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Olixar CD Slot Mount Universal Case Compatible Car Holder Reviews

Safely and securely mount your smartphone in your vehicle with the hassle-free CD Slot Mount Universal Car Holder from Olixar. Featuring a quick release system for effortless docking and full case compatibility.
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 4.4 stars from 370 customers

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Great product
I found this product well put together and did the job I wanted it to do. I would highly recommend this product glad to find a well built product.
Excellent Holder
It looked like it was something that might be what I wanted.
It has proven to be an excellent choice.
Holds the phone securely in an easy to see position, easy to adjust, easy to attach & release phone.
Je recommande
Overall it’s an excellent product.
Holds your phone safely and securely and still allows you to connect a charging lead. It also provides you with a good clear view of the screen in many different angles. The only downside is because it’s in the cd slot it does obscure your view of the cd/radio buttons. Also in my particular car due the location of the gear stick I bumped the whole thing out with my hand a couple of times until I got used to it.
Genius invention
Brilliant mount. Very sturdy and stable. Exactly what I wanted. Grab one now!!
Well engineered, sturdy construction
The base locks into the cd slot, providing a sturdy base, comes with a selection of rubber shims. The holder is robust, easy to release and grips well. In a Freelander2 the position of the phone is near the gear knob, movements from knob to wheel and vice versa. Initially a little care is needed to prevent knocking the phone, but soon get used to it.
Best use of a CD player in my car!
Who uses their CD player today? Using it as the fixing device and holder for your phone is a brilliant idea and better than that, it works!.
Why use something that sticks to your windscreen and obscures your view or sticks to you dashboard and leaves a mark when you can use an obsolete device that is perfect for the job. It holds my iPhone 7 securely, retains access for charging and allows me me to alter the angle so that the passenger can access it too..
Rarely do you find a product that ticks all the boxes, this one does!
Useful phone holder for in car use
I purchased Olixar CD slot mount phone holder as it is a useful item for the car and can be stored away in the glove box when not in use. I use it with my Sony Xperia XZ smart phone and the foldaway foot on the bottom of the holder enables cables to be plugged in. It will hold any phone as the arms are adjustable and it is an excellent and well made product.
Its ok
Its an ok mobile holder, the only problem I have with it is that when i place the holder into my car CD dock, it presses the buttons below it, making it hard to change my car volume, so i need to pull the holder a bit forward to have freedom to use my car radio functions and volume.
Good for the price.
What you get is good for what you pay however it does wobble quite a lot. This is due I think to what it can grip on in the cd slot so others may have a different experience. All the wobble comes from the grip in the cd slot not the mounting itself.

