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Olixar BoomBrick Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Enjoy rich and powerful sound without the need for wires with the stylish and portable BoomBrick Wireless Bluetooth Speaker in black
  • Mobile Fun ID 41906
$32.95 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 412 customers

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Boom Boom
Boom Brick Speaker. Boom Boom to Mobilefun. Boom Boom delivery,delivered in a flash.Boom Boom price,and Boom Boom quality.MobileFun is now my Homepage. Boom Boom
Great music box
Great sound and excellent value for money. Portable and very handy when reception for radio stations are not present in the outback
I'm amazed at the quality of sound and the simplicity of this device
I'm amazed at the quality of sound and the simplicity of this device, the volume is more than ample it makes chilling in my hammock a much more enjoyable experience. Great value. Thanks
Very usefull little box
Used in the practice when some machines are not wired for sound, but have Bluetooth, so I can link it to those and watch webinars etc at quiet times without having to find & fiddle about with headphones
Boomin marvellous
So much better than my last Bluetooth speaker!
Sound quality on this mate ches much higher price products.
Easy to set up!
Well pleased!!
Fantastic value for money
We Bought this item to take on our forthcoming holiday but have to say since receiving it we have used it constantly in the kitchen as our music player. Our teenage daughter's love it and for such a compact unit it has a fabulous sound. Highly recommended for a versatile light weight music player
Love it
Love this speaker the sound is amazing and the price is even better would highly recommend.
Well worth the money
Very easy to set up/charge. Excellent sound quality, good to listen to while working at home/in the garage or outside.
Olixar BoomBrick Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
I am delighted with the BoomBrick. It is brilliant value for money. I bought it for a 15 year old and he loves it. I wish l had ordered one for myself at that price. Easy to use and charge up and sound quality is good.
Very Good Quality
Love the media keys and love that it can connect to computers or any device that has an audio port.
Bluetooth and line speaker in one.
Ab fab
After reading the reviews on this product decided to buy one.Certainly not disappointed, good sound quality and easy instructions. Superb value for money so much so my teenage son was so impressed I ordered another!
I've bought previous Bluetooth speakers, all have been quite poor. I spent a good time reviewing speakers before making a purchase, and am pleasantly surprised at the Boombox.
The sound is very clear, I heard sounds that my earphones didn't pick up, and the volume is louder than you would expect from the size of the device.
Very happy at the the price and the speaker.
Good little speaker for phone or Tablet
Sound quality and volume good, good battery life and easy Bluetooth connection. Used whilst away on holiday last week.
Excellent Portable Device with great sound
Excellent Portable Device with great sound quality, very happy with the purchase.
boom boom
great made of strong stuff,does not look out of place
Good value and great sounnd
For the money this produces a good all round sound. Very easy to pair, one of the few devices I could say that if you lost the instructions you would be able to figure it out very easily.
Great little product ease of use++++
Excellent as good as as boxes ten times the price
good item
the Bluetooth brick sound great. Connected to other Bluetooth devices in seconds then connected device with cord and both way produce great sounds. very compact but still has quality.
Good quality audio
Audio quality is good but not outstanding. The unit is also a little underpowered except for personal close listening in a quiet space.
Build quality is high.
Great Value
Good sound for price. Only just made it intact (package fairly damaged)
MobileFun Reply
Obviously we did not send it out that way Andrew. If this happens again, please contact us as soon as possible.
Excellent product for the price!
I was hoping this would be a good purchase having read some other reviews and so it turned out. The sound from this little machine is very good indeed and when you consider the price you can hardly go wrong. Highly recommended!
Good speaker. Especially like ability to use audio input as wells bluetooth.
see above
Bang for your buck
Don't expect to bring the house down but I was pleasantly surprised by the boombox. Played decent volume although a bit of distortion and parasites when going over the limit. But it's compact, pairs quickly and easily and is easy to use. One downside is that it doesn't come with a charger. But all in all, a bargain for the price it was. Thanks MobileZap, which by the way, has an awesome delivery service and deserves 5 star just for that.
Good sound and functions
A good combination of price, sound quality and functionality. Bluetooth works well but I like the line in function for non bluetooth devices. I appreciate the tiny light in the play/pause button so it does not light up the bedroom at night!
Adhoc speaker of some power
If you need a portable soundbar to create a music environment in a room then this is for you......I leave it in my weekend case for when I'm away on business & Bluetooth to my iPhone playing Apple Music content poses no issues whatsoever.

