Olixar Dock & Go Universal Windscreen and Dashboard Car Holder Reviews

Quick, effortless and simple - the Olixar Dock & Go Car Holder is the ultimate universal in-car accessory using 'one hand' phone mounting, with patented suction mount suitable for almost any flat surface including dashboards and windscreens.
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Handy phone holder
Have had one of these before unfortunately it broke and couldn’t be mended. It is very good and useful as you only need one hand to put your phone into it. Excellent value for money as I had my first one for 3 years and brought my son and daughter one for their cars.
Service from mobile fun excellent as usual.
Feels solid
How much was it and was it simple and effective.
Does the job beautifully!
I have bought several of these for different vehicles and for other people. Can't recommend it enough
This works great for my needs in my line of work
Best Phone Holder
Truly excellent phone holder, only needs one hand to operate and grips really well. I'm on my 3rd now and would never use another one after using this. I should point out that the only reason I'm on my 3rd is I left the other 2 in my old cars when I sold them ???? the quality is excellent and I'm sure I'd be still using the 1st one if I wasn't so forgetful.
Works fine wobbles a bit.
Works great!
Easy to attach to dash and no problem to move if needed. Simple to use. Glad I bought it!
Excellent Adhesion
This is my second Olixar Dock & Go. Left previous one in a truck I was driving. Needless to say lost for ever. Olixars have excellent adhesion to both screen & dash board. Use for truck sat nav which is quite heavy & measures 175 x 110 mm. Holds well, not so easy to operate & is a little heavy so tends to move a little. Should be excellent for device a little smaller & lighter.
purchased for someone else
where it doesn't work
So far so good
Does what it says
Does what it says. Holds my IPhone in place nicely
Very good but has a flaw
This is a great holder very versatile and can be mounted just about anywhere. I have had this for around 2 years now.

Be aware that if you mount this on the windscreen over time the heat from the sun and your windscreen vents melts the adhesive. What this leaves you with is a phone holder that slides down the windscreen following the same path as the melted adhesive takes until it hits your dashboard rendering it useless. You have to the move the holder back up with some great force as you are going against the grain of the adhesive. However within an hour or so with the phone in the holder has slid to the bottom again resting on the dashboard.

Build quality etc is excellent with you being able to put the phone in with the case on.

