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Olixar Dock & Go Car Holder Reviews

Quick, effortless and simple - the Olixar Dock & Go Car Holder is the ultimate universal in-car accessory using 'one hand' phone mounting, with patented suction mount suitable for almost any flat surface including desks and case compatible.
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 4.4 stars from 357 customers

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Excellent purchase
This item feels very sturdy and was fitted easily. Samsung phone fits well while charging at the same time. Not tried yet as a sat nav but am sure it will make using the phone for directions much easier.
Tom Tom One doesn't fit very well
Ideal for my smartphone, but unfortunately not for TomTom One, which is what I wanted it for. Because of mount moulding on reverse of TomTom only two-thirds of the jaw depth is in contact with bottom 20mm of satnav. This can cause the satnav to spring out of jaws and onto the dashboard (or worse) when traversing poor road surfaces. This is a shame, as otherwise the holder seems quite robust.
The best phone holder forever
This clamp style phone holder is so well designed I can't see myself having to buy another one for a very long time if even ever again. In fact I like it so much I bought 3, one for each of my families cars. The spring on it is metal and the well shaped grippers are just perfect. The One hand ease of use just wows me every time I use it. I just LOVE IT.
Arrived promptly as usual for mobile fun. Items look sturdy but haven't been able to try out yet
Unable to make further comment as I haven't been able to fit it yet.
Worth every penny easy and quick to use
Great product I've got 3 for work and personal vehicles absolutely great for ease of use and set up
Great Product
Works as promised. The only minor thing I could criticise is the spring system which could be a bit stronger. It is still up to the job though.
Almost perfect
Works brilliantly in it's main position which is landscape but turn your phone to portrayed and it is a bit more awkward .
Best car phone holder
The Olixar dock & go holder is by far the easiest to use that i have found, the one handed mounting design works a treat. The suction mount grips almost any surface even grainy dashboard materiel.Only criticism is when mounted on windscreen or dash the phone has to be in landscape position as the unit is not tall enough to hold it in portrait.If the holder is fixed to a side window such as a quarter light the phone can be mounted in portrait. I have several of these holders in my van and car and I am very pleased with them.
Simple to use.
Easy to obtain optimum veiwing angle.
It's a piece of crap
Rattles as you drive. Through it in the bin and use bluetak instead.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. It is always a good idea to ensure that all of the locking nuts are tightened fully and that the suction mount button is pressed firmly. This should result in absolutely no rattle.
very good
Very good
the best in car phone holder
This holder is by far the most easy to use I have found. The mount sticks to just about any surface, not just glass and has never fallen off. mounting the phone takes seconds and is one handed, and grips very securely. highly recommended.
3rd time I've bought this product ...and I love it
Before I was recommended to buy this product I'd spent time and money buying and putting crappy mobile phone holders on my windscreen that would regularly fall off.
However since first purchasing this product, I have bought one for my other car, my sister and my new car. The sticky part recently became unsticky when I changed cars and kept it in my bag (bad move) so I simply bought another one.
Super reliable.
Out of box and working.
Nice strong screen mount and phone grip, use phone in vertical mode and phone still holds still in lorry.
Works well
Easy to install. Holds phone nice and secure.
Easy to adjust for viewing angle.
Good GPS reception being in the window.
Does exactly what is says on the tin
Nothing explained well on web site very self explanatory
Great product
After initial hiccup of receiving the wrong item the correct product was immediately sent out when I contacted the company.
Great product,works really. Great value.
Great featuries
It does what the video shows . When I move it from different vehicle it tends to loose it's ability to stick on the dash .But it's fine wants you follow the steps to clean it . I'm will purchase more so I don't have to keep moving from vehicle to vehicle .
Excellent Product
Excellent product, it serve the reason I bought it. Easy to use and far better than my previous one.
Great for time lapses, great quality!
Great quality!
Does it's job - pleasantly surprised.
Perfect to get time lapses from the car dashboard :D
Had a slight difficulty tightening the rotating part. As my phone is pretty heavy (iPhone 6plus + thick phone case), the angle did drop and required tightening, and it was bad timing because I was driving.
Great product.
So easy to use.
I've brought 3 of these, one for my car, one for the wife, and one that I use at work. I use different vehicles daily, and it sticks every time, and it's so easy to remove the phone when leaving the vehicle
Perfect once in place
Cracking product! A little fiddly to get set in the right place, correct angle etc. but might not be an issue in different vehicles. Really easy to fit the phone and holds it really firmly.
The suction on the screen is intense
So far has held the phone securely but you do need to position the holder perfectly before securing to the windscreen. The suction on the screen is intense.
Fine GPS gadget
The product is working fine and is flexible fitting to the model described in the webshop. Quick delivery at a fair price.
Fits to windscreen only.
I bought this item specifically for the dashboard, after about a week it started to fall off. Even after multiple reapplications still didn't managed to stay attached to the dash. It's (in my opinion) only good for attaching to the screen - which it stays attached to quite strongly. Don't buy it if you want a dash mounted holder - just doesn't work.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Thomas