Don't expect this to make the windows shake however, although powerful enough it's not overly powerful........the teenagers in my household say it could be louder but don't they say that about everything?

"Turn the sound up Dad!" :-/
Excellent little speaker
This little speaker has good quality sound and can even be heard above the noise in the street when on full volume. It would be helpful if the db level of speakers were put in the advert.
I find Mobile Fun a company I would recommend, having received excellent service every time I use them.
Not bad at all
For the price this is a very good unit. The sound output is quite acceptable given its size - smaller than a house brick. The supplied USB maims charge lead is however, woefully short (ie 10") so an extension is a must.
Appears to be an excellent external, wireles speaker
Appears to be an excellent external, wireles speaker for iPad which has poorer quality. Website easy to understand and top class delivery.
Olixar BoomBrick, perfect bar one niggley thing
I got this because I was fed up with BBC iPlayer playing at such a low volume on my Sony Experia Z3. When I cook or fry my meals I can now hear any program without issue. Not only that but believe it or not I use this when in the bath watching videos on YouTube, BBc and SkyGo. Sure I have it on a table next to the bath as unlike my Z3 it is not water proof. Never had an issue though and it sounds great.
Excellent Bluetooth Speaker
Good looking quality speaker.
Excellent sound quality
Easy to set up No password needed
Very keenly priced
Would highly recommend
Quality sound and solid
14 year old son very happy with this speaker. Far superior quality to any he's had before- robust, solid, looks neat and quality sound. He's particularly pleased with the volume!
Does what it says on the tin, perfecto :)
Brilliant speaker
A fantastic piece of kit. Bought it for my daughter. The sound is amazing and with it being so small she can just pop it in her bag and take it everywhere she goes.
Absolutely superb value for money.
Boombrick wireless speaker
My friends persuaded me to have a party on New Year's Eve - I had the Prosecco, I had the food, I had the iTunes but no speaker! A quick google search picked up the mobile fun site which was easy to use and competitively priced. I ordered an Olixar Boombrick wireless Bluetooth speaker and it was with me by the next day! It was easy to set up and the sound quality is great. We all danced the night away! Thank you mobile fun.
Crisp Sound
This gadget took me by surprise. On max volume, the sound did not break at all, and the maximum volume is quite competitive as well. It comes with an audio cable if you prefer that over bluetooth, which also happens to produce a higher max volume. This is a great buy, and I fully recommend it because of it's value for money, quality, and it's great look.
How good is this for the money??? It could say Bose on the front!!
The sound quality is not so good but it's reasonable correspond to it's cost
Design is very simple and funtions is useful
It's a good product
Wow what a brick!
A colleague brought one of these fabulous bricks into the office to play music at the xmas lunch - I was blown away by the quality of sound coming from something so small - so ordered one for home. Delivery and product far exceeded my expectations for the price I paid and friends have asked for your website details. Thank you Mobile Fun, from a very satisfied customer!
Pleasantly surprised
I bought this on impulse as a gift for my son. I ordered on a Friday afternoon and it arrived Saturday morning! Much better sound that I was expecting from such a compact speaker and very easy to set-up and use. I now look forward to my MobileFun "daily deal" e-mails.
Quailty exceeded price
Really good sound on a very cheap price.
Delivered within 2 days .
Trust Olixar to make the best n this is the best BT —Powerful—Strong—no breakage in sound with no background noise. Portable—small n light to carry. Smart n tidy looking
Wanted a small lil portable speaker n this is wonderful n oh my The Sound is amazing, its so Powerful n the BT is so strong even going thru walls n closed doors. Had my tablet upstairs with the door closed n the speaker downstairs in the kitchen without any loss or breakage in sound. Used it whilst I went in the garden shed n closed the door, with my tablet still in the house, n again no breakage in sound. Such a smart speaker n so light, I was totally overwhelmed how loud this went to n, like I mentioned, how strong the BT is.

