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Official Sony Xperia Z5 Style Cover Smart Window Case - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This official SCR42 smart case in white from Sony houses your Xperia Z5 smartphone, providing protection and functionality through the incorporated Smart Window, allowing you to view incoming notifications, change your music and even take calls.
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 4.5 stars from 36 customers

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Awesome case!
Mobilezap are fantastic and an excellent company to purchase from. They had a great postal service, Australia post! The item was amazing, fantastic and user friendly.
Amazing camera!
Haven't found a better camera on a cell phone. This is my 3rd Sony phone and I love it even more than my first.
Good product, good service
This is a neat product that fits well, but it may not provide protection against a hard fall. However, certainly helps with grip as the stock phone is a tad slippery to handle. Easy to set up the functions.
As far as delivery, mobilefun have been really good with their service, their first attempt at delivery failed following which they sent it through back at no extra cost. Throughout the process there was ample communication to keep me in the loop. I would recommend the product and mobilefun!
Great service
I ordered sony mobile style cover.The service is excellent.I received my order within one week.Quality of the product is good.thanks
Smart and sassy
Fits Sony z5 mobile securely. The window feature of the case is eye catching and smart. It's also easy to get it to work with your phone.
Shipping was very quick. Phone cover is very good. I like open front cover to turn on the phone and close to turn off it.
Good package received from mobile fun
Official Sony Xperia Z5 Style Cover Smart Window Case black .
Good package received from mobile fun.
Very good smart cover
This "protective" cover isn't exactly protective
This "protective" cover isn't exactly protective. There is no clasp/lock on the case so it just flops open and doesn't ever close properly. If you were to drop your phone this would offer little to no protection to you screen.

Overpriced and underprotected!
Amazing case for your Z5
Good case
This is a good case ,and great price. big clear screen,and the size of the case does not bulk up the phone size,as the otter case does.
Excellent Service
It was far the best company that I bought something with an excellent service. I am very satisfied with mobilefun and for sure i will buy more items.
Exactly what I was looking for.
Funny enough, one cannot buy smart cover for Z5 in Canada. Order it through MobileFun, and receive it within a week.
I was looking for cover for a phone and with this one I feel more secure when handling phone. Without it I was always having a feeling that phone will slip out of my hands. Wish it has more options, or at least more settings in smart cover widget. Added email notifications on one of optional (up to 5) swipe screens. At least I do not have to open cover and check notifications, just dbl tap on cover window and that's it. Happy with purchase.
Classy phone cover
It is a classy looking Z5 phone cover. The phone knows when you close the cover and changes the display through the transparent window to display Widgets, like when I am listening to podcasts and I can answer the phone without opening the cover. Yet to find out how robust it is and how much protection the phone gets. But it is a nifty item.
Highly recommend this sony cover for your xperia z5. It compliments the phone and the easy access to screen on the cover is brilliant.
Love it
Love this product and was a great price to get it at
Good, could be so much better.
It's a very clever, neat, stylish case. The small amount of functionality it gives whislt closed is really useful so I feel a little mean only giving 3 stars but it's just too flimsy. The front cover doesn't snap shut it just rests on the screen and is paper light. If you drop the phone the cover falls open mid-air which somewhat defeats the object. I understand that Sony want to keep it slim and neat but I'm sure this could still be acheived and have the cover hold more rigidly. It does improve the feel and stability of the phone in your hand, I found the Z5 a tad slippery previously. Would also like to see a widget for the window for the Sony messaging app rather than having to use the Google messenger app to see Sms with the cover closed. It is pretty good all in all and good value at £30, I would just rather have paid a little more for a it to be a little less flimsy.
Ok, but not great.
It's a cover. Active flip is good. No real phone protection for price.
Highly recommended
The cover is perfect and protects the Z5 completely. Would not hesitate to recommend.
Very smart and classy
Would have liked some simple instructions on setting up. Had to Google it.
Must have!
The Sony Xperia Z5 phone cover has certainly meet expectations. Obviously offers some protection if phone is dropped so feel more confident handling the phone now. Like the way the cover links to the phone so the screen can be customised to match cover.
Sony Z5 Cover
Excellent case, a bit complicated to get setup but once done it's great.
Very pleased with service from Mobilefun.co.uk, fast post and kept informed at all times.
Very smart and classy
Was very happy with the look of this item. Had to find out on Internet how to set up as no proper written instructions provided. But for a 63year old I was quite chuffed to have done it. Quite easy really. Like not having to open cover to answer calls and being able to see notifications through window.and of course my phone is now protected and covered. Easier to hold phone steady when taking pictures. I like it very much.
Fast service
Fast service and the product matched exactly what I required.
I would use this site again to purchase products
Short time happiness....
I loved this case when i first started using it however after a month, it started to fray at the edges and it completely fell apart. Mobile Zap have been very helpful however in replacing it.
Great Product. Great Service.
Super speedy delivery, great service and an excellent product at a good price. Very pleased and would not hesitate to recommend.
Had my doubts over this product but it is OUTSTANDING exceeded my expectations awesome
Loved it
Classy nice cover and very smart, I just loved it.
Recommended to all z5 lovers.
As always, Sony won't let you down.
should have chosen another
not sure how long this case will last, it doesn't feel overly sturdy. I chose the white so that I'd have a fighting chance of finding my phone in the depths of my handbag, but that was prob a mistake, too, as I can see that it will be marked quite quickly.
live and learn.
Good stuff
Great product, is official from the manufacturer so it fits perfectly with the phone. Very handy and allows for better handling of the phone.
everything I wanted and more
I have been a dedicated iphone user for years mainly because I knew how they worked and really all phones look the same so I didn't feel the need to even consider other phones.

I bought the Xperia z5 just because of its compatible play with the PS4 (with two sons and a husband, consoles and tc time were limited). When I found this cover I was so excited because here was a way to make my phone look different!

This cover is so much more then that. Although setting it up can be a little confusing. Follow this link and just do what it says. It takes seconds once you know what your doing. Turn on the NFC in your settings then hold up the camera to the lower half of the cover. It will prompt you to download the right app.

I love this cover. Mobilefun delivery was on time and it is exactly as described.
It does what it says on the box
A very nice piece of kit. Apart from the protection aspect, I particularly like the fact that I can access the camera and answer phone calls without opening the cover.
Great case
Works perfectly with the z5. Looks great and feels great.
Usual Sony high quality
Great case, not too big and intergrates perfectly with the phone.
Talking Point
I was a little bit sceptical when I first saw the Sony Xperia Z5 Style Cover Smart Window Case in Gold thinking it was a bit gimmicky but how wrong I was. For me it ticks all the boxes. It's a real talking point as most people have not seen one before. Only time will tell how robust it will be but hoping it will last. I love the widget function. Thank you Sony.
This product is a great case
This product is a great case for the Xperia Z5 it is a smart looking case and goes very well with my phone as I have the gold Z5
have ordered 5 cases now over the past few years, some presents. the quality is great and they fit well.
delivery excellent.
not much more i can say
To flip or not to flip?
I wasn't sure if I'd like a flip case but I went for it. The case fits perfectly. The finish on the front is like felt. You need to activate the phones NFP and hold it against the case to activate the smart window app. The app itself is useful, you can take calls, access music, even take photos without opening the case. The case itself offers good protection.
I've concluded I don't like flip cases, I get frustrated with the cover flapping about and think the phone looks smarter without. Hence I've ordered a clear gel case.
If you like flip style cases, go for it, it's good. If you're unsure, I'd advise caution.

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