Sorry to hear you had problems with the Dock and Go. If you car's dashboard has a texture to it or a strong curvature, this can impact the strength of the attachment to the dashboard.

Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further for you.
Excellent value for money
I have used this phone holder every single day, in different weathers (cold and warm) and it is still firmly in place. I have bought one before but when I had my windscreen replaced, the guy damaged it and so I had to replace it. If you want a phone holder that's easy to put in place and stay until you move it, buy this. It's very good value for money and I would highly recommend it.
Everything Was Perfect. Thanks!
Excellent Product
As I use my satnav less and less and rely more on my phone I looked around for a suitable holder. This product seemed the best from the reviews I read and I was not disappointed. Simple in construction and use, it actually sticks firmly to the dashboard during journeys and I am delighted with my purchase. Easy to order and delivered very promptly via standard mail. To be recommended.
Strong and reliable
A great holder that is strong and reliable. Grips both the screen and the phone solidly. The clamp makes it easy to mount and dismount the phone. Lots of swivel options to suit just about any angle. A real bargin!
So far, so good.
Bought this product to stick on my dashboard as opposed to the windscreen (which i don't like doing). I wiped the dash with an alcohol wipe before installing but it still managed to come away a couple of times - but has since stayed on now - a week.

The device needs to be carefully positioned to get the best view of the phone screen as the swivel joint is pretty limited in it's movement. I had to face the release lever at the 5 o'clock position to get the best view in both landscape and portrait.

There is some vibration when driving which i suppose is expected, buth other than that it's a pretty decent piece of kit.
Well designed and made
The fixture to the screen is firm and effective. The structure of the holder is robust and stable in use. The arms that hold the phone are easy to use: attaching and releasing the device. On reliability I can't comment - I haven't used if for long enough yet.
All is perfect! Thanks.
Had this for 6 months now and the product is still very stable. Hasn't shown any sign off falling off the windscreen and still holds the phone well.
No use in summer
This holder is probably fine, unless you live in a hot country. On the first day of 35C the part that you lift to remove the base from your dashboard warped and the base section came apart. It could not be made to hold together at all after that, and so I had to throw it out. I hadn't even got as far as trying to put my phone in it. Waste of time for Australians.
Easy to use universal dock
The dashboard of my Citroen C4 was too curved and/or textured for the suction cup to stick, but I used the quarter light window of the drivers door and it works really well. That position on my car is great for Sat nav and the one-handed placement of the phone works nicely, though my leather wallet phone cover needs two hands to tuck it neatly into the grips.
Great product, it does what it says on the packet. Fits most phones and is flexible.
Fits every car and every phone.
The holder has replaced several old holders we used in the past. It actually holds the various different phones used by the family. We have not had it to fall loose from the windshield even with the largest phone attached. We are planing to order an additional Orixar Dock &Go Car Holder for the other family vehicles. I use my phone as a dash camera and this holder works great holding my phone for this.Thanks for a universal product that works.
Best car holder I've purchased
It's really easy to clip your device in one-handed, and equally as easy to remove it. The device is held very steady, even over bumps and around bends. I have it mounted on the dashboard, but it would work equally as well on the windscreen. I moved the holder from it's original position, and the adhesive stuck again easily.

