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The Olixar Desk Genie is the only holder you will ever need. It is a universal charger, USB hub and a card reader – all this and it holds virtually any phone.
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Handy stand for my iphone
Will the stand hold my phone easily
very good handy to be near
nothing it had a excellent write up .
poor instructions
charging rate is to low online instructions in french almost half
the world uses english me included. this would be ok if the written
instructions were more informative and concise.
other than that it is a good place to store and use the mobile and it does keep the battery running a little longer.
Geat product
Arrived on time. Excellent condition
Work well
Best used without a phone cover. It has most plug in that you need but I have been able to charge my Note 8 on it
Takes forever to charge my phone. Fittings to charge prevent my phone from sitting in stand properly.
Not fit for purpose
I purchased 3 of these for the office and while they look great none of our iPhones stick to the “non slip” surface.
Don’t waste your money.
Smart & useful, but could be better.
Its good...but...
I still have a mess of leads on my desk. And that blue background light. It looks so sexy, but it keeps my wife awake at night (blue = bad for sleep) so I can't use it on my bedside cabinet.
If only it had a wireless charger built in and no blue light! I would pay a lot more for that
Garbage. Absolutely slippery , phone slides straight off. Will go straight in to bin.
Well done!
Phone instantly attaches, everything needed is on board in one unit
Non-slip not correct.
I mainly purchased this product as a card reader and a charging unit. Unfortunately my phone won't stay on the stand as it just slips down the angled pad. It is an iPhone X. If the pad was adjustable angle-wise, it would probably solve the problem. Fortunately, I don't really need to use it as a stand I guess.
Maybe a switch to turn off the blue light when not in use
No Good if you have an Iphone
You can charge an I phone using the connector that comes with it, but no other cable works, and that only works on the front USB. Very disappointed, but kept it as it was not faulty. Also if you have an Iphone 6 or 7 plus, the table is too small to take the phone with the usb plugged in.
Looks ok
Have bought it as part of a present so cannot comment on use. Took ages to be delivered but customer services were helpful.
Fail for Sony phone
Advertised as compatible with the Sony Xeria ZX Preimum. Does not come with the correct USB C plug for the phone. The grip for the phone only works about 50% of the time - it then slips off. Basically, for the Sony phone, it rates a fail.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ross

The Desk Genie features universal USB ports, so although this does not come with a USB to USB-C cable, you can use your existing one or purchase another for this with this accessory. Hope this helps.
Not too great...
I was disappointed with this because it does not come with a mains power lead...

I bought it for my desk at work so I could charge my phone but it needs to be powered from my laptop, making it awkward when I need to take the laptop to meetings!

It was not even that great at holding my Samsung Galaxy S6 (in a Samsung case), so it now sits unloved on my desk at home...
It's, good. Phone stays up really well. Unfortunately there, is no charging cord for my Samsung s9+
My mistake but I thought that it was a cordless charging dock. But none the less a good product
Do not buy, unless
Do not buy if you want to use 2 USB ports at the same time they do not appear to work with a standard lightening Usb lightening cable. Only the 1 cable provided seems to work. Have now tried 2 of this product!!
Old technology
Uses mini USB, charging output is so low as to be next to useless. Annoying blue light that cannot be turned off. Vastly overpriced.
Waist of money
Not happy with this product as it doesn't do what it says its just sitting in a draw total waist of money
MobileFun Reply
Hi Shaun

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Can you please contact our Customer Services team and explain in greater detail of what the issue is and we will look into it for you.
So good
It is so good, it is hard to believe I only paid what I did for it!
Look even better in real life than the photo shows and comes with heaps of dongles cables etc. Works very well also of course.
Can't support heavy large phones
Product can't support heavy large phones--they just slip off.
I try using this product for my iPhone 6&7plus and I find it absolutely useless , as it doesn’t stay up it shuts down and the phone doesn’t hold on the surface as it don’t stick .
I would of like to know that it’s not ideal to use as a phone stand because it won’t stay up and the phone doesn’t stick on as it keeps falling off
Good but not so good
I bought two of these stands, one for my iphone, and one for my work phone. It works perfectly on my iphone, but sadly my work phone (Moto g4+) was too heavy and just slipped down the stand resting onto the table.
Not fit for purpose
Phone takers twice as long to charge using this device rather than a direct connection
Must have
Makes the use of my MacBook pro so much more comfortable to use.Got it for my 80th birthday Good choice.
Smart looking on desktop
I would have preferred this item to include an independent power supply as well as the PC USB.
Handy little charger with several functions - not a bad price too.
It will not hold my phone(it just slides off)xperia xz premium.It also drains my battery instead of charging it.It holds my tablet xperia z and the card readers work so am using them.
OK, but not for charging a tablet
I bought one of these last time I saw it on offer. It looks good, but has some issues that have left me a little disappointed overall:

