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Olixar CargoNet Universal In-Car Smartphone Holder & Storage Pocket Reviews

Keep your most important belongings to hand even during the most grueling car journeys with this sturdy, durable and convenient in-car net mesh holder. Easily affixed to any surface with 3M adhesive, this holder holds smartphones, cards, wallets and more.
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Keep your most important belongings to hand even during the most grueling car journeys with this sturdy, durable and convenient in-car net mesh holder. Easily affixed to any surface with 3M adhesive, this holder holds smartphones, cards, wallets and more.
 3 stars from 44 customers

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good product
Good product but double sided tape not as strong as I thought
Didn't work as described
I thought the CargoNet was a neat product.
Unfortunately the adhesive strips did not adhere to any part of the interior of my new car, so I couldn't use the product.
However I got a full refund.
perfect for the car
more than happy
storage pocket
great for light products no good for phones keeps falling off and i cieaned the area with alcohol but i had some great backing tape and it has not come since and it is now staying in place with a mobile phone
Very handy
I found this storage net extremely handy for putting my mobile phone in an accessible position.
They are Christmas gifts, so they have Snot been used yet!
But the look neat and should work exactly as promised. Fingers crossed the recipients like them
Great idea, let down by poor adhesive
I don't know if this down to the surface finish of my car door or the adhesive, however, the long and short is that it won't stick and keeps falling off! I may have to look at using some hot glue or similar.
Exactly what I needed
Good item use it for my mobile phone it's a bit tight for my Samsung + a bit of a fiddle to get it out but it seems secure .
Smaller then it looks won’t hold much
Storage net
Very handy piece of kit, ideal for what it is made for.
No good
Simply does not stick on - look good if you put nothing in them?/ Great idea, but stick is useless.
good product, easy to attach good delivery time
product as advertised, enough information in advertisement
Unless on a completely flat surface it doesn’t stay on
It says that the 3M tape would stick to all surfaces, doesn’t unless it’s perfectly flat, don’t put your mobile in it if you want to keep it.
Fell off
Did not last long fell off after a day.
Useful storage.
Easy to attach.
Great idea in principle but doesn't work
Only lasted a week and then fell off - didn't stick properly.
these nets are very poor they just would not stick on to my door or anywhere else for that matter very poor.
Not fit for purpose.
That it did what it said it would, which it did not. I fixed it in position on s flat surface in accordance with the instructions that came with it, but the first time my wife went to put her mobile phone in the holder it fell off. I brought two of the aforesaid, so did not even bother fixing the second one. The reason it fell off was because the adhesive pads were not man enough for the job and I am therefore looking for a full refund for both holders. I look forward to receiving your early reply and subsequent refund.
MobileFun Reply
Hi David

Sorry to hear you were not happy with this item. Can you please fill in our returns form so we can sort this out for you.
Handy pocket
Great addition to have
Keeps my mobile safe
Great price and practical
Really useful
Really useful to have somewhere to put stuff instead of things falling about.
How effective it was
Not too good
Couldn't make it stick to my Audi. There again I'm pretty useless and it did look good!
Hard to stay on
It's a gamble
Not fit for purpose.
I purchased 2 cargo net universal met mesh in car smart phone holders and storage pockets and followed the instructions when fixing the first one. When my wife attempted to put her phone in the aforesaid it just fell off the flat surface it was fixed to, due to the fact that the adhesive pads are not strong enough to permanently hold it in place.


Mr Banham
A great gadget!!
Provides much needed accessible extra storage.
Good idea but.
Adhesive not robust enough
Poor adeshiveness
I am very disappointed with the fixing of this product, not the usual quality for Mobilefun
I'm not happy the glue up the back it's dosen't work properly If you want make the job good you have to use normal super glue....
More information not only pictures
Really good.
I found it difficult to find a suitable flatish surface in my Honda CRV but it has stuck well and is not showing signs of falling off. The glue must be very good indeed. I put one on each door and the phone fits perfectly.
the contraption does not support a mobile phone
Very Poor Adhesion
Previous posted feedbacks highlight this serious limitation. The 3M 'sticky" tapes attached to Cargo Net are wholly inadequate for the purpose. Despite meticulous cleaning of the area before fixing and waiting overnight, as soon as my iPhone (5S, so not a large phone) was put in the Cargo Net pocket it fell off. I bought two (bogof deal) and will not even attempt to fix the second. Hopeless and not fit for purpose as advertised in the publicity photo.
Hmmm, not as good as I hoped!
Only fitted this last weekend and all appeared to be fine. However, when I got in the car yesterday the holder was on the floor and the adhesive tape still attached to the area where I cleaned and applied it. So, the tape has not stayed stuck to the holder but it has adhered fine on my car!
Have pushed the holder back on now but not sure it is going to stay there!
Will have to see what I can do to overcome the problem.
The idea is brilliant, but it will not attach to the dimpled finish to the panel.
I think I am going to have to screw it to the interior panels. I can only recommend if future buyers were to follow this idea.
Very handy.
This is a very handy product, it gives an extra small pocket in my car. It looks like it might have been part of the original design of my car interior.
Great little product
Bought these to go on doors of my Mazda MX5 to hold phone. Perfect size and look like they are standard fitting to the car. Great idea.
But unfortunately the adhesive backing tape let them down. Not strong enough and within an hour they had come off door while driving. I have added some stronger doubled sided tape and they haven’t moved since. Other than that they are a useful & look good..
Would not stick in place.
MobileFun Reply

Please make sure the surface is cleaned of all dirt and debris. As otherwise, this can seriously affect the adhesive of the product.

Item great, adhesion poor
Item initially fitted to the cleaned plastic surface at the inner side of the passenger foot well on my Peugeot 407 and within a couple of hours it had dropped off, surface cleaned again a couple of times and re-applied but again dropped of within a short time. Gave up, removed tape and used Sugru Mouldable glue to secure and once glue had cured no further problems and CargoNet is as expected.
Waste of money
Thought that this was the answer to my phone holder in the Car. The holder sticks until the phone is placed in basket. At the first time stopping the holder came away from the door panel.
Very Good Item
This is a very useful item I found as my door panels are velour
it was not a good idea to stick them there but got round this
by fitting to sun visor great item holds mobile no problem.
Thank You. Bill w
Just what I needed!
I acquired these cargo nets for my motor home to keep my 'phone and tablet safe while travelling. Just the job!
Poor quality
Although cheap not much good if ot does not stick on car door if a phone is inserted.
Does the job
I needed to store a couple of items out of the door pocket and these have fitted the bill nicely. Just give them a bit of time before using them to allow the adhesive to stick properly. Very useful.

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