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Olixar Aspect Premium Universal Metal Smartphone & Tablet Stand Reviews

A premium multi-angle aluminium desk stand from Olixar. The multi-functional design allows a number of different angles and positions, while the sturdy metal construction keeps your device safe, secure and steady and your desk tidy.

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 4.8 stars from 95 customers

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Very handy
It was represented accurately before I ordered it. Does not require as much space as my phone on the dedktop
Mobile/Tablet Stand
Well made and does exactly what it has been made to do
Best Smartphone & Tablet Stand!!
Everyone should have one of these, it’s premium, very well designed and functions perfectly! If you don’t already have one please just order it and thank me later.
Strong and Tough
This stand is well made and substantially strong made
from aluminium should last many years
Strong and Tough
This stand is well made and substantially strong made
from aluminium should last many years
Great Product
Very sturdy and practical
Very happy with item
Smartphone and tablet stand
This is exactly what I was after, well made and not too large as I wanted for use on the plane with my mobile. Also folds flat. Would recommend.
Great product, great price.
This stand is nice and stable, and the variable angles are a nice touch. Handles my Note 10+ perfectly in either portrait or landscape. If I'm pushed for a criticism, availability in more than one colour would make this product 100% flawless. As it is, it's only 99.9 % flawless.

So, if you're looking for a stand for your phone that can cope with the bigger models out there, and you're happy with the Henry T Ford approach (" ...any colour you like, as long as it's....."), then you could do a lot worse.
Worth the Wait..,
This holder is very sturdy and trendy.., I love the black rubber cover that protects your phone while using this stand.., Item attive late,but definitely worth the wait.
Great product
Good size, just what I wanted
+ Great for charging while using the phone
+ Can bring it anywhere you wanted to
+ Super Lightweight
Great product, very satisfied with my purchase.
The item is well designed, well made and holds the phone securely in your chosen position. I am very pleased with my purchase.
Very satisfied
Recently I placed an order at mobile fun for an Olixar Aspect Premium Universal Metal Smartphone & Tablet Stand.
As always (old customer) no delays delivering the product to me.
The stand itself is what I wanted.....with the appropriate grip....the elastic rubber around the edges to not scrutce the screen of the device I put on the stand and finally with the appropriate gap to receive my mobile with its case on.
Overall very satisfied
So pleased with this that I have a purchased a second.One on my desk as a permanent charging point and the other next to my armchair so that my phone is next to me at eye level .
Excellent value and excellent service by Mob Fun and as ever superb next day delivery by DPD.Thanks to all involved.
Very useful,stable,adjustable,perfect for charging my phone.Excellent value and great service from Mob Fun.
Perfect for me!
I wanted a sturdy support for my phone that would stay adjusted while I used it; this is it and I am very pleased.
I Don't See Any Cons
For the way I use my iPad, this is brilliant. It is sturdy which means I can press buttons and use the keyboard without any movement or collapse. I don't have to hold the stand with one hand and type with the other. It just stays put...There's room for the re-charge and any other cable to be plugged in and out without struggling or having to remove the iPad from the stand. It folds practically flat which means it's mobile. This is one of my ''best'' buys.
A quality piece of kit
This is a well-made item that is solid, and easily holds my Samsung S7. For phones with a central charging port at the bottom (like this one) it's great - the charging cable easily sits between the two support brackets.
The joints have enough resistance to hold the phone in position reliably, and they are big enought to hold larger items (I have an A5-sized whiteboard I sometimes put in it) - it's a fixture on my desk now!
Any downsides?
1. It's heavier than some - because of the quality of its manufacture.
2. it folds flat, but it's still bulkier than some stands - again, the metal is thick & the hinges appear built to last.
In summary, it's not the smallest or the lightest, but it's certainly sturdy, & does the job.
Robust and functional
A heavy duty well engineered stand, though a bit overpriced
solid - not junky plastic like sooooo many others
Brilliant little unit
Thought this looked good on the website, and when it first arrived I was amazed by two things. How compact it was, and how well it was made, it’s absolutely fabulous.
I’m now using it constantly with my iPad ????
I’ve since ordered a second one for my wife.
Useful for placing a handset on a cluttered desk
It's a well made product.
Useful for placing a handset on a cluttered desk
It's a well made product.
Great, stolid, desk stand
This is different from many other desk stands I've used. Not only is it significantly sturdier (& thus steadier) than the plastic ones, but also because the phone is held above the desk's surface and there's a gap between the support arms at the bottom , it allows any phone with the charging point at the bottom to be charged on it without stressing the cable. Two hinges (rather than ratchets) allow a full range of heights & angles for the device. I guess the two holes in the base also make if fixable to a wall or non-horizontal surface.

