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Olixar Bluetooth Smart Tracker Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your phone safely by your side in the secure knowledge you will hear an audible alarm if you stray too far away from your device while also featuring a remote to capture photographs or epic selfies, record audio dictation or video footage.
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 3.7 stars from 39 customers

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Not good enough
Disappointed! It doesn't do the job as it suppose to. It doesn't alert by beeping of walking away from the phone.
I just bought the Olixar device. All I wanted is the device to beep or vibrate in my pocket to let me know that the phone is away from me and I forgot it on the charger.
It doesn't happen unless I open the app and press the device and try it...and it'll beep once of every 4-5 times. The phone will alert me but not the device in my pocket.
I was offered the money back which is fair but the money is not the problem.
The device might be defective but I have a feeling that it's not good for what I need it to do. I don't lose my phone, I forget my phone.
Small, light, and real handy!
Disappointing. This might be a great product - if only I understood how to use it?
Disappointing. This might be a great product - if only I understood how to use it?
I called Mobile Fun who promised to mail me a proper user guide - but haven’t.
The Tracker should be great for finding my phone and keys.

The user guide is the worst I’ve ever read. For example;
The guide doesn’t explain functionality.
It’s OK for set-up, but not for use/what happens when?
What should happen when I press the Fob Button….
What a Green Fob LED means?
What a Red Fob LED means?
How to cancel an alarm?

FIND TAG BUTTON (see below)
OK so I need to find my lost ‘Tag so I press the screen button/icon shown below ..

… and nothing changes on the screen. So I press it again and still nothing changes.
I’ve lost the Tag so I can’t hear it - and the Phone screen doesn’t show if “find” is on or off.

Shows a blue sea with 0.000N and 0.000 ????

The Tag Battery arrived FLAT. Several other reviewers say the same.

HELP please Mobile Fun!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Simon

Sorry to hear you have been having issues with this device and the the user manual didn't have the detail you hoped for. I will pass this feedback onto Olixar for you.

- Once paired with your device, pressing the fob will sound the phone alarm so you can find it
- Cancelling can be achieved by either pressing the fob button or using your phone

For further information, please contact our Customer Services team and we can chase up with Olixar on your behalf. Please detail the device you own too.
Priceless helping hand.
I wanted to buy a present for a man. I thought that this would be a useful gift because, if a gadget or keys are mislaid, then it will be easy to track it down. The recipient loved it and it was very reasonably priced.
A winner
This little gadget is great for keeping your phone and any other item safe. Mine is on my keys so that when I leave my phone in the car gadget and phone both bleep. Easy to set up and use. I've just ordered another one!
Not convinced
I purchased these as they seemed like a good idea. I tried one out on my phone but the app you have to install seems to do too many things other than just find your phone and it seems like you have to choose what function you want to run. Either the find phone or the button press for camera or the recording. Be good if you could set up something like 1 press for find phone, 2 for camera and 3 for recording or something like that.
I should have paid more attention to the options for similar items, there is a few others on mobilefun which may have suited better for eg. Charge by USB vs battery
Iv still not looked into it mainly as I expect I would still have chosen this
Great size, feels stunning, great feature set, very happy so far, I would rate a 5 but I can't when iv not used the product as it's a gift
I will probably order more of these once I see the first one running
Bluetooth anti-love st device
I received the device l read the paper work that to do next downloaded the app, l tried to comment the device with the phones Bluetooth no luck the light was not working, so the next day l bought two new batteries to see if it work just I case l had to send it back, l did get it to work l manger to comment the device up with the phone it is easy to use there is a simple demo on the app before you start.
l had bought new batteries to see if the item would work, that had done the trick it is working now
When the item came l just could not get the item to register to the app that you download on my phone, so l had bought new batteries to see if the item would work, that had done the trick it is working now, l have email fun mobile with the trouble l had they would refund but l have bought new batteries for £4:00 but no fund for batteries
Am having trouble getting it to work properly. Sometimes it rings saying out of range and they are next to each other. And in the middle of the night grrrr
MobileFun Reply
Hi Gaby

