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Olixar Dual Screen Laptop Connector Clips for Smartphone & Tablet Reviews

Create a dual screen setup without the need for a separate stand or monitor. Simply clip your tablet or smartphone onto your laptop's screen using one or two clips and adjust its height to suit your needs. Quick, easy and portable for working on the go.
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Good device
This device gets a firm grip of your laptop as well as your phone.
Good device
Device get's a firm grip of your phone and laptop, even better grip without a phone casing
Useful item
Dimensions fo3 actual size of screens which can be linked
How wide it opens to clasp to different sized gadgets.
Useful clips
I have marked this item down slightly as it has two minor drawbacks but in general it is a robust clip with a strong spring and you get two for the price, so is reasonable value. The drawbacks are 1. My mobile phone with its light cover on will not fit, so that I have to remove the phone cover to use the clip and 2. the edge of the clip covers the edge of any device without a fairly broad bezel. It is fine with my IPad Pro and Windows laptop but not my phone This last problem may be merely cosmetic but is noticeable.

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