My advice, buy this holder, however give serious thought to whether you mount it on the windscreen, If you can opt for the dashboard.
this product is good
the product is good to use, but feel a bit big/heavy, not very slim/ light, this can be improved.
Great product
Been looking for a holder for a while for a specific reason, this one fits the bill perfectly. The rubber suction pad sticks to the dashboard very well and the paper covering for the pad is pretty good too
It is a great product!
It is brilliant and very stable. I love how it does not require the phone cover to be removed.
Great holder for large phones in a case
This holder is so good, I've bought a second for another car. I have a Galaxy Note 8 in a chunky case and this is one of the few car holders which will hold it easily. You can just about place the phone single handedly, but it's easier to line up with two hands.
Not my best purchase
I will not hold a relatively small iPhone SE in portraits way up. I wanted to place it on the windscreen but the bracket snags on itself and is difficult to line up. Sticks to the glass really well.
Excellent Tom Tom holder
I know it says phone holder but I ought it for my Tom Tom as the original one broke, it works a treat, has an excellent grip
Just right
It's great for one handed use, and for phones with a case on. I've got one in my car and works van too. Highly recommended.
Does what iot says on the tin
Seems to be a pretty sturdy piece of ki, so far. Easy to fit and holds my phone very securely. Very pleased.
Easy to use and well built.
This is a solid, well made phone holder which easily copes with larger heavier phones (such as a Samsung Note). The design allows the phone to be inserted and removed easily with one hand. The suction gives coincidence the phone and holder will in place.
Very practical, second time
already had the same holder and it fell apart after several years of intensive use. so I bought another one, the same product: can hold bigger phones (like huawei mate 9) without unwanted pushing of any side buttons on the phone, and without preventing the power cable to be attached to the phone while driving.
So good!;
Amazing! Easy to use and easy to set up too
Good piece of kit
Good product. Works well. Only tip is to keep the dashboard mount clean. Windscreen sucker works really well
Excellent car mount
This is the best car mount I have tried. The Suction cup holds extremely well. The mount holds the phone firm and allows you to rotate it at your convenience. The clip opens up nice an wide for large phones. I have good size phone with a Love MEI phone case which is fairly heavy and the mount holds it in place. Along with hands free calling I also mount my phone and use it as a dash cam.
Highly recommended..
A nice compact holder.
Ok but not much freedom of movement
Fixed part excellent. Moveable part grabs volume keys if not careful. Would have liked more adjustable head.
Great. Holds the phone perfectly.
Excellent product
Did exactly what I wanted it to do.
Excellent product, good value
I've tried various hands-free devices before and this is my second Olixar. I bought the first about 2-1/2 years ago for my new car. It worked a treat. Very easy to use one-handed. It broke at the rotating ball joint a few weeks ago, but for the low cost it was a very easy decision to buy a replacement.
good but a bit bulky
works fine never had my phone slip out or the mount detach from my window but it is very large and it took me a while to find an acceptable place to put it.
Works Very Well!
I like its adaptability to various sizes of phones and other devices.
Good value
Easy to fix and use
Worth it
Excellent product
Great product
Very easy to fit and use with devices of any size makes it great if you share your car. The universal joint is a weak point however. I've broken two.
Seems a good buy
Using with my large smartphone and waze sat nav app much better in view of mobile screen and sound much better as is much closer than lower down near gear lever and much easier to use.
Mainly hands free now brilliant! easy to snap in and take out and does not obstruct view in middle of dash position! Also very easy to fit pushed down and locked firm quickly. Only using for a few days but so far very good!
Good sturdy unit with multiple views
Great unit with great versatility and stability only difficulty is getting phone out but I think that is more due to cover
good holder
this held the mobile phone firmly. I have only used it once and accidently turned down the volume as the button is on the side but I think with care I will be able to put the phone in without turning off the sound
Good service
Delivery was a little slower than expected. That just needs to be made clearer.
Sturdy unit at reasonable price
Works better on dashboard top than fixed to window
Small but Very effective on dash and/or windshield.
For Me, it only works in the horizontal clamped position, ( I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8) but then I can rotate it 90° to use it vertically which works best for me when using GPS Navigation.
It sticks and holds.
It might happen you will buy one more same holder. I did, because I experienced how well it kept holding on different surfaces and could handel my device. One day, after more than two years of intensive use, tiny stick broke apart. That was the moment when I knew - I am ordering the same holder again. Not looking further for different one. Both of my Nokia's was in good grip.
Excellent Product
I've tried many products to hold my phone in numerous different cars and this is the only one that has worked first time and every time.

