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Olixar Dash Genie v2 Universal In-Car Dashboard and Windscreen Holder Reviews

The Olixar Dash Genie is the only phone holder you will ever need - ideal for any dashboard or windscreen.
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 4.1 stars from 653 customers

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Fab product, great price!
This mount does 'exactly what it says on the tin.' It grips both the dash and phone extremely well and holds firmly over even the roughest roads. Completely adjustable and a very competitive price make this a No.1 must-have accessory.
Fab accessory!
Great mount. Suitable for all my devices and seems to work on all surfaces, even dimpled ones. Grips both phone and dashboard like a clam! Great value for money.
Lovely holder
after a lot of time involved trying to find the proper mobile phone holder I found this mobile phone holder to be ideally the perfect thing it fits well into the car and hold my mobile phone without any problem even any bumps it still holds it
Looked good. however
This phone holder looked like it might suit my needs. However, the phone (Huawei P9) failed to stay in the holder. Also the holder fell from the dash. The holder is too small with not enough room to for the phone especially if stuck to the windscreen
Good gadget
Great suction cup base and good phone holder for most applications, not great on bumpy roads or to mount on the windscreen as the sticky bit that holds the phone gets tired after a while and phone falls off but great in more conventional applications
It does the job perfectly well
It does the job perfectly well, the grip is firm and is perfect for my phone
no good for my car
My car windscreen is too steep to hold my phone in a vertical position and the dashboard has no flat surfaces to hold the device. The arm attached to the ball joint is too short to allow full adjustment on the windscreen. Good idea but didn't work for me.
This product is a total failure and if Mobil Zap wants to stay credible and have products that can be trusted, I am asking for a refund. It did not even work for a whole day.
Product Details : Olixar Dash Genie v2 Universal In-Car Dashboard and Windscreen Holder
Looks like a good Idea
After using it for a day of driving, I don't know how long the sticky pad will last. it seems to be less sticky already.
I think the magnetic disk is a much better idea.
Excellent Holder
This holder did everything that I wanted as described in the advert. Excellent buy.
Great holder
This is a great piece of kit which does exactly what is says on the tin. The fact that you can convert this from portrait to landscape is really useful and the phone sits extremely well within the device. Also the fact that it can be windscreen or dashboard mounted is really handy. All in all a very useful addition to my Audi
Great product
I have bought car phone holders before but this device is great my previous car phone holders on the windscreen have been cumbersome and awkward to hold the phone. By having it on the dash board it doesn't block your view or distract you from viewing the road ahead , an excellent device I have shown it to family and friends which they are thinking of buying
Fits the bill
I like the dash genie. It stays in place and keeps my phone in place as well. It is what I needed.
Good and stable
I am really happy with this product. My phone attaches to it well. The only thing is that it's tricky to get off the windscreen so I leave it on the windscreen and pray that no one breaks into my car thinking I've got something in the glove box worth taking...!

I am happy with this though and spent a long time deciding which phone holder to buy.
Neat unit.
I bought this unit as it was recommended by Autoexpress. It arrived quickly and I was impressed by the small size. Assembly was quick and the unit attached firmly to the dashboard. It could also be removed and repositioned easily. The sticky pad for holding the phone is very effective just by placing the phone in the unit. Removing the phone can be a two handed job as it sticks so well. I've only had the mount a short time so i will have to see how this settles and whether the sticky becomes less clingy. Altogether I think the unit is worthy of the recommendations.
Great product, great service
This phone holder was delivered quickly and we'll packaged to my home address. The original was missing a part but the returns process was simple (and free) and the replacement was with me quickly. I highly reccomend it for commuting and leisure, it holds my phone steady and is adjustable as described. Thanks a lot!
Really happy with product, would recommend.
Really happy with the product but one issue I do have is that the sticky pad stays stuck to the phone when I remove it from the holder. I have had to super glue the sticky pad back to the holder to prevent this happening. Otherwise this holder was just what I required and have not issue with it adhering to dashboard or windscreen.
Would recommend this product and MobileZap.
The best I've tried but could be better
Firstly, the suction base sticks like a limpet and keeps the phone holder rock solid so top marks there.The sticky pad that holds the phone worked fine on the phone back case (smooth plastic) and even in sharp turns the phone stayed put (good as it's a 5.5inch screen phone). Not so good with a silicone gel phone protector fitted which has a slippery finish and I lost the phone a few times. I overcame this by sticking a 1mm thick strong magnet above the sticky pad and putting another inside the protector. Overall I'm very impressed.
Good Item with a big BUT.....read if you want a window mount
Read this if your phone is more than 10cm long and you want to use a window mount position.

