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Olixar ArmourDillo Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Protective Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Sony Xperia Z3 Compact from bumps and scrapes with this black ArmourDillo case. Comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact-resistant exoskeleton, the ArmourDillo provides robust protection and supreme styling.
  • Mobile Fun ID 54835

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 3.6 stars from 19 customers

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Robust case and arrived quickly
Case fits well and feels robust. Only issue would be that you have to remove it to charge the phone.
Great phone case
Phone case is great with the stand at the back. Inly thing that let's it down, is having to take phone out of he case to charge it, as it doesn't have an access point through the cover.
Excellent protection
I'm very happy with this case. Fits snugly on the phone. Easy to hold and doesn't add too much bulk. Open access to the magnetic charging port was a necessity and I'm glad this case has it. The small lips above and below the port are great for making sure the charging plug is lined up perfectly every time.
The built in stand is a nice touch and has come in handy.
Great product
This is a great product. Easy to attach to your phone and is very good quality. Bought for my boyfriend who is a builder so needed extra phone protection while on site, it also has a manly look to it so he won't get ripped by the other lads. Highly recommended.
I have dropped my phone onto the floor more than once and it has been totally protected by the case
I have had this case for a few weeks now. I have dropped my phone onto the floor more than once and it has been totally protected by the case. I have to take the phone out of the case to charge up as only the magnetic charge strip and earphone hole is exposed. The flash light is covered up by the case. However it's no big deal as I would rather it protect my phone and I have made a small hole to expose the light. In summary it's brilliant value and does the job 100%, and with that a couple of sacrifices are made!
Fits but needs modification (cutting) to allow USB connection and access to memory card
Have used better, corners snag screen protector causing it to lift, no access to USB without cutting it carefully with a sharp knife. Fold out stand on back is neat and works.
Not good
The case is not as good as described. There is no cut out for charger, which means the case has to be constantly removed and it causes my screen protector to lift.
Wouldn't recommend
The cover blocks charging port plus I just dropped the phone from a short height(approx 2ft) and the screen cracked so despite its robust selling piont it is not very effective.
Almost perfect
It would be amazing to have been told I would have to take my phone out of the case to charge it.
A very sturdy case
A very sturdy case for Experia Z3. The only issue is that the micro usb charging port/sd card slot is covered by the case so you would have to remove it to charge. This is not a problem however if you have the magnetic charging plug (which I got from Mobilefun !)
Strong and durable, but no charging port access is bad bad bad.
Great design and durability, what I excpect from these cases. However advertised as having access to all major ports is a lie, I consider the charging port a major port, used every day, I understand why it's not provided as its really a design flaw in the z3 compact having the port access in a corner is really silly. So I am only giving 4 stars and that's really for fibbing about port access.
Great product
Great product, came quickly and looks great on phone with a good stand
Looks good and fits perfectly
I'v been using the cover for few days, looks good and fits perfectly to my xperia. It feels that it's slipping away from my hands, the quality of the plastic and the design are excellent. The only problem i found that is no access to the charging area without removing the cover
Great product
Cover fits phone good.
Use of phone functions still excellent.
Have to take cover off to charge is the only problem
Not a big concern though.
Could be Chunkier!
Bought this case to protect my Grandson's mobile as he is already on his third new screen!

Protective case is not as heavy duty as I had imagined although, it does seem tough enough to protect those critical corners! Sadly, cannot charge the phone though the case so it has to come off on a daily basis and I can't imagine it will withstand the pulling on and off for too long. Yet, reasonably price case is easier to replace than the phone!

In a perfect world, it could be more robust and have a slot for the charger but for now we are happy!

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