I bought another one for my son to replace the one we sent back to amazon, cos it just couldn't compare to this one in the nearest. I have recommended this to quite a number of ppl that are amazed with the size n quality of this speaker. Least now I can always listen to my music in the kitchen. So glad I found mobileFun. Such quick delivery n the cs very polite n responsive. Def recommend
Goodles sound
Good sound and easy to use at a great price.
Slick Brick
As a first time user of a Bluetooth speaker, I went for an entry model, the Olixar Boombrick. I wasn't expecting too much, but was pleasantly surprised by the clear sound and decent volume. Noted that it sounds better playing in a corner or, in my case, a wall recess, which amplifies the bass. The sound won't blow the house done, but is pretty good for everyday listening and would be enough to get the party started!
Great noise
Is a very good portable wirless device for listening to music from your mobile phone.
Good Value For Money
Doesn't give the greatest quality of sound but good for the price. Pairs easily with my windows phone and reasonably portable for when motorcycle camping.
The product is a must! Very loud and perfect for a party or even just to play your music whilst getting ready! Comes with a wire as well so no need to rely on buying one yourself. Connected through Bluetooth which can be useful if you want to use your phone whilst playin music as you don't need to be next to the speaker. Also comes with an aux cable which is good because if your Bluetooth doesn't work you have an alternative. Worth buying, very good!
Great product & great prompt service
Great product & great prompt service
olixar boombrick buetooth
i was just looking around searching for something of interest as i once saw a wireless blue-tooth keyboard. fortunately, i came across the olixar boom-brick wireless blue-tooth speaker which was discounted. i bought it and to cut a long story short am surprisingly enjoying it today. the sound is crisp with a solid bass. i have seen olixar products but having bought one of the products am pleased to say their products are great with nice prices.
Good quality product
Good looking quality product however I am disappointed in the volumn. I cant get decent volumn out of the thing.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Faye

You can adjust the volume on both the phone or tablet you have connected and the speaker itself. Ensure that both have the volume raised to the level you require.

Hope this helps.
Good looking-like the weight -perfect sound.
I gave a short review
great value
Great value when sold at half price. Wouldn't buy at full price. Acceptable sound although sounds a little tinny at higher volumes
Excellent product, very happy
Excellent product, very happy
Awesome sound quality and very easy to use
Pretty good for the money.
I got this when it was on offer (don't know if it still is or not) for the money it's very good. It's not as load as some others for more money, but it does have a nice crisp and balanced sound and is more than loud enough for my usage. I thought the size might be an issue buts it's a lot smaller than I imagined. So all in all very good, although I wouldn't have payed the full price for it.
Great sound
Great sound from the size. Seams good quality. Bought 4 as gifts.
My new Boom brick is super
I purchased the boom brick for use when I was away on my holiday.When the item arrived unfortunately it was found to be faulty.As I was going away two days later I contacted customer support .When I got a reply it was from Adam and he immediately sent a new one out for me and totally saved the day.My new Boom brick is super but not as super as the customer support.Plenty of other companies could learn from yourselves.
My first "Stereo" back in 1965 was an HMV in a Teak Cabinet, it didn't have a Balance control but it was recommended to be placed across a corner so that the sound bounced off the walls, in its day it was quite good. The BoomBrick uses the same principle, place it across a corner on a shelf or such like and you won't believe the sound it delivers. I bought it to use with my iPad in the caravan and it's perfect, great sound and takes up very little space.
Very Good, Very Cheap
I've been looking at a few different portable bluetooth speakers, most of them have been much more expensive such as the Bose ones, but this matches the sound quality very evenly. There is no bias towards the bass or the treble, it is 100% perfectly balanced. Connecting is very simple. Very simple controls and only the micro USB and the AUX port in the back, making it simple to use. Battery lasted longer than stated too! So effective, my mum and sister want one too! 5/5 100% of the time.
Great speaker
Can't believe the sound this little beauty pumps out. I would recommend this to anyone who is in the market for a bluetooth speaker. Amazing value.
Superb, robust and versatile piece of equipment
The Speaker works perfectly with the phone and the tablet(via Bluetooth) but also with the computer/ laptop(which I appreciate even more because it replaces successfully the old speakers that occupied a lot of space).
It renders a strong clear sound.
It can be carried around easily.
It is very robust and has a nice finishing.
Really good service exactly as hoped for
This is my second boom brick. I love the sound quality. Came exactly within stated time frame.
Absolute Bargain! Sounds awesome!
Recently swapped from a HTC One M8 with HTC Boombass (great sound) to a Galaxy S7 (rubbish sound). I wanted a separate speaker I could easily pair to the phone so I could watch Youtube/Netflix/listen to Spotify etc when i'm out and about. Me and the kids love doing so. Saw this Boombrick, and the good reviews so took the plunge.