Unless you have an almost vertical windscreen this will not work because the connecting arm is so short the phone cannot stand upright.

I have tried it in two different SUV's and three saloon cars and none will allow a window mount with the phone in the vertical position.
The worst ever.
Has been two weeks after I put it in my car . This is it. Rubbish It's not stick any more.
Very happy with product
Items arrived today 7.1.2017, order placed on 15.12.2016? Consider that a quick delivery time for the Xmas/New Year holiday period here in NZ.
Just so neat and simple!
So many car phone holders have various jaws, claws and brackets to make a specific phone fit that they end up being ugly. The Genie v2, on the other hand is simplicity itself and all the better for it: Whatever model of phone you are using, it will not obscure any of the buttons or connections, you just end up with the phone apparently hanging in mid air in front of you! The red dot grips the back of the handset, at first maybe a bit too strongly, I once pulled it off, but it goes back where it belongs easily enough. Unlike many phone holders that I have had, the suction of the base of the Oliver has never came loose or fallen off.
I would strongly recommend this one above all others.
Simple ideas are best!
Having just bought a Sony Experia, I tried to sort through the minefield of different in car holders, worrying about which ones would leave the side buttons clear and still allow connection of the USB lead.
So many of them are ugly, with various claws, clamps, arms etc., so when I saw the Dash Genie v2 I was immediately taken with its simple, unfussy appearance.
At such a reasonable price, could it work as well as it looked?
The answer is yes, my phone just sits there and I have no worries about it slipping, having used it extensively recently. Speed bumps, winding country roads etc no problem!
Olixar Dash Genie - Good Value, takes a couple times to stick properly
Product is of good value, however, when assembled for first use, the adhesive bottom (which sticks to dash/ windscreen) kept un-sticking from the dash after a couple of minutes of holding the weight of my device (Sony Z5 Compact), meaning I was trying to re-apply to dash every few minutes, until I moved the Dash Genie to another spot on the dashboard - now appears to be more stable when in use!
Fantastic phone holder
Finally a phone holder I can trust,using the satnav on my phone now is so simple and doesn't end up on the floor and also talking on my phone hands free is an absolute dream,well done i will be buying more stuff from you,
Not as good as some reviews suggest
Firstly, the base only stays put if it sits on a very flat surface. Any curvature at all and it won't be happy. The sticky pad that holds your phone in place is also less than perfect, so the lack of any clamps on the side to hold the phone means it flies out of the holder on occasion.

However, when it does work it holds the phone fairly well, exhibiting good levels of stability on rough roads, making the screen easy to read.
super sticky!
Great little phone holder.. Really sticky pads for window and phone.

Good because it has a little shelf which makes it easier to manage when placing on and off all day.

As a temp truck driver I'm always moving from vehicle to vehicle so It's small, light volume makes it great for my over-stuffed work bag.

Great simple to use Universal in-car holder
Great simple to use Universal in-car holder for my iPhone 6 Plus, which the holder manages to cope with the size of!

