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Olixar 2-in-1 Micro USB and Lightning Cable Key Reviews

The compact and convenient Lightning & Micro USB Charge & Sync Cable Key is a must have item for smart device owners, allowing you to charge and sync your phones or tablets anywhere. An all-in-one portable package that fits perfectly on your keys.
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 4.7 stars from 40 customers

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Very useful space saving accesory
Convenient, space saving and convenient
Extremely handy little travel and everyday tool, very lightweight .
Such a useful gadget
I have been able to use this at work in the car . Its a great gadget and would highly recommend. Great on the go.
Excellent little gadget,just right for travel
As I said good for travel,takes up less room than cables
Compact and Cool
Excellent little device, very useful to carry when away from home. I can take just 1 plug with a USB slot and can charge phone and tablet at same time. seems pretty robust as well.
excellent product great service thank you
Great product and excellent service
I hope I never need it
I don't often buy anything I hope I won't need, but at the price, this one is worth it. I've always got the cable I need, but one day I just might not - and then I'll discover how clever I was to attach this to me car keys.
This 2-in-1 cable key is the most convenient way to carry your charger/syncing cable for you mobile device on your keyring.
Lightning cable even fits my iPhone with its case on, which I can't say for other cables I have purchased
olixar 2-in-1 usb and lightning cable
Does exactly what it says on the tin
Exellent & useful
This was exactly as described. A perfect little product to carry around on your keyring so you are never without a charging cable. I use it with my powerbank and I do not have to carry a cable in a plastic bag to go with it. Also good for charging both my iPhone 6 plus & Asus Memo Pad, so it saves carrying 2 cables.
Excellent Product
This us a super compact a d well condtructed piece if kit. It works well with all of our kit. Great! a must buy !!
Excellent. Item
Ordered item online, order acknowledged, delivery within 5 days. Excellent.
Item- charging cable for Kindle - totally satisfactory.
Will have no problem using your service necessary in future.
This device is an invaluable gadget to carry around all the time
This device is an invaluable gadget to carry around all the time. I attach mine to my care key as a fob.It is smaller and lighter than a Volkswagen key, and while it might not be used very frequently, its the sort of gadget that can be a lifesaver when the crunch comes. Well made, well designed and a must-have.
Great Compact Product
Great Compact connector about the same as a vw car key. Works with both Samsung S6 Edge & iPhone 6s Plus. Ideal to use with Olixar Power Bank to charge on the go
I like it
Convenient and it works
Handy for emergencies
Great little product for emergencies, cable length is a little restrictive however it will do what it is designed for which is good enough for me.
Fabulous Customer Service
I found the service top notch,the item arrived in good order. I did have a small I thought I had a BOGOF but only one arrived but it was very easy to contact the customer service via a link on the site they responded very quickly and resolved the problem with out any fuss. I would recommend this site and will be making more purchases.
Ever forget your charging cable ?
The 2 in 1 Micro and Lightening cable key is extremely usefull for those who are always leaving their cable behind and only notice when they get a low battery notification. It fits on your keys which you are more likely to have with you at all times. Makes a great gift too.
Never be without
I purchased this item and have used it all the time never thought just how great it is till you have one its so compact even my family try to borrow it.
Look, No Wires!
This is great for my motor home, no wires to trip over whilst charging phone or kindle. Superb, thanks
I think this cable is great and going to be very handy
I think this cable is great and going to be very handy
Great quality, handy product
Compact but sturdy this fits neatly onto a keyring so you're never without a connector to recharge. With having both Micro USB & Lightning connectors it works with newer Samsung Galaxy & I phones. Perfect for using with the Olixar portable power bank to charge on the go.
Good for emergencies
Got this as I travel to different offices and sometimes forget my charging cables. Having this on my key ring stops me getting caught short on charge. Cable length is very short but it is just for emergencies so no real problem.
Small, neat & handy!
This is a super handy way to never be without a charging cable (as long as you have your keys with you!). I bought this for my wife so she would always have a charging cable to use with the Veho Pebble portable charger as she has an iPhone and the charger only came with a micro-USB connector cable...

It is about the size if an Audi/VW fob-style key, but lighter and thinner, making it unobtrusive on your key ring

It is simple to open and close, as well as having smooth side to prevent snagging, when the cables are stowed.

A very neat way to carry a micro-USB & Apple lightening cable without the tangle of wires.
Small but perfectly formed
Really compact and good for the keyring ; just a bit shorter than I expected. Don't expect to plug it in in the car without another cable to back it up.
All right and perfect
it's a must have safety net
I bought this for my daughter, and it was a double bonus getting a 2 for 1 deal, as her partner has the same phone, but I doubt they appreciate what these mean to them, because until you get caught out with a dead battery, when you need it the most, you never will, but as you always have your keys, you will always have a charger, then all you need is a USB port, which many drivers have, but not everyone has iPhone etc leads, it's a must have safety net in my opinion.
Olixar 2-in-1 Micro USB and Lightning Cable Key
Olixar 2-in-1 Micro USB and Lightning Cable Key all ways handy to have a round also one left in the car..
Great item
It works great and it very convenient.
Well made handy Key-Ring if you are in need to charge your phone away From Home and you left your IPhone charger somewhere Else .
I was worried it was not well made ! Put I was wrong it's a tough little device . I would also want to know if the wires are long enough in a small key-Ring and yes they are . You know it is a 3-in-1 really as it has a full size to USB, a Micro USB And a lightning Cable which comes with your IPhone to charge it up. Not only that but it was buy 1 get 1 free. I also got the person I was given the key ring to a small portable battery which will charge the iPhone 2 half times and is no bigger than a lipstick. It is a great Device that someone has put a lot of time into making it . We all forget are charges sometimes this way if it's on you car keys it won't be a problem again . Have a look for your selves and see what you think about it .
Very useful and neat
Needed a key ring anyway and now no need to worry about charging my devices when travelling. Excellent product and good value
Great idea but poor quality
Looked the part, micro sub plus Apple lightening connector all in one small portion that can be attached to a key ring and you don't really notice in your pocket. Pity the quality was not there, I took it out the packet and it fell to piecies! I hope the replacement one does better.
MobileFun Reply
Hi James

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this item. Let us know if you have any issues with the replacement.
Handy to have a round.
Olixar 2-in-1 Micro USB and Lightning Cable Key.Handy to have with you at all times. Plug in to any USB or Back up battery to charge. Ipad, Phone or Iphone.
Small but Invaluable
What a superb piece of kit. Always needing a charger for an android or iPhone in the office and now I have both. Really convenient , takes up no room and is always handy when you need it. Have shown others this and have pointed them towards Mobile Fun. Expect some new business
very usefull
very handy gadget able to charge both phones also i can use my power pack and charge it as well
Ideal stocking filler
OK I know its early but at BOGOF the offer was too good to miss.
Compact USB
Great piece of kit either on the key ring, office or home, it's neat and tidy, no trailing cables to get tangled, just perfect for the charge of phone or tablet and small enough to carry at any time, well perhaps not on the beach.
Good value for. Money
Just what is says on box it also represents good value for money especially when the second one will make a good Xmas present. Thank you.
no warnings
lightning cable works fine with iOS 8.4 on both my iPhone 6 plus 128gb and ipad air 64gb with no warnings, used the micro to charge a Mophie power bank as a test and it worked fine. no complains
great for charging whenever i need it, I always have my keys so it is a perfect place to put it.

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