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Olixar BlackBerry KeyONE Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the BlackBerry KeyONE offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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 3.4 stars from 11 customers

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Mixed review
The protective cover went on really easy and adhered perfect. Upon installation I was super impressed. But, my 'back' button, (the triangle) no longer works very well. Quite often it doesn't work at all. This is weird because the circle and square work fine. I'm sure I lined it up perfect. It seems to be fit perfect. Anyway, it's not the end of the world, just annoying. Might be something I did although I can't see what the problem would be,
quality product
quality product and good service provided
Android Buttons Problem
Easy installation and bubble free. However, the major problem is that it has reduced Android buttons sensitivity, especially the Back button is disabled after installation. I have found this is a common problem for tempered glass screen protector. I have to throw this one out. If it can solve the Android button problem, I would definitely buy it again.
Good Screen Protector but having minor issues
My Blackberry KEYone already comes with a Gorilla Glass 4 screen, but i have always had a 2nd layer of protection on all my phones. I purchased the curved tempered glass, installation was pretty straight forward, blended really well with the phone, but the bottom back key, home key and application key dont always work, sometimes you have to touch it a few times, it was fit properly and properly aligned, after a week of trying to use it, i ended up removing the screen protector as it just became to frustrating not being able to use the bottom 3 funcions, i am not sure if it is my imagination, but the sensitivity got worse over time
screen sensitivity decreased a lot!
the Android button specifically (triangle, circle, square) are extremely decreased in press sensitivity.. especially the triangle. tried this twice with 2 new screens on 2 independent phones.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Rishi

Really sorry to hear you have had issues with the Olixar BlackBerry KeyONE Tempered Glass Screen Protector in related to the touch sensitivity around the Android buttons at the bottom of the display. Could you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate this further? We can then also speak to Olixar and share any feedback you provide directly to them so they too can look into this issue.

We appreciate any feedback you can provide.
Great screen protector when installed correctly!
Very good screen protector, my only problem (which I suspect is my own fault) is that the back button, home screen button and app button aren't as responsive as I would like. But I really do think that's just an installation issue from my part, they still work just fine :)
I would defiantly buy one again!
Looks nice
Easy to install, stays clean.
Installed screen protector on phone screen as per instructions. At times took 2 or 3 pushes on navigation buttons to activate. After 5 days, top right hand corner of protector lifted from screen leaving leaving a gap. Removed and replaced with another type of screen protectors .
Not good
The olixar BB keyone tempered protector fit great and look good on the phone , but after one day with it on the phone I began to on stick in the right hand corner I believe it a good product but it might need more adhesive to hold better ,so had to invest in a Nother screen protector. Maybe you can pass this on to the makers of the product. So for my review I will give it not good . Thank you Roc
Good product but for some reason that narrow black strip with the 3 icons just would not accept/respond to touches. Had to remove protector!!
Good product but with some issues
Thanks good proudact

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