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The Olixar Drop and Play Speaker allows you to play your music through these speakers wirelessly via your smartphone. Simply place your device on top of the unit and the speakers pump out the tunes. No wires, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi required!
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One Fantastic Olixar Drop & Play Wireless Speaker
This is just so easy! it really is FANTASTIC. I usually carry my phone into the garden so no trouble that the phone has to sit on the speaker. Press the on/off at the back of the speaker, a blue light comes on, and its ready to go. Control the sound with your phone, and basically it is as easy as that. I have quickly played my music at "full blast" but its too loud considering I have neighbours!
I would say 'buy it' but there again I am biased!
The best speaker
Amazing speaker I ever had in my life is loud and it's amazing
It The Best speaker
Great little box
Good little gadget. Great for listening to music out in the garden when you have no Wi-Fi. Pretty loud quick to charge easy to use
Decent little unit
Simple to use, charge lasts surprisingly well, slight buzzing noise though .
Small speaker, big sound! Excellent booster for iPhone.
Easy to charge and use, lasts a long time on single charge. Lightweight so very transportable! The sound quality for the price paid is really good.
A little plastic box that sits unobtrusively on my kitchen shelf until I want to listen to music. I switch it on, find my music on my phone, sit my phone on the speaker and my music sounds really good. I can sit in my garden and hear it really clearly.

I use it when I phone my Mum. Usually I cannot hear her very clearly but with my little magic box, I can hear her perfectly.
Brilliant buy.
Love using this wireless speaker. Great sound.
Cheap and cheerful
Poor battery, hums, cheap & basic
MobileFun Reply
Hi Marc

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. It sounds like you may have a faulty device, can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Works really well very easy to use
I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality, it's really great
Great little gadget
Great value, no set up needed, good sound.
Very good considering the size
Nothing to add
A good little buy
Does what I wanted it for, which is listening to audiobooks on my phone while washing up! Suspect it wouldn't go too loud at this price, but it does work through my phone case.
Works very well
Very pleased with the first use volume varies depending on what phone you use but not a problem plenty loud enough
Wireless speaker
Easy to use, ok'ish sound. My sister loves it. According to the price its worth it.
It's ok
Pretty good and good value, not sure what I thought it would be though to be honest
Very good value for money
It is definitely a very good value for money, connection between the speaker and the phone is almost instantly but can be a bit of a problem sometimes as the mobile phone has to be on the exact position.

Sound quality isn't as good as some other cheap Bluetooth speakers.

Charging isn't a problem at all can be fully charged in just few hours, and would last for a good few days depending on usage time.

All in all and again good value for money.

Excellent product
Great value
Good product
It has good sound and is easy to charge up which last a fair length of time.
Excellent piece of equipment and well worth the money!
The speaker is better than I thought with good bass and volume and sound.
It doesn't pick up the Base very well nor does the sound project outward as well as some. I would recommend it...
It does exactly as it claims to - so easy and clever, it's like magic. Very pleased.
Cheap but brilliant
Loved this item, cheap but brilliant and easy to use.
Love this it’s a great size and plays clear
good value
Does what it says in the blurb. Easy to use. Good value too.
This is the second one I've bought and they are brilliant.
Something different
Bought on a whim, works well, love it
Easy to use
This is so easy to use. Volume is very good too; therefore saving on device battery as you don’t need to have the sound too high on device. Only needs a little manoeuvring of device on top of speaker to achieve the optimum sound. The best thing is not having to link speaker via Bluetooth. I have been able to use several different devices with no hassle. So far the best small speaker I’ve bought.
Brilliant simple item
Excellent item. Easy to use and works really well.
Stopped Working After Few Days Usage
After using it for only a few days the speaker unit went kaput. The only positive thing about this purchase is I get to keep the USB and 3.5mm cables provided with the unit which I can use with other devices.

