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Olixar ArmourDillo Sony Xperia X Compact Protective Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Sony Xperia X Compact from bumps and scrapes with this black ArmourDillo case. Comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact-resistant exoskeleton, with a built-in viewing stand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 61523
$13.26 inc VAT
 5 stars from 6 customers

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sturdy, comfortable, and not to clumsy
I break all my mobile phones. Ok, some I drown, but I break most of them!

After breaking and replacing the screen on my Sony Xperia X Compact I bought two cases from MobileFun, and this is the one I am keeping! The buttons are covered, and the case buttons fit nicely. Holes for ports are big enough. I had to reconfigure the fingerprint reader because my thumb touches the reader under a different angle now, but it also works without problems.

I was afraid the case would be too big, and was pleasantly surprised. I don't really appreciate the pattern on the soft shell, but it really feels better in your hand than it looks on the photos above.
Excellent phone cover and not too bulky.
Perfect cover for those who have a tendancey of dropping their phones
This case fits the Sony Xperia X Compact perfectly and the phone still feels comfortable in the hand. The extra grip from the case also makes it very secure in your 7 year old's hand.
I wanted a case that would protect my phone from drops on the tiled floor and so far it has survived unscathed one drop.
I am also surprised how much I use the little stand feature on it.
Excellent case and excellent service from Mobile-fun.
Cracking little* cover
*its hardly a little cover and does add some size to the Xperia X Compact, but thats reassuring as there is more to absorb when i drop it. It is probably a marmite look, but i love its exoskeleton style and it fits in the pockets of most things fine.

Not one for skinny jean lovers as it probably won't fit those pockets!

Great product.
My husband has this cover for his phone and although it's very good at keeping his phone safe I always though it looked really bulky. After dropping my last phone and smashing the back of it a few times I decided when u got my new phone id get a decent cover. My husband and can't fault his and he drops his phone regularly, so I gave it a go. I'm so glad I bought this now, it doesn't feel as bulky as it looks, it has a kind of satin feel to it so it doesn't catch on my pockets a equally if my hands are wet or sweaty it doesn't slip about. The little pop out stand is a really hand feature which I've used more than I thought I would, it's handy for keeping my phone upright while listening to music and if I'm using it in the kitchen for recipes. Overall I'm impressed and would definitely recommend this to the accident prone.

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