Delivery took a while, I got sent a customer feedback email a week before it even arrived. It was within the delivery time advertised on the site but a little hasty on the customer satisfaction survey that I contacted Mobilezap to see if it should have arrived.
Brilliant in-car phone holder
I got the Olixar CD slot universal phone holder as it is a neat way of mounting my Xperia XZ smart phone in the car and it has proved to be a real boon when using the phone as a sat-nav on a recent trip to Milton Keynes when finding my way back to the hotel. The holder is a well made product though I found that the Xperia phone has a smooth body and sides so care has to taken that it does not slip through the adjustable grip. I have since purchased an Olixar protective case as this will help give more grip on the phone in the holder the next time I use it. Overall, I am happy with the holder!
Exceeds Expectations
The Olixar cd slot mount holder is a great device. It's sturdy, practical and performs as advertised. I'm a ride share partner and like that I can remove it when I'm off line to maintain my cars clean look. Good investment.
Best phone holder ever had
Ordered this holder so that i could see who was calling while compling with the law.
It holds my samsung s7 even in its leather case with no fear of it coming out.
I have even convinced my dad to purchase 2 for both him and my mom.
Brilliant product
Perfect Option
Works perfectly in my car, albeit i was initially hesitant about locking it into the cd slot it holds perfectly steady and does it's job well.
The only downside is it blocking off the view of the cars clock and the radio's display but no hastle.
Right product, wrong car
Bought this for my Citroen C3 Picasso. Unfortunately when I fitted it the holder blocked access to my heater/climate control panel among other things. Basically if you are going to buy this make dure your cd player is at the top of your dashboard like the one shown in the ad. If it is lower down you will have problems.P.S. anybody looking for a cd mounted phone holder, hardly used, going cheap?
Not suitable
This looks like a great product but it is not suitable if you have a Mazda 2 Neo. The CD player is on a curved part of the car and it just does not work.
This is a great product. No suction caps required, just mounts straight into the CD players CD slot. This allows my phone to become an integrated part of my cars dash and less of an add on accessory that hangs off the windscreen
Final solution
After purchasing 100s of suction-cup solutions which simply keep on dropping off the windows at the most inconvenient times, this solution to hold my phone is the final solution.
It works perfectly, and does not hinder the view on the road.
Waste of money
Disappointing. Firstly had trouble with the arms that hold the phone. They do not want to adjust easily. Too difficult to use. Secondly, will not sit reliably in the cd player; eventually falls out. Finally, instructions not included. Took a while to figure out. Would send it back but I don't want to spend more money on it. Someone at Salvo's can have it.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
i can't get to the volume knob on the radio without bumping the holder! !!
Impedes access to radio
Great product
Fits perfectly into CD slot can play through the CD while mounted
Perfect position to view navigation
Overall perfect for what i need highly recommend
Great product
Fits perfectly and easily into my CD player can play the discs while the holder is fitted
Great position for viewing the navigation
Highly recommended
Excellent product. Excellent service.
This product did exactly what it promised to do. Easy fitting, firm fixing, solid grip on phone eliminating shake.
Good, though one flaw (in my car)
I really like this holder. It's neat and tidy and, most importantly, doesn't obscure any part of the windscreen.