Although the unit amplifies the sound of a smartphone, I expected it to do it louder than it does given the size of the speakers. If you are a prospective buyer, and you don't expect the volume to be higher than conversational level, then it may be fine for you. Otherwise, it will be disappointing.
What a powerful little speaker! Simple to charge and use. I had to get another for a friend!
The Olixar Drop and Play Speaker were just as advertised
The Speaker for amplifying sound was just as advertised. I think the description made by the seller of this product is accurate.
I purchased two speakers for Christmas presents for two boys between the ages of 10 and 16. Kids are so hard to shop for these days. I tested the products out prior to wrapping them up. And I was surprised as well as satisfied with the sound of the speakers.
Because of the amount of the two speaker purchases, the shipping was free. That's a plus because having to mail packages before Christmas is not only expensive, but time consuming as well! The shipping time was within reason.
I am very satisfied with my purchases of the Olixar Speakers from Mobile Fun.
Mr D A Scott...excellent
bought this for myself and it was so good that I immediately ordered another one for my son in law as a xmas stocking filler
Great item
Great item and simple to use. Great sound.
Very neat, ideal for use anywhere, anytime!!
Bought this for my young granddaughter, she is thrilled with it. One of my sons was visiting, asked why I had bought it, rubbish he said
DID HE CHANGE his mind, when he saw it working, only had to order him one too eh!!
amazing sound for its size
grabbed an other bargan from u
great product
Every time I order service is first class
Good product
We ordered this speaker cause its really easy to use you just lay your phone on it its really good but the only bad thing is it's just not loud enough
Speaker without wires and easy set up
Fantastic item eel worth the money no fuss no tech knowledge to work it drop and play
This little music box is fantastic this is the 2nd one I have purchased great value nice and easy to use,turn it on place your phone on to it and out comes the music . Great value and portable to able to take away on holiday with you, what you waiting for buy one now I use mine in the garden . ENJOY.
Pretty good sound from such a small device
Its a handy little device to keep the tunes going. Its small and light, take anywhere...
great kit.
This item does everything I need makes my iPod sound brilliant. great piece of kit.
Especially for loud volumes the device is very useful. I believe the quality of the sound is linked to the age and level of wear of the phone. For lower volumes I recommend using the audio cable also provided in the box as there might be static noise in the background otherwise. The only setback for me -and feedback for future designs- was the type of USB cable it came with: I think it would be best if it was changed to micro type USB because I'd like to be able to charge the device with my mobile phone charger, without the need to carry an extra cable for charging.
Drop on wireless and wifi free speaker
I have purchased many good products from Mobile Fun but this has to be the best yet,it really does the job giving off a very good sound, many of my friends have been very impressed and have said that they will buy one. An excellent gift.
Excellent product
Very useful product works well as described.
Excellent product
Very good product and great service
Awesome speaker
Ok so when I first saw this thing I didn't think it would be that good let alone loud. But I was proven wrong it has good sound, good battery strength, and is really convenient. Sounds better with a cord but for people on the run drop it with your charger on or without and get some nice tunes while your getting ready for whatever or just relaxing in the couch. Price is worth it. Not the world's greatest speaker ever but for the money and the convince of it there isn't a better speaker out there.
Nice little speaker with long battery life. Shipping was fast.
Pretty good sound.
Good speaker
Pretty good speaker for the price. Not gonna replace ur home system but is definitely loud enough for outside.
Great little speaker. Love it. Surprising, how loud this speaker can get. Can get a little distorted but the is still very good.
For me this device is great although my younger daughter (28) thinks it is too tinny, I think she is too used to doof doof music.
I use it to listen to my Audible books and MY music.
Love it
Great idea but lots of static
I really like the concept. I have a hearing deficit and lay the phone on the speaker and I can hear it ring throughout the house. I use one in my bedroom to enhance to alarm so I don't miss it or oversleep, however...I am finding that the static generated, especially in the bedroom is preventing me from using it. The static is annoying and interferes with sleep. I was really looking forward to this being an inexpensive solution. As for listening to music, it gives a nice quality sound for the price.
Pretty Good