1) I was hoping it was powered from the mains, but although it looks as if there is a socket for a power lead in the back, no power supply is included
2) I have tried to charge my Samsung 7" tablet and it cannot cope with this
3) While the blue "glow" might look good to some, I would like to turn it off but cannot see how this can be done

It is now just used as a stand without power to it...
Not very sticky
Phone doesn't stick to this at all slides straight off.
Very good product, well made and really looks good. Would recommend
It would have been helpful to know that the holder itself is magnetic.
Unfortunately it didn't suit my phone as I have it covered with a 360 degree skin which dies not work with anything magnetic.
A look at the bottom would have sufficed.
Otherwise the stand itself is a good idea.
Absolute garbage,save your money, i've an S8 and it just slides off the stand. This is about as much use as a chocolate teapot.
I think this device is only meant for smaller phones. I own a Samsung Note 8 which is quite heavy. This stand collapses at times when I want to remove the phone.

The hooks that suspends the stand are not sturdy enough as it collapses easily.

Also, it does not support fast charging.

I will now give the device away as I am unable to use it properly.
Neat design but not great
General: This is a nice neat solution, but the charging is slow.

+ Folds down neatly
+ Provides an additional USB port
+ Provides card reader slots
+ Low price
+ Holds phone at a good angle to see alerts

- Is not mains powered
- Only provides 1 additional port because it uses one to power it (but I guess that's so it can transfer data!)
- The pad is a little small (I have a Samsung S6), so it's not very secure
- Fiddly to have it charging (due to movement - see previous point)
- Blue light cannot be turned off

