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Olixar BlackBerry Priv Full Cover Curved Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Keep your BlackBerry Priv's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass screen protector, designed to cover and protect even the curved edges of the phone's unique display for true full cover edge-to-edge screen protection.
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 3.2 stars from 6 customers

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At first happy but...
I was happy at first put screen protector on Thursday by Monday it was cracked all over. This was after regular use not misuse. Used phone for 6 weeks prior with no scratches or cracks prior to install. Not happy not worth the money.
So far happy
Just put it on but so far pleased it fits well and screen is still sensitive. Far left is a bit sticky as far as sensitivy, I have to push hard on my "a" .
Not really impressed!
Maybe I was getting too hopeful, but sorry to say, I'm not very impressed by the product. Glass? Well, there are so many materials these days which classify as glass so this might still be correct. Not judging! It was very easy to install ( I still read the instruction 3 times to be absolutely sure what I'm doing ). Fits perfectly and yes, it covers your PRIV's curved screen edge to edge. In my case I felt a loss of sensitivity to the touch of my mobile's screen, specially on the edges as now I've to 'sort of' press the screen instead of just touching it in order for the mobile to register the touch. It has adhesive only on the edges, so in case you have to remove it, it won't leave behind the stubborn sticky glue on the mobile's screen. Given the complexity of curved mobile screens, this might still be the best screen protector for PRIV available in the market. In my opinion, this product still has some scope for improvement.

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