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Olixar Desk Genie Non-Slip Charging Desk Stand Reviews

The Olixar Desk Genie is the only holder you will ever need. It is a universal charger, USB hub and a card reader – all this and it holds virtually any phone.
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 3.9 stars from 456 customers

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excellent product i give it 4 stars
Most Excellent a good looking product I have purchased of you, cant felt your company, excellent product's easy to order will order again.
Cheap and useless
This is a cheap plastic piece of rubbish. The cables are impractical and the"non slip" surface is not non slip. Waste of money
Viable and ideal
A good stand ideal for any type or size of mobile handset. Pity the resting pad is not the charger but the user can use the appropriate usb cables included in the pack
Great stuff
This is a really useful product and works perfectly for me in the office etc.
Nice prof.item
Nice desk charger, i love the options and light.
Very attractive looks.
Exactly as shown. Very smart looking. Great Xmas presents.
Great buy.
Have purchased 2 Olixar Desk Genie Non-Slip Charging Desk Stands. One for my husband and one for me. Could not be happier. Easy to use, fast and very efficient. The blue glow reminds me not to forget to collect it from the stand before heading out or turning off the desk charger once the phone is fully charged. Great product.
Exactly what I ordered. Brilliant
Very handy product, works well.
Compact & stylish. Great that it came with several attachments for different phones.
I would highly recommend this product
I needed a phone holder/charging dock...
I ordered this item which arrived promptly...
it was straight forward to setup & works a treat!!!

I would highly recommend this product...
Slowly charging
Nice looking but slowly charging.
Great product
Great product, shame it didn't have the adaptor for the Samsung S8, which is what I bought it for.
Works quiet well if you take the phone out of the cover, or aternely
Place it face down on the pad.
Wont hold with cover on.
only one criticism. The charging adapters should attach to a fixed or retractable plug at the bottom of the phone holder. Otherwise this is great.
Nice and compact
The item is nice, has everything a mobil user needs, and even more. The pack has a lot of charging heads, so you can charge older phones, or even cameras too. The stand has a nice blue light, and you need to clean it after cirka 2 weeks, if you use it often. You can insert various sd cards, so if you are using it via computer, you can copy data from it faster. For this price, its a quality item. Recommen to anybody who needs a charging stand.
Neat and tidy but my phone slowly slides off
Neat and tidy but my phone slowly slides off (could be that the phone is too smooth). It would be better if the phone connection was part of the stand rather than requiring an external cable.
Cute gadget to have, very usefull
I really like the little stand. Makes it easy to view my phone on the desk and handy to charge also.
Looks good but not up to the job, would not hold my Samsung S6 tried sticking it to the device three times but kept slipping off after a few seconds, the card reader wouldn't take a Fuji card. I would suggest something for the phone to sit on to stop it sliding off
Great phone stand
Very pleased with it
If it is suitable for my new samsung A5 2017.i received my purchase in a quick time and i was very pleased with it , thank you Mobile Fun
My own fault for not realising it was a wireless charger - so I gave it to my son who is currently using it to charge his Vape thing.

Very good though - USB connectors make it a handy stand for charging your device (whatever that may be) next to your computer.
Very good,
The phone doesn't slip off the charging deck.
Very happy with this device.
top device
This is an excellent little device, 'made up' with it.
Unfolds to neat stand plenty of USB and other connectors
Unfolds to neat stand plenty of USB and other connectors, small and neat with good non-slip phone stand
Slow to charge
Slow to charge as opposed to cable plugged into power. Power loss lighting up blue light?
very good
Unfortunately the item has no power supply of its own. It is a brilliant idea but falls down because it has no independent power supply.
Went down a treat!
I puschased these as Raffle Prizes for a regular charity event.
Raffle takings were up 12% on the night, so they were popular!