On balance it is OK because it was inexpensive, but I primarily bought this to have somewhere to sit my phone at work and charge it. However, because it's not mains powered it means I would have to unplug/re-plug every time I leave in the evening and arrive in the morning. If I knew all the above before buying I would probably have looked at an alternative. I now use it on my desk at home.
Not very good
Does not stick to pad keeps falling off
Handy device
Very handy device sat next to my computer that has not any memory slots.
The USB ports also expand the front of my computer.
Looks great in the pictures, in reality was flimsy and cheap. Adapter cables were ugly, and the non slip pad would not hold either of our phones/cases...
Good buy
Hi like this item works well and looks good
Not fit for purpose.
I bought this stand for my Sony Xperia xzpremium, but it is not strong enough. I have to prop it up to use it.
Space saving on your desk
A handy little piece of kit so far the only downside is using the card reader without distubing the phone
Waste of money
I have a Samsung s8+ and my phone cannot be used with this. It slips off. I also tried it without the case and same thing. In addition, of all the bits not one fits my phone and it cant be charged. A complete and total WASTE OF MONEY i had to give one star to register
Not very functional, waste of money
Not very functional, waste of money
Style and size
Does an excellent charging job but...
Looks stylish and the blue charging light looks cool . The major plus is the rapid charge I now get to my phone which is awesome. The negative is that the bracing bracket is flimsy which means I can’t use the device in it’s raised position.
not bad
Having now used theGenie desk top for a few weeks , while the the phone does adhere to the unit, the unit itself does not adhere to the table unless one uses a proprietary brand of blue tack on the base, this stops it sliding all over when you check the time during the wee dark hours.
neat item
Well this is a very neat charger it grips the phone very well but it does not grip if you leave the phone in a case other than that it is well worth the money so i would recommend it
Great Thanks
Goods finally arrived, late I thought but taking into account the Xmas period It's all good. Both items were as per description and of high quality. Happy to recommend MobileZap to all.
Happy with purchase
Product is as advertised, delivery timeframe acceptable.
Price seems OK.
Higjly Recommend this Product
Not only looks fantastic sitting on my desk with it's blue glow but goes way beyond a tidy up of those messy charger cables. Makes charging easy and recieving calls simply by picking up the phone without unplugging a charge cable.
it does what it say on the can
it does what it say on the can ,and as long as it works that ok by me and it works very well and a nice blue glow to the light.
This stand is brilliant, the only problem I have with it is I have an iPhone 7 Plus and it is a bit heavy for the stand so I gave it to my daughter who has an iPhone 6 which is better.
Perfect For Charging
This is absolutely perfect!
No proper attachment
The item does not include any attachments for my xperia xz
Very pleased, exactlywhat I wanted
Excellent product, very stylish and practical
very sturdy
this charger is great to put phone on without slipping off and also has card reader on side which is another great feature
good product value for money
excellent product i give it 4 stars
Most Excellent a good looking product I have purchased of you, cant felt your company, excellent product's easy to order will order again.
Cheap and useless
This is a cheap plastic piece of rubbish. The cables are impractical and the"non slip" surface is not non slip. Waste of money
Viable and ideal
A good stand ideal for any type or size of mobile handset. Pity the resting pad is not the charger but the user can use the appropriate usb cables included in the pack
Wow! First class service... 5-stars.
I got two of these chargers delivered on two separate weeks. And on each delivery your service was genuinely excellent. The charger looks great and is now working away happily on my desk. There is no question about it... you deserve a 5-star rating. Well done!
Great stuff
This is a really useful product and works perfectly for me in the office etc.
Nice prof.item
Nice desk charger, i love the options and light.
Very attractive looks.
Exactly as shown. Very smart looking. Great Xmas presents.
Great buy.
Have purchased 2 Olixar Desk Genie Non-Slip Charging Desk Stands. One for my husband and one for me. Could not be happier. Easy to use, fast and very efficient. The blue glow reminds me not to forget to collect it from the stand before heading out or turning off the desk charger once the phone is fully charged. Great product.
Exactly what I ordered. Brilliant
Very handy product, works well.
Compact & stylish. Great that it came with several attachments for different phones.
I would highly recommend this product
I needed a phone holder/charging dock...
I ordered this item which arrived promptly...
it was straight forward to setup & works a treat!!!

I would highly recommend this product...
Slowly charging
Nice looking but slowly charging.
Great product
Great product, shame it didn't have the adaptor for the Samsung S8, which is what I bought it for.
Works quiet well if you take the phone out of the cover, or aternely
Place it face down on the pad.
Wont hold with cover on.
only one criticism. The charging adapters should attach to a fixed or retractable plug at the bottom of the phone holder. Otherwise this is great.
Nice and compact
The item is nice, has everything a mobil user needs, and even more. The pack has a lot of charging heads, so you can charge older phones, or even cameras too. The stand has a nice blue light, and you need to clean it after cirka 2 weeks, if you use it often. You can insert various sd cards, so if you are using it via computer, you can copy data from it faster. For this price, its a quality item. Recommen to anybody who needs a charging stand.
Neat and tidy but my phone slowly slides off
Neat and tidy but my phone slowly slides off (could be that the phone is too smooth). It would be better if the phone connection was part of the stand rather than requiring an external cable.
Cute gadget to have, very usefull
I really like the little stand. Makes it easy to view my phone on the desk and handy to charge also.
Looks good but not up to the job, would not hold my Samsung S6 tried sticking it to the device three times but kept slipping off after a few seconds, the card reader wouldn't take a Fuji card. I would suggest something for the phone to sit on to stop it sliding off
Great phone stand
Very pleased with it
If it is suitable for my new samsung A5 2017.i received my purchase in a quick time and i was very pleased with it , thank you Mobile Fun
My own fault for not realising it was a wireless charger - so I gave it to my son who is currently using it to charge his Vape thing.

Very good though - USB connectors make it a handy stand for charging your device (whatever that may be) next to your computer.
Very good,
The phone doesn't slip off the charging deck.
Very happy with this device.
top device
This is an excellent little device, 'made up' with it.
Unfolds to neat stand plenty of USB and other connectors
Unfolds to neat stand plenty of USB and other connectors, small and neat with good non-slip phone stand
Slow to charge
Slow to charge as opposed to cable plugged into power. Power loss lighting up blue light?
very good
Unfortunately the item has no power supply of its own. It is a brilliant idea but falls down because it has no independent power supply.
Went down a treat!
I puschased these as Raffle Prizes for a regular charity event.
Raffle takings were up 12% on the night, so they were popular!

