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Olixar Extra Long Lightning Charge and Sync Cable - 3m Reviews

This extra long 3 metre Lightning cable by Olixar connects your Apple Lightning device, including iPhones, iPads and iPods using its built in Lightning connector for efficient syncing and charging.
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 4.4 stars from 96 customers

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Don't buy these cables!
I Bought a set of 4 cables. The lightning end just doesn't fit properly. They pop out of the phone really easily. The slightest movement disconnects the charge and you end up with a flat battery. Really poor fit. Pay more elsewhere for a decent cables would be my advice. I will be sending back and asking for a refund.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Bob,

Sorry to hear about this, it looks look you might of got some faulty cables, please contact customer services so we can address this issue.
Useful long cable
Works well and looks sturdy. Too rather a long time to arrive but it did eventually.
Excellent product
An excellent product, really good length. Very speedy delivery
If you have apple products - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MOBEY ON THIS CABLE,
The cable does not work on IPhones and IPads. Extremely disappointed as advertising is so blantantly misleading .
MobileFun Reply
Hi Annie

Sorry to hear you had problems. We have tested this cable with both an iPad and an iPhone and had no problems at all, however can you please check the mains charger you are using with this cable as if it is under-powered, it can cause charging issues. Please contact our Customer Services team for any further assistance.
Excellent buy
Excellent value, prooves very useful when the iPhone needs charged but isn't near enough to the power socket.
Also excellent if in need of spare charging power leads for the iPhone
Received quickly. Appears to be good quality.
Needed longer cable for my iPad( particularly for holidays abroad when number of sockets limited)
Good long lead if used carefully but not suitable for heavy handed kids
The cable provides a great extension over the standard Apple lead and is of good build quality.

It is not however suitable for kids. My teenage daughter destroyed it in three days. The strength of where the outer insulation enters the connector body is just nut strong enough for rough use. A genuine Apple lead is however tougher. So I'd say this product is great if you really look after it.
Very useful
Very useful product. Allows me to use my iPad without having to stay close to a socket. Great value too.
Lead not same
The picture is like the lead you get with your iPhone
The one I receive is nothing like it
The end that goes into phone is much bulkier and doesn't work with my phone case
MobileFun Reply
Hi Edward

Sorry to hear of this. Can you please contact our customer services team so we can investigate further.
Excellent value for money , buy 2 get 2 free.
As per usual, goods arrived quickly and were securely packaged.
A great cable at a great length. Long enough to reach that all important plug socket down at floor level.
Most useful in a lot of different situations because of the length that can be utilised. Good for holidays and anywhere that might need a long length. Good for hospital stays too.
Lightning charge cable
Excellent service from Mobilefun, the cable being 3mts long is very handy and lives up to my expectations, only sore point I forgot to submit a code when ordering which would have given me 2 cables instead of the 1 I received, still that was my fault. And would have no problem using Mobilefun in the future
MobileFun Reply
Hi James

