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Olixar 6 Port USB Smart IC Charger - 10 Amps / 50W Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Never struggle to find a free USB charging port ever again, instead use the Olixar 6 Port USB mains power adapter with a total of 10 Amps (up to 2.5 Amps per port) for super fast charging of your smartphones, tablets and USB ready devices.
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 4.8 stars from 94 customers

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Great piece of kit, does as it says on the tin!
Solid, practical, fast charging. Love this. Has a real quality feel about it. This will be particularly useful when you go on holiday with the family and everyone wants to charge their devices at the same time. A little pricey but you get what you pay for.
Great Piece of Kit
I purchased this 6 port charger with an Olixar Tablet and Smartphone Wooden desk station. By using the both together on my desk, it clears up the clutter of cables and charges as quick as any other chargers I've had. Recommend A1.
Good Value
The Olixar Smart IC Charger has been a great help in reducing the mess of cables for charging a variety of items. It has worked well with my Sony Z5, iPad, iPod, eCig, and other products. I would recommend this to anyone.
Just the jobby
This device is perfect if like me you have a dads chair , with dads drawer and shelf at your side with only one electrical socket. I'm a keen cyclist and like going to the gym so I have numerous gadgets to charge. The beauty of this charger is that it recognises each individual device and delivers the correct charge without compromising the others. I can now charge a Go Pro , Garmin , kindle , Tablet , Headphones and I-Phone all at the same time. It's the perfect charger for any dads corner.
Thanks for the good work Mobile Fun.
Put an end to charger battles
I bought two of these plugs for my family charging needs. I researched to find one which I thought would have fast charging capability as I often have low battery as I'm rushing out the door. I bought multiple coloured leads from ebay (very cheaply but they work) and this plug charges really efficiently as it automatically charges at capacity depending on how many things are plugged into it. I can see the percentage battery counter go up quite rapidly and it has the ability to charge /run all of our phones/ipads at once so it's just perfect. No more battles over who's taken whose charging plug! I'd really like to buy a third one!!
Purchased this product as I needed to power 5 Rapberry Pi's. Works perfectly and supplies ample power
Just the job.
Want to charge your Ipod, Ipad, phone and any other gizmo simultaneously? - Then this is what you really need. You can charge 6 items together. No fuss or bother.

Great price and the usual Mobile Fun great service.
Great product
This is a very useful product that provides 6 charging ports for mobile phones, tablets and other devices that charge via a USB port. Using only one electrical socket this centralises the process and we no longer have devices scattered around the house being individually charged. Its quality is excellent at an affordable price and is extremely easy to use.
First class product
First class product , first class service.
I ordered the charger unit it turned up two days later exactly as described. Works a treat. Based on my experience I would definitely recommend this product to anybody. Service from mobilefun matched the product.
This is great ,charges quickly and can do up to 6 items
This is great ,charges quickly and can do up to 6 items.
Also does not take up loads of room.
Just what's needed
How do you charge 2 phones, and Ipod, a satnav and a Road Angel all in one go? Buy this Olixar Charger. A pal of mine is buying one to charge all his bike lights simultaneously, with his phone.

