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Bluetooth Wireless Woolly Hat - Black Reviews

Warm and cosy knitted hat with built-in headphones allow you to listen to your favourite music when out and about. The Bluetooth Wireless Woolly Hat is also Wireless for completely tangle free listening.
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 4.3 stars from 32 customers

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I purchased this Bluetooth willy hat for the cold weather I play my IPod music throughly it.
It was simple to connect the Bluetooth and the sound quality is good also it makes a great hat
The hat is warm and comfortable
My mistake! I am not too experienced about technology and had thought I would be able to follow the instructions and pair my smartphone with the hat but was only able to when I got help. I only have limited data and using bluetooth consumes the data excessively. I am told I need Spotify or similar but don't wish to incur more expense. The hat is warm and comfortable.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ralph

Bluetooth doesn't use any of the data allowance on your contract, however using streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music can. However, services like Spotify also allow you to download tracks to your phone when you are on your home Wi-Fi connection, so you play back the music directly off your phone's storage rather than using the internet when you are out and about saving your previous data allowance on the phone's contract.

Hope this helps.
Very Good Indeed, only Telephone calls can be difficult
I purchased this item within 1 minute of seeing it as it was emailed to me. I have to say it works very well indeed, links to my iPhone without any difficulty. I find I have used this many times. its comfortable and it just works.
I have never really used earphones before but now I don't go out walking without them. I have used this item in the heaviest rain without issue.
Only problem is that whilst you can hear a phone call very clearly the microphone is poor. Overall go and get one!
Great product
This piece of kit is the biz. It also keeps my head warm and the sound is pretty good quality too.
Brilliant idea
This hat is a great idea. I got it for my wife because she loves to listen to music and it's cold out. Now she can listen to music without having to bring head phones or mess with cables.
The wireless headphones did not work
The built in wirless headphones sdid not work. Tried everything - not good at all. Waste of money.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Steve

Sorry to hear you had problems with this accessory. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can find out what the issue is.
Works well but a bit toothless !!!
This Bluetooth Woolley hat works quite well most of the time but there are a few flaws . Biggest one for me was if you turn your head slightly it sometimes loses connection which is quite annoying . It is sometimes difficult to turn on especially if you have to take the control panel out of the little pocket inside . It is quite fiddley to get it back in exactly the right position to see the lights and get the buttons all lined up properly . The audible warnings from this device are quite poor & you can't really understand what is being said .
On the plus side the sound is really good , the battery life is good & even though the range from hat to device is quite small ( 6 metres ) when it will automatically cut out ,as soon as you are within range of your device again ithe sound will kick back in again . It is also a really warm & cosy hat ( I took mine skiing ) . Not a bad product but not the best either. So overall a little bit toothless but nothing to get the blues over
Great sound quality!
Thank you this was a fantastic gift !
Got it as a gift for big bro who only has coverage outside his house hes delighted not to have to feeeze his hands or head anymore. Great prompt service considering the christmas rush.
Warm hat, clear audio
Very nice hat, clear audio when listening to music and call quality is also excellent, my head has remained comfortable in cold weather since I bought this hat.

The only reason the hat looses a point is the presence of some speaker crackling when the hat is on but not playing audio or on a call, not a deal breaker
Warm hat, clear audio
Very nice hat, clear audio when listening to music and call quality is also excellent, my head has remained comfortable in cold weather since I bought this hat.

The only reason the hat looses a point is the presence of some speaker crackling when the hat is on but not playing audio or on a call, not a deal breaker
Good and not so good
Purchased for making / receiving calls whilst out in the cold. On the plus side, the hat is warm and the sound is clear. However, accessing the buttons is a bit hit & miss especially with gloves on. Plugging the charge cable in is fiddly and can be time consuming due to such a small hole in the knitted hat material.
Great little product
Have no complaints about this at all. It easily and quickly connects and delivers good sound quality.
Not suitable for everyone
This is great if you are walking or running in open space however if you are walking, running in the street or trying to listen to the commentary at a football match forget it as the background noise dwarfs the sound despite having the volume set at a maximum on mu iPhone
It's a hat... with speakers!
This keeps your head warm(ish), and sound in your ears (most of the time).

Not too thick, but not so thin it's just a skull cap. The power socket can be a bit of a PITA to use, and the controls aren't great for gloved hands - get the best from this pair it up with a smartwatch for the touch controls on that. The 'earphones' aren't the greatest for sound, and trying to position them in the right place is a little hit and miss, but if you want to combine a hat and headphones it works.
Great Hat
This hat is great, my wife is training for a Marathon and I ride my bike whilst she runs in all weather. This hat has been great in the recent cold weather, it keeps you warm whilst listening to your favourite tunes. The sound is great and battery life very good. It also cools pretty cool too.
very nice device
I got very nice device which is i was looking , i am full filled with it , thanks mobile fun to sent me this very faster
Thanks again
A great little purchase
A simple to use product that does exactly what is says it does! Keeps your head warm and ears full of music. No complaints.
Sound quality is good and it's loud enough. You can still here what's happening around you as it's not in your ears I thought I had a large head but this sits a little loose on me but it's not a problem and I used it for 7hrs the other day so the play time is good but I don't have it on loud so that may shorten time
My mistake!!
I bought the hat and gloves for my Daughter. The package arrived sooner then i hoped for. I had to try the Woolly Hat to make sure it was working properly. My mistake was not getting one myself. The sound quality for either phone calls or music is incredible.
The only reason it didn't get five stars was because of the difficulty i had in re-charging the device with the USB charger cable supplied!!!
Sonic the HatHog!
This is a really fun item and it works well too. As a hat, it is very warm and comfy. The Bluetooth connection works very efficiently every time and the sound quality is excellent. Drawbacks? Well not really but the hat is made of wool (I think) so it is quite stretchy, which means that the headphones are not held very tightly to the head so you have to have the volume turned up quite high to get the sound quality. Perhaps most importantly, the hat will make your geeky friends very jealous (but you will of course tell them where you got it from!)
Great hat excellent sound so easy to connect to my iPhone amazing volume and it keeps my head warm
Keep warm, keep in touch
What a great idea and ideal in this cold weather. There is no longer the need to take off your gloves, fish out your phone and then run the risk of 'a cold hand'. With the. Lick of a button you are connected and can chat away while keeping warm.
Good fun and practical
Like the hat so much that now I'm buying a second one for an envious friend. One thing tho- the bluetooth name is not "Magic Hat" but is "BT-03S"
Brilliant Wooly hat
What a brilliant hat, works well with great sound quality and when out running in the cold keeps me warm and plays music without the fuss off cables dangling about me. Fantastic value for money.
I purchased this for my partner who is always wearing beanie hats and loves listening to music, he wears it all the time and is very happy with it and several of his work mates have asked where he purchased it from too
Cool hat
Bought this hat for my son & there is no complaints from him, now that's a good thing I can assure of that
Excellent service and product
Perfect Gift
When it's cold outside you got a hat to wear, connected to a phone you got music right in your warm ears and then a call comes in and with a simple press of a button you can talk still feeling toasty. It was the perfect gift for the person who thought he had everything.
It was all it promised and came on time for Christmas
Great company very reliable will have no hesitation dealing with them again
Music hat with handsfree
When the parcel arrived. in vey good time I have to say, I was disappointed to find the box quite badly damaged especially as it was for s Christmas present. Too late to send back so lots of sticky tape was used! The hat itself seemed fine and hopefully the person it was intended for will enjoy it when out walking his dogs.

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