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Olixar Aluminium Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Shell Case - Silver Reviews

This premium and sophisticated Aluminium series slim, shell case from Olixar in silver offers excellent protection for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, whilst maintaining it's sleek exterior.
  • Mobile Fun ID 53361

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 2.4 stars from 5 customers

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Terrible quality, broke on the first day
This product is Terrible! It looked good, but that's where the positives end. I fitted it, put my phone in my pocket and went for a walk. While walking I received a call, when putting phone back in my pocket I realised it was slipping from the case. On further inspection I discovered that one corner had broken off and was loose in my pocket. This caused the case to be useless!! I threw it in the bin in annoyance, and am now using the old case that I wanted to replace. Once again, terrible product!!!
Lovely looking case just a shame the corners broke off, 1st one after just a few days (still was able to use it), the second one after another week, rendering it totally useless. Would not recommend.
Nice looking case but....
Nice looking case but some problems! The design of it means that the edges of the case are a bit sharp (as another reviewer mentioned) also one of the corners of mine came off, i wonder if it is a fault caused by the sharp edges as the corners and the inner lining are made of soft rubber material. Its such a shame as it is a very sturdy and very attracive looking case. Probably will just keep a hold of it as it does still stay on my phone with just the 3 corners supporting it but not sure it would protect it if i dropped it, would probably just pop off in that situation!
case for samsung galaxy s6 edge
what I like about this case is the feel, it has a nice wooden touch. the only downside would be that if you drop you phone, most probably the screen will crack, as this cover is covering the back only! in rest, very nice cover!
Not great
The material and design attracted me to this item. However, the finish was not great there were gaps between the metal and plastic it's attached to that were sharp to the touch. In the end I had to buy another case.

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