After receiving this and trying it out at home I feel compelled to come here and tell people just how great this little speaker sounds. Now don't get me wrong, I have a 20+ year old proper Technics home Hi Fi system at home that produces cupboard door opening bass LOL, and you'll not get this from any portable device period, but I was hugely surprised by just how this Boombrick manages to fill a normal sized room with music and the quality of it. Bass, mid & treble are all clear and crisp and volume is good. Plus it pairs so easily.

Seriously, for the money, if you want a mobile bluetooth speaker you'd be crazy to spend more! Just get one...
Very good speaker
I researched the oligarchs boom brick before purchasing and for the price is a very good and neat speaker system. Very happy with the product and would highly recommend this to friends and family.
Lives Up To Its Name
For the price this is quite possibly the best speaker you can find. As the title says, this device lives up to its name both that it has some "boom" or decent bass qualities and also that it's a brick. The speaker is a bit on the heavy side but not so much that it's not portable. Nice soft coating around the sides gives it a refined look and feel as well as provides a slight "non-slip" aspect.

I couldn't bring myself to give this full marks because, while the bass is good, it still clips or distorts with some of my music.

• Compact / Portable
• Battery Life
• Overall sound quality and volume
• Look and Feel
• Price

• Heavy / Bulky
• Bass limitations

Overall I can say that I would recommend this product.
Brilliant little wireless speaker, bass and volume both brilliant on it and so impressed have ordered another one for a friend! Excellent speedy delivery too
Great looking, excellent sound, good value for money
Great looking, excellent sound, good value for money.
I would highly recommend this
Super speaker
Easy to set up, good sound and excellent value
Second happy daughter.
Hi, really pleased once again. I bought the Olixar Boombrick Speaker for my daughter as her sister whom I bought one for also told her it was brilliant. Very clear and balanced and easily transported speaker. MY both daughters highly recommend it and especially I also because of the great price. Cheers.
Fine at first
Purchased in November 2014, this little speaker was great for about 15 months. Then it just died - would not charge. I tried a new cable for charging in case the old cable was the issue but no response. Disappointing. Not sure whether to buy another one even though they are cheap enough. I would be interested to know the realistic life span of these speakers.
Great little speaker
Have seen this and thought about buying but was always to expensive
Mobile fun are great value and this gives a great sound love it
Great Sound Speaker
I Like The Way The Olixar Boom Box Sounds It Is Very Clear ! The Bass And The Treble Are Extremely Loud And Clear Sounding ! I Enjoy Listening To It ! I Would Recommend This Blue Tooth Speaker To Everyone !
100% spot on!!
Amazing sound quality and for the price you cant complain at all.. Will buy from you again! and have recommended the speaker to lots
Great product, good sound when camping
Good product, quality and value.
As per specifications and description!