Definitely amplifies the sound. Easy to setup and use. The construction is questionable. My speaker has a rattling noise when you shake it. Like a screw is loose. Also the battery doesn't always turn off so you have to toggle the switch on and off multiple times to get the indicator light to turn off. If it wasn't for these two defects I would give the product 5 stars.
I love this thing. Just puzzled on how it works but works great. Already show and tell at my job.
Just received the speaker and it works great. Not the best sounding speaker, but for the price and simplicity of using it, it's hard to beat. Nice design and execution. The volume is really good, but it does get distorted at max phone volume. I'm really enjoying it.
Works very well
This was reviewed on Unbox Therapy (Youtube) and that prompted me to buy two of them, one for my living area and one for the bedroom. I like the full music sound from such a small box but as a hearing impaired person, I keep my phone on it and can hear it ring throughout the house. I no longer have to carry my phone with me to every room to know if there is a call. I can go to the kitchen to fix dinner and hear it ring without feeling leashed to it. Also, the alarm on my phone is very soft. It would ring for a couple of minutes before it was loud enough for me to hear it. Now I can hear it ring on the first try. This is a fine gadget for a really decent price. My only objection is that is does pick up static and it frequently emits a sound from that. If I am not sound enough asleep, it can be annoying but I sleep better knowing I WILL hear my alarm.
Not bad
Overall.. I like how it connects instantly.. but however is you have the volume all the way up on your phone the speaker makes a horrible sound. Recommended keep it around low to medium range to have a good sound.
Its alright
Just received the speaker.. its good... the only down side is that once you go full volume it sounds really bad. (I mean it echos like the really bad one).i dont know what you guys call it..
If you buy this speaker dont put your volume all the way up??
It says in the box cable free and but have cables that must connect to your phone to the speaker for your music to play.. so yeah..
Excellent little speaker
Excellent speaker very pleased with it's performance would highly reccommend to any one wanting one A**
Good Product
Good Product & Excellent Customer Service
Excellent technology
with easy set up & instant sound it's a great piece of kit
Dont bother
Everything I have bought from MobileZap has been great but this unit is poor. The sound is no better/worse than the phones speaker.
Exceptionally portable!
Really handy little speaker which allows you to listen to your favourite music all round the house and garden. Great sound quality.
Very pleased
Very pleased with the speaker,ideal for when you have no bluetooth. Does what it says on the tin.
Brilliant bit of kit
Smaller than I expected, which is a good thing. Compact, no larger than it must be. Surprisingly good amplification with no distortion unless phone is not placed correctly on top of the speaker. This really is great value for money. Drop & play eliminates any set up...... ideal mobile speaker.... no Bluetooth and great for sharing by swapping phones over in a group without the need to search, pair and play. Well worth the money and I'm more than satisfied. Delivery quick. Whole service efficient.
Not wireless like wifi
I believed the item was wireless like Wi-Fi or NFC, but it actually works by listening to the output from your speaker on your phone and duplicating the sound with increased volume. This doesn't save your phone power as you still have to play at near full volume and have the output of your phone on top of the listening area of the device which means you cant use your phone as its laying face down on the device. I would have given 0 stars but you cant and for a couple of pounds couldn't be bothered in sending it back. simply don't waste your money ordering one.
Brilliant product
I found it disappointing
I couldn't tell whether I was listening to my phone's audio, or the speaker. Either way, it was disappointing.
I can happily vouch that the volume is impressive and the system it uses is simple and ingenuous. You can't change the volume on it but it just means you use the device volume. I was actually tired of the Bluetooth speakers I'd tried and the hassle of connecting them to both my iPod and my mobile. No issue with this My trust for Mobilefun paid off. Good value, and I've already recommended this to friends and family.
Excellent service from company
So glad I purchased this product, did exactly what it said and the sound is brilliant. Arrived on time.would definitely recommend this to anyone.
Drop Dead Gorgeous :-)
I have just ordered 2 more. We now have a total of 4! That says it all.
Fabulous piece of kit you can use anywhere. No wires/cables, plugs, wifi etc. needed.
Simply place your phone on it and get the party started -anywhere you want!
Ideal portable mini speaker.
The drop and play is so handy...no wires....no Bluetooth search..... just does exactly what it's supposed to.

