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Olixar 6 USB Smart IC Charger with EU AC Adapter - 10 Amps / 50W Reviews

Never struggle to find a free USB charging port ever again, instead use the Olixar 6 Port USB EU mains power adapter with a total of 10 Amps (up to 2.5 Amps per port) for super fast charging of your smartphones, tablets and USB ready devices.
  • Mobile Fun ID 50217
$52.58 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 21 customers

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Ahhh, no more plug hunting!
As we have more 'essential' tech between us than is sensible, this device has been brilliant!!
Very good charging speed for the "Oh dear, I forgot to plug it in" moments.
Handy size to pack in cabin baggage.
Adapter plug for EU travel is a nice touch.
Olixar quality is always high.
Powerful, neat, lightweight, well made.
By ordering the Euro plug version, I actually ended up with the UK mains lead in the box AND a Euro mans lead in a separate pack. Fantastic! And then I realised I have spares of both types of lead in my junk box anyway so it would be nice if this unit could be bought cheaper without any leads at all for those of us who have them already, it's a standard figure-8 mains connection.

Intelligent electronics delivers 2.5A on each port, with an overall maximum of 10A which is presumably shared out if you try to charge everything you own all at once. I use mine on my desk with various leads attached so I just plug my devices into their leads as needed. But I will also be taking it on holiday as it's surprisingly lightweight and it's hard to imagine needing more than 6 ports at once so that saves taking several wall warts and multiway mains adapters or socket convertors.

Solid well made unit, even comes plastic film wrapped to ensure it's in absolutely pristine condition.

A particularly nice touch is the integral Velcro cable tidy attached to the mains lead. That just shouts quality compared with the usual wire tie.

Sensible price, buckets of power. Highly recommended.
Very useful device
Very useful product, successfully charged 3 devices at the same time within 2 hours on first use, I have it on my desk in work and my colleagues now ask can they charge the phones on it too. The only negative is the fact that it does not come with a 3 pin plug but the European 2 pin. Other than that I would recommend this this anyone considering purchase.
Clutter Free
Nice sized adapter that works very well. Solid feel. Excellent price, replaces a couple of adapters in the house. Worth buying.
Fantastic piece of hardware, provides good power to each of the ports simultaneously and leaving all the cables plugged in means they can all be tied neatly without the spaghetti bowl which we had previously. So impressed I got a second one for the office.

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