Not great
Doesn't handle larger phones as well.
Not that stable, will move, tip/angle over at times. Putting your phone on it means if often moves a little and needs adjusting or locking on the desk somehow.
USB and charge cables sound handy, but just leave you with wires and leads and a bit of a mess.
Smaller phone and one short lead, OK but overall not an ideal solution
The product does what it says in the box and is very good value 10/10 in quality and performance a best buy and quiet a cute item
Very Good Product
Excellent - Just what i was looking for.
Not as non-slip as I would like
Hi first off item was boxed attractively in its own branded box this was easy to open and remove item.
The stand is well made and really looks good on my desk,my main reason for buying was to place my IPod on this is were it fell down it did not stick very well with or without a simple thin cover on IPod (strange as when I put my IPhone 6 s with a slim cover it stuck ok) the sub sockets will come in very handy,but again another minus for me is the main power cable is short for my needs,as I am not connecting to a computer(I suppose not all of us have a computer can't just be me)anyway longer cable would be great.
Card readers would also benefit some people but again not me.
So for me it does part of the job,the blue light when it's switch on is a nice touch not too bright,nice and ambient(that's a nice word isn't it)all in all this is a nice addition to my desk and would recommend to a lot of people (sorry regarding my IPod if I move it on the sticky pad I can get it to stay but it's not as secure as I would like) thanks Tom
one of the best products i now have
Hi guys.I think this is a cool product.It looks very stylish and unique.That one of the reasons i bought the product.There s nothing that looks like it over here.As well as its looks it has all the fittings one needs.Thank guys for a great product.Kind regards mark B.
Great Product
This is a very good product. It is well made and does exactly as the company describes. I would definitely recommend this mobile stand and charger.
Value for money
does what it says very good
Mobile back has to be smooth to hold on the stand
Not great
The non slip surface is crap the phone slips off and broke the screen.
I am vary happy with this product
I ordered this item Olixar Desk Genie non slip charging desk stand I was not to sure about this....but I also wanted to bye a USB hub NOW I can't believe all in one nice design and looks cool with the LED light flashing on.
I am vary happy with this product.
Good but not good with Samsung Note Edge
Nice dessign and well made for the price but does not work with my Samsung Note Edge - for two reasons: 1. The phone with flip case is too heavy and slides down the sloping phone holder, especially in landscape mode. 2. (and much more serious) it actually discharges the phone! I know that sounds hard to believe by I have tried it repeatedly and the charge percentage steadily goes down. Overnight the phone is off after being completely discharged. It does however charge my Samsung Tablet, my wife's flip phone and my Gear 2 watch. My original Note Edge (not 6 or 7 Edge) charges normally with all my other chargers, so I do not understand it.
One minor design criticism: The charge connection cable is far too long and stiff since it only has to go from the side of the unit to the phone on top of it.
I do not like making negative reviews but in the case of my Note Edge I have to as.it is unuseable. If you have a different phone then it presumably will be fine.
A + product
I order 2 non slip charging stands and they are just as described. Organizes my desk and gives all my USB ports to he freed up on my computer. They charge my 2 phones my fitbit and tablet all on a clean modern and simple stand. Well worth the money.
falls short of what is promised
the charger is not charging my phone as when i plug in my phone it tells me that the power is weak and will take longer to charge or could damage my battery so i tried another phone a samsung Ace and galaxy prime and the same problem wont be buying again
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jon

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Please ensure the USB cable of the desk stand is plugged into a suitable USB mains charger or a computer with a good power output via its USB ports. Hope this helps.