Thoroughly recommend
very good phone holder.
This product does stick well to the dash board due to the sticky base and suction cup.
Just the job!
The unit fixed in place and never offered to move anywhere. My phone slotted right in and, again, never offered to move anywhere. The movement between vertical and horizontal is great. The unit actually feels quite solid, which is good.
Olixar Dock & Go Car Phone Holder
Great item. I hope it is strong enough to hold a phablet.
Not good as it appears to be.
It does not hold the TomTom or phone firmly since I bought it. I spend more time trying to mount it than enjoy it easily. Very wobbly and slippery and not able to hold tight and when it managed to hold, it fall off while am driving. I will deffinately not recommend this at all. Only fancy looking.
The best one I've seen so far
Easy to mount and easy to use. Good design & build quality. Most importantly: It is steady. Very few are. One minor gripe: why do they always show these items mounted on a dashboard, when most cars have a textured surface that means this isn't really achievable.
Olixar Dock & Go Car Holder
Item is exactly as described. I will be using it for my GPS, as it fits in just fine. Awesome gadget. Took about 3 weeks to come in, but am just fine with it. Great people to do dealings with. Thanks
The Best One Ive Used!
It is very easy to use straight out of the box, and easy to use upside down or the reverse, clips your phone with one hand, the only thing i wish is that it stuck on all dash surfaces as the picture shows
Solid item. Arrived on time
Useful Product
Easy to instal and use.
its what I wanted for my new phone
Good little dock
Lasted approximately 2 years,before ball sheared off;in all honesty i was probably a little too aggresive.I have ordered the same model again
Has Limitations
From the get-go, the Olixar Dock & Go would not adhere to my dashboard. Few if any dashboards are totally smooth anymore and mine has a grain effect but the device would not adhere. Fixes fine onto the glass. Next issue I found is if you want to have the phone in the portrait mode and in a readable position then the Olixar Dock & Go will not let you do this. It does not offer 360-degree flexibility as it says. The locking nut is a bit fiddly to tighten in position so you have to sore of guess the position you want and tighten it before you fix it to the windscreen. I got two one me and my wife on the special offer which I suppose means it is reasonable value for money but at full price then it is not fit for purpose as advertised. I recommend it only with limitations.
Holds phone well
The car holder is very good. The only small glitch is that its quite difficult to attach the phone into it in a hurry. And quite easy to have the 'clamps' operate the volume buttons accidentally if not positioned accurately. Otherwise, a really good little holder.
Does just what it claims
Arrived quickly. Easy to install and use
Quality product
My son has had one of these for 31/2 yrs, says it’s brilliant, so I thought I would get one.
very good
does it fix to any surface
Large holder for mobiles
The suction plate on this holder is very good, and sticks to a rippled dash surface, but the holder mechanism is too big and doesn't offer enough adjustment for positioning the phone. It will easily adjust from landscape to portrait but that's about it. I gave up trying to find a good position on the windscreen itself. The clip that attaches to the phone could also be better because it can make unwanted presses to any side mounted switches. It switched my phone on and off several times as I drive along the first time I used it. I now have to offset the phone in the holder to clear the on/off switch
First class
This sticks almost any flat or even slightly curved surface land holds your device securely showing access to ask the buttons and ports
Product as advertised
A great product, very versatile. Exactly what I wanted.
This is the 5th one I've bought
This is just so convenient to use
I've bought one for both cars as well as for friends
Did the trick
Adhered well to the car windscreen but the spring loaded grip could do with some form of better holding material as my GPS which I used the item for slipped sideways during the vibration of the unit and had to be pushed back into its central position. Otherwise, a good buy.
Grips like glue and really adjustable
Just used it in a hire car in New Zealand. Spent 3 weeks on surfaced and unsurfaced roads and it didn't let me down once. The quick insert and release mechanism works really well and meant I could leave my mobile in its case. I attached it to the windscreen to use my mobile as a satnav. All in all, good quality build and works really well.
Great product. Fast delivery.
Easy to use holder. Holds phone securely.
Not the best for Dash mounting
I tried this on the Dash and it falls off in hot weather. It definitely much stronger grip to dashboard than I thought, but if you peel it off, you will lose a bit of adhesion despite the washing instructions. So get it right first time. On the windows it's super strong, never falls off, however it's size does block a bit of view on windshield. Slightly a bit distracting. But overall it's a great windshield holder.
This is the 4th one I've bought
I love these.
Once it's fixed in place, it's so easy to use.
Needs better description
Works sideways fine but not upright very well, stumpy
It's perfect
This product does exactly what i need it to do, and it does it perfectly.
Very happy with my purchase.
It does what it says on the box. Good value for money.
Great device
It's already the second one I've bought, gave 1 to my other half while I was using a sat nav with a mount myself but now got rid of it so just using my phone with it, also works great with any size sat nav. Really great product, good hold.
Perfect stand
This product is great very easy to use. Happy customer
Must have for any safe driver
I fully recommend this product to anyone who needs to see their phone while driving. Very easy to load and unload with one hand as demonstrated. Adhesion to glass very good. Residue can be easily cleaned after removal.
Note: mine snapped at the pivot point after 2 years of constant use. I can't really complain. More of a note to the manufacturer.
This was a BOGO deal which I guess is what ultimately made me push the buy it button. First of all it took almost three weeks for them to arrive. Ridiculous in this day and age. Secondly, The first one affixed to my dashboard great, but when I decided to move it to a different location in my car, it would NOT stay in place. No matter how many times I put it on and pressed it firmly into the dash and then depressed the suction button, all i had to do was touch it with my finger and it would fall over. JUNK. The second one is still in the box and will probably end up in the garbage.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear about your problems with this product. Try running the suction cup under water and allow it to dry. It will rejuvenate the suction strength.
Hope this helps.
Excellent holder for mobile phone. Very quick and easy insertion in clamping arms. Very easy to install. I am using it for recording traffic videos as I drive. It is idea for this use.
brilliant product, got one in the car and one on motorbike tank, works like a dream
Best phone holder ever
Best ever can remove and stick it as quickly as possible in another place
One of the best phone holders out there
Initially I was skeptical about buying this device. Most of these such devices are both fragile and poorly constructed. This means that you must be careful when selecting one. After all - it's a device that gets a lot of usage since whenever I enter or exit my vehicle, I squeeze the easy-to-use clasp and attach the phone, or squeeze before removing the phone. Essentially, this is like a large hair clip! It holds the device firmly but without being so firm as to risk damaging the mobile.