Watch the sticky Holder for the phone back as this sticks like cement and can be difficult to get the off the Holder!!
Read through other users descriptions and purchased - didn't grip my car dash so pointless, if you have a Renault don't do it
Not good value
I found that the adhesive was not strong enough to stick to the car and it fell off with the phone
Not good value for my money and I would not purchase again
Holder is secure, sticks on a surface and stays there without worry. Only concern is the sticky part on which the phone rests on itself, it loses it's stickiness fast but the actual holder which rests on the car/surface itself is high quality.
Excellent item
Very pleased with our purchase. Works excellently on textured dashboard. Great suction. Would highly recommend.
Not as good as it should be
I like the idea of this but unfortunately the "sticky gel" came out of the holder (stuck to the phone case). It is essentially not much use to me now although I can press the gel back into the holder, it comes out each time I remove the phone.
I had previously used the iBolt iProDock 5 which worked very well, but now with an iPhone 6s and LifeProof case the iBolt doesn't open wide enough to hold the phone when in it's case.
Excellent product
Very pleased with our purchase. Very good suction and works very well with a textured dashboard.. Would highly recommend.
Good holder
I want to give a gift this holder for my sister who was a birthday
Purchased as a replacement for my old one that broke after many years of good service.
As it states easily portable from vehicle to vehicle which is great if like me you hire vans/cars for work. Grips all dashboards that I have used it in. Holds my note 3 when using it as a sat nav with no problems.
Supposed to be a dash mount. Does not stick to dash. Xperia z3 just falls off mid drive. Horrible
Value for money
I recently bought my Olixar Dash Genie v2 Universal In-Car Dashboard and Windscreen Holder and am very pleased with it. It is very easy to install and holds the phone securely in either the vertical or horizontal position. The phone can also be twisted to enable easier viewing. It will be interesting to see how long the sticky spot lasts. I consider this product great value for money.
waste of money for a big phone
Sticks well to windscreen and to the phone but bracket does not come out far enough from the windscreen so the phone can stand up straight. Also the the bracket is too weak and when driving the phone shakes left to right like a nodding dog
After a short time of use I feel, that the product fits well for it's purpose. It us easy to install. I used a little contact glue to make sure the holder doesn't disengage. I can recommend the product.
Great product
I purchase this in car holder to hold my Blackberry Passport. I wanted something easy to use and with abaility to be movabel from one car to the other. I am very pleasedwith it. It holds my Blackberry Passport in place wiht no problem (and it is a heavy device compare to a normal mobile phone). The ratary ball mean you can angle it the way you want 360 which is great. Really pleased with it.
Highly impressed
The most convenient mobile holder I've used so far. The build quality us also above par. Don't think I would wanna try out anything else from now on.
Satisfied with product
The product was simple to fit on our car's dash board and works well with a Samsung Galaxy S6
Not good for Subaru windscreen
The profile of my Subaru windscreen won't allow my iPhone6plus fit into this mount. Don't buy for iPhone6plus it's too small.
No Good
The suction pad that attaches to the dashboard is very good but the red adhesive area that holds the phone fails after a few minutes. Vibration results in loss of adhesion and connecting a power lead also causes the phone to leave the holder. I'm looking for an alternative but suspect I'll have to consider Brodit again despite the cost.
sticks like glue - very adjustable
Great little holder. It can come off the dash after extreme heat but is easy to put back, I usually clean and wet the sucker. I leave it situated on the dash permanently. I thought it had lost its 'stickiness' - the red gel which the devise is held on by, but contacted MobileFun and they told me to wash it with a spot of washing up liquid and it's back in service. The red gel area does start to look a little untidy/dirty after a long while and I haven't managed to clean it. Overall it's great and I'm buying another for my 2nd vehicle.
Excellent mobile holder
This mobile holder works very well. I was a bit sceptic before I got it if it would attache to the surface, but it does.
Dash Genie for iPhone
Great product. It was easy to put together and attach to the dash.
Works well
Great product... no cumbersome sliding side clamps and foam pads. Works via sticky pad and bottom lip. Sticks well to textured dashboard too.
