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Olixar ArmourDillo Sony Xperia Z3 Protective Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Sony Xperia Z3 from bumps and scrapes with this black Olixar ArmourDillo case. Comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact-resistant exoskeleton, the ArmourDillo provides robust protection and supreme styling.
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 4.6 stars from 47 customers

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Easy to put on,very strong
Fits great, all buttons accounted for, excellent and strong
Very good
A good tough case, with built in fold out stand on back.
Quick response, great product.
Very well priced articles. The site easy to use and quick response with accurately described products. Very happy with service.
Fantastic product, I like it.
I ordered my ArmourDillo case for my xperia 3 in December 2016 but unfortunately it got lost in the mail . On contacting the vender the immediately sent a replacement which I received within two weeks. Well done and thanks for that.
The case is perfect for my use and a great fit on the phone. The rubber sides make it easy for me to grip especially as I suffer from arthritis in my fingers , I'm glad I made the right choice.
Thanks again for great service.
Great product
reasonably priced and delivered promptly. Only critique, would be nice if you got a screen protector with the case.
Very good quality
Very good quality of the product. Excellent service, very pleased, thanks a lot.
Great Case
Great case for my phone as it protects my phone after I had dropped my phone once well worth the buy
Great case
As a disabled man I am sometimes clumsey and always drop my mobile phone and I am scared I have broken it when I do drop it, with the Sony Xperia Z3 Protective case I have now peace of mind as, since I`ve had the case I have the case I have dropped my phone only once and hopefully the last which protected my mobile phone from braking.
It`s been a great case for my mobile and a godsend for my peace of mind that I now know that I won`t brake my mobile.
Perfect case
Because I am disabled in my right hand I have always got a case to protect my phone from any damage to it and have always had the case in leather and always feared I would brake my phone until now, now I feel less frightened of dropping my phoneas the case I have now is tough and sturdy I know I won`t brake my phone a must of a case if you are sometimes dropping your phone.
Great case! Except when charging your phone
The case is doubled and really good, it improves the grip of the phone and look nice.the back feature that lets you lean your phone on the table is very cool.
But- as the phone is waterproof, you need to open the charging spot and the shell for that in the case is not big enough-so you need to take off the case every single time you're charging your phone. FYI.
Brilliant case
I love that this case is multi-function, with a hard back side and corner case on top of a more flexible rubbery skin type case. It also has a built in stand. I was hugely impressed for the price. It's quite robust, not pretty, but exactly what a clumsy phone dropper like myself needs!
Product is awesome.was not sure why freight was so expensive and the cheap option was so slow until it arrived, it was shipped internationally direct from the supplier.
No issues.
Got what I expected; nothing bad to say.
The case did eventually arrive and the case fits around the whole sony xperia z3 and the case is sturdy I recommend this case to anyone.
Good case
Good case. I don't want to test its sturdiness but it seems quite tough - and you can take part of the back off if you don't need the 'kick stand' functionality.
great product not happy with ordering system duplication
the product is fine but twice now ordering with this company i have had issues with the system and duplicating orders, this needs to be looked at, the system suggest the order has failed when it has not, i have two of these cases now.. one too many hassle i could do without, similR PROBLEM WITH A SECDOND DIFFERENT ORDER
Great case
Very happy with this case. I wanted a double protection after I dropped my phone one time too many and broke the screen. The case fits my sony xperia z3 perfectly, tight fit, all ports and buttons work through the case. Just got it a few days ago but no problems so far. Also the case had great grip so I drop it less. Love the little stand at the back so I can balance it on the table in the mornings instead of leaning it on a box of cornflakes.
Great case
This is a great protective case for my Z3 not only does it protect against knocks bit increases your grip with the ribbed back. The little landscape hide away stand is also a bonus. One negative point is the case makes the power button harder to press, but apart from that it's a great case. Buy with a screen protector and your phone will be scratch and drop proof.
Fits really good
Fits really good, good grip and looks great
Very sturdy cover
I was looking for a sturdy cover after the one I had cracked in pieces when I dropped my phone. This cover did not disappoint. It is very strong ( I have dropped my phone several times and not a mark) and I really like the stand on the back which folds away great for following recipes or watching online. extremely happy with this purchase.
Solid - Phone remains intact and compact.
Reliable - Absorbs a lot of impact.
Affordable - Bought with the barrel bottom scrapings.
Convenient - The stand for video viewing.