If you continue to have problems, ple
Not strong enough to hold my phone
Item looks good love the blue light but I won't hold my Samsung note 4 either in the case or out so am having to fold it up to charge phone which is pointless as I can just leave it on the side to charge as normal overall not very impressed sorry
First Class
I bought this item & I'm very pleased with it as I got it for a fraction of the price, mobile fun are a great company I have bought a few accessories of them before ,service is first class & their products are great so I have no problem in recommending them to anyone.
This is a nice looking piece of kit and well priced, but
This is a nice looking piece of kit and well priced, but if you have a modern Samsung it is pretty hopeless. It only has the narrow connector as an option (Samsung provide a wider one). As a result charging is so slow that if you leave the phone on it drains quicker than it charges.
Well built but not suitable for my phone
I bought this to enable me to charge the phone in a way that I could see the screen in a semi vertical position. Build quality is good and it may be suitable for a small/light mobile phone with a flat back but its not suitable for a Motorola Moto G [3rd generation] phone with a gel case around it. There is just not enough "stickyness" to hold the phone in place & it just slips off which defeats the objective for buying it. Disappointing but just not worth the hassle of sending it back for a refund.......
The price is right!
As stated "The price is right" I would say the quality and practicality of the item is of excellent quality and it does "What it says!"
A real bargain!


Chas Burns
Great Gadget
Well made, looks good and does what it says. When it is raised your mobile is in an ideal place to be seen and the gripping surface is excellent, holding onto your mobile when on the pad and just pulling off as if nothing was holding it. In addition to being able to charge your mobile from your laptop you now have three additional USB ports. Good value for money.
The non-slip slips
The Olixar charging desk stand is a good idea that almost works - The main flaw with this item is the rubbery pad you place the phone on loses it's grip after a few days (my phone has a plastic cover), so your phone has to lie down instead.
Beyond this it works well and provides a good looking, colourful (blue) stand for the phone.
Nice Design
Nice design with some useful features. The phone (Galaxy Note) although large and with a case holds well.

Just a shame that the charging is not integral and still needs the cable at the bottom of the phone.
Its very very good
Its very very good just going to oreder one more for the bed room
Good loooking, but not so good on charging
Don't think info of the charging times would be available but it would have been nice,
Works well but clip prop up very flimsy
Works well but clip prop up very flimsy and who item doesn't feel strong or qualify product. But as I said it works well
Pretty but the jury's out
This looks good but it can't seem to hold my galaxy s6 it keeps slipping off perhaps I need to clean the pad? It would be more aesthically pleasing if the cables and connectors were white to match the device the black looks as if it was just thrown together- sorry! I'miss a big mobile fun fan
Too expensive
For what it is it was much too expensive. Phone still wobbles slightly too. It is however in a much better place than being stuck on your windscreen blocking your view.
A very god item to have.
This item does what it says on the tin it can charge 3 or 4 items @ the same time so it cuts down on all the plug sockets being used in various rooms to charge things like phones & iPads up cause its their all in one place.

One socket for one charger unit for 3 or 4 items to get charged up and its great value for money.
Best charger I have purchased so convenient on your desk charges very quick so portable to carry about.
I have been looking for a nice looking charger stand and this one does a great job
I have been looking for a nice looking charger stand and this one does a great job, it has two extra usb ports which are a brilliant addition along with a card reader, both of which I love to have. Mobile fun really have raised the bar for the mobile phone accessories.
I have tried the device with my iPhone in both portrait and landscape mode and it slips off the stand either way. Should I return it as faulty???? :-(
MobileFun Reply
Hi Neil

Are you using a case on your phone as this may cause issues with the stand? If not, please contact our Customer Services team.
Close, but...
O was looking for several thingsvwhen I purchased the desk genie
¤ an easy-to-use phone holder
¤ an easy-to-use charger
¤ a stand to use with Skype or FaceTime easily AND hands-free
¤ a stand that was small, unobtrusive, andr attractive

Sadly, none of the pictures associated with this (that I found) were entirely accurate:

¤ the holder worked for my iPhone 5S (No case was best), but when I upgraded to an iPhone 6S it couldn't take the weight.
¤ The charger needs a power cord. This is NOT included, though there's a place to plug one in. However, it's not labeled (e.g. 5v) nor was the socket a size that would fit any cords I had on hand. Connecting to my iMac via USB provided enough juice to maintain power during use, but not enough to charge.
¤ the angle is not conducive to de facto desktop VoIP use.
¤ Small, yes. Unobtrusive, not really. This product is mostly shown without cables (looks like a wireless chargef--not!). It needs USB to power it (one cable) and another to 'charge' the device (second cable).

