volume” actually cut out of the casing. I find that with the buttons encased in the cover it is difficult for me to locate by touch alone and sometimes, specially at night I have to fumble around the phone to get proper contact with the buttons.
Great phone case
Front and back clear case my phone is fully protected. I am very happy excellent buy
It will do
The case is great for my needs, but if your in to watching tv on your phone then your going to be unhappy due to the 100s of little dots on the case but with out them then the touch screen won’t work, also just to add, direct sun light with this case is a no no as you won’t be able to see the screen, the case does work with wireless charging and a sleek and slim case.
Good. Speedy delivery
NOT completely clear
Disappointed to find out that this case is not completely clear. There are tiny dots on the front and back case, which you do not notice straight away. It is ok on the back but makes it hard to view the screen particularly in bright conditions. All i see are these tiny dots! When it is advertised as clear there should be nothing but clear gel.
The case fits well though and sticks to surfaces which meets expectations.
I would of liked to know that the screen protection has tiny black dots that severely change the screen... other then that is fine
Really good case - does exactly whats needed
Other reviews say you cant see the screen with direct light - thats normal. there are black dots on the screen so if the light is bright it looks a bit like a mesh but I find it helps me see the screen. Another feature is the case I find should be back on first as the front holds the back on. When you put the phone down, the case seems to stick to any surface, and on the iPhone 8, which normally slides all over the place, this is perfect. It means it stays on the charging pad without sliding off too!!!
Not as described
This is not a clear case at all! It’s got speckled dit’s all over the front and back so in direct light you can’t see the screen... only reason I’m still using it is because I have no other case but off to buy one today.... it in no way will protect your phone! Absolutely awful product
Good product.
Good product, fits well with easy access to all buttons and connections. Still too early to know how much protection it gives as it has not been tested.
Great value item, which fits like a glove, fast delivery, strongly recommended case
Does exactly what is needed!
Looks good and being clear shows off my phone. I like the fact that it covers the whole phone without any restrictions for the buttons.
Case is great idea but couldn’t see the screen for the amount of dots.
Really disappointed with it.
Not recommended
The item does give protection to front and back of phone but the front is covered in small dots which is pointless because you can't get a clear screen to do anything on the phone. Only way is to remove cover to watch videos.
MobileFun Reply

The dots are to ensure that the touch screen is usable and to prevent a rainbow effect on the screen. Without them the phone would be unusable.
Case fits well but loads of tiny dots all over it makes the screen hardly visible. Loses sensitivity to touch screen. Used it for 2 days then took it off
This is a fantastic item. I bought for my son who didn't want a big case. This fits the job perfectly. Very neat and tidy.
Good service
Easy to order, fast delivery, and case does exactly what it's meant to do – all good
Good quality, no fully clear though
The cover seems good quality & fits the phone well, only down side is it’s got a pattern through it which is quite annoying, it’s like tiny wee dots, it would be so much better if it was clear. I ordered the cover at 7:30am on a Friday morning and paid £6.99 for next day delivery but received my order in the Monday when I contacted mobilefun re this the put the onus on DPS, be wary when paying for next day delivery with this site!
I wanted a case that would show off my rose gold apple phone but at the same time give it protection on both sides and this does it perfectly.
Brilliant case. The only criticism is the feint black dots on screen. Fits well and feels nice in my hand
Brilliant case. The only criticism is the feint black dots on screen. Fits well and feels nice in my hand
Good product; speedily sent
The only problem is that the screen protector part has hundreds of tiny dots, which occasionally get in the way of a clear picture.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Hugh,

As it says on the page "The inside of this case is covered with tiny dots to ensure "water marking" doesn't ruin the look of your iPhone 8 / 7"

Hope this helps, if you have any more problems please contact our customer services.
Highly Recommend
I bought this phone case for my son and it’s great, was easy to put on and protects the whole phone. Would definitely buy again.
Hi I’m used for iPhone 7 my mobile already use for front and back temper class used so this cover mobile extra use fitting perfectly
Hi I’m used for iPhone 7 my mobile already use for front and back temper class used so this cover mobile extra use fitting perfectly
Love it!
iPhone cover
Great covers for both sides will give good protection would buy again quick delivery excellent service excellent product
The product was not what I expected was very very very poor quality. It didn’t even fit on my phone so It went straight in the bin
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you weren't happy with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Works on iPhone 8
Works with wireless charger.
Gel case for iphone 7
This item is just as shown, easy to put on the phone and gives total protection. It arrived very quickly. I think it is over priced as I saw one that looked exactly the same on the Shein website as an accessory. Would recommend the product, but at a cheaper price.
Clear case
Although this is a good case I didn't read the description properly. I didn't realise it had little tiny dots on the front half. I can't see the screen properly with the dots and it's a little loose. So I won't be using this case sadly but it's good quality
Good case
This phone case does exactly what it says it protects every bit of your phone and great for the teenagers who need phone protecting but still want to see the phone as it is i.e make and colour my daughter loves hers
Difficult time see screen with cover
Great protection but unfortunately very hard to see screen clearly with cover on.
Awesome item very good and reliable 5/5
Does what it says on the box easy to fit and no bubbles are trapped
A Lovely Flexicover Gel iPhone 7 Cover
I bought this flexicover case as going all the cases on the website I thought this was quality for the price and it would protect my iPhone 7 as it is a great phone, when the cover arrived I opened the package and fitted the cover on my phone, a perfect match and all the ports were perfect and the feel of the case is great, and everything works perfect and I would by this again, as the price is very good.
Although my phone feels protected. The front casing is probably very slightly too thick as I feel I have to really push hard to type. Not only that... It's not completely clear. The case seems to have loads of dots all over which is just horrible to look at. I wouldnt recommend this case.
The iphone 7 cover is great
The iphone 7 cover is great and the service from Mobile fun was excellent, no problems at all
Very good but how robust?
The case is a snug fit, easy to apply and provides good grip. Its big advantage is that it provides protection to the whole phone whilst allowing access to all of the phones functions (with the exception of installing/removing the SIM card).
What I don't know however is how robust it is and its capacity to withstand knocks and falls.
Despite this uncertainty I would recommend the case.
love it, perfect case, exactly what I wanted
Great fitting cover
This cover fits perfectly, back and front, the screen still works just the same, all the buttons are still accessible as is the camera and charging slot. It doesn't feel like one of those cheap 'jelly' covers which I am allergic to anyway, it's actually quite pleasant to touch, not slimy or sticky. It pops on very easily, for the price, this is a brilliant little cover that takes up no extra room and isn't bulky. The only downside is pictures do look a little odd thru the protective front, they look pixelated, but are not. That is easy to ignore once you are use to it tho, and preferable to a scratched screen.
It fits perfectly. You can use the phone perfectly. You can see the screen perfectly well. There's no doubt the clarity of photos will be impaired but if you are wanting to browse in a safe environment you can remove the screen cover temporarily. It a small sacrifice for the total protection against scratches and damage. I can thoroughly recommend this PERFECT purchase.
Not good enough for me because I work on a building site
The cover was ok but it's not good enough for me because I work on a building site
Brilliant product
This is the second similar item I have bought recently and again I am very pleased with the phone cover. It looks good, feels good and does a very good job!!!!! What more is there to say?
Brilliant case cover
Was looking for a case that covered my iPhone 7 and the complete protection cover is perfect for that brilliant gel case cover and was sent next day mobile fun are brilliant will be buying more in accessories in the future from them

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