Long battery life before recharge is required.

Bluetooth easy to connect and has good sound quality given the price point and medium I. E. BT.

Portable and easy for travel.

Excellent value and quality at this price point!!!
I ordered this for my wife and she loves it! She has been wanting a bluetooth speaker for months, so she was very, very happy! The best she says.
Replacement for original unit - great value for money
Purchased this as a replacement for my original Boombrick which mysteriously "died" after about 15 months. However have also bought another 4 Boombricks from MobileZap for friends - all of these are working fine and they are very happy with this product. Great value for money!
Very pleased.
Very pleased, just what it says on the tin,
Sounds better than most higher priced competatures, good base and easy to use
Olixar Boombrick
What a great piece of kit and what a great price.
Took it out of the box and had it playing music off my phone in minutes.
Great service from MobileFun too. Will be shopping here again.
Better than expected
Brought the Boombrick after reading reviews and because of the price I wasn't expecting much but was impressed with the build quality and sound of these speakers. I got these to use on my motor home, but use them at home as well.Great value and brilliant service as usual from Mobilefun
Bought one for myself, my teenage granddaughters were so impressed that I had to buy them one each. Sound quality is great for such a compact device. I recommend fully.
i can hear now.
I bought this item because my car doesnt have an input for my phone or mp3 player. This speaker does just what i need now i can hear my music with no problem. And my boring driving days are full of music now. Now i can sit in traffic with no problem , now that i can listen to my music to keep my company.
Great Little Unit
This neat little unit has a great sound with plenty of low end punch, it plays my tablet, smartphone and pod and now goes with us when we travel.
Great until it died
Full of praise for this product until it died a year later... Wished it had a longer life
MobileFun Reply
Hi Julia,

All Olixar products have a 2 year warranty, and it sounds like yours has developed a fault. Please contact customer service regarding a return and replacement.
Initially wanted a waterproof bluetooth speaker but MobileFun ran out and provided this instead. Indeed it is an excellent replacement. Have had it in the car (as stereo broke) & took it to Amsterdam with me in my luggage to listen to at the apartment we stayed in & used it numerous times at home.
Max volume is pretty good, and put in the right location can enhance it also. Bass does start to distort if both speaker and phone/iPod volume at max and/or bass boost is on but that's to be expected in something so small.
Battery life is also brilliant, used for few hours at a time over 4 days.
Bluetooth was fairly easy to set up and it's range is decent too.
Only negative is the instructions don't clearly say to press and HOLD the power button down for it to turn on. I thought a simple 1 second press would suffice and I'd gotten a defunct product until I figured out otherwise. However, this doesn't effect the functionality and I'd recommend this product to anyone.
Great product backed by good service.
Excellent company to buy from. Wide range of products for other items apart from mobiles and their accessories. Products sold are of good quality and reasonably priced,and their are always special deals on offer.
I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody. Excellent staff and friendly as well.
Regards, Kenneth
Boombox ---- Exceeded Expectations !
I have had a similar device for four years which was very good but had its limitations in terms of battery life (it has now died) and useful range from my phone.
Searching for a new device I looked at lots, of review sites and the Boombox stood out as being good in terms of performance and value for money.
I am a bit of a sceptic but bought one and was instantly impressed with its performance in that it has a depth of sound that you would expect from a much bigger speaker and it works across the house through a brick wall.
A brilliant pice of kit at a very reasonable price.,
Great brick
Connected to my computer to charge it, waited 5 minutes then connected it with my phone via bluetooth,put on Spotify and the sound was great. Love it.And it's cheap
Great sound - easy to use ' Small and compact.
Amazing sound from such a small box. Very well made and dead easy to set up.very, very good value for the money.
Brilliant bluetooth speaker
I have been looking for a good bluetooth speaker to use with my android devices that would give me a good play back sound.The olixar boombrick did more than I could have hoped for.The bass tone is excellent and the overall sound reproduction is really excellent and what I would expect to have to pay £100/50 for.I am looking to buy one to keep in the car as I have tried it and it is better than the incar speakers clive
Seems to do the job
originally ordered another item but as this was out of stock and wouldn't be in before Christmas (but was still advertised on the site!??) Customer support offered me an alternative product. I accepted this and it arrived just before Christmas and I was able to send to my brother and his family who will use this at their beach hut. The alternative was waterproof and ruggedised so they'll just need to be a bit more careful with this one but I am sure it will do the job
Rubbish conference call device
Great as a quiet loudspeaker working off an iphone, but used for conference calling the microphone feature leaves the listener thinking the caller is in the bath!
Wonderful value for money
Wonderful value for money and good quality sound. My Apple devices sometimes struggled with the bluetooth connection but the disappointment is the fact that the power socket in the BoomBrick proved fragile and broke after 9 months light use - I now have a speaker I cannot charge.
MobileFun Reply
Hi there,

