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Olixar Big Softy Shockproof Kids Case - iPad 9.7 2017/Air 2/Air - Blue Reviews

Let your child use your iPad 9.7 2017 / Pro 9.7 / iPad Air 2 / Air without worrying with the extremely robust and fun Olixar Child-Friendly Silicone Case in blue. With anti-shock corners the Big Softy protects against the rigours of everyday use.
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£14.99 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 34 customers

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Excellent product
Excellent product! Protects all corners and body of the iPad very well. The stand folds away nicely too.
Cheap but functional
Very basic product, does what it’s supposed to do. Isn’t a great fit, loose fitting makes it feel unstable in your hands when using it. It’s a cheap cover so I suppose you get what you pay for.
Childs christmas gift
Nice feel to this item. But first time my son tryed to open stand at the back , it cracked. Other than that it is very sturdy.
Childs gift
This products looks fantastic,packaging very nice akso.
I got it for a christmas gift for my 10 year old. I am sure it will get alot of use!! And hopefuly do its job.
The quality looks very good.
Bought as a present
It was bought as a Christmas present so hasn’t even been opened or used yet.
Great does the job
Fits well. Seems to provide a safe and easy to hold case for kids. Looks cool and is user friendly.
Excellent product, promptly delivered
A very good protective cover for my iPad , flexible and easy to fit.
Great product
I was very impressed when I received it... then I saw a childminder at the library holding an ipad with this cover too! Why didn't I know about its existence before, we have had 3-4 covers before and they were all annoying. This is the best.
I love this thing ????
I brought it for my three year old son, but I like it too.
Great product
Looks as it does on picture, iPad been dropped with case on numerous times and has done its job. No complaints with service, great buy.
Perfect Choice
I needed a case so I felt comfortable to allow my 4 year old to use. I like the fact she can squeeze the case and stand it up as well! Great product thanks!
Good case
Good protective case, fitted well to iPad 9.7 6ths generation, can absorb shocks made by kids
Very Nice Case
Very nice child friendly case for the price; I purchaced it for my 4 1/2 year grandson's new iPad and he loves the case.
So often one orders items online and experiences disappointment with either the product quality or some facet of the transaction. This purchase/experience has been letter perfect from start to finish. Quality, price and turn around time were optimal.
Very happy!
Perfect case for my 8 years old son, loves it! Delivery time as expected, all good.
Ipad cover
Handy for kids as they throw around
Very good case
My son loved it
Very pleased
Good quality as described and prompt delivery very happy
Great case for kids
Very soft but solid, great for kids
Perfect for.adults and children
We wanted a case for our new iPad not for the kids but for us as we had gone through 4 screens on last one. I was worried that the case would not fit the new 2017 model as camera is in slightly different position but it fits perfectly. The case is great to hold, very soft but extremely protective. The other protective case we looked at was a lot more money. I wouldn't want to hold an iPad without the holder now we are used to it and would imagine it would be also good for kids. Would recommend.
Delivery time average, product as expected, would order again.
First time purchasing, case is what I expected. Price was good, shipping took a bit longer then I would have expected.
Great for kids
Bright, comfortable and offers good protection from drops. Very good value.
Solid case
Great case for iPad especially if you have young children. It is easy for them to handle the device and offers great protection in case of dropping!!
Good case for kids
I like the way this protects the iPad from kids being rough with it. Good speaker ports. Charging slot could be better, but otherwise a good functional product.
Good case for kids
I like the way this protects the iPad from kids being rough with it. Good speaker ports. Charging slot could be better, but otherwise a good functional product.
Really happy with the product and deliver.
Thank you.
Really happy with the product and deliver.
Thank you.
Brilliant product, essential for kids.
I can't fault this product. It fits easily which is great as I use my own cover for work, so it's simple to swap covers. Easy grip for my child, good quality material, the stand is stable in all positions, can access all parts for charging etc. Gives me peace of mind and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Absolutely essential if you have children or clumsy adults.
Saved me an iPad
My wife's iPad had corners cracked from entertaining our 2 year old at meal times. We needed a robust case that was child friendly. The cover is nice to hold , fits snugly around the iPad, is childproof against removal, provides a very good silicon air honeycomb network especially around the corners for impact cushioning. The stand at the back is easily inserted or reinserted but is easily removed unless glued in. I haven't done so in case the plastic breaks. Also it is easily toppled when in the upright position if the iPad screen is pressed more than lightly.all in all it gives me piece of mind for now although nothing lasts forever

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