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Enjoy listening to music while in the shower with the Olixar AquaFonik Bluetooth Shower Speaker in pink. With music playback controls and built-in microphone for those important phone calls that just can't wait.
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Does what is says on the can
Nothing. It was a said and works well
Brilliant product, brilliant service
You can’t get better for the money
low volume
good produxt but volume on high is not really high
Really good little device. I always wanted to keep listening to podcasts when in the shower and now I can!!
Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker
The item has stuck well to shower tiles, sound is good and easy to use as connects to iPad as soon as switched on.
cool gadget
Had no knowledge of the product before, or the website, however it has turned out fab.
Poor all round
I have bought other makes of cordless on this site. Still enjoying them. This one is by far the worst. Poor sound quality, cheap looking, ridiculous buttons for adjusting. My teens will not touch them. This is because they are used to the quality of delivery of other speakers from this site. Will
Definitely return
Really pleased with this product.
I wonder now if it would have been cheaper to buy one that was not shower proof ...as I only use it for general use??I only heard since I got this that there are general use ones available.Otherwise top product..love listening to my favourite songs from my youtube library at proper volume!Many thanks.
great staff
great staff
Great value
Brilliant little gizmo. Works a treat
This was a gift for my daughter and she is very pleased with it
Was a gift for my daughter and she is thrilled with it
It works but the volume is rubbish
Sound quality and volume not louder than from my device!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Tracey

Ensure that the media volume on your phone is set to a high level as well as on the speaker itself, and it should be much better. Hope this helps, if any other problems please contact our Customer Services team for further assistance.
Ok for the money i paid
How long the battery ladts
Great kit
Fantastic but of kit,hooks up every time,loud,good range
It was a gift for someone.
This is a very good speaker for the price bought it for my granddaughters 11 Birthday she got it up and running even before I read the instructions
Great idea
Would have preferred blue as it's for my 16 Year old son's bathroom!!

Good idea. Saves wiring.
This is the second one I bought - my wife liked mine so much!
As in my earlier review, this does what it promises. It allows me to hear the (streamed) radio in the shower, and my wife to hear podcasts from her tablet in her studio.
Remember, you can further adjust the volume using prolonged presses on the << and >> buttons to reduce and increase, respectively!
Excellent value for money.
Once I found the volume control, I was happy!
Initially, I found the volume inadequate to hear clearly in the shower. When I checked the instructions, it wasn't explicitly clear but long presses on the 《 and 》 buttons turn the volume down and up, respectively.
The suction pad works well, Bluetooth connection was simple, and my radio app streams well through it.
Very happy with this item!
Love it!
Bought this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend as he loves to play his music in the shower. He loved it. I use it too now! Great purchase you won’t regret it!
I installed the speaker in the bathroom when I finished charging it. It works great and I am very happy with it.
Excellent product just what i wanted, together with great service from this company.
Cute novelty
I bought this product as gifts which I have not yet given, but I was very happy with the ordering process, and the speedy, uncomplicated delivery. The speakers are compact, a great colour and I think will provide a great source of enjoyment. I am very happy with my purchase.
It's great to have crisp clear sound in the shower.
Simple to use and good sound
I can pair my mobile phone to it and use it in the bathroom, or indeed in any room of the house. It has good sound and is easily portable. It almost does exactly what it says on the tin but the one issue I have is that i cannot pair my iPod Nano to it - the iPod will not pick it up at all. Otherwise, it works well.
Looks good but is not very loud!
I bought this for my son who loves listening to music in the shower.
It was easy to pair with an iPhone, has a good feel and seems well made. Unfortunately is has a major flaw - it is too quiet and therefore remains stuck to the shower screen unused because it cannot be heard over the noise of the water...

