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Olixar Clipper Belt Clip Samsung Galaxy S8 Case - Black Reviews

Encase your Samsung Galaxy S8 with rugged protection and superb functionality with the Clipper case in black from Olixar. Featuring a handy belt clip and a kickstand for viewing media in both portrait and landscape.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63380
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 3 stars from 1 customers

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Better but not ideal
I first bought the Verizon wireless case for my S8 since I had such a case for my S6 and S4 previously. This one for the S8 was no good. It did not slide in from top to bottom of the holster. Instead it slide from the side which was cumbersome. Also when the phone was in the holster the charge port is blocked. The phone kept catching to the inside of my long lab jacket which was very annoying.
I then got the Otterbox which felt better but still kept catching to my jacket when clipped on my belt, slide into the holster from the side instead of top to bottom, but the charge port was open when the phone was slide into the holster.
Now this case from Olixar came and the size was less bulky Otterbox. It slide from top to bottom into the holster whI have was better than both of the others but the charge port is blocked when the phone is inside the holster. Also since the Olixar is rubber it catches on the inside of my jacket when clipped on the belt. Also the rubber case around the phone actually catches on the inside of the holster as you are sliding it out which is annoying when you try and pull it out fast.
Overall if the Olixar was hard smooth plastic instead of rubber it would be much better.

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