Im glad to hear you have been happy with the product so far, but it sound like it has recently developed fault.

Please contact customer support - they will be happy to offer a replacement.
Ridiculously good value
For the price I got it ($36) nothing can compete. It's not the best you'll find, but you'll need to spend about $200 to beat it.
Surprisingly full sound with good treble and decent bass for a little package. Need to adjust volume on mobile device before adjusting speaker volume to maximize sound. Comes with 3.5mm jack for hardwiring as well as Bluetooth. Good for the money.
Amazing speakers
I ordered these for my mum.
They are amazing, I actually have darted to use this with my iPad device aswel.
The speakers are excellent, they are so clear and loud.
This volume in there is just right for my mum because she's hard of hearing.
My mum loves this product she's promoting it to her friends.
This is the first time I have bought from your website and the customer service has been amazing aswel as the product can be.
I read the reviews before I purchased that made me buy it even more.
My item arrived about a week or so.
I'm so glad j cam Across this website and purchased s item. I shall come back for more
Boombrick brilliance!
I cannot believe the sound quality of the Olixar Boombrick.... I purchased one for myself, and was so pleased with the product that I ordered 3 more as Christmas present!

It is incredibly easy to set up, - even for a techno phone like me. And once fully charged, this compact little speaker can be moved from room to room as needed...

It makes listening to your music from your phone, tablet and iPod a doddle... Well done Olixar!
Olixar Boombrick
I bought a Boombrick about 2 months ago. I have been pretty happy with it. I was expecting a bit more though from all the reviews I read about the nice sounding bass. Well, I can hear it but not the deep or rich bass I was hoping for.

I recently got another small but slightly larger speaker as a gift and the bass from it is much deeper and heavier than the Broombrick's. However, the Boombrick handles treble and mid-range better (good for phone calls which worked really well).

So, overall, I'm happy but I keep wondering if I got a slightly defective product. It's hard to tell unless I have another Boombrick to compare it with - an idea I'm toying with but then again I'm worried there is no improvement in the bass.

Overall, my experience with the Boombrick tends a little to the side of disappointment. From the Youtube videos I have seen and heard of the Boombrick, the sound that I'm getting from my unit seems typical.

So, if someone needs that extra "oomph" in the bass, they should consider something a bit more upscale (and more expensive of course).
MobileFun Reply

Where you place and position your speaker can make quite a difference to the sound, bass in particular. Placing a speaker in a corner for example can help the bass radiate more as the walls help to bounce the sound and have an effect on tonal quali
excellent product
very good quality sound reproduction.I was pleasantly surprised.its amazing such quality comes from such small speakers.
Great little boombox
Great little boombox, connects via bluetooth to mobile phone and very good quality of sound for such a little box. Excellent for taking on holiday, putting in bathroom etc etc Charges via USB or mains
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