Maybe useful for lazing quietly in a bath listening to music
MobileFun Reply
Hi Adrian

The volume can be raised from the speaker and from the phone too and both need to be set accordingly for the maximum volume to be achieved. Make sure you the phone volume when connected to the speaker is set to very high and adjust the level
Bought this for my son in law. He love's it. Said wow I can even get my telephone through it!!!
Therapeutic.....and it works, too.
Each time I walked into the shower room and saw her tablet on the window ledge (she's a Radio 4 Today freak) I panicked.
Now her tablet is happy and dry in the bedroom, she's happy in the shower, listening and I'm happy too..
A great gadget. As described, good quality
Great sound for small device
Fast delivery, good price, easy to use and great sound for such a small unit.
The AquaFonik an item that should be in every bathroom.
Since purchasing this item I now wondered how on earth I ever managed without it. It saves taking your phone into the bathroom and it possibly falling into the sink or accidentally picking it up when you are in the shower. The AquaFonik allows you to listen to your favourite songs or any radio station. Simply connect the Bluetooth and leave your phone safely in another room without the worry of it getting damaged. I would strongly recommend this item if you want to keep your phone dry.
Qwerky and fun - a great gift!
Nice little BT speaker
Bought this for my niece as she was always taking her phone in the bathroom with her when showering. This speaker produces good sound and is easy to set up, and can stick on the shower door.
Boys staying even longer in the shower now!!
Bought this for my husband as he used his phone for music and when I saw this I thought he would make great use of it! My boys love showering and spend so long that it's like a sauna when they get out! Since this speaker arrived it's unbelievable you can hear them singing I really don't think they realise how loud they are. I think my younger son starts dancing too! I'm afraid he might slip! Maybe it should come with a warning!!
I love the colour and size of the speaker. It's not big and obtrusive but neat and tidy looking! Two downsides though, it won't stick to our tiles they are porcelain, flat tiles but we cannot get it to stick. My husband sticks it to the door, which I don't really like as it leaves a mark, until it's cleaned. Second issue, it doesn't have a volume control. I found that weird? Having said that, it lets my guys listen to music in the shower or relaxing in the bath. It does it's job and that's the main thing!
brilliant speaker for the shower
A great speaker, bought for my 10 year old son who spent 40 minutes in the shower the first time he used it! Good value and quick delivery thank you.Always great service from mobile fun as usual.
Sound not loud enough
I like almost everything about it but the sound is not loud enough for somebody that is taking a shower.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Joao

Please make sure that the volume on the speaker and the device you have connected are both set quite high as both will have an impact on the overall level of the volume.

Hope this helps.
decent sound for reasonable price
Sound is ok, not HI-FI, but then again, you don't really need hifi sound in the shower.
all in all a good buy
A bit of Sound fun
Perfect to amuse a pre-teen whilst they use their bathroom!!!
Charge and go, with no real set-up to speak of. Used in conjunction with an iPhone. Means the phone remains outside the bathroom, away from water and therefore safe.
Sticks on a smooth tiled or glass surface best. Otherwise it does a good job well.
great -------- BUT
Ordered two to start with - only one worked - was replaced. then its great and works excellently. I bought total of three -1 a gift the others for home and one to travel with. both of mine broke within a month.so its great ......BUT quality is rubbish. Awaiting the situation being resolved. its brilliant idea and when it works its great......BUT
Great speaker
Battery is really good and great sound
Great speaker
Battery is really good and great sound
very good
Is what it says
Does a good job as shower speaker. Easy to set up and use although instructions a little on the small side.
Excellent Shower Speaker
Really good speaker - use it every dat when I shower or the kids are in the bath. Sound is good and battery life is great.
It's just works!!!
Stick it to your tiles...glass shower screen or even your forehead! This just works....simple and easy to install. I thought at this price I was going to get a flimsy made?....crackly speaker?....potentially electrocuted?.... Nope! I connected it to my iPhone in about 20 seconds out of the box....slapped it onto my shower screen and bopped away for an extra 10 mins in the shower to my iTunes! And if you get sick of one track just press the button...and it will skip a track. Volume too low? Press and hold the right skip button and it will literally blast your ear drums away!! It works! It's works a bit too well!
Just buy it...but don't slip in the shower listening to the cha cha slide! *note* I don't own the cha cha slide it was only used for comical value! Editors notes: there is nothing funny or amusing about the cha cha slide and if you own it on your iTunes...you are not being discriminated against and are still able to own and enjoy this little bundle of joy
Excellent product
My first speaker worked fine but would not charge the battery. So returned free of charge and received brand new speaker. Brilliant sound for size and easy to control whilst in the shower.Exellent item and excellent service.
Produces a good quality sound
This is my second purchase of this radio and I bought it as a present. It's really easy to use and produces a good quality sound.
Olixar AquaFonik Bluetooth Shower Speaker - Blue.
Great Idea!