Best part: cable with adaptor connectors to all phones. THAT is worth the price.
Great little Gadget
Not a bad little item I would recommend however there could be a few minor improvements the lead from the main unit to your phone should be shorter and when the phone is on it the wire sits at the bottom so it seems to be to close so can easily come unstuck. Also maybe needs to be a bit more sticky. I do like this gadget in fact I have now bought two so as I say that I would recommend to anyone
nice tidy looking desk
A bit disappointed with this item as it is basically a desktop stand for your mobile, the phone still has to be connected via a cable from stand to mobile. It's looks nice as it lights up in a lovely blue colour. It doesn't hold my phone very well as I have a protective case on it although it did initially but soon lost that grip, however if wiped over with a damp cloth it does help with the adherence. A nice gadget if you like to have a nice tidy looking desk but a normal phone charger supplied with your mobile does the same job! Not too expensive!
Very nice item good value for money we love them
Really helpful, does what it says basically
It does what it says, its light looks cool, and does the job basically
Thank you it's a great product we love it
I would recommend this product to everyone
I would recommend this product to everyone. It is brilliant for my Samsung S5. This product sits nicely on my desktop without moving around every time you touch it.
I would suggest you buy one before they go out of stock.
This is a Brilliant little Gadget !!
This is a Brilliant little Gadget !! Acts as a night light too !!! We luv this so much we sent for another!!!definatley will recommend to Friends n Family !!!
Not as expected
The "sticky" surface doesn't hold phones with a slightly convex back well. The unit seems fragile and appears cheap in real life. The idea is good, it just doesn't live up to expectations - not good value for money.
Good for the price but may keep you awake....
Very good at holding your phone but it should tell you in the poduct description that it lights up when connected to power.

It would be perfect if you had the option to turn it's LED light off as it's so bright it lights up the whole room at night. Perfect if you like a night light but keeps you awake if you prefer dark room.

I'm going to have to seek something else for my bedroom that doesn't produce light so double the cost :0(.
Ok ish!
Product resembles the advertised picture and will support your phone on the prescribed non-slip surface. However, trying to use your phone on the non-slip surface is another matter and not so good i.e. slips/moves. Has the charges as described so that is ok. Also has in-built card readers but only supports up to Win XP, which is not a lot of good these days and there will be a lot better devices out there to use for card readers, so perhaps trying to do too much here.
All in all ok ish! though I feel that I am very unlikely to use this devise.
This product is great love it
This product is great love it and as its universal comes with different charging bits
I can now view my phone at a convenient angle on my desk. USB ports useful (albeit 2.0 - hence minus 1 star); I haven't tried the other slots yet; I wanted it primarily to position my phone at an easy to read angle as I say. For that, plus wiring it up though the USB it does the job. And the blue lighting on the unit is a nice design touch. Recommended!
I use with Ipad and S6,It holds them securelly.Looks good stylish.Looking good pn my desk.I do not really use the card slote
Most of the time just holds my gadgets.I like it.
superior and elegant
I want to know how it worked with a full description which was detailed.what phone it fitted and customer reviews.
Didn't want something that looked ugly that you would hide but wanted something at a good price and it had it all.
Grateful for true honest opinions on the product.
Stand won't hold my phone with a protective cover on it.
I don't like that I have to take my case off to get the phone to stay on the stand.
OK, useful usb hub, but not as "sticky" as other stands
Quite a good non-slip stand, but the "sticky" pad does not have as much grip as some others, and pressing a device to it firmly can cause the flip-up support to snap back to the closed position.

The two-port usb hub is useful, particularly for powering the device on the stand using the collection of adaptors provided. I have less use for the card-reader on the other side of the stand, so haven't tested that.