I have tried a number of different phone/satnav holders over time, but this one is the best I have used. It,s piece of cake to set up And I have tried it on the dash in different positions including on curved section,no problem. I am using it to hold an iphone5 using GPS software. The other thing is it hardly wobbles, unless it is very rough road.All in all this is brilliant piece of kit and good value, which I would reccomend.
Great idea BUT
My Galaxy S3 kept falling off, or the whole thing fell off, so not good. Would be ok with a small light phone.
phone holder
I find this holder very strong as I have samsung 5s and it holds it very firmly
Sleek and stylish
Very satisfied with this purchase. Looks great, fits perfectly, and allows for easy attachment and removal my phone. Sticks with good adhesion directly to the dash, it's been a couple of weeks now and it hasn't looked like coming away.
Phone fallen off so many times - dangerous product
I use my Samsung S5 as my sat-nav and need something sturdy to keep it in place - my phone has fallen off this holder SO MANY TIMES when navigating. Very frustrating and dangerous when on a motorway and my phone has fallen off. Now ordered the Kenu Airframe instead.
A v good product......
........for your car, but when off road driving the phone can become disconnected from the holder. The harsh ride which caused this is way beyond anything which should be encountered when driving on tarmac.
Good buy
Sticks to the dashboard like a limpet! A little problem with the phone mount as my phone kept falling off after about 20 mins. I was mounting the phone in portrait and then turning through 90 deg to get landscape operation for a satnav app. When I put the phone in landscape first, so that the cradle clips were at the bottom, the phone stayed in place. The picture on the back of the product packaging appears to show the cradle in a horizontal position when in use.
A true dash genie
this is the best holder I've tried, it stays on the dash, it's not big so doesn't obstruct your view, will hold a small to medium or a light weight large phone, needs a larger sticky pad to hold a heavier phone, my HTC one m8 stays put in portrait position but falls off in landscape positio hence only 4 stars , I'm very pleased with the dash genie.
Great product
Does exactly what it said it would do & even holds the IPhone 6 plus.
not very good
I have a corsa, and this phone holder will not stick any were on my dash, I will be looking for a different one.
What more could you want?
The money you pay for this is ridiculous, you try and find a universal clamp that takes such a variation is sizes let alone you don't actually have to clamp it. It does exactly what it says in the description and holds your phone secure at a ridiculously low price. Highly recommended
Dash Genie v2 Universal in-Car holder
Just what I wanted to hold my Galaxy S2. Work's a treat!
The best phone holder i'e ever bought.
Excellent product which i guarantee you wont be disappointed with. I was a bit worried that the phone wouldnt be that secure but after living with it for a week i'm absolutely made up with it. My Z3 is a big phone but its rock solid on the Dash Genie which is mounted on a curved part of my dashboard so its really unobtrusive. Top product.
Dash genie
What a great product ,works a treat & does exactly what it says on the tin.Would highly recommend item & mobile fun for the prompt service
Should have known better than to buy cheap
Dashboard Genie looks good and is a neat size. Mounted it with my smart phone on the clean dust free car dash and off we went driving into the sunshine. Thirty minutes later the contraption fell off the dashboard. I then held it in my hand by the stem, while using the phone as satnav. Then the phone fell out of the cradle. I do not think the adhesive and suction are strong enough.
Works really well and a great price.
Excellent holder
Exactly what I was looking for. It sticks easily to the dash (and can be removed just as easily), the phone sticks tightly, and it swivels for the best viewing position. Great price and only a week to deliver to my rural location in Australia. Highly recommended if you want a holder that has a low impact on your car, holds tight and doesn't leave a smear on your windscreen.
great dashboard phone mount.
Easy to fit, easy to use. Works great with my HTC one in its Otterbox case.
Wish I'd bought one earlier...
This simple device is perfect. Sits neatly on my dashboard and holds my larger than average mobile, Nokia 625 securely in place, does not fall out over bumps or when I swerve or go around corners. Sticky pad really holds tight. I can turn it to help me use my phone as a Sat Nav. When my daughter used my car, she poped her iPhone on and was so impressed, she wants one. I can view screen really well and tilt as needed. Can charge phone whilst it sits tight on this device. Worth the money and arrived very quickly... Don't laugh but thinking of getting one to use on my office desk :-) !
