Olixar Extra Long Lightning Charge and Sync Cable - 3m Reviews

This extra long 3 metre Lightning cable by Olixar connects your Apple Lightning device, including iPhones, iPads and iPods using its built in Lightning connector for efficient syncing and charging.
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No issues so far
Came in good time and works well
Items received in good time a d well packed
No complaints. Good quality item and service
Very good
Fast delivery and dose the trick..
Great value
I always try to buy good brands for mobile accessories. Dirt cheap cables are available elsewhere but they never last. This one was bought to replace one that was left in a hotel. I travel on trains quite a bit so the 3m makes it easier to charge and use the phone at the same time
Does the Job
Straightforward purchase and the cable works as it should.
Ok this far
Nice and long to charge the phone overnight. Time will tell if it will last longer than an Apple cable!
Seems fine
Wanted a good lead that would last a while , this seems to fit the bill, well made, reinforced ends so should last.
extra long lightning charge and synnc cable - 3m
I've only just started using my cable and so far so good I love it. I mainly bought it for the extra long length...it's perfect. I might buy another one as backup.
Great cable
Extra long cable so daughter can’t bend and break! Fast charging. Delighted with it. And came quicker than expected delivery time
Great nice and long which I wanted
Great value
Delighted with this cable as it charged the phone pretty quickly and was good value
This product was a replacement!
Sadly the original product failed. However fantastic customer service as you sent me out a replacement FOC
Great website
Great website, easy to use and great delivery time. Would definitely recommend and will use again. Loads of length so you can charge and use phone while sitting comfortably.
A worthwhile accessory
Excellent, can have it plugged in while using it, in bed, in a bar or hotel lobby, - invaluable.
iPhone charger cable
Very happy with purchase
Good again
Great cable, service and delivery. Great length cable, so can actually charge and use device without feeling restricted to the wall socket.
This takes quite a long time to charge, but it works eventually.!
Bigger IS better. I can use my ipad anywhere thanks to the 3 metre cord. Love it.
Super kit
This really works properly and charges at full strength just like 1 mtr. Just what I wanted and arrived promptly.
Like the length of this cord charger!
I really like the length of this cord charger, so convenient and I can just plug it in from most power point and not having to worry about wether it will reach or not.
Great stuff
Extra length cable allows me to view my iPad in a comfortable chair Instead of being jammed up to the nearest socket . Recommended....
Great Item
Everything that I would have wanted to know was stated clearly on the item: I.e. the length of the cable and its performance.
Great Quality cable
Very good would have gotten more had I known how good they are and with the buy one get one free great value
Seems like OE quality
Wanted to know that it was as good as original Apply quality.

Seems like it is,
Very handy bit of kit
It does what it should, perfect.
Not great
I have only used this product a few times because it only works intermittently or when the cable is inserted at an odd angle. Not worth the money.
Just what I wanted
Good product. Works with my new iphonr
Length does matter!
I have used Olixar cables for along time, always good quality and reliable. The extra length is useful to be able to use my pad while it is plugged into a wall socket charging while I am sitting in an armchair. My original one several years old was still working ok until the dog chewed the connector off!
Good product
Good product and great value for money but don’t last as long as I would expect as the part of the cable that goes into bottom of the phone comes apart easily from the connection
Just what I needed
Actually, longer than one would envisage, but just the job and more length if I need to stretch a connection further.
Get a genuine cable these do not work properly
I bought 2 of these on a previous BOGOF and they are no good. I bought them for my son and they do not charge his iPhone 6S.

By the time he told me some time had passed so I just took the hit, but I would not buy from Olixar again.
It does what its supposed to do
It does what its supposed to do, it looks like a cable, what else do you want me to say? Continual request for recveiws are pointless,. If it was no good I would have sent it back!
Does what it is designed to do
Better length than original lead. Good quality item
Excellent value
Would recommend this everytime
Works - but not for ever
I bought these long cables to replace a couple of identical ones which stopped working - the wires had been coming away from the plug for some time - but then they just died. So ... they are very useful because of their length, but don't expect them to last for ever.
All working
Quick delivery, quality of item looks good, length of cable a real bonus.
Works well and charges quick.
They work
These cables are ok. The original Apple cables do last a little longer but they are expensive. It’s definitely a design fault. You should be able to use the phone while charging. This is how the Cannes break at the join of the cable and socket. Wish somebody would sort out the problem. Could be it’s a way to keep making money’
very good
that i could charge up my phone whilst playing my music when i was exercising with the sockets quite away from me it was ideal.
Does not work with Ipad
I bought 2 of these cables and neither work with my Ipad. Display shows ‘not charging’. It would be helpful if description specified that it may only be suitable for Iphones.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Elaine

