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Olixar ArmourDillo Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 Tough Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 from bumps and scrapes with this black ArmourDillo case. Comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact-resistant exoskeleton, offering sturdy and robust protection, but also a sleek modern styling.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57114
$13.26 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 22 customers

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Great case
This phone case is very good its very robust and a great design
Unintrusive, sleek protection for an expensive phone.
This is clearly a well thought out and thoughtfully designed protective case. The phone fits perfectly, and the product name honours the animal's own tough, robust, but streamlined appearance. It provides enough to survive shocks from drops onto hard surfaces from table / hand height (perhaps more, however I'm not that careless), but remains sleek enough to put in any trouser pocket without undue intrusion. I was slightly put off by the pop-out stand on the back, however find myself using it frequently. The case might be slightly better if there were rubber caps to cover the headphone jack and micro USB port, but aside from that it ranks far above its counterparts from other companies. Strongly recommended to anyone wishing to preserve the longevity of their Samsung.
It has a very good grip and the case is solid. I guess one has to get used to press any of the buttons on the case as it's really very firm. Other than that, it gives good protection overall.
If you drop your phone a lot, this case is for you
If you drop your phone a lot, this case is for you. It's great! The ridges on the side give you extra grip to prevent you from dropping it in the first place. And when you do drop it...it's still in one piece and unharmed! The stand on the back is a great feature. It's not the prettiest case, I would have liked something sparkly and pink but I wanted my phone to stay working more.
Exactly as it said, rugged and stylish!!!
Excellent rugged case Olixar ArmourDillo Samsung Galaxy A5 2016
Great looking case,perfect match, rugged, excelent protection for the phone.. Also fast delivery within a few days.. I'm extremely satisfied with your's page, offering different and lot's of things for mobile phones.. From now your's customer
overall impressed
Despite the long shipping period, very happy with the product. It lives up to the product description. Nice heavy duty case
Tough, durable, robust feeling protection
I think it's a shame that protective cases don't have a cover for the screen, but it seems none of the good ones do, according to reviews I've read. From what's left, I'm very pleased that I purchased this case. It offers great protection and leaves access to all the button functions - volume, power/ lock, speaker, camera, home key etc...

And I can't fault the service from mobilefun.co.uk. They kept me informed about the dispatch of my product, and it arrived the following postal day. They gave me confidence that I was dealing with a firm that valued its customers.
Excellent case - purchased it for my work phone also (Lumia)
Rugged, comfortable, love the stand clip so you can watch the screen at a desk.

Delivery within a few days, recommended it to our work IT department!
Olixar ArmourDillo Case for Samsung Galaxy A5 2016
Awesome looking case, perfect size match, i don't like hard plastic edges though, rubber would be much better (knowing from experience). All in all decent protection. Fast delivery for international orders!
Very good product, perfect
excellent product very happy with it, received in good time...
Too long
I think the item itself is lovely, very practical and well built but it is too big for my Samsung Galaxy A5. There is around half an inch of a gap length ways when I push the phone down to the bottom. In terms of width it's perfect but the length ruins it because of the positions of the buttons. Unusable I'm afraid
MobileFun Reply
Hi Dazzler

Sounds like you may have the Galaxy A5 2015 version of the phone, can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can confirm which device you have.
great product the simple fact its robust and simple to use no covers to open up, and in my line of work which is always outdoors I'm not worried if it fall out of my pocket and hits the ground no probs
Superb Robust Case
I needed a tough case for my new phone. I am prone to dropping my phone completely by accident of course! this case is brilliant, smart and functional. I love the attached pull out stand at the back. Couldn't be happier with my purchase and for a great price too.
Great case, but it is a little bit too long for the phone. It works....

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