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Olixar ArmourDillo Sony Xperia XZ Protective Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Sony Xperia XZ from bumps and scrapes with this black ArmourDillo case. Comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact-resistant exoskeleton, with a built-in viewing stand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 61522
$17.37 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 23 customers

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Absolutely great cover would recommend it 100%
Great case supports the phone great and its handy with the fin on the back for watching videos.
Armourdillo Case For Xperia XZ
This is a very good case for the Xperia XZ phone. It does not block any of the commonly used things like power button, headphones, charger, and camera. The stand in the back is nice for watching videos so that is an amazing addition. If I had any complaints, it is that it can be a little difficult to take off and it covers the micro USB port, luckily you will not be having to open that port much.
Case is ok but just looking at it wouldn’t hold much hope if phone was dropped somewhere out and about.
For general use should be fine.
Its a decent case for your fone
I bought this case not having high hopes but to my amazement it is quiet a decent case to protect you fo e yes the stamd might brake off in the near future but the durability of the case itself it good and did and still does provide good protection for my fone as well as it doesnt make the fone feel bigger its perfect
Best Case *****
I've had mine for a couple of weeks now and I'm very impressed with it. Worth every star of the five star rating. One point is that the built-in stand makes the phone lean back a bit more than I would like and one tip is to get it to body temperature before trying to fit as the plastic is very stiff when cold.
Excellent product
I bought this phone cover after looking for a while. The cover is of great quality and great value which I would definitely recommend. I also have to praise the prompt efficient service from Mobile Fun in processing and speedy delivery of the order with the time line
good case
a good rugged case but i needed to modify it to fit the docking base for charging
Perfect Fit
Have been using it a couple of weeks now and I must say that I am very pleased. The only downside to it is that it is a little hard to open the phone using fingerprint. The powerbutton is after putting the cover on a little hard to put my finger on becuase of the cover. But it is not a major problerm. The fit is perfect and it also works with my screenprotector, I have the copter screenprotector on it and it is no problem.
This is a well made highly protective piece of kit
This is a well made highly protective piece of kit. I had looked at a number
of alternatives,am really glad i settled for this one. It fits the phone perfectly and offers great protection in all areas. Great value, really does the job.
Strong and robust case
Great value, fast delivery and was Exactly as described, would definitely buy again from site.
This is a great case
This is a great case, feels great in hand and fits well on the phone. It has a great little stand fitted to the back for watching in landscape. The case came quickly and had service was good.
Happy with product
Happy with product, thank you
Best case by far...
Was looking for a hard wearing case for my new phone and i dont think any other case i looked at will beat this one for its design, uniqueness and protection . Its exactly what i was looking for as i have my 9 year old who just loves my phone and loves to drop it too. Now i dont need to worry about my phone getting damaged. And the fact that the case is unique i get alot of nice comments too. Thankyou mobilefun for my case! I love it!
Best case by far...
Was looking for a hard wearing case for my new phone and i dont think any other case i looked at will beat this one for its design, uniqueness and
I have only had the case for a day however it looks good and I am happy with it so far.
Love the stand and the easy grips!!
A great cover that lasts the distant!
Pure Brilliant
This phone cover deserves 5 stars and that is what I will give it. It is well made, sturdy, comfortable to hold and I love the flip out stand. Great for watching movies etc. Haven't tested out the durability by dropping it normally do I intend to. Some better colour choices would have been good but hey ho. Still a fantastic product for the money.
Looks superb
Looks superb. Makes the handset easier to grip & gives excellent protection for back, sides & corners without hampering any of the buttons, ports etc. Not as bulky as previous cases that I have owned. All around Great. Does exactly what it says on the tin!
Very good.
Really like this case. Reminds me of a tyre and I love it (I've had quite a few compliments) also feels great to hold, the stand is pretty useful too. Don't really have any problems with it :)
Excellent product prompt delivery
pretty happy
One thing I really liked was the packaging, it wasn't one of those shrink wrapped, bomb proof contraptions that requires an entire team of specially trained engineers and demolition experts to open. No, it came in a nice little shiny zip-lock bag that I had open in seconds. The case itself is pretty good, although I've yet to drop my phone onto a hard surface from a height of 5 centimetres (which I'll inevitably do when I've taken the case off to clean the phone or something to be sure that my expensive device gets smashed into a thousand tiny pieces) so I can't be sure of it's functionality yet. But it seems very sturdy and everything is covered up nicely. It's not too bulky and still slips easily into my pocket and the design is pretty cool, I'd say it definitely scores me a few man points because it looks like a spare part from a monster truck or something. Some of the buttons work through the case and they click satisfyingly when pressed. The flip out stand on the back works really well and is easy to use. The only problem is that it partially blocks the finger print sensor (the power button) so you can't lay your finger flat onto it although it still works OK. Overall I'm pretty happy with it though.

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