Not great
Doesn't handle larger phones as well.
Not that stable, will move, tip/angle over at times. Putting your phone on it means if often moves a little and needs adjusting or locking on the desk somehow.
USB and charge cables sound handy, but just leave you with wires and leads and a bit of a mess.
Smaller phone and one short lead, OK but overall not an ideal solution
The product does what it says in the box and is very good value 10/10 in quality and performance a best buy and quiet a cute item
Very Good Product
Excellent - Just what i was looking for.
Not as non-slip as I would like
Hi first off item was boxed attractively in its own branded box this was easy to open and remove item.
The stand is well made and really looks good on my desk,my main reason for buying was to place my IPod on this is were it fell down it did not stick very well with or without a simple thin cover on IPod (strange as when I put my IPhone 6 s with a slim cover it stuck ok) the sub sockets will come in very handy,but again another minus for me is the main power cable is short for my needs,as I am not connecting to a computer(I suppose not all of us have a computer can't just be me)anyway longer cable would be great.
Card readers would also benefit some people but again not me.
So for me it does part of the job,the blue light when it's switch on is a nice touch not too bright,nice and ambient(that's a nice word isn't it)all in all this is a nice addition to my desk and would recommend to a lot of people (sorry regarding my IPod if I move it on the sticky pad I can get it to stay but it's not as secure as I would like) thanks Tom
one of the best products i now have
Hi guys.I think this is a cool product.It looks very stylish and unique.That one of the reasons i bought the product.There s nothing that looks like it over here.As well as its looks it has all the fittings one needs.Thank guys for a great product.Kind regards mark B.
Great Product
This is a very good product. It is well made and does exactly as the company describes. I would definitely recommend this mobile stand and charger.
Value for money
does what it says very good
Mobile back has to be smooth to hold on the stand
Not great
The non slip surface is crap the phone slips off and broke the screen.
I am vary happy with this product
I ordered this item Olixar Desk Genie non slip charging desk stand I was not to sure about this....but I also wanted to bye a USB hub NOW I can't believe all in one nice design and looks cool with the LED light flashing on.
I am vary happy with this product.
Good but not good with Samsung Note Edge
Nice dessign and well made for the price but does not work with my Samsung Note Edge - for two reasons: 1. The phone with flip case is too heavy and slides down the sloping phone holder, especially in landscape mode. 2. (and much more serious) it actually discharges the phone! I know that sounds hard to believe by I have tried it repeatedly and the charge percentage steadily goes down. Overnight the phone is off after being completely discharged. It does however charge my Samsung Tablet, my wife's flip phone and my Gear 2 watch. My original Note Edge (not 6 or 7 Edge) charges normally with all my other chargers, so I do not understand it.
One minor design criticism: The charge connection cable is far too long and stiff since it only has to go from the side of the unit to the phone on top of it.
I do not like making negative reviews but in the case of my Note Edge I have to as.it is unuseable. If you have a different phone then it presumably will be fine.
A + product
I order 2 non slip charging stands and they are just as described. Organizes my desk and gives all my USB ports to he freed up on my computer. They charge my 2 phones my fitbit and tablet all on a clean modern and simple stand. Well worth the money.
falls short of what is promised
the charger is not charging my phone as when i plug in my phone it tells me that the power is weak and will take longer to charge or could damage my battery so i tried another phone a samsung Ace and galaxy prime and the same problem wont be buying again
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jon

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Please ensure the USB cable of the desk stand is plugged into a suitable USB mains charger or a computer with a good power output via its USB ports. Hope this helps.

If you continue to have problems, please contact our Customer Services team.
Not strong enough to hold my phone
Item looks good love the blue light but I won't hold my Samsung note 4 either in the case or out so am having to fold it up to charge phone which is pointless as I can just leave it on the side to charge as normal overall not very impressed sorry
First Class
I bought this item & I'm very pleased with it as I got it for a fraction of the price, mobile fun are a great company I have bought a few accessories of them before ,service is first class & their products are great so I have no problem in recommending them to anyone.
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