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Olixar Extreme Protection Galaxy S8 Case & Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Guard your beautiful Samsung Galaxy S8 from damage with the Olixar Extreme Protection Pack. Featuring a rugged X-Trex case and a case compatible tempered glass screen protector, this pack provides the ultimate in 360 degree protection.
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 4.3 stars from 10 customers

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Decent Case and Screen Protector
This is a very decent case and screen protector set for the Galaxy S8. The one suggestion I would have would be to smooth the curve as you can see the lines down the edges of the screen protector.
Very good quality
Vry good product and very good quality
Perfert for my phone
Easy to order online, no hassle, will order again definitely.
Good cover but screen protector not so much
The cover seems robust but don't want tho check out is shock resistance abilities.
On the other hand the glass screen protector was position sensitive and sometimes effected screen sensitivity. And then it chipped so not very impressed
So far the Cover and Glass work fine
So far the Cover and Glass work fine. Both fit perfectly with each other. Also the Glass works fine, very responsive.

Glass -
One of the few dislikes are; it comes with a glue sticker and doesnt cover all of the curved screen.

Cover -
Pretty rugged but the card slot is a bit loose. And the kick stand is a bit flimsy. But overall the whole package isnt that bad at all.
Really good protector and case
When arrived was pleasantly surprised. The protector was easy to apply but read the instructions and you cannot go wrong The case is brilliant sturdy and fits perfectly snug.Best ive used yet.
A good compromise
This is not a full face screen cover, but this allows the case can to be used with the screen protector. Not too difficult to fit with a bit of care to correctly line it up over the black sections at top and bottom. The sides could be a bit lower as they leave a gap, even with a case on, which allows dirt to collect. The cut out section at the top makes it difficult to swipe down for notifications & the glass is a bit thick, reducing the responsiveness of the screen, so you need to press harder than normal, this is particularly noticeable when playing games. The curved screens on the new Samsung phones have made it difficult to create a protective case & screen protector solution, there is always a compromise, but since this protector allows a case to be used it is still a good choice to save your screen from scratches and protect the back of the phone. The case is harder plastic than expected and quite rugged looking, don't know how much it will actually absorb any shock from dropping, it has a slot for a bank or travel card & a kick stand. The case fits well, but has an unnecessary lip at bottom meaning any screen protector used leaves a gap at the bottom of the phone & stops a full face cover being used.

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