The transparent surround of the grippy surface is illuminated by a blue led when usb power is connected to the stand.
Desk Genie Charging Unit
Just received my Desktop Genie and it is great as the phone just SITS there. Easy to quickly take off.
Amazing Product
I was looking for a wallet that I could carry comfortably in my front pocket and would still have room for the cards and cash I like to carry. Everything you say is true! I put everything I had in my bi-fold wallet into the Big Skinny Curve and it really was thinner with all the stuff than the old wallet was empty. The lining on the fabric does keep thinks firmly on place. I only have one problem...I have to keep patting my pocket to make sure I have the wallet in it. Not a bad problem to have. Congratulations on a superior product.
Not Worth It
The picture on the website led me to believe I could "mount" my Galaxy S5 on the stand; thus the reason for my purchase. However, in actuality, I could never get it to stay on the damn thing.
MobileFun Reply
Hi John

Please make sure you remove the protective sheet that covers the grippy surface so it will hold you phone correctly.

Hope this helps.
good in theory
The first one I had my phone wouldn't sticmk. I got a replacement which worked for a couple of days now its slipping again. I also found it was slow to charge my phone up. In theory this is a cool idea but in reality it doesn't work for me.
You need to be aware that while this charger fits the bill of a charger, in my view it has the following disadvantages:

1. It is of a flimsy construction
2. It does not connect to the mains but charges from the USB attached to your computer. Therefore, it will not charge when the computer is switched off. There appears to be a mains charger point on the back but it does NOT come with a mains plug and lead.
3. To charge you have to connect the cable into the phone and it then connects to the USB port on the side. Therefore, you cannot just take the phone of the holder you have to fiddle with the connector to disconnect it.