I listen to a lot of TalkSport and this is ideal when getting ready in the mornings. I was expecting it to fall off the bathroom wall every five minutes. But no! It's still affixed to the shower (tiled) back wall after 5 days. Set up very simple, although the instructions are in a -5 font size. Sound quality very good for its size and the volume level more than acceptable, particularly with the power shower at full chat. (Not sure what the wife is going to think though: she can't stand listening to people talk about sport; football in particular).
Great piece of kit, it works.
The only down side and its a "biggy" ,the buttons are exceptionally difficult to see when mounted on the wall with a bit of water spray etc on them.
They need to have highlighted indents.
Now I can enjoy all my tunes in the shower
I love this little speaker. I was in the market for a shower radio but everything was very expensive and looked ugly until I came across this little speaker. It pairs simply with your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth and you can listen to any radio apps, your own music and on top of it all you can awnser your phone calls. It's also small but packs a decent volume. You can leave your iPad or iPhone in another room as you can control volume, the next song or awnser calls via the controls on the speaker. It has a big suction cup to stick on your bathroom tiles and being waterproof you can stick anywhere. A great product that I can easily recommend to anyone.
Very easy to use, great quality sound, really great product.
nice product
Buy it
This is a nice little unit. The sound is decent for the price and size.
Something I never knew I wanted till I started using it!
I tend to watch shows/listen to songs while I'm showering, and it's often very difficult to hear what's going on when separated by a glass shower screen. Problem solved with this nifty little thing! Bluetooth connection with my laptop, android phones and android tablets are all a breeze and the connection is reliable. It would be perfect if it had volume control too, but oh well, it's pretty great as it is right now!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Syerra

The Aquafonik does actually include volume control from the speaker. If you hold down either the previous track or next track buttons on the unit, you can lower or raise the volume of the audio / music.

Hope this helps!
Something I never knew I wanted till I started using it!
I tend to watch shows/listen to songs while I'm showering, and it's often very difficult to hear what's going on when separated by a glass shower screen. Problem solved with this nifty little thing! Bluetooth connection with my laptop, android phones and android tablets are all a breeze and the connection is reliable. It would be perfect if it had volume control too, but oh well, it's pretty great as it is right now!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Syerra

The Aquafonik does actually include volume control from the speaker. If you hold down either the previous track or next track buttons on the unit, you can lower or raise the volume of the audio / music.

Hope this helps!
Great for a bath ok for a shower
The tile says it all, I have a noisy shower and when it's running you can't hear much of the quiter parts of songs on top volume.
Awesome product
This product is great, I use it every time I have a shower. Brilliant
Excellent shower speaker
I bought this as the rest of my family were fed up with me having the music on loudly enough to hear in the shower. It pairs easily with my iPhone, sticks to the tiles well (wet the sucker first) and goes surprisingly loud before it starts to distort. The speaker fires backwards toward the tile and then reflects back so gives a wider sound 'source' than if it fired forward. Battery life seems good so far and controls all work as expected. My only slight criticism is that the instructions are printed extremely small but since these are only really needed once to learn how to turn it on and off and how to pair this is much of a snag.
This is a great speaker for the price. The sound quality is great and its very loud. It does stick well to the tiles just make sure you clean the tile first.
very good
Works perfectly apart from it not sticking to the wall properly
simple to use
Bought this for my wife who loves her music. Usually just turned her phone volume up. She's not very tech minded but got it set up and going in seconds.
All I've heard back is it is brilliant.... Oh and lots of dodgy singing of Beyonce and Gaga! Lol
In my opinion
Great device good Bluetooth range from phone speaker quality good for the price. Only problem was nothing in the instructions on how to activate Siri as claimed in the advertising After an email to customer services they responded quickly explaining that it needs two quick clicks on the call button and hey presto Siri was there. Thanks mobilefun, bath time will never be the same.
Quality product
Fantastic product overall. The pairing for bluetooth is very quick and responsive. This product has a very good quality of sound for its price. The sound can be a bit on the low end, but you will not find a better waterproof speaker quality of sound. I LOVE this product. It sits on the tiles well and the controls are easy to use. The down side is yes it comes with a charging usb cable, but no plug. But hey, we all have computers with a usb charging port. Hours of playback is good with 4 hours. Brilliant product guys xx
Pleasure in the shower
it very usefull and very professional product.
Very Good
Bought this only recently and must say very impressed with it so far, whilst it isn't the best sounding speakers in the world its certainly an improvement over the phone speakers outside the shower.