Also just what we need for the holiday to charge all our gizmos together. Great product at a great price (it was on offer). Highly recommended.
Very good
Hav'nt had it long, but it seems to do the job very well
Great device Does what it says
Great device Does what it says. I use this site for hard to find bits and pieces . The products always work and the service is good
UK Plug....on a great product
I specifically used this site to order as it has a .com.au domain name. I at least expected a product with a Australian plug on it. Alas the product too two weeks to arrive after being shipped and arrived with a UK plug. Shame because the product itself seems great...just can't use it without changing the plug or buying a separate adapter. This it a poor show
Centralise your charging
Great product, fullfills all our charging needs in a single neat product, no more need to have usb leads all over the house.
Perfect space solution
I was beginning to find that have my kitchen sockets were being taken up by phone/tablet/camera USB chargers. This is the perfect solution. It only takes up one socket, all items needing a charge are tucked out of the way in one corner now and worktop as well as socket space has been freed up nicely. Highly recommended if you are in the same predicament.
Great space saving charger
Bought this to save space and sockets. I have 3 tablets & 2 mobile phones to charge every day and found that I was using nearly every socket in the room. So I was looking for the best solution to my dilemma and I have to say this product is exactly what I needed. I love the fact that its a smart charger and it charges each device at its optimum level. Would I recommend this device to family or friends? Definitely! 5 stars all the way.
Machine great and quick delivery
Okay the machine is neat and tidy, and really stops the clutter of chargers all over the office. The only critisism , if that is the so called double sided tape which you attach to the charger. This is to help to locate the charger under a shelf or some other area of the office , this does not work , always falls off.
As I say this is not any fault of the charger.
equipment looks well made and is working
All info correct and machine doing what was explain in the equipment blog.
Brilliant Product
This item is so handy to charge all your usb items from one plug socket. So easy to use and fast charging of usb items. BRILLIANT!!!!
Exactly what I needed
Perfect for my needs.
I would recommend it anyone.
Best purchase so far.
Tidy solution
Good solution to keeping all those cables safe in one place and using 1 charger for all USB devices, even those that need more current. My first one became defective after 14 months but was replaced without dispute. It is a well-built product that is useful at home and while travelling....phones, GoPros, iPads, camera batteries, power banks....it charges them all. The long wall to device cable means you never struggle to place it where you need it.
Olixar Smart USB Charger - Very good -
Like just about everyone the number of electronic gadgets I have has increased and the need to almost constantly charge them up means a line of different chargers plugged into a 6 way extension socket, not very tidy, also if you plug the wrong lead in the wrong charger it either does not charge or charges very slowly, there must be a better way !
With that in mind I checked the internet for an "all in one" charger, after some searching I found the reviews for the Olixar USB Smart charger, the reviews were all positive so I decided to buy one.
I can now add my review to the others and say its brilliant, it gets rid of all the separate chargers and the six way extension as well.
It is small, neat, and works very well, it even charges some of my gadgets faster than the original chargers.
Now that the gadget manufacturers have standardized to USB - micro it is exactly what is needed to keep everything charged.
If I have one small issue it would be that there is no visual indicator to show it is on.
But I still give it 10 out of 10.
If you want a small neat fast multi way USB charger that will charge phones, tablets, eBooks and any other USB charged gadget look no further, you've found it.
Great Charger
Great charger I can now charge up to 6 things at once instead of having to wait until the first one has finished and then start all over again, but now with this charger I do not have to wait any more and for the price you can not go wrong in getting one of these charger.
Relief at last . Every fortnight I am descended on by son and grandson both have I pads mobile phones my wife and I both have I pads and phones which has led to arguments as they didint bring any chargers ,times I would plug my phone in to charge only to find when I went back it had been unplugged and replaced by theirs so thanks mobile fun I now live in a peaceful house
Don't know how we coped so long without one!
Managing your own devices and keeping them charged is bad enough but when you add in your partners, kids and any visitors then you quickly run out of sockets - especially now after Christmas!

I'm not sure how we have coped for so long without one of these (in fact we have two now). We were forever running out of sockets to charge items; or running out of charge in items we had not managed to charge up. Constant juggling of sockets and chargers is now a thing of the past as we always have enough ports to charge items as and when they are needed rather than waiting for a socket to come free.

Quick charging, with its 10A capacity, slim unobtrusive design and an easy clean surface make this multi port charging unit perfect for families running out of socket space. It keeps things tidy and tucks nearly out of the way when not required.