Obviously heavier than plastic, and a little more bulky than many.

Great as a definitive desk stand and perfect for bottom charging devices; maybe a little bulky for mobile use.
Fantastic accessory for my mobile
I could see from the description that it is very sturdy and adjustable. It is exactly what I was looking for.
Brilliant phone stand
Fantastic, sturdy stand. Bought as a present for my hubby to replace a flimsy one that kept toppling over. He's really pleased with it. Can be easily adjusted to a range of angles. A bit pricey, but I would say it's worth the money.
Excellent service and product
Quick delivery. Product exactly as described. Bought as a birthday present. The recipient was really pleased with it.
Great bit of kit
Does exactly what I expected and looks the part as well. S good buy.
Great stand, really sturdy and takes the weight
This does exactly what you want, it holds your phone or tablet at the angle you set. Doesn't droop, really impressed.
Nice compact Device
As described
Best yet
I've tried a few phone stands over the years and whilst they've been useful, they've all had issues. Not this Olixar Aspect stand - I've had it for a week now and it's brilliant! The USB lead can be used while the phone is in the portrait position and with its protective case still on, as can the headphone lead, which is on the bottom of my phone (Samsung S8). This is due to the 'claw-type' design of the bottom support - the gap allows the leads to be plugged in through the gap. The stand is sturdy and well designed and easily accomodates my tablet. Best phone stand ye!
Excellent, well built product
Does exactly what it should, fit for purpose in every aspect. Supports my iPad in any position even with the case on.
Bought 2
I initially bought one of these stands for my granddaughter, I was so impressed with the quality that I bought a second on for myself, I had bought a cheaper plastic version which lasted a very short time, but as the saying goes you get what you pay for
Excellent product
Design and product materials perfect. Top notch
over 2 weeks before i receive the product
The product is very good but more than 2 weeks to receive it is bad.
Good for my cell & tablet
100% recomemmend !!!!
olixar stand
I like the flexibility and elevated holder. I had different ones before but this one fits perfectly for a smart phone. I gave one to my mom and keep one in my work desk. Just ordered two more. Remember do not remove the black plastic holder.
Wish they have a little taller size for my bedroom so i do not have to bend my neck too much.
Folds flat when not in use portable and holds phones tablets any size and good viewing angle
Flexible and strng
I had tried some desk stands before and was looking for one which folded flat and was stable and flexible.
Great Gadget
Perfect for holding iPad, particularly for watching footie on Sky ????
Quality product
I bought the phone/tablet stand as a gift for my granddaughter (11yrs) and she was delighted with it, had tried inferior quality one beforehand, although this is more expensive it is definitely worth it, it’s really well made so I can see it lasting for a long time
First class product
Dimensions of the part that holds the phone.
Exactly as advertised
Good solid stand that does a good solid job, I have no hesitation in recommending this product
Bought as a present, partner seems happy so fatmr
Great little product
This is a great little handy product for on the move. It has rubber stumps underneath to prevent it from slipping across the table and you can adjust the height to the correct eye level you want it to be in. Folds away nicely and tuck it away in my bag.