All in all a great product for a great price.
Good Quality
Very Sticky stays put.
Easy to put phone in.
Excellent Product
This is the second one of these I have purchased,I find that it does exactly what it says.
The first one is still affixed to the windscreen of my Defender 1 year later and we spend a great deal of time in very rough terrain !I use the second one to hold my phone while it is used as a epos system mounted overhead with no sticking probs.would def reccomend.Delivered quick too
Product good and value for money
Works as intended
Easy to use with iphone6 with otterbox cover
Sticks securely to the glass
I ordered this cheap one from eBay stopped sticikng and holding my mobile. I have used this for couple of weeks now and it works well, it sticks to the screen tightly and holds the mobile firmly (not too tight).only prob I can think of is with mobiles which have side central button which have to be avoided while gripping, still one should be able to hold the mobile securely.have not tried with charger, but it should be fine.
Unexpectedly really great!
Needed a mount for my Samsung galaxy 7 edge and bought this out of desperation. It's really good! Quick to install, works a treat. Very quick to click on and off and works with the cover too!
Great product.
Good product. Sticks to my mini's dash which is very grained leather look profile. Works with my Samsung Galaxy S6 without moving even in vertical position and doesn't vibrate even with the minis firm ride on run flat tyres. Easy one handed fit and remove of phone.
Highly recommended over other makes.
Great product akin to a handsfree
The stand is akin to a handsfree. Very helpful when you have long conversations or watch media.
very satisfied
Very happy with product and fast postal service
NOT Junk well made
Works great what Do U want $22 to HOME .
Easy & Simple
Very simple to use, set-up was easy and it is very durable. Easy fit for my Pixel XL but just need to be wary of clamping the volume buttons on the side.
Great,love it,good service.
Great stuff,keep up the good work.
The best Phone Holder
Over the years I have used a variety of different phone holders in my various cars and they have all disappointed in one way or another. Usually they fall off the windscreen at an inconvenient moment or wont hold the phone properly. I bought this one after receiving a promotional voucher and as I needed a new one I looked at what Mobile Fun had to offer. It is the best unit I have owned to date and it really does attach securely to the dashboard like a limpet aided by the memory gel component on the powerful sucker. The phone can be sefurely placed in it using one hand and it stands no chance of falling out. I have rated it at 5 and this is deserved for such a standout product in a market where we are inundated with mediocre offerings. This really is the best, so why pay more ?
It's good. Just not appropriate for an E60
Bought this to use in a BMW E60. It doesn't stick on the dashboard. It doesn't stick on the aluminium panelling. It sticks onto the windscreen very well but I'm not keen on things stuck on the windscreen. E60s have an old style iDrive leftward. It doesn't fit into the iDrive space either.
Unfortunately the bare minimum angle one can achieve with the holder on the windscreen mandates that it be placed on the right far corner of the windscreen. This just doesn't work well with the charge cable plus the AUX feed cable plus 'usability'. I made the word 'usability' up. I've now since purchased a magnetic holder - again from Mobile Fun - to place on the air con vent which I think will work much better than the Olixar multi-placement thingamajig. The new purchase now makes the first holder redundant. Overall I'd say it's an ok holder but just not for E60s. 2* because I've paid for it but can't get rid of it - I tossed the box thinking the holder I'd unwrapped was the dog's balls - and I've now had to buy another holder. But for £12.99 maybe I'm being too harsh
All very good thanks
Very happy with products all good thanks
Very good
Mi piacio
Not for my phone
It is not suitable for Nexus 6, because pliers/mouth come over my phone's buttons for volume and power. Also pliers are so powerful can scratch my phone when without cover, when phone with cover, pliers can't hold the phone. Another wrong design there too, where not easy to use your hand for using holder, tight to the pliers handle.
Does a great job
Would have liked to know that it is actually an adhesive sticking mechanism as well as suction making it suitable for 1 use, that said, does a great job
Neat design in terms of mounting the phone into the holder
neat design in terms of mounting the phone into the holder.

