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Olixar ArmourDillo Sony Xperia XZ Premium Protective Case - Blue Reviews

Protect your Sony Xperia XZ Premium from bumps and scrapes with this blue ArmourDillo case. Comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact-resistant exoskeleton, with a built-in viewing stand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63916
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 4.3 stars from 16 customers

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Fits the xz premium perfectly, looks stunning.
The case arrived two data after I received my new phone, I quickly rushed to put it on. Now the xz has alot of criticism about its size naked, and the phone does make it a small amount larger roughly 2.5cm each edge. This is no issue at all as the extra grip the case provides not only makes it alot easier to send a text but is more aesthetically pleasing. There is a lovely over hang to protect the screen if dropped add if you want to take advantage of the remote play app or watch a film there is a drop down stand to hold the phone at a perfect viewing angle. I would purchase this case time and time again and would recommend it to anyone! If you're reading my comment debating a purchase hit the add to cart button. Trust me you won't be disappointed.
I love this cover. Very pleased with my purchase.
A contemporary and unique case! I have received several compliments on the design. It's perfect for my Xperia Premium, and it's great for when watching films or videos as it has an adjustable support extension. I would have given it five stars had the case extended a bit more over the front part of the phone. However, other than this, I'd definitely recommend it for any Premium owners!
its amazing but..
I loved it when I first saw it. it looked and felt like a well made product. it's super strong, I would recommend this to anyone who wants a mechanic looking and a strong case to protect your phone. other than that it's hard to but your finger on the fingerprint scanner especially it your finger is big, I have pretty small hands to make the point. it's actually not big of a deal because sony's fingerprint scanner is the best. the volume button is hard to push as well but its still a great case if you won't mind these details.
Makes the XZ more useful in a working environment
The cover makes the phone easier to grip. I had an Xperia X, during the 14 months I had the phone this type of cover protected it well. Could do with more high visibility colour for work
Very good case to buy very hard wearing and looks good too
Very happy buy my step dad loved it he wanted one for his phone to and he's a builder
Huge fail compared to older model
Used to own a sony z5, premium and had the version of this case for it and dropped it hundreds of times from all different angles and heights and no damage what so ever happened to the case or phone because it was such a sturdy good design.
Now I own a Sony zx premium witch replaced my older phone. So I brought this case on the understanding that it would be as good or better then my old one. If only this were true the first two cases I was sent were bent out of shape. But I persevered assuming it was down to packaging. But I could tell the plastic/rubber was no where near as strong or sturdy as my old case. I just dropped my phone face down and the screen has cracked. Basically the edge of the cover is so flimsy it pushes back over the edge of the phone with no force what so ever and then pops back over once the pressure has gone....also the case gets in the way of your fingerprint unlock and the volume and camera buttons are a bit hit and miss, oh yeah have to remove case to use headphones.. All in all a rubbish case living g through the name of its older design.
Great cover
The cover does it job. It's protecting my phone. It could fit the phone better.
Love it
I bought this because I had a similar case on my old phone and it survived virtually unscathed. The main problem being that you use a .com.au address and give an address as Surry Hills, about an hour away and then you advise two to three weeks delivery. Wanted it for my new phone and it took four weeks to arrive. Pay extra for quicker delivery.
Great Case!!
I recently purchased this case on here and its amazing! Arrived within the timescale they gave me and fits snug around my phone. Awesome feature of the stand on the back as I can set it to watch a film when on the train or at work.
Feel the Grip when handling your mobile
The protective case is sturdy, arrived promptly and covered my phone nicely. Very handy if you want to rest the phone and watch it. Feels quality and strong enough to look after your phone.
Perfect protection and Peace of Mind
The Experia XZ itself is quite a large beast, so finding a happy medium between adding bulk and giving protection can take a bit of googling, but after trying various cases, I landed with this wee beasty.
Simply slip your phone in and the two layer case immediately gives you a sense of protection with virtually no extra bulk!
2 layers..? you cry.. well yes, not only a nice design aesthetic but also an extra layer of protection. The part holding your phone is a relatively standard silicone shell, but that rugged military type tyre print exoskeleton, clips very securely over this, which offers another level of reinforcement for your phone, reducing bend and flex should you carry your phone in your skinny fit jeans pocket.
The real big seller for me though was that you still have unhindered access to the fingerprint sensor (some may consider it a gimmick, but its a huge time saver for me). Its actually surprising how many of the High end XZ cases just cover it up, but this little beauty leaves well alone and works around the issue.
Charging ports, headphone jack, all accessible, so far no issues with recessed connector ports.
Now the other issue is screen protectors. Some cases don't play well with tempered glass, but guess what.... this one DOES.
I installed an Olixar Sony Xperia XZ Premium Full Cover Glass Screen Protector Clear with ZERO issues.
So to sum up, great case, great price, great service once again from mobile fun. The ArmourDillo may sound like a military grade sex toy, but its one heck of a case for not a lot of cash.
As advertised - Great Value
Very happy with this product - fits perfectly and adds lots of protection and the kick stand is a handy little feature.
Always buy these cases for my xperia as they can take a beating.
Its ok
the case it self is based on a really good Design.. but dose not take it account the Finger print reader built into the power button.

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