We would not be without our Olixar 6 Port USB Smart IC Chargers now, they have really simplified managing our multiple devices.
The device looks great and does what it says
The device looks great and does what it says however not a very practical device especially when it cos to placing on desks or tables etc
However comes in handy for multiple devices and will make use of it at some point
Sick of carrying all sorts of chargers everywhere
My wife and I go away most weekends and we have to pack phone and tablet chargers of all varieties, same when we go abroad. Been thinking of buying this device for a while and in the end I just had enough of all the different chargers, not to mention the necessity for umpteen plug sockets, so I bit the bullet and bought one.

Have to say I wish I'd done it months ago, brilliant device
Great little device
I have a desktop stand for my 10"tablet, one for my phone and I charge my Smartwatch every night. This handles all of them with full charging for the tablet, none of that red cross nonsense, and various other devices plugged in.
It comes with sticky pads to secure it to your desk/bedside cabinet but it won't take the weight if you have it upside down or on the side. Or at least mine didn't. But it's hidden behind my tablet stand on my bedside so sorted.
Does what it says
I've usually got usb plugs in every orifice on my Mac Pro, but no more… a great practical piece of kit.
This device is fantastic because I can charge up to six devices at the same time. It is reliable, small and unobtrusive. One electric socket does the job of charging all my phones and tablets. I wouldn't be without it now, it has become a necessity that I hadn't realised that I needed. Delivery was prompt and it was well packed.
Nice and tidy
I can now cram all the wires and stuff out of the way and just leave this poking out from under my desk. Lovely.
I loved this product because I can now charge up to six USB gadgets similtaniously. This is ideal for households with limited electric sockets. I would recommend this as extremely useful.
Great item very pleased with it good price
Excellent purchase
This item allows 6 items to charge from 1 socket. Very useful at home and will be ideal for travelling with hand luggage only.
Another nice bit of kit.
I had three separate charging units plugged into a four gang extension.
Now I have six USB ports and can charge six devices at once. I'm laughing.
Got more spare sockets now for any other low amp uses.
Only takes one plug socket to charge six items at once
To me this charger does exactly what it says on the box it only takes one plug socket to charge six items at once so to me it's well worth the money would recommend it to anyone.
Excellent product
This device is a little smaller than I expected and as a result is very unobtrusive.
It provides power for six devices without any difficulty and seems to run cool.
Would recommend.
Charging multiple devices
A well built solid product that I would expect to give me years of reliable service.
It looks smart and enables multiple products to be charged at the same time.
I like the way you can charge iPads that need 2 amps for fast charging next to iPhones that only need 1.
I would recommend this product for people with multiple phones and tablets to charge.
Neat bit of kit.....
After reading a recent report published by the Government regarding charging mobile equipment beside your bed and its effects on your sleeping pattern, we decided to charge everything in one place down stairs. (Bit of a bugger if we had a bungalow)

It has certainly worked for us…. Great night’s sleep now.

As a added bonus, all the phones are in one place, easy to find if your in a rush in the morning.
Solid product
Very sturdy build which hopefully will last for many years.
Great value and speedy delivery
A very happy bunny!
Well worth the money
Well worth the money and frees up 5 sockets so it gives every one the chance to charge there phones and tablets at the same time.
Would prefer it in black but what the hell
Good bit of kit. Adhesive strips keep it well in place on the underside of my desk. The bummer is that I need to take it away on holiday with me and it is so well stuck it will take the surface of the timber desk - might have to purchase another one just for holidays and travelling.
I was running out of sub ports on my pc, so I bought this 6 port charger, it just plugs into the mains and away you go, everything gets charged without having to even turn on my pc PERFECT. Brian
Worth every penny and does exactly what it says
Looked flimsy but isn't. Worth every penny and does exactly what it says. So much so I want another one as mine was "pinched/borrowed/ acquired (?) by my colleague. Really is a good buy.
Don't waste time comparing. THIS IS THE ONE
If you want a charger, for anything USB related, camera, phone, tablet, this beauty is the one to go for. IT ACTUALLY DOES WHAT IT SAYS. This will charge things so quickly you'll miss the fact your item has been recharged & is ready to go. I'm not joking. I've tried so many different types and always disappointed, until this. I charged an iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 & my Samsung Camera all at the same time & with no problems.
For the "tech heavy" famiily
If you have a family that includes two teenagers then you *really* need to get one of these. On a bad night we will need to charge an iPad Mini, an iPhone 5S an LG G3 an LG Nexus 4 and an Asus tablet and a Samsung Tab 3 - all at the same time. This does this with amps to spare.