Big problem is the flexibility of the amount. The phone wobbles constantly while driving. Given all smartphones have motion sensors I am concerned that of the constant vibration will damage the phone.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Andrew

Have you ensured you have locked the suction cup into place for a secure grip? If you are still having issues, please contact our Customer Services team.
Its very sturdy and securely holds my OnePlus 3 in place
Based on my experience I'd recommend this product. Its very sturdy and securely holds my OnePlus 3 in place.
Not Sure Yet
Received just before holiday so not yet had chance to trial it thoroughly. A little disappointed using in three vehicles. Needed a holder that I can move from car to truck daily. To use as phone holder & back up sat nav. Seems to adhere well but not so good for adjusting to different dash & screens. Will experiment further when back behind the wheel
Excellent Phone Holder
After many bad experiences of these falling off my windscreen during driving I finally went for this one. Its been great. The one handed operation is easy (even for a large phone like mine), holder totally stuck to the screen, and fully adjustable. The only complaint I would have is I find the ball joint difficult to tighten and it can loosen over time, but this really is nit-picking. Great product.
Quick and affordable
Product delivered on time with no problems.
Great device for price!
I have had mixed experiences with mobile holders in the past, particularly with the device not sticking to the windscreen for a long time, and not supporting the weight of an LG G4. This things sticks, and does not move! It supports the phone weight very well and works on a variety of surfaces. Great purchase for the price point!
Practical and good Item
I had bought three different Mobile car holder but were not satisfied with the positioning and practicality of the products. when I came across this olixar dock and go holder. This product is very nice which you can put on the wind screen or dash board. Its clicks very firm on dash and is hassle free without any noise unlike other holders.you can use siri and voice command effectively, as mobile being near to you on Dash Board. I really liked the product. I have given four star only for reason that its not 100% one handed dock you have to use the second hand to put the mobile in and out. But I still found it good and would recommend the product. Much better than many other in market on which I wasted money.
Dock & Car Holder
Researched the market thoroughly before buying. Needed a holder that would accommodate varying sizes and at a sensible price. This really does the job; so much so that I've already bought another one for or other car. We can now replace our "dead" TomTom with our iPhones and benefit from the extra facilities of hands free phones.
Phone holder
The best I have ever had. Have now brought 4 in total my own one also brought for 3 of my family who like them very much.
The last one purchased was very quick to come only took 3 days excellent service, I was kept updated all the time from placing the order to the despatch of the order. Always a good service.
Brilliant. It does what is says on the description.
As Described
This arrived promptly and worked as described. The detachable base does tend to allow the clamped 'phone to move a bit, I am using this to hold my old Samsung S3 as a dashcam, and there is a fair bit of vibration movement especially around the lousy potholed roads in Bournemouth. I did not use the window mount, opted for a dashboard mounting instead and the fixing is pretty good on the vinyl surface. I am able to position it so I can jam the top of the 'phone against the windscreen which stabilises it nicely. All in all, I am satisfied with my purchase.
It is well worth the money and would recommend this holder to everyone