These cables should be fine with the iPad. What are you using as a mains power source? If this is under-powered, it could lead to problems. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Who doesn't need a long one ,my better half did, because she sit to far from a socket ,so the extra long (3m) sync cable was the perfect answer
Long lightning cable
Very good allows greater reach
Does the job
This was delivered in good time. I’m happy with the purchase as the lead is long enough for what I wanted.
One up - One down
The offer was for two extra long cables for the price of one. . One works fine but the other was hopeless
MobileFun Reply
Hi Andrew

Sorry to hear you had problems with one of the cables. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further for you.
Great length, works, but fragile
Just what I needed for charging my mobile in the car.
Good value
Good value, exactly as described. I can't get over excited about cables. they vare as described and good value.
Extra length is great
A good product - I've bought 3 before but the Lightning connect end fails after a few months - it could do with strengthening to prevent excessive flexing
Bought this for my iPhone & iPad, the 3m long cable means I can use them whilst they are charging, very pleased with item
Olixar charging bcable
Great length ,not fast lightning though,when you use your gadget it doesn’t keep your battery at 100 percent but it goes slowly down,and when finished using it isn’t fast going back to 100 percent
Love the length of cable
The cables are of good quality and excellent. Don’t have many PowerPoints around the house and the extra length is brilliant.
Better off buying Anker cables.
Cables only lasted me four weeks, sent one back for replacement, received after a week, that worked for two weeks before giving up the ghost. I would not recommend Olixer brand, Buy Anker for REAL quality.
Was just what I needed. Can now charge anywhere I want.
Exactly what I needed
Good quality product Great length quick charging
We all need something a bit longer
The extra length is great can work while plugged in or as with most things there’s never a plug socket where you need it
Cable stops charging my iPad Pro.
I bought this cable for my iPad Pro and it reaches about 80% charge,then suddenly stops charging.I use the original cable and same usb wall charger,without any problems.It would be nice for this cable to fully charge my iPad,because the extra cable length means I can sit anywhere in the room.
Great value strong looking cable
Good price quick delivery and looks great quality
Great product
I did not need to know anything extra as product was well described on your website.
put one in your travel bag!
...iproducts come with only one cable, which you forget and leave at home when you go on holiday.
Get one of these (or several), and you’re sorted!
Useful that it is very long and so far so good!
Seems to work well and charge fast
Like it
I liked the long length of the usb lead
Not fit for purpose
Although my iPhone 6s charges with this cable, I had bought it specifically to charge my iPad Air 2 and it does not. I get a message stating accessory not supported. Therefore it is not fit for the purpose it was purchased for.
iPad/IPhone Charging Cable
Excellent product. In-box cable far too short. Freedom from 1M Teter .
But this now, Best Buy for a long time.
Excellent product
Still working
I have had this cable now for about four months and it is still going strong.
Great having the extra length but quality not great
Very happy at first with the extra length cables. However after using for a few weeks the cables are beginning to show signs of failing. The area around the lightning connector is starting to come loose and plastic cover has a suspect bulge. Not sure how much longer they will last seems like something is coming apart inside this area.
Not only does it fuction without warning messages but it is also a robust, quality product.
Great item i am using it on my ipad pro
am using this on iPad Pro and iPad Pencil great
Waste of money
Love the length of the cable but sadly they don’t work. The charge is so slow. Waste of money
Good Buy
I found the extra length to be of great advantage when
needing to use my phone while still on charge.It was a
very good buy and a great price Thank You
Length the premium
Having this extra length means I can sit on my bed and still watch my iPad while it is charging. Allied with an extra fast charger, this is done in no time.
Good value for money
In use daily, lasts about 6 months before cable breaks at neck
Excellent product a really good length, much better than the one you get in the box
As above
Great product
Great product
Very pleased with cable
Most lightning cables are annoyingly short so I’m very pleased with these
Works well this is the second one I have bought from mobile fun
Works well
Excellent product
I very happy with my purchase fantastic value for money fantastic you will not be disappointed works very well it's everything the seller says about this product. Cheers
Perfect seller
Highly reccomended
The service was a usual excellent , the product was exactly as described and arrived promptly Thank you
the extra length of this cable has been very useful
I have been using this cable for a full week now , I have found no problems with it yet and is compatible with my IPhone 6 , no silly messages saying this cable isn`t compatible rubbish . Does the job brilliant and the extra length has proven very useful.
Very good value
Very good value and came very quickly
A good buy!
These cables are excellent. Speedy delivery and very good service. Satisfied customer.
Don't buy these cables!
I Bought a set of 4 cables. The lightning end just doesn't fit properly. They pop out of the phone really easily. The slightest movement disconnects the charge and you end up with a flat battery. Really poor fit. Pay more elsewhere for a decent cables would be my advice. I will be sending back and asking for a refund.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Bob,