Excellent product.
Classy and simple
Does what it says. However the greater length of a Galaxy Note 9 does introduce some instability if pressing on the upper end of devide.
A very versatile and solid product . i recommend this and in fact i purchased a second one
Brilliant purchase
Purchased to use in the kitchen when following a recipe.
Had to order another one as husband liked first purchase so much. Very sturdy, good design and ideal to use when charging mobile.
Seems fine so far
I have only had and used this for a couple of weeks so I cannot comment on how it will continue, but it is quite firm (doesn't collapse) and also holds my Galaxy tablet which is useful.
Good design and nice finish !
I was happy with the information given before ordering it . I really like the fact that it is made from an aluminium alloy with an anodised Matt silver finish . It should be very durable - much stronger than a plastic construction.
Thank you .
Nice piece of kit
If the hinged sections would last and not collapse. Size? Quality
this really is a premium quality product
I was impressed by the quality, robustness and feel of this item. Full metal construction, very sturdy and easy to use. Very pleased with the purchase.
Not quite what I wanted
I would have wanted to know it would hold a 10 inch tablet in portrait mode. It becomes too top heavy & topples over.. Is fine in landscape mode.
Very Good
Very compact and versatile , quite capable of holding an iPad as well as a mobile. my deportment has improved !
Sturdy metal smartphone and tablet Stand!!!
The stand is so sturdy and it does the job it was made for and I like that you can fold it flat and put in your bag, and you can change of the angle to view your smartphone and tablet and I’m happy that I have bought it!!!!
Sturdy metal smartphone and tablet Stand!!!
The stand is so sturdy and it does the job it was made for and I like that you can fold it flat and put in your bag, and you can change of the angle to view your smartphone and tablet and I’m happy that I have bought it!!!!
iPad 12.9
Holds large iPad with ease. Well made.
Metal Smartphone Stand
This is a fantastic piece of kit, it is sturdy well built and very lightweight. It folds flat and easily carried in your pocket.
Love this stand
Very stable for a large mobile (not tried it with a tablet). Easy to set the angle for viewing. Good soft grips for holding the phone.
An excellent product
I could not have asked for more. Good service along with a good product. Solid in construction and should last a lifetime. Ray.
Top notch
Exceptional Product!!
This is truly an exceptional product - it's made with the finest materials and designed to last. I'm very happy with my purchase.
Good and sturdy product
It's a good and sturdy product. I like the flexibility it gives to position my phone the way I want. The price seemed reasonable to me.
It's very good
It's very good ,sits on desk and doesn't fall over when I use it, does exactly as described
Top quality product, just what I needed, highly recommend.
Mob stand
Just what I needed it tidies everything up
Quite a good little product
I've bought Olixar products in the past and they have been low quality. This is actually quite sturdy and not loose. Good for phones and my Switch.
A good little stand
This is a great little stand. Very well made and good quality. The only problem, and it is a problem with many products for mobile phones and tablets, is that if you have a particularly thick case they are not really design to take them. I am using a chunky case and it does not fit very securly on the stand. Most of the time I take the case off, which is ok but I would prefere not to.
Very impressed..
Actually saw this stand on an internet review, and thought this is for me. I must admit it hasn't disappointed . It's a stand so what . But this stand emits quality and robustness(very sturdy). Beautifully manufactured . It looks simple but with its metal brush finish also very aesthetic on my office desk . I am very pleased with it.
Best purchase
I got this for my husband for Christmas. We do not have television service so he watches stuff on his phone alot. He most often is in his recliner listening to a ball game. He had been using the stand i have for a decorative plate but it was wobbly. He has said multiple times how much he loves the stand and its the best gift he got. Very useful.
Excellent item. My grandson loved it.
This item was purchased for my grandson who needed it for his iPad. He really loves it.
Will stand the test of time
Very impressed with the quality of this stand, but then it should be good for the money. It's solid metal apart from the feet and the silicone wrapping around the section that holds the phone, and will stay in pretty much any position you ask of it. It folds flat for storage (the guides for the phone fit through the holes - excellent!). It's strong enough to fit my iPad Air too.

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