Brought this for myself last year also brought one for my son and son-in-law for Christmas. Just brought this for my daughter. After having 2 other phone holders in the car which were rubbish so glad this one has been brilliant. It does what is says and holds various phones as my daughter has a iPhone 6 and I have an iPhone 5 also it used to hold my Nokia phone as well. I have used it and find it so good I wouldn't be without it.i have sometimes left my phone in the car by mistake, so had to go back and get it.
It is well worth the money and would recommend this holder to everyone.
I love the car phone holder it perfect
OK with a bit of glue
OK this isn't a premium product, but is aimed at the buyer on a budget, who will use this mount occasionally. Its versatile in that it will support a variety of phones. Both my wife and i can use this mount. The mount comes in two parts to allow it to be mounted on the dash and on the windscreen. The two halfs aren't a perfect fit which means that the mount wobbles most of the time. So decide how you want it and glue to half's together (wobble gone). Depending on the size of your phone it may only be able clamp on the sides. If your buttons are here this could be inconvenient.
Great product
Great item h have never had a product that sticks so well to anything you put in front of it and it has good adjustment and a great release system
Better than The rest
This is the second type of mount I have purchased, The first was cheap flimsy made in china plastic which broke within a week. Now for this Item 5 Stars to start of with, it's amazingly quick to mount virtually any phone and small tablets, my phone the Z Ultra is the biggest screen phone and there is some room left for a bigger device. This is not flimsy it is a very robust and solid product, the suction has incredible sticking power, this will not dismount on you. A well worth it purchase
Does the job better than expected
I've always been weary of the claims made by mobile car docks. Usually the suction cup is useless ore the gimbal comes loose. Some are so poorly made they never fit your phone.
But this phone dock is simple and very effective. Sticks to literally any surface. The gimbal tightens so that it doesn't move and the clamp design 'just works'.
I'll be buying one for my dad now!
Excellent build quality
I ordered the Olixar Dock & Go Car Holder from the MobileFun.ie website, based on favourable reviews on both the vendor's and other tech expert's sites. The product was delivered well within the expected delivery time frame quoted by MobileFun. The product arrived in tip-top condition and does exactly as promised, holding an HTC One M8 firmly in landscape position on my windscreen. Customer services handled with my quick query regarding delivery in a very efficient & courteous manner and they were a delight to deal with. The Olixar Dock & Go Car Holder represents excellent value for money and does no more and no less than hold a large smartphone in landscape mode...for very little outlay.
Great product.
Great product, works well & exactly as described.
Great product
Sticks to window really well is easy to put phone in and out fits into a fairly small space. Suitable for alot of different phones very happy
I really like this device; so much so that I've bought 2 more for our other car and as a present
Although billed as a device, which attaches to your windscreen, I actually found it works better when attached to the dashboard. Also, it doesn't like being moved. It's a fit once and leave-it-alone type device. Despite these limitations, I really like this device; so much so that I've bought 2 more for our other car and as a present.
Suggested improvement: sell spare base stations separately.
SGH; May 2016
Excellent product
I needed a windscree mount that could hold a Samsung Galaxy Note edge in landscape mode as I was using the device as a sat nav. The Olixar is ideal. Very easy to fix to the screen and completely flexible to rotate. Inserting the phone is also very easy.
First class product delivered promptly.
No good for Lumia 950
Holder itself is good. Sticks to window well, holds phone landscape and portrait, though in portrait, the arm is right at the limit of it's rotation.