In conclusion, this is a rather feeble device which does the job without a mains charger and cumbersome connectors. Not for me!
MobileZap phone holder
Love the look of it and the different uses but I am very disappointed with the part that holds your mobile it is not a strong enough connection as just a little touch and the phone falls off
Works Well but not so sticky
Everything seems to work fine with the exception on the sticky pad. I think if it was a tad more sticky my phone wouldn't slide off. I can only hope that given time this will improve. All-in-all it is a very nice product.
I love it! It sits on my desk perfectly and charges my phone at the same time!
very good
i find the device to be an excellent stand for my phone and the charging works fine for most devices. It wouldn't charge my iPad but that me be a current problem as its only usb2. there is a slot for a power supply at the back but there are no details as to what its for. the documentation is very basic but adequate. packaging was excellent.
Decent Desk Stand
This is a good value for money stand. It is slightly flimsy so you can't be to heavy handed with it. Everything seems to work fine especially the non slip pad which is great.
Loved it so much I ordered another one
I bought one of these and it works great and looks very sleek. The design is sturdy and feels well made. I bought this with the intent to keep my phone from getting any liquid spilled on it. I loved it so much, I ordered a second one and I'm considering ordering one for my girlfriend as well.
Thanks again for a great product!
See it, charge it and never lose it!
Finally, I can find my phone without digging through my desk searching for that vibrating sound! Keeps my phone upfront and present .. available whenever I need to glance at the screen, obnoxious Facebook posts of some friends next 'meal of the moment' or important news flashes.
I have bought many items from Mobile Fun over the past 18months, from blue tooth head phones, cases, cables, etc. The latest purchase of the desktop genie was a very good buy. It has a non slip surface which holds the phone/tablet in place it has the ability to use a charger in back as well as two USB2 ports on the right hand side and memory card readers for camera or laptop/phone ETC on the left, though not always required a very handy item to have anyway. On the whole along with all the various connections for I phone/tablet or any other smart device you want to connect, this turned out to be an excellent purchase and the price was very good as well, I would give it a score of 9 out of 10, and will certainly use Mobile Fun again for future purchases I'm going to need. Thank you Alan
great product very good supplier
Brilliant but......
Works like a charm i have it at the side of my bed to charge my phone on of a night time and it is brilliant but when i ordered it i didnt realise it had a blue light on it that lights up when connected to power... The light wouldnt bother me if it wasnt so bright that is why i have rated it 4 stars no other reason but overall im very happy with it
An excellent gadget at a reasonable price very useful good idea having card reader and usb in the same device so no need to keep bending down to enter the usb
Desk Genie - Great Product!
I have had this Desk Genie for about 2 weeks now. I use it on my night stand to charge my Blackberry Passport, and it holds it with ease, even with my Leather Case on it. The Genie is very sturdy, and does not leave any residue on the case.
The blue soft back light is great as a night light too.
This product is most useful, and very well designed, so I am buying another one for my office.
Does as described.
I bought the iPhone 6 plus & needed a desk top stand & this one stood out. The new 6 plus is a weighty phone & large in size & the genie desk stand manages to hold it on the stand no problem. Would advise if people use the genie with phones with particular covers/cases that aren't flat or rubberised the genie will not hold onto it & it will slip off as we found with my husbands HTC phone & case. The array of adaptors for charging was great but I had to us my own cable in the end with the phone being so big I did have a problem using the genie's charging lead & adaptor as it added to much weight & bulk to the bottom of the phone & it wouldn't stay on the genie but with my own cable not a problem.
Great gadget for a great price
This item does what it says... My Z3 in its case sticks to it brilliantly and it looks great with the blue back light. I've had several people ask where I got it from :)
The pictures and the description look really good so i ordered one. The Product itself looks like it good quality. However when you connect it up and switch it on for the first time you get a bright blue neon light. This is really too bright and the connections that are interchangeable depending on the type of phone you have do not always work. I tried mine on a blackberry and an Andriod phone and all it could do was charge them. It did'nt allow data to be passed from phone to computer. The worst problem is yet to come after a couple of weeks the "disco" blue neon light started flickering on and off this got so bad i sent it back and asked for my money back. Maybe i was just unlucky in having a bad one but it not a product for me
does the job
I bought this stand to keep my phone in a place where I know I can find it! Also itmake it much easier to watch a film in bed as it keeps the phone in one place. The chargering working efficiently and the small wire to the phone is good as it stops there being too many loose wires! Overall top product especially for the money totally worth it its a good bargain I recommend!
Great product
Great mobile stand - works well
Years later still fab!
I originally bought mine for my Nokia N72.After that I had three Nokia N900s in a row. They are The size of a an iPhone but at least twice as thick because they have a QWERTY keyboard that slides out. They are really more of a mini computer than a smart phone.The desk genie had no problem holding them. I have switched to iPhone 4S and after all these years it still works wonderfully well. I am now going to purchase an updated model for my husband's new iPhone 4S.
Desk Genie Non-Slip Charging Desk Stand
This product not so good , Non-Slip is poor for a larger mobile say Galaxy Mega with silicone phone case,I use two sided tape to hold my Galaxy in place.The foldable Non-Slip base also has problems holding a heaver mobile up when attempting to use the touch screen.Overall Poor
Poor quality cables
The device itself is OK, although the stand is prone to flipping down if you put too much pressure on it when picking up your phone...

...the bigger issue is the quality of the white usb cable supplied with it which result in no PC connection (e.g. you can't see the device in Windows or via HTC Synch) unless you swap for a better quality cable.

Too me a while to figure out so hope this saves someone else some time...
MobileFun Reply
You may have a faulty cable there, please consider contacting us to resolve this issue.
Worth the money
I love this product,the mobile sticks to it without any problem.Besides other places I like to use it on the bathroom shelf,and even though the room tends to get quite steamy,the mobile doesn't fall from it.Really worth it's money.I can charge the mobile on it without any problem.Definitely worth the money.I recommend it because it really does what it is for.
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