Please contact our Customer Services team and we will see if you can still qualify.
Good Length - not working!
I bought 2 of these as they were a good price, I don't use Apple, but the rest of my family do and I knew the extra length would be useful for my son. I thought all was OK, but then I noticed he had reverted to the "normal" short cable because it was not charging his iPhone 6S. I need to check the other one, but not happy - even if I can return it, it's a nuisance. This is not the first time I have found that non-Apple original kit is unreliable (hence my use of Android!)
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you have had problems with one of the cables. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Useful Product
These extra long cables are useful when you can't get near to a mains plug and your device batteries are running low. They are good quality and I have found them to be reliable.
Quality lead & great price
Well put together 3m lead ideal for use around the house. 2 for 1 deal makes this a fantastic deal. Even without the promotion, I would still buy this product again.
Just as you said it would it be
Perfect. Long. Strong. Flexible.
Trusted Supplier
Gives quick efficient service, supplying first class goods
Quality product
This item now allows me to be able to charge my devices frrom my armchair as I am
unable to move around post Thigh operation.
ore heavy duty than the cheap ones
Very good cable. More heavy duty than the cheap ones and perfect length for caravanning where sockets are in shorter supply. Used it a lot for both iPhone and iPad. Working well.
Best lead I have purchased
Great for the Grandsons when they move around so much on their iPads iPhones etc
Great length
Good quality
Never had a bad product from MOBILEFUN!!
Does what it says
Just what I needed and a good deal too
Does the job perfectly a very satisfied customer
The fact that it is an extra long sync/charge cable is fantastic and the bonus is getting two for the price.
The extra length of this charge / sync cable is fantastic
The extra length of this charge / sync cable is fantastic no worries on pull the cable to far and it works perfectly well.
Can charge and move around and saves plugging in to an extension lead
Can charge and move around and saves plugging in to an extension lead. As always the delivery from MobileFun was fast and hassle free.
Long cable for iPhone
Arrived fast and works well!
Great cable
Great cable good length, works perfect
A Great FaceTime aid
I regularly FaceTime my family and often my iPad battery drains as a result. This 3mtr cable has proved to be the answer by allowing me to sit in a comfortable chair and still be able to plug the iPad into a mains supply.
Does the job. 3m is plenty long
Excellent product!
The cable is good quality and great value unlike some cheaper ones on the market.
And 3 metres long enough to plug in under the bed and use while lying in comfort!
Fast delivery as well!
Whats not to like!
Great length and sturdy
Extra long charging cable makes life so much easier
I am happily charging my phone from sockets all over my house and I can keep an eye on my phone even though I may be sitting a few feet away. Great product. Great price.
Exactly the right cable for the job
Exactly the right cable for the job.
The best lead yet - must buy
Olixar and Mobile Fun have supplied a cable like no other available - a 3m long lightning one that is sturdy and good quality.
No more struggling with a fiddly small lead, this is the absolutely perfect lead, and one no lightning connector device should be without.
Perfect for being plugged in to socket to charge but the length allows you to continue to use it
Perfect for being plugged in to socket to charge but the length allows you to continue to use it.
The cable is very quick to plug into the wall socket and into the iPad as well
The cable is very quick to plug into the wall socket and into the iPad as well
A brilliant length for a fantastic, quality lightening cable. I would definitely recommend this to a friend!
Bought this product 2 months ago and already starting to show signs of failing
Bought this product 2 months ago and already starting to show signs of failing. Slow to charge and reaches 80% or just over and stops charging. Connections cleaned and are secure. Disappointed!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Sidney

Sorry to hear you are not happy with the cable. Can you check the charging source is providing a good steady charge with another cable. If you are still having problems please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Great stuff
After getting the longer leads, it has made my sons love better, as now he can easily carry on using his phone while still doing teenage things, like selfies, snapchat, FaceTime etc... Worth the money
Decent Cable
Decent cable - does what it says on the tin. Happy with price & service
Great value
I bought these for the charging while in bed and still being able to use the phone to load Netflix and watch it on the tv without melting the battery!
Thanks Dale
Another great item to add to my mobile fun collection!
Absolute rubbish
Bought this cable last year and 9 out of10 times it keeps coming up not a supported accessory .
What can I say very disappointed .
MobileFun Reply
Hi Tony

Sorry to hear you have had problems. Can you please check the USB charging port you are connecting the cable to and the phone's Lightning port is free from dust and debris. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact our Customer Ser
Worked fine for 2 days. Day 3 got the dreaded 'this accessory is not supported by this iphone' message.Thought it was a good deal with the BOGOF offer but for it not to last even 1 week is horrendous. STAY CLEAR
MobileFun Reply
Hi Seb

Sorry to hear you have had problems. Can you please check the USB charging port you are connecting the cable to and the phone's Lightning port is free from dust and debris. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact our Customer Serv
Review long cable
It is a job to wax elegantly about a long cable other than to say it works well and was delivered quickly.
Good Value
This part of my order was received very promptly and in good order. I just wish the 30 pin to lightning adapter, that was ordered at the same time, had done the same.
The cable is a good one and arrived well packaged.
Works brilliantly
Useful for the car as it reaches back from back seat cigarette lighter to holder on the windscreen! Also reaches from wall socket over couch back to phone. No probs with being a non apple accessory - works every time.
3meter iPhone lightning cable
RUBBISH! The end that goes into the phone/iPad, didn't protrude far enough from the plastic mouldering body to make contact when inserted into the device. Should never have passed quality control, if the factory even has any! I only gave it 1 star because it wouldn't let me award less. Useless!
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item.

Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can figure out exactly what the problem is?
So far so good!
I needed a long lightning charge cable to replace a faulty one and as this was a BOGOF offer, decided to try it. So far it is charging well and being 3m long is great in many situations.
Amazingly fast charge on a great length cable!
These cables give you a reliable, fast charge in a realistic length cable to reach all needs!
Would highly recommend
This is the second one I have ordered, lot cheaper with you than with original supplier. Would highly recommend
Didn't last long.
I bought this charger a couple of months ago and it has already broken. The long length is great but I'm very disappointed at how quickly is broke, especially as it doesn't really get moved from one plug socket to another.
Great Customer Service. Great Cable. Great Price.
I purchased this lead for my iphone6 as I am disabled and wasn't able to hover over the phone if I got a text or a call if it was charging. I needed the extra length so that it was long enough to be able to be plugged into a socket and also to be on my lap or near enough me to reach it should I need to. It is excellent. Does the job perfectly and the length of the cable does NOT slow down the time it takes to charge or sync my phone. I got exactly what I wanted with this cable and it does the job perfectly.
Great company to purchase from and would recommend to anyone.
Great cable
Standard lightning fit - even with LifeProof case.
Makes using the iPhone/iPad whilst charging so much easier: in the car, camper and at home
Great charging cable and the best money I have spent!
I wasn't sure when I ordered this if it would be another hit or miss with these charging cables. (You know sometimes they work and sometimes they don't ) well to my surprise this one really works and it comes in Much cheaper than I anticipated. The length of the cable is fantastic too, as I don't need to sit and hover over the plug whilst trying to do something on my phone, I can have it on my knee or wherever I want and be as comfortable as I want.
This is a great charging cable and the best money I have spent in a long time.
Great Lengths for Charging.
I purchased this because I was fed up having to hover over my phone trying to text or look at Facebook whilst my phone was charging on the original charging cable supplied by Apple. What can I say? My back isn't sore anymore from hunching over the phone, I can plug the cable into the charger and lounge about and have my phone on my knee and the cable can be over the end of the couch and across the floor near the tv or in any other socket in the wall that's not near to me. It charges really fast, even when you're using it, and that did surprise me!!
All things considered, a great purchase. Thankyou.
Good Deal
I purchased a 3m Lightning charge cable & got 1 free in a mobile fun deal, I have used the company before and certainly will use them again, they offer good deals, good products and excellent delivery times.
Only ok
Trying to get a long cord that will recharge my iPad pro overnight. It wouldn't do it as wouldn't another two I have bought.'back to the short cable that Apple supply!
Very please just the right length. do you do 2mtr ones for Kindles.
MobileFun Reply
Yes we do, you can purchase it here:

best sync cable ever
This is my 2nd lot best sync cable ever and what a great deal B O G O F Thank You Mobile Fun NEARLY FORGOT all at have price
So far great charge cables
Has been hit and miss with a lot of these cables but Apple charge such a lot I'm still persevering. These cables are lovely and long, look sturdy and so far are working well (touch wood).

They arrived quickly and are a great price with the buy one get one free promotion. I'm hopeful that as they are strong these ones will last. To get a long apple charger cable would cost two or three times the cost and really you want a few around the house for everyone to use as needed. These fit the bill
I got " cheers dad it's perfect ".
One of the main problems with hotels is that the sockets are to far away from the bed. So after seeing this item I decided to buy one for my son , who was due to go working abroad. On arrival I gave it to him and said , "this might come in handy matey while you'll away ". I got the usual look a 23 year old gives his dad. ( you know the one I mean ). So it was to my surprise when I got a text off him first night saying " extra long I phone cable reaches perfectly to bedside table". So thank you mobile fun for making my son think I'm still quite useful. Job done.
Example: Excellent features
The 3 metre cable was an excellent product at a reasonable price together with relatively priced delivery
good quality for a bargain price
Bought two 3m long Lightning cables for very good price. Item arrived quite quickly and I tried to charge and synchronise both my devices - iPhone 5S and iPad mini 2. Everything worked perfectly with no any flaws. Fingers crossed. I am happy about my purchase.
3m long!!' Just what any ine person would need, and i go two for one! Love it
Very useful item
Great item, works well with iPhone 6 and iPad Air and saves having trailing extension leads etc. very useful in hotel rooms where plug points are always in daft places.
Customer Service is brilliant too!
Excellent product
Excellent product At a great price - why did Apple not think of a longer cable???
3m lightning cable
ordered a 3m lightning cable for my iPhone6 very good product no problems with it.charges quickly and don't have to keep getting up to plug my phone in and it was delivered very quickly would recommend it to anyone
3m cable
Would highly recommend this item. Always find the ones they supply with phone way too short. This is great can plug phone in and not have to sit on top of it to use it. Also lot cheaper than the suppliers own longer one.
It's very well made and I use it every day at work
I purchased the 3 metre lightning cable and love it,It's very well made and I use it every day at work and it's not let me down yet,I have tried the cheaper cables and had nothing but dramas, so spend a couple of dollars extra and get the quality you deserve.
I am very satisfied to-date, with its performance
I received this item very promptly. I am very satisfied to-date, with its performance. I got two for the price of one. Initially I only received cable, but on contacting customer services, they immediately received the second. The assistance I received was second to none.