Only one problem or weakness. On my car when it's in the CD slot it has a tendency to touch one of the CD/radio buttons, sometimes cutting off the radio's steering wheel controls. Very careful positioning of the holder can reduce this happening but I've not - yet - found a way of completely eliminating it.
This car phone holder fits into the CD player a treat
This car phone holder fits into the CD player a treat, so if your charger cable is short this is the answer.
Excellent product
excellent product - am using it all the time!!
hold the phone
holds the phone solidly and in a good position however the mechanics of it I'm not too confident about. hope I'm wrong but time will tell
Does the job very well. Fits easily into slot. Holds phone well. Well out of the way of the windscreen so doesn't block driver's view. Easily to see and reach.
Would recommend this to anyone.
Just as described
Item works perfectly well. Grip is great but does need to be checked occasionally, especially if your CD player ejects cds if it's too bumpy. As long as you put a CD in the player before mounting the phone holder you can play it. But holder does cover the digital display on my player.
Would definitely recommend this item
Excellent product. It really works!
I have tried several phone cradles for my 10 year old Honda and this is the first that works well. So easy to install and remove. And my phone is at just the right angle.
Simple and good!
This mobile holder is simple yet robust.
It fits in the CD player and, while driving, doesn't shake at all.
Highly recommended!
It Works!!
I bought other gadgets from MF to try and hold my phone and at last have found a gadget that actually stays in place!
Only comment is that there are no instructions. I luckily didn't have to use a different size fitting for my CD player but if I had to,not sure I would know how to change it.
Slot is very thick on Nissan Note
Good idea and I have kept the device, but the slot on my car is very slim. It also covers up the radio and Bluetooth display. Useful though as totally controllable to get the viewing angle necessary. I don't know if it will cope with the weight of a phone on a long journey yet. I hope it doesn't fall out with the jolting along our awful roads!
Great little device and so much better than the on windscreen mounts I have had. Fits securely and ideal for sat nav on your phone whilst driving.
Product works. Came on TIME and was not expensive. Well Satisfied
OK, The product was delivered quickly and on time, No Worries. Kept informed along the way. Not expensive and it does the job I was personally looking for. Well Done MobileZap.
Very clever
Once you get past the last of assembly directions, it is simple to assemble and install. Every car should have one.
Works well
Works well in old cars
Do not waist your money buying any other product, this is simply the best.
Do not waist your time buying another product, this one is simply the best and works better than you would expect.
Have bought 2 and would recommend them to anybody
Excellent product.
absolutely fabulous
Good value.
Works well - perhaps phone holder comes off cradle too easily but quite happy overall.
Great product
Just so simple to install, Good value. Can also be used for a gps but the grip is less due to the thickness over a mobile phone (for which it was designed).maybe a more robust version would handle a big gps.
Great product does everything that was said in the description
Well built
This is a solid unit good quality. But due to its size it will not fit into the cd slot without interfering with the volume knob and other buttons on the stereo. So for me I cannot use it. Hopefully others with a different stereo will have better luck.
Not quite universal!
Doesn't fit Ford Fiesta it was bought for. Probably won't fit most cars with angled Cd slot in dashboard, just wouldn't go in far enough to hold
After using different types of car phone holders with suction cup or sticky pad which all appeared to be disappointing, I am happy that this one uses different technique to hold the phone. I would recommend this over other types.
Great product
What a great ider to fit in the cd slot worth every penny and a great price I would recommend it to any gadget fan 10 stars
Excellent bit of kit
I ordered this phone holder super fast delivery does what it says on the tin no complaints at all really happy
Not quite universal!
Doesn't fit Ford Fiesta it was bought for. Not suitable for cars with angled dash/cd slot, just won't go in far enough to hold.
Excellent product
Holder is of good quality and works well, holding the phone steady. Also customer support from Mobile Full was first class, promptly answering questions.
Good product
I purchased this item because it would fit in the CD slots of my car. It does this very well. The only issue I have had is that if I put my IPhone 6 Plus sideways it tends to fall over so I cannot see the screen if I hit a a bump. It works well if the screen is upright.
cheap construction
fits in the cd slot great but the thread on the device holder is cheaply made and doesn't tighten up, keeps popping out just when you think its tight. have put a load of ptfe tape on the threads, but still doesn't hold. another waste of money.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with the item. Can you please contact our customer services team so we can investigate further.
Very pleased with the whole thing, delivered on time, easy to assemble, can take different size phones and can be used at different angles. Excellent.
top product
absolutely awesome great quality very strong sturdy can still play cd's whilst it sits in the drive super fast delivery i love the fact that it can move in any position well worth the buy
Good product works well but the actual swivel ball attachment needs to be just a bit longer in reach to give more than 30 degrees of adjustment specially with more and more greater sloping dashboards,it's still readable however the angle is bit too high pointing upwards
Check the position of your CD player
I bought this to use in a BMW with manual gearshift. BUT, the CD player position is very low, so you hand hits the phone in the holder as you go to shift. Especially with the charging cable attached.
The CD slot mount is very good in all other ways.
Secure and stable in position and holds the phone securely.
This phone car holder is the best thing out in the market, don't even waste your time looking at anything else. It's stylish, sturdy, easy to use and does not obstruct your view out of your windscreen. Definitely a five star product, I'll be ordering a few more for the rest of the family.
Well made (German) product.
Well made (German) product.
Holds phone well
Holds phone in place well. Slightly fiddly plugging phone charger in as has to be in cradle first. I have occasionally knocked cradle part off the cd mount holder - but I think this is just about becoming spatially aware of it. I think I would prefer to have got the magnetic connection - but then it might not have held my phone (iPhone 7 plus) so safely, also having to stick magnet onto phone or case. Overall very happy with purchase - good value for money.
Good Value
This is a good value item and a great idea with regards to placement (in the cd player).

Although easy to put together, it would've been a help if there were assembly instructions in the box but only took me about 10min to sort it.