Mine stays above my head stuck on the wall when showering so i haven't seen what's its like if you dunk it in water.

I am only giving it 4 stars though because it needs its own cable to charge which isn't a USB standard.
Great little thing!
This was one of the best and useful purchases I ever made! This little speaker produces an astonishing sound, keeping you great company in the shower. You can also make/receive those urgent (or not) calls while being busy in the shower.
Truly recommended!
Bluetooth shower speaker
Pretty easy to set up and the sound quality is surprisingly good.
I found it a little difficult to see the control symbols in low light but other than that minor gripe all good.
Bluetooth shower speaker
Pretty easy to set up and the sound quality is surprisingly good.
I found it a little difficult to see the control symbols in low light but other than that minor gripe all good.
Very nice product and cool colors.
This is just the best speaker ever. I wanted a shower radio but this is just perfect. Waterproof, you can answer phone calls, listen to your music all while in the shower or bath..... Amazing and fabulous design and colours too
Not bad, but should have a volume control
The unit seems well made and is robust.
Sticks to tiles quite well, but experience shows that when finished in the bath/shower, take it off the wall or it will fall off.
Sound quality (spectrum)is adequate considering its size, BUT the main failing is that it isn't loud enough when the shower is on or filling the bath. It relies on the volume set by the phone and the level of the recording.
The device really needs a volume control so that quieter tracks can still be heard, or at least a boost button to increase the gain.

Bluetooth range is huge - much larger than expected. The phone could be two rooms away!

Being able to jump tracks (forwards and backwards) is useful, and it works well when receiving calls.

If listening to pop music (generally recorded at high levels) it is OK, and my children are happy to use it.
If listening to speech radio or classical music, it is too quiet most of the time.

At least it does mean that your mobile device will not be damaged by moisture.

Not bad really, but if it had a means of boosting the volume output I'd give it 4 or 5 stars.
Good call, Impressed
Works very well, allows my girls to keep thier iphone away from water from shower and the bath and still listen to thier own music, works well with both thier phones just switch on, bluetooth on, connected. "water music on tap".
There is only one thing that I would see changed and that is the ability to change volume setting from the speaker itself. At the moment this needs to be set on the phone, which is not in the bathroom...
other than that, very impressed, my girls are happy, si I am happy.
Wasn't sure of the quality of this item as it was so cheap, however when it arrived we tested it and it's brilliant - so good that we're getting another for a friend.
Spot On
Clear sound and so convenient and easy to use. Wouldn't be without it now.

Highly recommended.
Excellent product.
This product brings your bath to another dimension. I love it and it's very good. It sounds very loud and I didn't expected to be honest. If you will buy it you will live it!!!
Great just what I looking for
Great Sound,Great Size, Waterproof, Great Colour Green fits in the bathroom nicely. Means that Great sounds of talkSport. Thank you
Excelent Item
Very good value for money and great sound quality. Very easy to set up and use.
Simple pleasure
I'm thrilled with this simple gadget that gives hours of pleasure in the bathroom at such a reasonable price. Bathing, showering, washing and applying make-up listening to your favourite music or radio station with quality sound. My bathroom is now my music centre: albums, playlists and favourite radio stations. In addition, you needn't miss a mobile call in the shower again. I loved it so much, I bought one for my daughter who thinks "it's brilliant".
Great Prodct!
Great communication, quick delivery and so far so good with the speakers working perfectly! :)
Bath times aren't the same!!
Music is now blasting out of my bathroom, my 8 year old boy has taken over. He switches his iPod on, switches on aquafonik and he's not to be seen and only just heard for half an hour, above the sound of "NOW 85". It's so easy to use my 5 years old daughter also flicks between tracks with ease. Sound is good, especially in a bathroom. And can be very loud, by choice of course. Great value for money
Works great
Works really great, very clear sound, overall wel-made.
Fun, colourful and easy.
It took me a while to figure out how to work it, but this is awesome!
Reasonable quality of speaker, does music does distort at times if too loud or high but we all know music sounds better in the shower so it doesn't matter too much anyway. Love it :)
Fun, colourful and easy.
It took me a while to figure out how to work it, but this is awesome!
Reasonable quality of speaker, does music does distort at times if too loud or high but we all know music sounds better in the shower so it doesn't matter too much anyway. Love it :)
good for every day used
It's wicked little Bluetooth speaker I use it all the time anywhere and good for the money I paid it for
How Good is this Speaker...
I ordered this as a gift for the other half. She and I are very impressed with this speaker. It fell in the bath the first time it was used and this has had no effect whatsoever. The sound quality is very good and clear and call quality is also very good. Will probably get a second for the shower.
Excellent product
This speaker did exactly what it says it will. Works perfectly with my devices and gives an excellent sound in the shower!
Cracking value for money
For the money this Is pretty impressive unit. It seems well made, gives out decent sound and still works well when the phone is on the other side of the house.