One word of warning - don't use the sticky strips that come with the charger unless you have some way to take the weight off of the USB cables. The strips are quite sufficient to take the weight of the charger but no more.
solid lump
excellent product , would have benefited with a light indicator to show item is on.
nevertheless very happy with product
Brilliant purchase for those with multiple devices!
Does exactly what it says, I purchased it to tidy up all the plugs and wires in the room. With the double sided tape strips provided, I was able to place it discretely on the side of my table. I have found that it actually charges my devices quicker that the standard chargers provided with the devices. All round great product!
So good I bought two and this third one as a birthday pressy!
Not quite the same words as the late Victor Kiam but exactly the same sentiment.

When I first saw the Olixar 6 port intelligent USB charger I knew it was exactly what I needed to charge my gadgets without worrying about what current they needed. It just worked it all out for me. I use this every day to charge my Galaxy S3, Note, blackberry, Tab s plus bluetooth ear pieces and boom box. Just about anything!

My wife saw it and decided that she needed one too. Its great for travelling too - just pick it up with its cables and you're good to go when you plug in at the hotel, overnight places etc. Then her brother saw it in operation when she took it with her to Morocco. Now he's got one as a birthday present. A solid buy and good enough to give as a gift to relatives.

What more can I say? Maybe I should buy the company:-)
Essential Bit of Kit
If like me you are always travelling, you will often find there aren't enough plug sockets in the world! Carrying this piece of kit enables me not only to free up space in my bag for different power bricks but also keeps me organised as I can leave the different leads attached to the charger. The charger will allow me to charge 2 ipads, a phone, a modem and a wireless hd drive all from the same piece of kit. The ipads are the devices that would normally throw a wobble with other multi plugs I have and charge very slowly in protest...I've not found the same problem with this plug which charges everything in good time without burning down the house which is always a good thing! Highly recommended.
Smart charger
Would this item replace all the plugs? Definitely did it has tidy my technology corner up immensely although I did have to use extra sticky pads to place it securely where I wanted it, this item has been well worth the money and I need desperately to buy another for my holidays as it will be easier to carry one rather than 4 chargers.
Brilliant piece of equipment
brilliant piece of equipment, fast charger. neat and tidy, one of my best purchases,recommend to all, PA
The plug with kerb appeal
I bought this item a week ago, it arrived promptly, and well packaged, I have found it already invaluable and will be purchasing another to take abroad as I've already put this one in a permanent position, well worth the money .
Really handy but doesn't charge the PS3 controllers.
Got one in the hope we could charge the galaxy S4 galaxy note 10.1 and PS3 Controllers. Works great for any combination of the above but won't touch the PS3 Controllers at all. Tried multiple cables all of which charge from PS3.