There are a few quibbles I have in mind, but they are minor. The arms of the holder tend to sometimes push the power power button of my Samsung Galaxy S5, which turns the device off. Also, the base is an adhesive one rather than a purely suction-based application. This means that you will not be able to transport the holder to many new fixtures in the future since the adhesive wears off quickly. Furthermore, the ideal surface for the holder is in fact the windscreen glass rather than the dashboard which I was led to believe due to the stock photograph for the item.

Finally, this holder allows full rotation of the device through 180 degrees. This means I can record traffic using my phone. This will allow me to possibly reduce my insurance premium by providing evidence in case of any accident or claim such as windscreen chips.

In summary, for £9.99 (RRP £14.99) I am extremely pleased with the device. It is a bargain, and so far it has given me little cause for complaint. I'd buy it again for sure!
Works well, great price
What more can I say, got the 2 for 1 offer to cover the wife's car as well.
The unit is not sticky persay, as it uses a suction pad.
The mobile is held well and it is very easy to load and unload.
Excellent. Well worth the money.
Quick delivery. Great sturdy item. Would definitely recommend.
univesral dock n go
Dash or Screen it holder samsung edge 7 no problem,removed leaves no marks,well handy i use it as a Dash Cam it has a locking nut easy to tighten what you wait for.
Excellent purchase
This item feels very sturdy and was fitted easily. Samsung phone fits well while charging at the same time. Not tried yet as a sat nav but am sure it will make using the phone for directions much easier.
Tom Tom One doesn't fit very well
Ideal for my smartphone, but unfortunately not for TomTom One, which is what I wanted it for. Because of mount moulding on reverse of TomTom only two-thirds of the jaw depth is in contact with bottom 20mm of satnav. This can cause the satnav to spring out of jaws and onto the dashboard (or worse) when traversing poor road surfaces. This is a shame, as otherwise the holder seems quite robust.
The best phone holder forever
This clamp style phone holder is so well designed I can't see myself having to buy another one for a very long time if even ever again. In fact I like it so much I bought 3, one for each of my families cars. The spring on it is metal and the well shaped grippers are just perfect. The One hand ease of use just wows me every time I use it. I just LOVE IT.
Arrived promptly as usual for mobile fun. Items look sturdy but haven't been able to try out yet
Unable to make further comment as I haven't been able to fit it yet.
Worth every penny easy and quick to use
Great product I've got 3 for work and personal vehicles absolutely great for ease of use and set up
Great Product
Works as promised. The only minor thing I could criticise is the spring system which could be a bit stronger. It is still up to the job though.
Almost perfect
Works brilliantly in it's main position which is landscape but turn your phone to portrayed and it is a bit more awkward .
Best car phone holder
The Olixar dock & go holder is by far the easiest to use that i have found, the one handed mounting design works a treat. The suction mount grips almost any surface even grainy dashboard materiel.Only criticism is when mounted on windscreen or dash the phone has to be in landscape position as the unit is not tall enough to hold it in portrait.If the holder is fixed to a side window such as a quarter light the phone can be mounted in portrait. I have several of these holders in my van and car and I am very pleased with them.
Simple to use.
Easy to obtain optimum veiwing angle.
It's a piece of crap
Rattles as you drive. Through it in the bin and use bluetak instead.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. It is always a good idea to ensure that all of the locking nuts are tightened fully and that the suction mount button is pressed firmly. This should result in absolutely no rattle.
very good
Very good
the best in car phone holder
This holder is by far the most easy to use I have found. The mount sticks to just about any surface, not just glass and has never fallen off. mounting the phone takes seconds and is one handed, and grips very securely. highly recommended.
3rd time I've bought this product ...and I love it
Before I was recommended to buy this product I'd spent time and money buying and putting crappy mobile phone holders on my windscreen that would regularly fall off.
However since first purchasing this product, I have bought one for my other car, my sister and my new car. The sticky part recently became unsticky when I changed cars and kept it in my bag (bad move) so I simply bought another one.
Super reliable.
Out of box and working.
Nice strong screen mount and phone grip, use phone in vertical mode and phone still holds still in lorry.
Works well
Easy to install. Holds phone nice and secure.
Easy to adjust for viewing angle.
Good GPS reception being in the window.
Does exactly what is says on the tin
Nothing explained well on web site very self explanatory
Great product
After initial hiccup of receiving the wrong item the correct product was immediately sent out when I contacted the company.
Great product,works really. Great value.
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