It's sturdy and does it's job well. It's quite a tight fit for my phone, I wouldn't be able to fit it in its protective case but I have no worries about it dropping out and breaking.
Works well
Quality product and works well so far
Happy with product
Product as described. Address was written wrong on package but I got it eventually.
Excellent product
Had been hoping to find something like that. It holds the phone very firmly and can be seen easily when driving without obstructing vision. So much more sensible than one stuck to the windscreen where it was impossible to see as well as being out of reach. Very happy.
very good item,holds phone well can still play cd when in use.
Great bit of kit
Brilliant and would not have bought 2 if I wasn't impressed
When I first installed this it seemed to connect well and was quite firm. After having it for a week or so and driving over some potholed road surface it fell out onto the floor and ever since I have been unable to get it to fit at all into my CD slot. It doesn't go in far enough to be able to get a firm grip. Now discarded and using another type, which works very well.
Rock solid, doesn't move
Sick of having my cup holder acting as a phone holder, nowhere to leave my coffee. Bit of an issue since i spend a lot of time on the road...
Ordered the CD Phone holder on a recommendation and bingo, perfect solution. I'm using a Galaxy S8 with a Spidgen case and it holds it firm.
Definitely recommend it.
More than happy
Originally got it for my car, VW Jetta mk4, but it cost me the use of my drink tray. So I put it in my wife's 2017 Prius. It's like it was meant to be. Perfect placement for your phone in this car. She just got the new LG G6 with a case that holds three cards and also has an iRing attached to the case so her phone is fairly thick, almost double. This phone mount still manages to hold on. The iRing even slips into the hole on top of the mount so it sits flush. The mount came with three spacers so if your CD slot is wider it could still work for you. I didn't have to use any of them and it has a kungfu grip. Bonus, in the Prius the mount sits in front of the air vents so if your phone does get hot you can blast it with cold air. The only downside is that it does stick out a bit so your hand may bump into it while making turns. I would buy again regardless. Awesome product. As for my car I will have to go the expensive custom mount route.
Good idea, however....
Pros: A phone holder that didn't rely on suction cups or hook onto air vent. This product works well if you don't need to insert CDs continually (My car's stores CDs on internal memory).
Phone remains steady in holder.
Cons: I am tall and my car's display screen is immediately below the CD slot and the holder blocks off a lot of the screen - especially from the higher angle - obscuring clock, air con state and reversing camera image. So it may not suit all vehicle/people types.

A thinner version would be ideal.
Good purchase as described fast delivery and good value very happy
Good purchase as described fast delivery and good value very happy
At a glance
Not wanting to have a device that required an adhesive connection to the dashboard, placing something into the CD player slot seemed good news. So it has proved for the Apple iPhone 6. It has held the phone securely, provided the battery charger addition is removed, and the position allows a quick glance for required information. After a week of use I can presently recommend this product. It was efficiently described and despatched by MobileFun.
Good idea that works
The product works well with a phone that is NOT enclosed in a case. My phone is enclosed in a case and it is not being held by the jaws as securely as it should be. My phone is a Microsoft Lumia - big - heavy - not really suited to the MobileZap product.
Great product
Does exactly what I expected. Easy yo fit in Pathfinder CD slot
offers 3 thickness rubber shims
does not vibrate too much
Really solid product, works well
Really pleased with this, it's sturdy, doesn't rattle at all and looks good in the car.

Highly recommended
Holds any phone
This device is easy to fit and will hold most phones and no need to remove the case,the only drawback is it here is a little movement but overall a good product.
Well designed and made
California just passed a law to make it illegal to even hold your phone while driving and this CD slot phone mount was a life saver. It is very well designed to mount right in my line of sight and good quality. Adapts to any size phone with sturdy brackets.
Not as expected
I find my iPhone 7 doesn't sit in the cradle on the tightest setting. It slips out and I find the holder tends to turn to easily resulting in the phone falling out
Great product
The phone holder is sturdy and is made of quality plastics, which will be great for the hot months here. The clamps open up wide enough for large phones (mi e is 5.15' and easily fits) plus the flip down base provides extra protection when using the phone e vertically (which also has gaps to allow access to charging and headphone ports). The base is very sleek and doesn't use a screw in mechanisms which obstructs the view of the stereo like other mounts have. Unit comes with pads to fit CD players with bigger gaps.

Highly recommended and very happy with my purchase.