I am considering buying another for my desk but I need to find an alternative solution for the PS3 controllers first.
Really useful charges anything with USB cable
This is a good product. Don't need all those plugs and easily charges anything from a portable charge to an IPad. The speed of charging seems to be faster than usual. I would highly recommend.
Excellent device, perfect solution.
We have iPhones, iPads & Apple Watch that all need charging daily which results in plugs & cables everywhere & filling sockets around the house. This device charges all of them from one wall socket. Just taken it abroad which resulted in only having to take one Euro pin converter rather than buying 4 more. Also looks a bit like an Apple device so it looks good as well.
Very good charger it charges up sixs units only one word I can say it is brilliant
Great product now all the family can charge their devices at the same time without arguments.
Great product
Brilliant for families with multiple devices to charge.
Great and useful
I am able to fast charge all devices at the same time ... it is great ..
Excellent product
Superb product as well as charging it stops charging when the item being charged has reached 100% charge tried this on both IPad and Samsung S4. No more over charging!!!
6 USB Charger - Intelligent Variable Amp Charge
Owning ever more gadgets that require different chargers that supply the same 5.0V supply (but with different Amperage charge rates), I was looking for a compact device that would charge several devices all at once & at the MAX Amps charge rate possible (fastest charge rate). This device is fantastic. Also because the power (IN) lead is detachable - you can plug a foreign (EU) one in from the "figure of 8" aperture to the (different) wall plug. Possibly the ONLY charge unit you'll need to plug into a single plug socket on a trip to Mainland Europe!
practical way of charging several devices
Used to have an extension lead all taken up by single adaptors for phones and tablets, this is a great way of slimming this to one practical device with a high output. Great service and fast deliver.
One of the most useful things I have bought from you, and that is saying something. It charges everything quickly and is an essential both for home and when we are travelling.
Can not charge my I pad throught this device
Unless I read it wrong, I thought it said you could charge I pads as well as other devices. But everything that I charge from a USB CHARGES , BUT THE I PAD.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Charles

This accessory does indeed charge iPads. Make sure the cable you are using to charge the iPad is working correctly by using it with your official Apple charger.

Hope this helps.
First Class
What a great and tidy piece of kit this is, to start with it removes the need for 6 usb chargers and enables you keep all your leads neat and tidy. I am able to keep all my items that require charging in one corner and am able to plug in devices as required.
Best thing since sliced bread
After trying various multiple charging devices and them being notoriously slow decided to purchase the oligarchs charger. All my problems have been solved in a flash. Would recommend this charger to everyone.
The Must have USB charger
Like many people with several gadgets needing USB charging I was looking around my home for mulitple sockets, adapters or trailing socket bars. Those days are gone! All devices charging from one point. I was on holiday recently in rented accommodation and it's usually difficult to find more than one free socket but with this device that's no longer a problem. It will be great abroad where multiple sockets need multiple continental plugs, now it's only one.
super charger
This unit replaced a smaller, less powerful, charger. There always was a need to carry an extra charger for the tablet too. All this has now been replaced by the small Olixar unit now charges a tablet, 2 phones, an iPod, a smart watch and a blue tooth speaker, all at the same time. The power plug attaches with a small 8 connecter, so when abroad foreign cables can be attached without the need to carry bulky converters. I'm impressed with this exceptionally useful little box.
Doing away with too many cables
I got a favourable review from my wife when I bought this excellent product!
Great Charger
We have so many devices on charge at the same time that we wanted to reduce the amount of plugs being used without losing out on the charging rate. This is a great space saving device and still charges across all the devices plugged in at a good rate. Easy to take away with you also.
Excellent Charger
This product cuts down on a number of different chargers plugged into a multi-block etc.
One of these and a handful of cable ties and all of my tangled and lost cable issues have disappeared. Plenty of power so nothing has to wait for amps, this compact, good looking unit is a little marvel.
Great for travelling
Spending a lot of time travelling, this is ideal when you find you only have 1 power socket available to charge a variety of gadgets at the same time
Excellent piece of kit
I Decided having read the full and concise description of the Olixar 6 USB ic charger to buy,delivery was prompt and of course I but it to immediate use,it's certainly tidy my desktop up and I can now charge numerous devices at the same time,well pleased.
Do not hesitate. Buy this if you own more than one iDevice
This is a super duper charger. Not only does it deliver a "high strength charge" for quick charging, it means that you can take care of multiple devices from just one plug socket. It's been particularly useful on holiday with a couple of phones and a pair of iPads to keep charged as well as other devices all neatly dealt with in one corner of the room.
Ssingle point of power
I would highly recommend this unit as it has simplified my desktop no end with one single point of power for all my devises irrespective the device.
What a wonderful piece of kit. I had all my plugs used up and now with this device I now have room for a further 4-5 plugs. I was skepical about this 6 USB plug but it works beautifully. So so pleased with it and I would recommend it to anyone. The price is right and affordable. Excellent quality!
The Olixar 6 USB Smart Charger is small and does the job by only useing one power socket to charge upto 6 USB devices at once but it does NOT charge smartphones that use a backplate to charge them as I found out , it will only charge items connected by a USB cable direct to the device you are charging
Very Smart
Used a few times now for both single and multiple charging jobs, excellent job done every time.
Recommended purchase.
Use one socket - charge 6 things at full speed
Absolutely love it, works really well. Charges my iPad and my iPhone fast, but also my son's Samsung Galaxy. Don't need to work out which socket to use, as it automatically works this out. Have a long lead means it's quite flexible. Plus you would be surprised about how many items you have that need charging, just just need a USB cable - charge by sister in law's TomTom the other day. Considering buying another for upstairs. Not just for gadget lovers - I think this is a must have charger for today's world.
Well worth the money, it charges everything I throw at it even my ps4 controller
I didn't expext much from it, but I was totally wrong, looks great, performs even better, I can charge my IPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, my headphones, and even my sons PS4 Controller. Dosnt take long at all. I'm so pleased I ordered it, I have ordered 2 more one for my son which he thinks it's amazing and one for my wife, I've not receive my wife's one yet as they are out stock for a couple of months, I'm still very happy to wait for it tho.