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this item. Please try re-pairing the Anti-Lost with your phone and ensure the battery on the Anti-Lost is correctly positioned within the unit. If you are still having problems, please contact our Cust
olixar key finder
I have found the olixar key finder very useful. It has already found my keys once when i inadvertently put my keys down whilst out shopping at my local shop.aAs i left the shop off went the alarm on my phone to tell me the keys were not in range of my phone. I would have given the keyfinder 5 stars but sometimes it looses the bluetooth connection and i have to reset it This is ANNOYING
Not as good as you are led to believe
Since purchasing this object , I have walked out the door several times with or without phone and with or without the keys.
The only time the device really works is if you make it so sensitive it never stops going off.
Even when in the house and you press the button; nothing happens. I use a Xperia z5 premium maybe that is the problem. Remember to turn location on when pairing otherwise I would recommend you spend your money on something else. This is a good idea but to me non-functional
Amazing little gadget
This anti theft bluetooth device is amazing! It's the size of a 2P and has 2 settings (find phone or find fob) very loud alarm even when phone is on silent. And it's a bargain price
Workes as described.very handy for people who loose something all the time
Very cleverly made and helps you find things you have lost
Good device for finding thongs you have lost fun and enjoyable gad
Oliver bluetooth anti-lost device
Does exactly what it says on the tin, but be careful not to use leave the item in your pocket or bag. It is finely tuned and you will constantly be setting of the alarm. Otherwise it would have had 5 stars
Lost Keys or Phone
Although I have not lost either my keys or phone, I have tried to take it out of range & it warns me quickly. I only have one minor criticism, the hole in the unit is hard to attach a ring. I do not do selfies so I cannot comment on that part.
Losing Items
This item is very useful as I often leave my Keys or Mobile Phone so as long as I have 1 item I am reminded not to leave the other when I get out of range. The only slight problem is the hole to attach it to anything could do with being larger.
good up to now.
The only problem i have is with the instruction book.You need a magnifying glas to read it.
Faulty anti lost device
The item I bought didn't work.straight away. .it was intermittent. .then it just stopped working all together. But when it did work. It seem to do all the things it was designed to do. And was happy with it ..Until it played up. So if poss would like a new one to replace that one.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Kevin

Sorry to hear you had problems with this accessory. Please contact us for a replacement.
Handy little gizmo
I'm always leaving things in obvious places but then spending an inordinate amount of time finding them,I suppose it comes with age. With things like keys and phone it's important you know where they are and I find now that this simple inexpensive gadget makes sure that I do. It's simple to use and the additional features like voice recording and photo taking are great fun All round one of my better purchases.
I have an iPhone 6+ using the Olixar Bluetooth Anti-lost device connected okay after working out the app. Found the app very poor visually with my degraded eyesight I found using the app was hard. After setting up, the item worked with my keys and wallet. However after a while, although in range the Olixar Bluetooth Anti-lost device kept beeping so had to turn off bluetooth. I demonstrated this to my friends and the first time after setting the distance the device did not work. After resetting the device they did work. Embarrassing and unpredictable. So now I just use when visiting places hopping around from unit to unit,ie. shopping and driving around where I would use my wallet and keys the most when losing them or worst being pick pocketed.
Neat Idea
This is a very neat idea in case you lose your phone or your keys its easy to set up and is nice and small as it attaches to your key ring
Very reasonable price too - I like it very much a good buy I think.
The idea is good but in practice?
This product is let down by the software.it frequently crashes meaning when you need it the most it won't work. If you can find your phone and restart the software you can then find your phone. The same can be said for finding your keys. After a crash the Bluetooth connectivity it's lost so if you can Gibbs your keys you can then do a long press on the fob and it will reconnect.
The application should be running as a service duo it starts immediately the phone is turned on, and it should recover from a crash by restarting the service.
It should also turn the volume up if triggered by the fob and the fob could also be louder.
Maybe it will get there with more development.
Never lose your keys
This is a fantastic product and I wish I had it before. I have lost and even forgotten where I have put my keys but not anymore as it locates on a map and even gives a bleep nose when I misplace my keys. Love it :)
Bought on a whim - No specific use as yet
bought this gadget on a whim thinking it would help locate mislaid car keys. However activating it means you have to keep the keys with you wherever you go otherwise, beep, beep, beep. So abandoned that idea rather quickly. It does allow you to remotely operate the phone in record or photo mode which might be helpful one day. For the moment, can't really see what to use it for!
Handy gadget
This came through to my emails from mobile fun and I thought it would be handy as I change my coats through the day and end up leaving my keys in one of them and spend about half an hour trying to find them so now I just look up on the phone and it tells me where they are or if I walk away without my phone my keys bleep to tell me I have forgot it its good saves a lot of running around thinking were did I put things great job thanks to Mobilefun for suggesting this item
There is a bug in the software
I think this will be helpful to the developer of the software to locate where the keys on the map .My friend installed the software and tried to see where the keys are when we where in the house and we could see the keys about a 2 km away from where the keys are ,so we thought could the google map which needed updating and done an update it still said the keys are in a place which is called Gatehouseway which mean maybe the software need updating.Helping to fix this problem will make my friend happy because this why we bought the product .
Great gadget that is actually used and is useful
Bought this for my wife as a stocking filler for Christmas as she has just bought a new Samsung phone. The item arrived next day as promised in time for Christmas, my wife set this up and she says the selfie button is great & is easier to use than the camera button on the phone. The alarm also works and was easy to set up. Just wondering if we could use it to locate our terrier when she goes off in the woods! In summary a great gadget which works and won't be left unused in a drawer.
Does what it says
Ideal for her indoors. Used to spend time phoning her mobile cos it was mislaid.....not anymore

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