Also a big shout out to the great people at MobileZap who resolved my postage issues promptly and professionaly.
I can use my phone as a sat Nav and see the screen without blocking the windscreen
Never seen one of these before but it is just what I need so I can use my phone as a sat Nav and see the screen without blocking the windscreen,and as always mobilefun had it in stock and it was delivered a couple of days later.
easy and robust
I have a new car with all the connections etc but I still like to see the phone screen and I use spotify. With the new legislation this device allows you to perch your phone right in the middle of the consul without pads and sticky bits.
It also saves your phone shooting off the seat if you brake hard.
I bought two in the end one for my little soft top.
its a neat little cradle easily fitted or removed in seconds, and you can still play a CD if you can remember them !
Not the cheapest on offer, but I am pleased with my choice
I would have liked to have known that it was as easy to assemble, fit and use as it was. It would also have been good to know how well designed and robust it has proved to be. Thanks. Not the cheapest on offer, but I am pleased with my choice.
Solved my problem of my phone holder constantly falling off. It fits securely in the CD slot and hols my 5.5" phone even with its wallet case folded behind it. Couldn't be happier!
Surprised, in a good way
I needed a solution for something to cradle my phone while driving; sticky things and window attachments were no good in my car. The reviews for this suggested an issue with phones being jostled loose, but I decided to take a gamble.

I'm really glad I did. The cradle is easy to assemble, and slots neatly into my CD player (with attachments provided to suit different size players, a nice touch). The hold is secure, and even the nastiest road bumps and potholes don't seem to bother it.

One happy customer :)
It is a great product
It is a great product , the only problem is that on my Mercedes, the securing lever means that I can't use the volume control meaning I have to use the volume controls on the steering wheel. It is a firm mount in just the right position so all in all it is still the best solution.
Works great for me
Works great for me, but might not suit every situation!
Just what I wanted.
After researching pretty much every car phone holder, I decided to go for this one. Fits perfectly in the cd slot with extra rubber grippers provided for a firmer hold and because it rotates 360 degrees, I can use my phone my phone for any purpose at any angle. Plus it's easiest to install and use. If you don't want the bother of sticking a magnet to your phone or sticking a holder to your windscreen, this is the accessory to go for.
Works as advertised, solid grip on phone and in CD slot
Great idea for a phone holder, works nicely. Firm grip in the CD slot. I didn't need to use the additional optional rubber grips as the standard one is a snug fit. Also a firm grip on the phone with an easy release mechanism. Recommended.
Works well
The product does exactly what it claims to do. It fits securely into the CD slot of the car and holds the phone firmly.
Only complaint is that assembly instructions are not well written, so it requires a bit of puzzle solving to put the device together. I'd give it five stars if it came with clear unambiguous assembly instructions.
perfect fit in CD slot for navigation
perfect fit in CD slot for navigation
design is very good with space left underneath for connecting the charger
no instructions so had to figure out swivel connection with unscrewing of threaded nut
Easy to fit
This product was easy to fit. My only downside is when the phone sits in it the unit wobbles slightly.
A good idea , however if you have aftermarket head unit or oem with volume control right under phone holder it doesn't work . Our dog chewed head section up ,so have kept arm for replacement if required.
Brilliant idea
Really easy to fit and use. It is a great use for the CD slot in the car, as I play most of my music via my phone.
Easy to use.
Practical and easy to use.
Love it!
My device arrived early - wonderful - and is exactly what I wanted - works just great!
Does what it's intended to do
Does what it meant to do, work's well. Better than ones I've tried before.
Rubber part not sure what's it for!
Great Idea!
I have purchased many hundred's of dollars of Olixar accessories for my Microsoft Windows 10 mobile (note that this mobile is somewhat heavier than most). This CD slot mount phone holder has to be one of the best inventions I have tripped over for some time. The idea is really terrific and locks into the CD slot firmly. However, the manufacturer just needs to address the pivoting ball-joint locking mechanism intended to secure the mobile phone cradle in your desired angled position. The lock-nut thread is poorly designed to jump a thread just before the ball-joint mechanism tightens, thereby causing the phone to droop down - I have in the interim wrapped the ball joint with white plumbing tape and then inserted a screw in the ball-joint mechanism to hold it in the best position for me until the manufacturer comes up with a better locking solution.
Appears to be quite convenient.
I have only had this item for a very short period of time, however, at this point in time it appears to be quite convenient.
Buyer Beware
The product is pointless of the mechanism is unable to be used as intended - this is a CD slot mount, yet the arms don't fit into the CD slot as they're too thick.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Duane

Sorry to hear that you are not happy with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.
I love it
Perfect CD slot holder for my iphone
I love it
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