Thank You Mobile Team
Rarely does it work!
Most of time I get message flash~ up not apple recognised or something like that!

Ended buying one from the Apple store -no problem with the apple certified cable
MobileFun Reply
Hi Joe

Sorry to hear you had problems with this cable. Sounds like you may have had a faulty cable, please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.
This cable is ideal when usesd on long car journeys
Extra long cable
Very well made. Just makes life so much easier. Can still use phone when on charge.
charge & sync cable
delivered quickly and they work unlike some charge cables purchased for iphn's
Value for money
The cable is an excellent choice and a value for money. Really long and half the price of the original ones. Does the same task though.
Just Perfect
Have struggled for months trying to use my iPhone or iPad and charge at the same time, MoblieFun had the solution, a 3 meter lead.
I can now sit in a comfortable chair, use my devices with out twisting or sitting uncomfortably and having an extension lead to my chair.
Very pleased with this item, no problems so far.
Never been disappointed by any product I have purchased from MobileFun
Good quality cable and service
This cable is of good quality both work posted to Cyprus very quickly
I can now use my iPad while charging ...sitting comfortably as the length of this cable allows that ...and as I got two....amazing for price.....my son has the other one so not to use mine
Badly described item - fantastic customer care/service
Following receipt I found the cables were not compatible with my iPad Air 2. It was a BOGOF deal so I had 2 useless cables although they did work with my iPhone 5s. I called customer care and not only did I get a full refund they told me I should keep the product. Whilst not ideal that is 5 star service. I've bought many items from this site and it's completely fair/trustworthy which is more than you can say for some of the others out there!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Chris

Sorry to hear you had problems with these cables and glad you contacted our Customer Services team. We have identified the issue affecting a very small quantity and all future cables should be absolutely fine.
Excellent Cable
The information provided was adequate for me to make a decision to buy the item
Just what we needed, a long lighting charge cable
What a great offer this was 2 cable at a terrific price, along with first class delivery service.
We are very pleased with these two cables, they have made charing our iPhones ect much easier. No messing about with extension cables.
Value for money
The cable is value for money as you pay for 3 meters what you pay in apple for half a meter.
The Longgggg Cable
Well, it certainly reaches places that other cables don't reach and the biggest plus - no error message stating its not a genuine Apple product and therfore not charging.
Superb really long USB - phone cable
This cable is good quality with snug fitting connector so, most of all I wanted a lead that could remain 'plugged in' whilst my phone.This 10 footer is great,I can now sit in bed using my phone whilst it's charging
As with all items I've bought from Mobile Fun it was a good price and speedy dispatch /delivery - well done to the MF team!
Great product
The 3 metre cable is more than long enough to be plugged I and still allow me to use my device while charging without having to worry about braking it. Great product, well made and transfers data as well as just charging the device.
Quality feels great working with no problem
I love Mobile fun as a company, there approach feels like a casual conversation hay Les have you see this. Not sending you information on things that I have no interest in. There professional web page is clean not cluttered. With a grouping of products and accessories all together.I have bought a few items from them now and decided they are due a review so here it is. The 3mtr iPhone cables buy 1 get 1 free is a great product the quality feels great working with no problem. How many of you have IPhone cables from Apple that are too short just. I have bought other ones from cheap on line stores and they have not lasted long.so Mobile fun great product and price and I am sure if there was you would deal with it A S A P many Thais guys and girls keep up the great work.
Very useful
I have constantly broken iPad 1m cables as they are so short, so this length is perfect and it came at a very good price. I haven't used it for long but so far it's working perfectly and I'm really pleased. No more disconnected cables whenever I change position!
Does as it says on the website
Feels just like an apple product quality feel and length is amazing to use
Extra long lead is the best
The web site was so helpful with all the details Great
Brilliant product
Ordered this on Thursday evening as a replacement as the original was just to short for my ipad. I got it this morning in the post and it's just what I needed. Love the fact it's 3m long as I can now use my ipad around the room while its charging.

This happens to be my second order with Mobile Fun and would definately recommend them and this product to everyone.
Is this supported
iPhone 5S says that this cable may not be supported. It does charge but alas the charge rate is very slow. Have gone back to standard cable.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Maurice

Check that your charging source can send enough power for your phone, otherwise you may have a faulty cable so please consider returning it back to us.
Don't order more then one.
I ordered two of these one works like a dream the other doesn't work at all just seems like a pot luck thing.
MobileFun Reply
Hi David

Please return to us for a replacement.

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