In place in a dash!
I use this with my Apple S4 phone. Really pleased with this piece of kit. Effortlessly easy to fit and does exactly what it says. No movement, no sticky residue and can be used in portrait or landscape. One very happy customer.
At last a car mount that works. Sticks like cement to a dashboard, although it shakes a little, this is the car's suspension's problem not the holder. On the windscreen this baby is perfect. Really impressed.
Incapable of supporting my Galaxy Note 3
Mobilefun kindly exchanged the original car holder I ordered because it was incompatable with the space available in my Yaris.
Unfortunatly this holder was unable to support the wieght of a large smart phone because the adhesive area is too small and so will need returning again.
fantastic site
I needed to get a mobile holder for the car and looking at other usual popular sites for ages and couldn't find what I was looking for until I was recommended by a friend to try this site. Found what I was looking for in 5 mins just put the make and model of phone and what I was was searching for. I read the other customer reviews some were great and a few were not ,so was in two minds to purchase the item but as a friend recommended the site I did and so glad as had no problems and used this site a few times and will again.
ideal for the job
first time used mobile fun very impressed with the service from start to finish. Would not hesitate to recommend to friends.
It really works!
I did not think it would hold a large smart phone so well really sticky may be too sticky at first but becomes easier with use.The base has an equally firm fixing and the whole thing is compact.Very pleased.
LG G2 Phone falls off ...
This may be a universal holder but the LG G2 does not stay on it. It will stay for about fifteen minutes after having cleaned the back red sticky pad, but then dislodges. This is with a case on the phone, and I have not tried it with the case removed. Two star rating as the unit stays extremely well on the dash - it's just the phone holder part that is the problem. Smaller/lighter phones and without the case maybe ok - but not tested that out.
Spot on, just the job.
Great little bit of kit, with rubberised suction mount on the base. Had this a week now and its still not moved or fallen off. We also use it for the satnav. You can have the phone in portrait or landscape without having to adjust the mount, it just sticks.
Exactly what I wanted!
Does exactly what it says!
Fits well on a curved dashboard and holds the phone easily in portrait or landscape without any need to remove the phone from its normal case.
Haven't yet been using it long but if it continues like this I'm delighted.
just what i wanted
this product was just what I needed it fits anywhere in the car and my phone fits on it nice and snug
Very good product
I watched the video again which seemed pretty good and it completely acted like the video in real life. The phone sticks to it really well, the sucker works brilliantly. I do wonder how long the stickiness will last (just add water it says on the video - time will tell on that one). I have a large phone in a ballistic case, so it is pretty big, moderately heavy, wide and it stuck on magnificently. The suction cup worked really well on my curved dashboard. The phone didn't wobble at all when going around bends. It really is a great buy. As such it would fit any phone of any width. You will not be disappointed.
bad product
Simply will not stick to my dash or windo. At one stage i got it to stick put ny phone in and the whole thing fell on top of me. Am very unhappy with this product. I do a lot of driving so will now need to find another product to suit my needs.
Just what I needed
I got this last year and I'm still using it in my car Just what I needed
Seemed awkward, then I looked at the packaging...
I tried this out in the obvious ways, but none of them would stay stuck and support my phone in landscape. However, when I tried it as per the third picture on the front of the packaging, it actually worked! It's better than what it replaced because it's easy to keep the charge connector clear, and the phone stayed put, with the holder remaining in place, the whole time. I hope this hint helps others. This will certainly do the job for me.
Buying a 2nd one for the second car
So happy with this. You jump in the car and with one hand you chuck the phone on it and go. No fiddling with arms, just straight in and go. Keep the gel clean (just wipe it once every 2 months and she's a keeper.
Impresses people due to it's unique design and gel tech. Ruddy well priced as well!
Secure Phone Holder
An effective and easy to use and set up mobile phone holder. Adaptable and secure base/holder and only takes seconds to install and remove phone. Phone stays in place no matter what. Just what the doctor ordered. Highly recommended.
It does exactly what it says on the tin.

