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Olixar ArmourDillo Samsung Galaxy S7 Protective Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 from bumps and scrapes with this black ArmourDillo case from Olixar. Comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact-resistant exoskeleton, with a built-in viewing stand.
Price: £6.99

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Protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 from bumps and scrapes with this black ArmourDillo case from Olixar. Comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact-resistant exoskeleton, with a built-in viewing stand.
 4.7 stars from 78 customers

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nothing, description was fine
New phone case
The new phone case I purchased is very good I would defently recommend this product had it couple weeks now dropped it on the floor a few time and not even a scratch on it or my phone,also kids love the fact it as a built in stand on the back for when the knick my phone
Really attractive and ergonomic product.
When I opened the package I was surprised there wasn't a screen cover but maybe I just didn't read the description properly. Otherwise really happy with it.
Mr David Yersz
I thought I had ordered the ARMOURDILLO case for my SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 EDGE but was sent the wrong one looks like its the case for the S7 as its quite a bit smaller so its no use to me
The product was good quality, good price what more can a say other than I highly recommend ????????
Great cover
Really strong cover and a handy flap at the back for watching things. Looks great too
Does the job.
I wanted a robust but comfortable case. It does that just fine.
Good product
Product was as described
Good purchase
Great product. A perfect protection for my phone and it looks good as well.....the small stand is perfect when you are reading. Many thanks.
Used for a few weeks now and i have flund it faultless. The stand is very useful.
Good case
Seems solid enough. Fits well and feels grippy in the hand. I had smashed the back glass and sometimes this was sharp. This case completely covers it and makes it look like new.
Great case highly recommend
- NFC compatible
- Kickstand for watching videos
- strong case
Olixar ArmourDillo is great
I bought the Olixar ArmourDillo Protective Case to protect my S7. It's rugged looks are great to ensure you have a grip on the phone on every occasion. I have dropped my phone before buying the case and know how expensive that can be. The grip is really good for protecting your phone.
Very impressed
I'm very happy with my phone cover . It is quite sturdy and gives me peace of mind . The stand on the back is quite handy for watching stuff.
Solid and functional
As a gardener I often have to answer the phone with damp and muddy hands, this chunky case allows a good grip, and the fold out stand is nice and sturdy.
Wrong size
Case didnt actually fit my s7 - was far too short.
Can't go wrong
My husband has had two of these for different phones and this is my first. Durable and practical. Great protectors.
Not Perfect
I have used olixar covers for years that have proved excellent in every way, since I recieved and installed the S7 Protective case I noticed that ir did not prevent further damage to my phone, the corners at the face do not protrude and do not offer any protection to the screen face like the other covers to my phones which is really dissapointing and just like the otterbox cover it replaced!!
Perfect. Exactly what was wanted and expected. Thankyou.
Arrived on time
very happy
very impressed with this product, and i am happy to recommend it.
Top Purchase
Good quality protective case, easy to fit and all at a reasonable price.
Great product
Feels sturdy and love the stand built into the rear
a great piece of kit
this is a rugged protective case that also has the added advantage of a stand to let you watch videos on your phone
Great for watching movies and stuff with it's little side stand you can watch stuff hands free.
Great case, ordered before and loved it. The black is perfect
I had a lime green and black case last time and the green showed up dirt so the black is much better. Case is good to grip. The fit is not quite as snug as my last case for the s5 but doesn't fall off.
Case review
One of the best Ahmed cases you will find 4 your Samsung S7 top marks from the guys at mobile Fun better than going to some cheap Chinese copy this is the case you need to buy for your phones and these are the guys you need to deal with so you do not get cheap and nasty copies from China that make out to be original five star for the case and 5SA for the boys at mobile
Bought the case because the picture looked like it would protect anything and amazingly it does. Its not the prettiest of cases but does the job of protecting the phone perfectly
Excellent product
Can't fault the case at all. It's brilliant. Had no problems using the phone while it's in the case. Maybe more choice of colours but otherwise it's definitely worth the small price
Strong and very reliable
Very good product.
Phone now stays in pocket
Got fed up with husband losing his phone (always slipped
out of his pocket) he hasn't lost It in 3 weeks. So tick tick tick as a success
I'm delighted.
This is a great protective case for my Samsung Galaxy S7.
It fits perfectly. It is easy to attach to phone. I love its chunky and tactile feel.
Easy to use and visible
I like holding the case - much easier than my previous book style cover which was award to hold. I feel confident handling the phone with the cover and haven't dropped it yet. I think if i did drop it the back and corners would be well protected. Unfortunately i could only give it 3 stars because it is a rather slim cover which doesn't extend far in front of the screen. I don't feel confident that if i did drop it face down the screen would be protected - I'd be afraid it would shatter.
It's fit perfectly to my Samsung s7. Snuggle in my hand just right.
Protective case
Excellent product offers great protection while allowing easy access to phone controls. camera etc. No lid to flip up, also no magnets so you can use navigation apps such as a compass. Quick and easy to fit and remove to. Excellent!
Really happy with my purchase
Product really good. Thanks mobile fun .
Excellent protection for my phone
How sturdy it is. I wanted a case that would protect my phone not make it look pretty.
Very neat design
Very neat design. Will buy again.
I purchased the Olixar ArmourDillo Samsung Galaxy S7 Protective Case as a present for someone. I can highly recommend this product.
It's saved it already!
Strong and light this case tits my phone in snuggly. It has already protected it from a couple of falls thanks to the beloved children. Great case and the texturing on the back makes it so easy to hold the phone. Stand is useful when cooking too so I can have recipes on display.
Just what I was looking for.
Was surprised to find that GADGEO (my previous favourite case supplier)didn't make a case for the Samsung S7. So read the reviews and ordered an Olixar ArmourDillo. And I am duly impressed by the quality of the case and the protection it affords. And the flip out stand is a real bonus. The first one I have had that actually works! Definitely recommended.
A great phone case
An excellent S7 phone case. Easy to fit and has plenty of grip so it doesn't slip from your hand.
Great look and plenty of grip
The cover arrived as described. Easy fit to the phone and it provides plenty to hold onto so the phone doesn't slip between your fingers.
Would recommend this to anyone.
Case is excellent and fits perfectly.
Perfect Phone Protection
Simple, strong, easy to hold, simply the best phone case I've yet bought.
Excellent case
Case is as described and arrived a couple of days after I ordered. Reliable seller, will definitely use again.
Superb protector for the phone
I had one for my S5 and dropped it numerous times, never any screen damage or case damage, well protected corners, hugely recommended
Very good
I've always bought an Otterbox for past phones, but decided to try an Armordillo this time because it was half the price. It is just as tough, but lacks the clear plastic cover on the front. It's nice to hold, with chunky bits on the side so it doesn't slip out of my hand. The only drawback is the foldable stand on the back can make it unstable for typing when it's on a flat surface. Overall though, a very good case.
Great case
Great protective case. I used this same type on my s5 previously and probably dropped it 100 times and never had a problem
Great case
Great protective case. I used this same type on my s5 previously and probably dropped it 100 times and never had a problem
Good product
Good reliable product as I used an identical one for my Lumia 950.
Just as described, great quality
Excellent quality product, just as described, great protection for phone
Solid and simple case
It's a simple but solid case which protects the phone well. Good value.
Does exactly wanted.
This is the grippy-est phone case I have found for my S7. Even wearing gloves when hill walking it does not slide in my grip at all. It looks a bit toyish but I like the contrasting red colour on mine. I have not dropped it but it looks like it should protect from reasonably hard knocks to the sides or back. If you have one of those plastic film screen protectors that curves at the edges to cover every millimetre of glass you may have problems as removing the case may lift the edges of the screen protector. I have a screen protector from Spigen that just covers the flat area of the S7 screen so does not go right to the very edge; I have had no problems with the case interfering with this. Extremely good value for a very functional if not sophisticated looking case. It does exactly what I wanted it too. Don't have much use for the stand but it has a positive, strong mechanism and does not seem like it will break any time soon.
Calling all clumsy people!!
So I had my shiny new S7 one day and I dropped it....cracked screen and a bill for £189 to repair it.
Brought this case (albeit too late) and it is amazing. Being me, I've dropped my phone again twice and not a mark on the phone. Wise investment me thinks!

