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Olixar FlexiCover 360 Protection Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case - Clear Reviews

At last, a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case that offers all around front, back and sides protection and still allows full use of the phone. The Olixar FlexiCover in crystal clear is the most functional and protective gel case yet.
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At last, a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case that offers all around front, back and sides protection and still allows full use of the phone. The Olixar FlexiCover in crystal clear is the most functional and protective gel case yet.
 4 stars from 38 customers

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Brilliant great protection for phone
I found the information I required on your website I found this product good value for money
this is working fine and covers the whole phone
Great purchase
The screen cover has saved me spending over £100 on a new screen. It is easy to fit, you can hardly see it and you can use your phone in the usual manner. Unfortunately I cracked my screen when I dropped my phone. Having the screen cover has saved me from an very expensive repair.
Fits well
It fits well as it’s thin soft silicone. Has tiny little dots all over the front screen which I assume aids the touch experience. This can hinder view in sunlight. Better quality than the cheap ones on EBay. Can be a bit unresponsive to touch sometimes but nothing that would make you change to a different cover. Saves on bulk of a case, especially if you have a large phone. It’s all protected, even the screen which is a plus.
Great case
Great protection for my phone.
I wanted to protect my note from scratched. It would have been perfect if they had given some camera bump in the cover. Camera is exposed for scratches. If you place it on a surface. Its hard to see its screen in bright light
Does what it says, very good product, will definitely recommend
Does what it says, will definitely recommend.
Best phone cover
Very happy with this product.
I love this case!
This case fits perfectly - it's thin and doesn't add bulk to the phone. It's not slippery, so there is some grip to it. I like it because it's clear (with dots) and you can clearly see the phone instead of the case. I think that it will protect from minor drops and bumps, but probably not from big drops. But it's a very good choice I think!
A good cover if you are only going to use the phone indoors.
This cover is made up with thousands of micro dots that reflect sunlight making it impossible to use the phone outdoors.
Easy to use, works great
Does exactly what it says
Fits well without any issues at all. I would recommend it to a friend & buy another if I needed a phone case
Good idea - Poor execution
Touch through case worked well for about a weekNow have to clean it inside and out every other day . . . .
May throw it away TBD
Good quality case that protects against scratches well
The case is great if you want to stop your phone from being scratched . The only issue I have with the case is outside in the light it is very difficult to see the screen at times because of the tiny little dots on the inside . For the money though this case is a great buy .
Great product. Great quality. 100% happy with it. Would recommend it to friends and family.
Great product. I was happy with my case from the moment i saw it.
It's quality and finish is fabulous. It is easy to fit and take off if needed.
The 360 case provides all round protection, and you don't lose the look, features and accessablity of the phone as it is lightweight, looks and feels like a second skin.
It fits well, keeps it's shape, and does not discolour with light exposure.
This is hands down the best one I have had.
Nice product

I love it
Happy with it!
Good product. Protects the phone nicely from knocks; scratches, spills etc.

Probably doesn't offer much by way of shock proofing, so may not suit some applications..

Doesn't add any weight or bulk to the phone. Not so good in direct sunlight.

Overall it suits my needs. I'm happy with my purchase.
Great Case with a few faults
So I felt that this is one of the best 360° cases available. With the edge it's difficult to get tempered glass cases and most cases don't do justice. I've used this case for over a week though and the only issues I have are the outputs at the bottom don't align exactly with the speaker and S-pen. It's only a few millimetres though so it's not really a hindrance to the functionality.

Another issue I had is that I found rain and dust seem to collect inside the phone and I have to remove the case and give it a good wipe once every week and after I've used it out in the rain. Sometimes the touch needs a firm press on the screen before it responds especially near the edges of the phone.

Having said all that though, I absolutely love my case, and it's transparent and slim which means I have a secure phone and I can see the gold colour.
the case case is transparent which makes it difficult to see
Can't see screen outdoors, the case is transparent which makes it difficult to see my beautiful amoled screen, but love the design.
Nearly perfect
Couples of issues with the case ordered it before the phone was released so they have probably changed it by now.... not all screen works corners are a bit funny and the pen is a fight to get out, can't see the screen in the sun because of the dots on the case, but it does what it's suppose to.. protects the phone :))
Review of case
The screen/front cover has dots that become visibly at times annoying.
Adequate protection, some caveats
Full body protection, with front and back layers overlapping along each edge providing dual layer thickness. Overall adds little to thickness of phone. All ports are accessible and doesn't block any sensors. Surface is smooth, and doesn't inhibit S-Pen at all.
Buttons for power/volume/Bixby are not that pronounced (i.e. nearly flush), so not very tactile. While the front screen is protected, visibility of screen is diminished especially in daylight (it has those microdots like the rear has, which stops 'staining' of glass for long-term use). Does require slightly more pressure than usual to (e.g.) type on keyboard.
Be warned though: like most other cases, you will need to use a razorblade to open out the USB-C port hole on case to allow it to connect to the Dex dock properly.
Best phone cover I've ever purchased. I like how it covers both the back and front separately but you can still see all of the phone and use the touchscreen too.
This could be the perfect case for my new phone.
This could be the perfect case for new note 8 because it covers both sides of the phone and therefore gives good protection. The screen remains responsive, clear and this case does away with the need for fiddly/messy screen protectors.
However, there are some imperfections in the plastic e.g. the cut-outs at the bottom aren't quite right and there are also some swirling scratch like lines which are visible when the screen is off but not when it's on.
Mobile Fun replaced the first one I got and the replacement is better.
So...could be perfect if they sort out production issues.

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