This holder isn't suited to the Lumia 950 though as it only holds the phone from the sides, and the clamp only just fits (approx. 1mm clearance) between the power and photo button, so will end up pressing one or the other of these buttons nearly all the time.
Superb for the job
I tecently purchased a Sygic navigation app for my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (excellent purchase much better than Garmin and only £25) I needed a windscreen dock to mount this larger phone in landscape format and the Olixar turned out to be just as advertised and superb for the job. For anyone with a large smart phone the combination of Sygig and Olixar gives an outstanding solution to navigation. (Used in the UK and Europe)
Strongest suction Ever
I needed something with a suction cup capable of sticking directly to the plastic surfaces of the dash or centre consul of the vehicle I have and this thing does seem to stick barnacle like to any of the vehicles surfaces I tried it on, it never came off once over the endless speed bumps or even down some of the potholes and craters that we have now.
This is the second holder I have had, the first one was mounted on the vertical surface of the centre consul and I was impressed with the way it stuck to the surface.
I don't know if it was because of the way I had it mounted but the shaft snapped just above the ball joint after encountering yet another crater, never came unstuck though.
Overall it is a good holder though and very easy to use one handed if need be just think it might benefit from a slightly thicker shaft or better still road surfaces that are fit for purpose!
As advertised
It works well. Fits any phone. Holds it fairly secure.
Excellent product. I've got two now - one for each car. The suction is really good. I've used it on the dashboard as well as windscreen.
I'm very happy with the service I received from Mobilefun on both occasions. My products were delivered timely and in excellent conditions.
Great!........ at first
Used as per the instructions and mounted to windscreen. It never budged, I could add/remove my phone without issue. About 3-4 months in (without issue) I wanted to move it to a different side of the windscreen. I lifted the arm and removed, then re positioned. Since this, it doesn't stay attached. I get varying levels of success and have ensured clean surface on screen and sucker, using some moisture making it dry, sitting and holing it for 30 minutes. No luck. 3/5, it works but don't expect to re position it.
Impossible to remove!!!
Okay so I have to admit it, I'm addicted to these holders! I bought one about a year ago when it was on special offer as my holder had just disintegrated! This is the best one I've found anywhere. It holds the phone stable, there's no wobbling, no danger of the entire thing falling off wherever you have stuck it! I bought another for my son when he got a new car and another for my husband! I'm sure when (and if) my twin daughters ever pass their tests and get cars, these will be the first gift I will buy them. Totally fantastic, you won't be disappointed.
Great dock - nice and secure
Loving this dock so far, fits large phones, bit awkward if you want it on the windscreen so I've got mine on the dash and works lovely - fits very large phablets (Nexus 6P/iPhone 6 Plus sizes) as well as smaller compact phones too.
perfect so easy to use best phone holder
brilliant holder so easy to put phone in and out of holder
the best phone holder i ever had or will ever need
Good holder
Really goof holder though I find it difficult to stop it moving about a little as I can't fully tighten the positioning nut on the back
I bought one of these a while ago when it was on special offer for my son. It is the only holder that has lasted! Easy to put your phone in even when driving. Holds the phone completely steady and unlike other holders, never, ever loses its grip on the window. I had to go back and buy more! Thank you mobile fun for your brilliant service and brilliant products.
samsug 6 edge +
I had been looking for a in car holder for a while, trying different one's in the shop's.
but nothing would fit as I have a flip case on my phone. so when I was looking on line, this promised to be what I was looking for.
well it has delivered I am made up that it is ideal for my Samsung phone, with out having to keep taking my case off. so I would defiantly recommend this great phone holder.
Very good product
I've had car cradles in the past which have, without exception, been utter rubbish. This one is the new exception. It has stuck fast to my dash and is exactly as described.
Ok so it works it actually works ,I get so fed up with stuff that only slightly works,so you finish up spending more than you need.In my case the dock and go is just that place it, lock it, connect phone and go.How simple is that.?
Well worth Mobile phone holder
This Olixar phone holder is a very useful device.
It's safe and great for using the apps for navigation while driving as its hands free in the holder.

Can be used for most iPhones .
Great accessory
This is a great accessory for your iPhone to use in the car. I had thought about buying a sat nav but this product makes using google maps on my phone so easy ... And cheaper as well!
All round great product and offers plenty of options for angles for my phone.
Unsatisfactory item
Item does not perform as expected. Probably a design flaw.
MobileFun Reply

What is the problem exactly with this item? Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist?
I purchased this as I loved the concept, sadly I'm disappointed! The connection of the quick release holder and the windscreen mount is very loose, you can see this if you zoom in to the video! The windscreen mount is good, it holds the mobile well, and very easy to use. I cant take videos as even once I stuffed paper in the quick release holder to stop it from moving, the phone would shake so much that playing the Video back made me dizzy!
Very good
Expecting something different virtually same as I have will use it on other car no sense taking out old and putting in new but happy with the service and item ìs very usable will definitely buy other items from these guys I do like the way they communicate throughout the transaction and with their follow up after its received. quick delivery would have given 5 star rating if it had been exactly what I wanted (it was close) just hard to tell if you can't physically check it out before you buy but hey I'm happy and anyone else would be happy with it
works fine
great service
quality ptoduct
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