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Olixar DriveTime Samsung Galaxy S5 Car Holder & Charger Pack Reviews

Essential items you need for your smartphone during a car journey all within the Olixar DriveTime In-Car Pack. Featuring a robust one-handed phone car mount and car charger with additional USB port for your Samsung Galaxy S5.
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 3.8 stars from 6 customers

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Great item
Great does exactly what it should. Arrived in excellent condition
Very poor quality and did not attach to the window
This is a very poor quality product I'm afraid. It didn;t attach to the windows despite a number of attempts and part of the release clip was so weak it cracked.

The phone holder part was good but as it didn;t stick to the window it was not fit for purpose so I am returning it
Mostly Ok!
So here's the deal: I had an S3 and in my car had the most badass kidigi holster. Literally the best holster ever. A few weeks back now I upgraded to the S5, and thusly needed a new holster as the old one was very specific to the S3. This one had the best reviews at the best price yet I kept my expectations low.

I received it swiftly, and put it together noting that it would fall so far short of my previous holster. I can say with a smile that the suction cup works tremendously on my windshield. Unfortunately, my phone has fallen from it a few times as the rest of the mechanism is rather loose. The compression arms sometimes don't compress enough, and the part that holds the compression arms doesn't connect well to the arm from the windshield. I am often worried that while the arm remains attached to the windshield, the whole part with arms will fall with the phone in it. This has happened!

Basically, it's ok outside of these things, but these are big things. I'm keeping my eye out for something better.
solid and awesome
Great holder! It fits my galaxy S5 perfectly and is very solid,stable and flexible with viewing angles.
Great Product!
Brilliant product. For the money you get a good kit. It holds my phone in place very well and doesn't bounce going over bumps etc. The only downside I'd give it is the possible flimsiness of the screws/nuts.

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