I can't comment on battery life yet as I've yet to recharge it which given the usage it's had I guess is already a good thing.

Well worth the money to get some early morning tunes in the shower.
it's great for those that love music, now I can enjoy in the bath!
Brilliant Piece of Kit
We are having our bathroom remodeled soon and I was anxious to replace the old analogue clock radio which is attached to the wall.The reception and range is excellent. The tone is great. I would agree with 'Anonymous' that the on/off button is a little flakey. Definitely a long press to switch on/off but it's still a superb piece of kit
Spot On
Previously had a wind up radio in the bathroom. Always had to remember to wind up for long enough for me to have a shower, and often forgot.

This little beauty is brilliant, also producing a good sound quality.
Dad can i have .........PLZ PLZ PLZ
Being a "don't waste your money on that" type of person, my daughter bugged me to get her this shower speaker thing.
It arrived 2 days later(impressed),out the box it came, set up by my daughter in seconds, straight in the shower in minutes.
The ability to skip songs via the speaker, the suction cup and being shower proof make this spot on for her.
Sound is fairly good, again better than I expected.
It's also taken down the stables and stuck to the window in the tack room while her phone stays in her locker.
Happy showering.
I like to listen to the radio when showering but the rest of the family are not as keen on full volume talksport. This is the solution. Downloaded radio app to phone, bluetooth to the speaker job done.
No longer need full volume as it's next to my ear and the tone isn't too bad either. Still waiting for a call so I can answer it in the shower!
Its absolutely an awesome device
Cant believe a dream come true i was always wondering how to listen music using my mobile or ipad but this device gave me what i want and close to my ears while taking bath.

its really useful and make me relaxing in bath as i watch lots of serial on my Ipad while enjoying bath.

the sound quality is amazing cant think such little device can be so much powerful.

Thanks for Mobile fun to sending me this products email.
Good things come in small packages
As the title suggests this is a small but powerful little speaker, Bluetooth connects easily with both my iphone 5 and my husbands samsung galaxy s2. Real clarity of sound and good bass, did not expect much from the size and the price, but am really impressed. Will be buying another one for the kitchen. A little tip, when attaching to a tile, wet the sucker a little and it sticks straight away and stays put longer.
shower time bliss
A great little gadget, just put bluetooth on phone and sync.I downloaded tune in radio app, now i have my favourite radio stations on in the shower. Even my techno phobe wife uses it. Simples...
Love it
Love this shower speaker I like the way you can move it about the house and answer the phone on it it's a great gadget to have
Brilliant buy!
Brilliant purchase, well worth the wait. My son uses the speaker to listen to his music while in the shower and we can then ring him to tell him to hurry up.
Great fun...
a complete triumph
fantastic bit of kit, only took 2 minutes to sync it up with my iphone and I was listening to my favourite tunes in the bath! gives plenty enough volume, and looks good as well. I bought another one 2 days later for a gift.
Wet, wet, wet!
Love this device. Easy to pair and although the sound isn't the best it's more than adequate and allows me to sing along in the shower! Not taken a call on it yet but nice to know that facility is available. The suction disc is excellent and it's nice and lightweight. I definitely recommend the Aquafonik Bluetooth Shower Speaker.
Singing in the Rain
A great device for listening to music in the shower. Good sucker action on very flat tiles but can fall off on mottled tiles. Apart from that great sound, good Bluetooth connection; very quick and simple.
This device is damage resistant and very waterproof. So even though it may fall into the bath or shower basin,it will not scratch easily or stop working. Overall a brilliant product!
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