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Official Sony Xperia XZ Style Cover Touch Case - Black Reviews

This official SCTF10 Style Cover Touch in black from Sony houses your Xperia XZ, providing protection and full functionality through the see-through touchscreen font cover, allowing you to view and action incoming messages and calls.
  • Mobile Fun ID 61323
$71.85 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 32 customers

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Quality and Stylish
Received the Official Sony Xperia XZ Style Cover Touch Case - Forest Blue, as advertised. Both stylish and quality bundled in one.
I am happy with the product I have purchased
Awesome case
I am new to Sony and still adjusting to the phone, operating system, and accessories. When I ordered this case I assumed it would be OK but nothing to get excited about. Boy was I wrong. It fits phone perfectly, and I love that it paired with the phone without me having to do anything, and the touch screen really makes life easier because it stays on the screen. My only complaint is that I couldn't find it in the states, but it did ship quickly so I guess that evens it out.
Wow! Brilliant and Safe, Love it. Had the phone with this case knocked out of my hands walking across a zebra crossing watched it fly threw the air and landing in the middle of the road, thinking its going to be broken for sure and NO Not a scratch on it.
The other benefit is NO finger print marks on screen, clean and safe, the rubber back keeps it planted when laying on table or in car, secures well in hand, well until someone hits it unprepared,LOL. Sony are brilliant.
Great cover!
Really great cover! Protects my phone really well and I can use it with the cover closed which is great. A bit pricey though! MobileZap is an awesome website with accurate product descriptions and loads of customer reviews to help you feel confident with your purchase.
Though delayed I am satisfied with the style cover
Though delayed delivery, I am satisfied with the style cover
Very good
very good
Good case, meant for the phone.
Got this color case to match my phone, and it's so far a good buy. You can use the screen with the cover flap on as long as you have the option on in the settings. You do have to press a bit more firmly to register touch, to the point I mostly use it without the flap. I'll leave it on just to change music or anything quick like that.

I think it could be a bit cheaper, but still worth the buy if you're interested. The adhesive that connects the flap to the back of the case did start coming undone near the bottom pretty quickly, but now seems to have come to a halt. It's only a small portion, and that's likely because of the way I hold my phone, so that may vary by user. A shame not many cases are made for this phone. This one is probably one of the best, as far as I can tell.

Overall, this really is a very solid product as long as you don't mind it being only *slightly* overpriced. I use it every single day when I'm out and about. I keep it off when I'm home.
SCTF10 Case is okay
I received the case as promised. Very happy with MobileFun. The case however suffered from bad q.c.. the clear cover had two "specs" between the cover which are seen on the screen when lit up. It is not the end of the world but it is a bit annoying. For the cost of the case I expect perfection. This is of course Sony's fault and not MobileFun. As I am in the States and this shipped from the U.K. I decided to keep it instead of returning it as the cost would not be worth it for me to return it and wait for a new unit. The case functions well and is very attractive. Not sure I would purchase the case again for the high cost of the case but I certainly don't regret the purchase.
This case is very protective, easy to hold, and durable. It fits this phone really well. Couldn't be happier!
The case fits the phone really well, the material and texture of the case is very functional and easy to hold. The smart case flip flap works really well while still using the phone. I couldn't be happier with how this case works with this phone.
Good elegant case
Elegant case. Highly recommended for Xperia xz phone owner
I received the product and the product is awesome and the quality and finish is superb
I had ordered it and was eagerly waiting for the product to receive. After a long time I received the product and the product is awesome and the quality and finish is superb. No regrets though it's a bit expensive I liked the product.
Great case best I've used
Great case
perfect Fit
it fits fully to device with fully operative screen. only for exact location touch one need to open the transparent flap. good shipping. delivered before time. only point is high shipping charges to india
Nice product
This Sony case fits perfectly and the cover protects my screen. When cover is over the screen, the view is somewhat soft. You can use phone with cover in place, but requires extra pressure and sometimes makes mistakes, especially when trying to type using small keyboard.
Order was originally not in stock, but when item finally was available, Mobile Fun fulfilled order promptly. Great case and great service
Good Product
Does what it says, it keep the phone protected and can be used over the cover.
But not always as the screen is so blue and if we are watching a video which wont be clear enough
Looks and feels great but a little hard to use with screen protector on to text
Not worth the price.
Tldr: this case is overpriced and impractical with a un-impressive build quality. I'd pay forty at Max for this case.

So I had high hopes for a seventy dollar phone case with a touch cover but the reality is, is that it isn't all that practical, sure it can save you a half second when answering a call (if the phone registers your finger in the first attempt). But other than that you will be opening your phone case to use your phone. So far I've had two major problems with the case aside from its impracticality.

1. The cover doesn't have anything to keep it closed, no flap, no magnet nothing. Every time you hold the phone straight the case flips open making any use of a magnetic car phone mount annoying as shit.

2. The part of the case that flips closed is pretty much glued on, I'm sure it's a strong glue but I've had the case for three weeks and it has already started to peel. Also on the topic of build quality, the sony logo has started to come off which I find hilarious.
Fits great but...
This case works very well with the Xperia xz. The only thing that takes getting used to is the screen protector blurs the screen a bit. Still a quality case though.
I get just the cover for ma phone takes little longer but the only and first place was available, i can tell is the only place you can find it. Was great service. Thank you
Great Thanks!!!
I have my cover
DOES exactly. What. It.says. THANK VERY MUCH.
Good quality
Very thankful for mobilefun for delivery at estimated time. The style cover touch is perfect fit for the device and quality does seem good. The touch sensitivity should've been better, as it works great for only attending calls and opening apps. It's difficult to text or play games where pin-point touch is needed. Apart from this everything has been good. I would've been very grateful if it's launched in India as well because I almost spent double the amount for style cover because of shipping charges.
Great product
Product is as described. Excellent quality and it's a genuine product. Will definitely purchase again if i need anything related to mobile. Thank you MF for an excellent service.
Good service
Great transaction, item as described and arrived promptly. Very satisfied.
Love the phone's design and various features it has,especially the dual SIM capability. I recommend it
Very. Good
Prompt delivery

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