You won't be sorry if you order this amazing 6 USB mains charger, each usb gives out 2 amps and 50 watts, I don't need so many wall chargers now which is a bonus and its smaller enough to travel with.
Saves Arguments
Nowadays, in our house we have so many USB devices to charge that it gets a bit disorganized. We have two phones, a tablet, a couple of headphones, and even a shaver and these were hanging around the house looking untidy and taking up mains sockets. The Olixar 6 USB Smart IC Charger - 10 Amps / 50W has solved this problem. All our gadgets now have one special place for recharging so it saves space and sometimes an argument finding out what item takes priority.
6 USB Charger
Well made tidy unit just what I was looking for.
Six of The Best.
This six pack is a great addition to the desk as all USB items can be charged at once without power loss and excess chargers. Well worthwhile and at the right price. Highly recommended.
This is an amazing charger for 6 items to be charged at once
I ordered the charger , because I had read the details about it and thought it sounded really interesting , I was right , I can charge my Sony Z2 ,my Sony Z tablet and my husband's apple iPad mini all at the same time ,the charger is much quicker than the provided chargers ,it's great and worth every penny excellent, I recommend the charger , thank you mobile fun
At first I was very curious to know what it is about in reality that it is being publish but when I bought it online i find it very good buy save space having lots of plug and wires on my desk, now I find my desk really less of plug, neat and tidy save lots of space in my small computer table
olixar usb charger
The olixar usb charger work ok on my Samsung tab s and my Samsung galaxy s5 two and charges them both up ok
Excellent piece of kit
I bought this as between my wife and I we have two IPads, one IPhone and two Blackberries which mean that when we go away and stay in hotels, there is always a lack of sockets and we end up having to pack an extension lead, 5 plugs and 5 leads.

This item is compact and will charge more than we need. It has sufficient power to charge all our gadgets in one go and only needs one socket.

Absolutely brilliant. Would certainly recommend this item.
Simply Excellent
In use every day keeping my tablet, speakers, diabetic test kit, on tip top charge.
I wish I had found this product years ago.
Fast charging for all my devices
I wouldn't be without this, me, the wife and my kids can all charge everything we own at the same time. No stupid flashing lights, buzzing or worrying about swapping leads over so everything is charged ready for the next day. It charges my iPad mini and iphones faster than the Apple charger and the ipad is very similar.

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