Food quality amplification.... no distortion even when up full.

Very happy with purchase. Value for money during special offer
To say drop and play.?? Really.??
Had my doubts but WOW. It is actually drop and play.
Absolutely incredible product.
Charging made easy with flexi cord
This is a very lightweight little speaker
This is a very lightweight little speaker simpler to user with a good sound. It's not a top quality sound more an amplified version of the output from your phone speakers. Good for the garden though our the park and beach when picnicking. Cheap effective and simple to use would recommend as a good basic speaker.
Good Service
I was a little disappointed with the drag and drop feature but impressed with the portability,quality,service and prefer to use a cable connection.
Buy one!
Unbelievable value for money. I have bluetooth Sony speaker and while this Drop and Play cannot compare quality wise but more than good enough for speech and no faffing around getting a connection - just literally drop and play and listen. I use it when I am working out or in the garden. So pleased I bought two more for my sons. With an iPad I use the line-in method - you cannot balance an iPad (or any other tablet) on the drop and play speaker. Also much lighter than my Sony bluetooth speaker and a natural choice if you are travelling light.
Good product
Good product and always a pleasure to deal with this company
Ok sound
The sound is better than nothing. I think the next design should allow you to adjust treble and bass. For me the speaker has too much treble.
Excellent sound and easy to use
Excellent service and prompt delivery no hassle. Very good and informative website
Excellent little box
Had no idea how the technology worked, but I ordered the speaker and am very impressed with what I got. I needed a speaker for my office at work, and it does the trick really well. My only niggle is that there's no volume control on the speaker itself, and even on my phone's lowest setting, it is a little too loud when using the induction technology. No matter - I just plug it in instead!
Sound is great it would be great for holidays no need for wifi
Stylish and sleek, rich sounds it speaks
Stylish and sleek, rich sounds it speaks.
Small and powerful, mobile and fun.
Take it anywhere in rain or sun.
Simple But Effective Low-Tech Phone Speaker
Assuming that 'wireless' meant WiFi, I was amused to discover that this simple, cheap phone loudspeaker turned out to be a phone-sized box on which to place your mobile with its own speaker positioned precisely on top of a small microphone which amplifies its musical output remarkably effectively. It charges its internal battery by a USB cable and pushes out a reasonable volume on my desk when I'm sitting nearby, but it isn't going to replace a larger Bluetooth speaker or fill a room with sound. It's cheap and effective for the low price but a bit limited compared to more sophisticated and expensive options.
The detail of the product was explained very well I knew exactly what to expect from product was not disappointed
surprised by the loud sound
I am totally delighted with this , it sounds brilliant for such a small thing . I have downloaded some ace music and have been playing it cinstantly . so looking forward to going away this weekend and being able to play all my music
Really like this speaker !
This is a great little speaker. It works just as advertised and hard to believe how much volume it puts out. Very happy with the purchase !
Great product. Bought as Xmas gift and brother loves sound and practability of it
Clear sound
Very clever little speaker. Saves having to connect to Bluetooth, simply place phone on device and enjoy the amazing sound quality. Very handy for travelling
Amazing bit of kit!!
Just bought one of these for my 11 year old son for Christmas. Tried it out to make sure it's ok. What a buy. The amplification is great and so simple. Just wish I had bought one for us too!! Such a good price too.
don´t buy it
terrible sound,plastic toy :-(
Nice amplifier for a reasonable price
I am quite satisfied with this amplifier. The only thin, which was not properly designed or placed is the on/off switch.
Great Little Speaker
My friend had this speaker and I thought it was a fantastic little gadget. It didn't let me down. Its not Bose - but it is clear and ok for every day use, picnics etc. It is great value for money and I would highly recommend.
Annoy your neighbour's, amplify your favorite songs.
Great piece of kit, adds real punch to your mobiles music.
Family member bought one after just trying for a few minutes.
I also have headphones from Olixar and they seem to be a good manufacturer.
Don't know how long a charge lasts so not given 5 stars
but well satisfied, just what I wanted for my holiday.
Very poor
Does pick up the sound after a bit of fiddling but is totally ruined by interference (irritating buzzing), no matter how you try to adjust your mobiles position.
Does work better with the jacks as long as you don't turn up the volume too much (distortion. The output is ok but not brilliant i.e. I would have expected better sound quality.
All in all a pretty poor product.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this speaker. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Phone becomes holiday radio
Perfect for those great getting-up mornings away from home, this neat little box turns your phone into a radio ! Catch up with the headlines, doze with the classics, thrill to the sports news, with the help of a cunning little gadget your grandchildren covet ! Delighted with my new toy !
Was looking for device for hudl, but pleasantly surprised by quality of device with phone. Witchcraft!!!
So far impressed
So far impressed. Delivey good. Works well with minimum fuss. Not so good with hudl tablet.
great , good noise , very easy to use. take it everywhere
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