Sorry to hear about this, it looks look you might of got some faulty cables, please contact customer services so we can address this issue.
Useful long cable
Works well and looks sturdy. Too rather a long time to arrive but it did eventually.
Excellent product
An excellent product, really good length. Very speedy delivery
If you have apple products - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MOBEY ON THIS CABLE,
The cable does not work on IPhones and IPads. Extremely disappointed as advertising is so blantantly misleading .
MobileFun Reply
Hi Annie

Sorry to hear you had problems. We have tested this cable with both an iPad and an iPhone and had no problems at all, however can you please check the mains charger you are using with this cable as if it is under-powered, it can cause charging issues. Please contact our Customer Services team for any further assistance.
Excellent buy
Excellent value, prooves very useful when the iPhone needs charged but isn't near enough to the power socket.
Also excellent if in need of spare charging power leads for the iPhone
Received quickly. Appears to be good quality.
Needed longer cable for my iPad( particularly for holidays abroad when number of sockets limited)
Good long lead if used carefully but not suitable for heavy handed kids
The cable provides a great extension over the standard Apple lead and is of good build quality.

It is not however suitable for kids. My teenage daughter destroyed it in three days. The strength of where the outer insulation enters the connector body is just nut strong enough for rough use. A genuine Apple lead is however tougher. So I'd say this product is great if you really look after it.
Very useful
Very useful product. Allows me to use my iPad without having to stay close to a socket. Great value too.
Lead not same
The picture is like the lead you get with your iPhone
The one I receive is nothing like it
The end that goes into phone is much bulkier and doesn't work with my phone case
MobileFun Reply
Hi Edward

Sorry to hear of this. Can you please contact our customer services team so we can investigate further.
Excellent value for money , buy 2 get 2 free.
As per usual, goods arrived quickly and were securely packaged.
A great cable at a great length. Long enough to reach that all important plug socket down at floor level.
Most useful in a lot of different situations because of the length that can be utilised. Good for holidays and anywhere that might need a long length. Good for hospital stays too.
Lightning charge cable
Excellent service from Mobilefun, the cable being 3mts long is very handy and lives up to my expectations, only sore point I forgot to submit a code when ordering which would have given me 2 cables instead of the 1 I received, still that was my fault. And would have no problem using Mobilefun in the future
MobileFun Reply
Hi James

Please contact our Customer Services team and we will see if you can still qualify.
Good Length - not working!
I bought 2 of these as they were a good price, I don't use Apple, but the rest of my family do and I knew the extra length would be useful for my son. I thought all was OK, but then I noticed he had reverted to the "normal" short cable because it was not charging his iPhone 6S. I need to check the other one, but not happy - even if I can return it, it's a nuisance. This is not the first time I have found that non-Apple original kit is unreliable (hence my use of Android!)
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you have had problems with one of the cables. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Useful Product
These extra long cables are useful when you can't get near to a mains plug and your device batteries are running low. They are good quality and I have found them to be reliable.
Quality lead & great price
Well put together 3m lead ideal for use around the house. 2 for 1 deal makes this a fantastic deal. Even without the promotion, I would still buy this product again.
Just as you said it would it be
Perfect. Long. Strong. Flexible.
Trusted Supplier
Gives quick efficient service, supplying first class goods
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