And don't worry about compromising your phones good looks, this case looks superb!
Excellent product. Good, solid and rugged. Even comes with a built-in stand which folds flat when not used.
Excellent product. Good, solid and rugged. Even comes with a built-in stand which folds flat when not used.
Solid, well made, quality case
This case fits absolutely perfectly. It snugly locks itself around the phones exterior to protect it without turning it into a brick. The contours on the edges vastly improved the grip of the device while the raised edge around the screen should prevent an impact reaching the glass. This case does not impede any of the ports, buttons or cause shadows on the camera. It comes with an integrated stand to allow the device to be stood in landscape for video watching. Overall I couldn't be happier with this case. It protects the phone without turning it into a massive block. I.'ve dropped it from a shirt pocket and then stepped on it all without any issue for the phone. Highly recommended.
Cover this up
Nice cover but nothing to protect the screen so it went in the bin and I bought another with a front cover.
Good product
Full protection against any accidental drops. Plastic cover is hard not pliable but works ok. Like the pull out stand. Good product.
love it. any colour long as it's red
it will protect my phone when bumped or dropped
love it. any colour long as it's red
it will protect my phone when bumped or dropped
Good product
The protective cover seems very robust, already given it some accidental testing and the phone survives.
Good product
The protective cover seems very robust, already given it some accidental testing and the phone survives.
This phone case is fantastic
This phone case is fantastic, being as clumsy as I am with new phones am, I have had the chance to test first hand how effective this case is. I dropped it once before I got my case and scratched and chipped the corner of my screen. After receiving the phone case I have dropped it twice and it hasn't been damaged any more.

Also with the case there is a stand on the back you can pull out so you rest your phone on a table or flat surface and watch videos without having to hold it.
The phone case also allows easy access to all the ports and buttonsee on the phone.

Overall amazing product. Thank you.
Well fitting durable cover
The cover is easy to grip and provides a good level of protection to the phone. All of the phone's buttons and ports work well with the cover fitted. The one feature I like most is the fold away stand that allows hands free skype use. The only area I recommend for improvement is the way it works in conjunction with the screen protector. Unfortunately the screen protector tends to bubble on the corners of the cover. Other than that it is a great product that probably wasn't meant to be used with a screen protector in the first place.
Sturdy and cheap
The two parts of the case fit nicely on the phone and are not tight to squeeze on and off like others. Which is useful for me as I use a Gear VR and have to take the case off for that.

Even though the case is quite thick thanks to the kickstand I have an S4 and S6 wireless charger and both work fine with the case on.

The only downside is when using a flaxible screen protector like a Zagg or Skinomi it can lift the edges of the protector with the overlap.

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