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Olixar DriveTime Samsung Galaxy S3 In-Car Pack Reviews

Essential items you need for your smartphone during a car journey all within the Olixar DriveTime In-Car Pack. Featuring a robust one-handed mounting phone car holder and car charger with additional USB port for your Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35455
$23.88 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 13 customers

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Galaxy S3 car holder
I received and put into place the Galaxy S3 car hold. It took me a while to figure out how to put the 2 parts together, but when I did and put the car holder in the car it worked perfectly. I had my doubt as the vehicle is a 1978 Triumph Spitfire and there is not a lot of room on the window. It fit snugly just below the window. Thanks, I my buy another for my other car.
Carl Schleifer
samsung car pack
Good service arrived on time car pack is just what I needed
Great device
Really like it. Really simple to use and make the phone an excellent sat nav device.

Even comes with a battery charger as the sat nav uses serious battery power (A one hour journey can kill a full battery!)
A little tighter tolerance and it'd be better engineered ...
I mean, for the price youre getting something that a lot of companies havent even started making yet. When you receive the box, you'll notice that there's no instructions inside. There really is no need, you'd have to be a dingbat to not realize how to use this thing. Suction cup is awesome. The phone fits into the unit loosely.. this is the only negative thing I really have about the unit, that and they could have used a stiffer spring for the latching mechanism to hold the phone in. It wobbles around as the tolerance on the clip portion is large. Again, $24? I'm not complaining... the rotation mechanism is great. The arm section is very robust and strong. It get's an 8/10 for price, engineering and overall worth.
Poor charger
I agree with above. The holder is fairly wobbly but holds the phone ok. I like the smoothness for getting the phone into and out of it. But the holder covers the phones off button so i cant turn off the screen.
Biggest problem is with the two bit charger that comes with it. It cant keep up with maps being open and the screen on full brightness, power actually goes down. Major failing. I'll now have to invest in another car charger.
Quite good, could be better
The arm is very strong and has a massive sucker on the end so no danger of it coming off. It is short though so if you have a long sloping windscreen you may have trouble with the distance from you and the height of the phone means you may not be able to get a headphone plug into the top. The holder itself is a little lose but not worryingly so, it has a spring clip on the top which unfortunately is almost over the headphone socket so that could be better.
Overall not bad but you really need to think twice if you have a long sloping windscreen.
Watch out!!!
Nicely designed bracket for your car, however, WATCH OUT: If you have a protective cover on your Samsung Galaxy S3, then it won't fit into the bracket. It's a problem, since only a phone WITHOUT a cover can be used in this bracket. It is therefore an either/or situation.

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