Highly recommended to z3 users.
Excellent product
Excellent product, flip stand is a great addition for video viewing. Very stylish and yet functional. Quick delivery and communication from MobileFun as well. Altogether very happy ....
Seems to work
Haven't dropped my phone to put it to the test, but it seems rugged and fits well.
The best phone case for Xperia Z3 I've come across so far.
Ecase ArmourDillo Xperia Z3 protective case
My wife decided to get me this case (After I dropped my phone onto the train tracks, with a little damage caused) and I wasn’t expecting much but I have been quite surprised.

The case is a smooth plastic with rubber inlay and also features a handy flip out stand on the back for when you are watching movies.

The case fits on very easily and has so far not had any risk of coming off and it also features some handy buttons on the side that mirror the phones buttons to keep the user experience the same as it would be without the case attached.

Overall, so far I am very happy with it and would give it a 5/5 rating.
Looking around for weeks for a decent case after checking out this one and it's feedback defo best choice of case for protection and peice of mind for this fragile device :)
Having broken the rear glass screen on what is known to be a general problem with the Sony Z3 I purchased this case.

Not actually a lover of cases but the Armadillo is perfect and does not in any way detract from the slimline look of the phone.

Perfect fit and funky looks to boot (my niece calls it a Bat Phone).

The built in flush fitting flip out stand is a slightly unexpected bonus for viewing videos or just generally viewing text or data.

Thanks to a great design and ergonomical shape the phone does not slide around when held and this protector provides perfect grip and access to all buttons.

Although the Sony Z3 is a great phone it does have design faults with fragility and handling quality.

If like myself you are not fond of cases/protectors I highly recommend that Z3 owners take a closer look at the Armadillo, you will not be disappointed!
Sony Experia Z3 - Encase ArmourDillo Protective Case.
I found the phone case, exactly as advertised. Very rarely does a product in your hand look like the picture online.
The case consists of two parts, the soft inner rubber layer and the hard outer case. Found it very easy to put on and it fits snugly around the Sony Experia. Before this I had an Otterbox case, but in the absence of Otterbox doing a case for the Sony Experia Z3, I found this to be an excellent replacement. Perhaps, even a serious contender to replace Otterbox for future phone needs.
The case also has an awesome kick-stand built into the hard outer shell, which makes watching videos a doddle, and without the need to rest the phone against your bowl of Crunchy Nut cornflakes!
Happy with the protective case, purchase and mobilefun's delivery. Would recommend to friends and family.
Just what I wanted
Just the the job.Very strong
Armadillo case
Fits perfectly, great, robust case.
well designed and seems to work
Pleased with what I received - good service from Mobile Fun, prompt and easy - the product is well designed and seems to work well. Small issue with disrupting corners of screen protectors but can be resolved. I was cynical about the point of the stand, but find I actually use it quite often. The cover is tactical and positive to hold, much better than the shiny, slippery phone itself.
Finally a decent case for my z3
Finally a decent case for my z3. Looks great feels good only reason i didnt give five stars was cuz i paid for next day delivery and got it three weeks after i actually needed it and the volume buttons arent flush to the phone..but all i care about is protecting my phone so no biggie..
A Batphone meet Batman
Its protection case is a bit like Batman's body armour. I have just recently bought Encase ArmourDillo protective case a week before I bought Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone a week ago so I am fully prepared for my fiercest foes,Shock and drop.
Best case ever!
I have to say that this is the best case i have ever bought. I did wait a while for it to be delivered but and the customer service consultant was excellent in helping me sort this out. Perfect protection for my Sony Xperia Z3!
Received in 3 days. Happy with it. Good quality

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