The DashGenie sticks to almost any surface with its suction cup and grippy material. I stuck mine on a dimpled dashboard where other mobile holders could not get a grip.

It is easy to hold the mobile in place once you get in the car... just place it on the DashGenie and it automatically grips in place... no clips to scratch your mobile phone. To remove the phone, just peel it off gently... No residue on the phone.

With time the DashGenie accumulates dust and the grippy material loses its strength somewhat... just wash with cold water and wipe dry, and it's as good as new... literally.

I've been using mine for a couple of years without any trouble... Now I buy them as gifts.
Just what i needed
Excellent item. Fitted well in my car. definately recomend this item.
Great grippy holder, works fine with larger phones.
I have been using the original version of this dash mount (Dash Genie) for a couple of years now with a few different phones and find it works brilliantly with them, including my current S3. The sticky material leaves no residue, and can be made newly sticky with a simple clean with water when it gets a bit linty.
So impressed with it that I have just purchased the new version for my other half to use with her S3 and car kit, and this version has addressed the only issue I have with the original by adding a ball/socket joint giving a greater range of movement and making windscreen mounting possible for those that want it.
holds fast
Great little device, fits on the dashboard, even when the surface is not smooth. Phone can be adjusted to any angle. Simple and well built. Great phone holder.
Great phone holder as reviewed in Auto Express Neat and firm on dash board. But!! the red sticky disc came off stuck to the phone!
Is this common? I am considering an additional one but will wait to see how this one functions.
Screen genie
Had many windscreen holders. Ordered this received it thought what a piece of toot. But I put it together positioned it on the screen and then...boom...happy days!!! Only thing is when you don't have a phone on it it looks like the badge on the star trek uniforms! But importantly it does the job and hasn't fallen off
Dash Genie v2
The product is well built but there are a few issues with what is realistically possible compared to the description given.
Yes it will fit to a textured dash, but it must not be curved.
The sticky pad really doesn't like matt finish phone covers.
If you have a large phone like my Xperia SP when mounted to my windscreen (VRS Octavia)I cant tile the holder back with the phone in place. The reach from the suction cup to the holder needs to be longer. When in the holder my phone is actually angled forward from the vertical.
Hope this helps people.
It does what it says.
After reading other people's reviews I decided to purchase the Dash Genie from Mobile Fun.I ordered it and true to there word it arrived the next day.I attached it to my phone and dashboard and away I went, over the speed humps and it stuck like glue,I would certainly recommend it and also Mobile Fun for there speedy service.I will certainly be using them again and i've also emailed all my friends telling them about Mobile Fun.
i now have two of these one for car & one for truck, they are great never drop the phone & move to any position you need, after buying so many useless holders at last a really great one.
Excellent product
I drive a Jcb forklift on building sites and my phone stays put even over really ruff ground. It gets bumped about alot but does not fall out of the holder even in its Otter box cover. Brilliant product thanks.
Wouldn't recommend for heavy phones
I think this could be a great item but my phone is possibly too heavy. The phone sticks for about 10 mins then falls off. The dashboard genie does however stick nicely to the dashboard.
Reasonably priced, just the job!
I ordered two of these for both my wife's and my own car.
I have fixed it in my car, but have not yet installed it in my wife's car.
It fixes well to the inside of the car and in a way that it causes no damage.
The biggest problem is deciding where to fit it in a modern car!
The sticky pad holds a large phone securely (mine is a Nokia 720).
In short it is a good product, reasonably priced and easy to install.
Now I need to find the time to fit the second one in my wife's car.
Ingenious product
Simple & easy to use. Locates anywhere in the car & once it is positioned it does not move.

Simply fantastic & a good price to boot.
I ordered 2 of these one for each car and they don't stick properly to dashboard and phone consequently falls out when car is moving!
Did not think this would work I opened the box but boy was i works great in the truck all the bouncing around and it does not move bloody awesome
great product but flawed through use
This great little unit is in my van stuck to the dash. Had no problems with sticking to the plastic (unlike my other holder that is in wife's car on windscreen then floor then windscreen again...) but can be used either way if needed. Smaller flat backed phones and my nexus 4 sit fine but if you need to remove regularly (delivery driver possibly) then the adhesive loses through time. I have to take it off once a week and rub it under the tap to refresh adhesion but other than that, fantastic kit and wonderful concept but you could get fed up if you had to do it daily.
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