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Olixar ArmourDillo OnePlus 2 Protective Case - Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your OnePlus 2 with this blue Olixar ArmourDillo Protective Case, comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact-resistant exoskeleton.
  • Mobile Fun ID 54613

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 4.3 stars from 7 customers

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Looks good... But isn't
I opened the package, got this protective case out and clothed my oneplus 2 with it.

The red and black colors looked good and did pop out but that popping out was mostly the thick belly, almost pregnant like. The cover really adds bulk to the phone.

The back stand was as hard to open as it is to take out the piece of chicken stuck between two molars. It did open and every time it was a relief that it didn't break in the battle.

It's extra bright, extra bulky and has an extra stubborn back stand, but it gets worse. The outer case, the one that's there for strength, has 6 protrusions that help protect the corners and sides but one of he sides broke while applying (or was damaged in packaging) . They are very delicate and I doubt they can take any direct hit.

The inner case is the best part, but remember that the case doesn't snuggly fix around the phone. Maybe if it would have been 1mm tighter?

All in all, this product is made of inferior quality material and the design is not good enough for maximum protection.

2 words... Don't Buy!
Strong, Rugged and Easy to install...with one flaw.
If you think this case looks tough then you'd be right, the inner sleeve is TPU rubber, this will deaden the knocks of any drops and protect the looks of your device.

The outside part of the case provides the strength. This won't be slipping out of your hands anytime soon but you might fall foul of this case's only drawback..

The middle part of the case is an ingenious fold out stand which provides a locking mechanism so it won't be falling over which makes it excellent for watching video/YouTube either way you lie it, which is great.

Unfortunately, when this stand is closed, and the phone is lying on it's back, then this small middle section acts like a see saw when you're trying to use the phone lying on it's back.

It's a small drawback, when you have it on the desk, just leave it using the excellent stand.

You also might think the phone will be too big to get into your pockets when the case is applied but, surprisingly, the case does not add too much bulk to the overall size.

In summary, if you spent a lot on your phone then you'll want to protect it, if you buy this case then you're phone will be protected, partner it with a good quality tempered glass screen protector for the front and you can feel assured knowing your phone is safe and protected.
Smart, robust and user friendly
This product is everything I needed. The gel case provides good absorbing protection on all corners, while the armoured (and removable) cover on top provides additional strength. All cutouts are in the perfect place allowing access to all the buttons. Stand works well and clips in/out very robustly. Couldn't ask for more - perfect product! Have dropped phone several times (once down 12 stairs - you can see why I need a good case!) and no phone damage at all.

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