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Official Sony Xperia X Performance Style Cover Touch Case - Rose Gold Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This official SCR56 smart cover in rose gold from Sony houses your Xperia X Performance, providing protection and full functionality through the see-through touchscreen font cover, allowing you to view and action incoming messages and messages.
  • Mobile Fun ID 58525
$66.35 inc VAT
 3.9 stars from 8 customers

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good qquality and good condition.
Excellent case
Nice case that is easy to install and offers great protection to my Xperia X Performance phone. The touch feature just took a few minutes to set-up and it has proven easy to use.
fits good, looks good, not a fan of the screen cover.
overall good.
Overpriced, overhyped Sony
Real Sony case, overpriced reasonable quality/build. Expect with wear & tear the cover will separate from the back. Expected fro marketing hype to have onscreen display or something interactive like with a Samsung. Alas, nothing to warrant or justify the outrageous price beyond Sony branded packaging.
Great quality but expensive
This is a great case and you can tell from the feel and the materials that it is of a very high quality.

The hinged screen protector is quite thick so although it still enables the use of your touch screen it is pretty tough to use and you have to press pretty hard on the screen cover to get it to work, which I wasn't comfortble doing.

This is an exceptionally high quality case that fits prfectly around the Sony Experia X. However the screen protector is too thick to use your touch screen practically and I feel that the cost was very steep, part of which I attribute to it's branding.

If you've got cash to splash and you want a fancy high quality case then this is the one for you, just don't expect to be able to use your touch screen through the screen protector.
Great feel, feels safe and durable. Floppy flip though.
Plainly put this case makes my phone seem fancy haha. It has a good thickness to ensure your phone is protected in case it were to fall or be bumped in any way and it helps to have the flip cover which can alternatively allow one to use the screen while covering it. It's a pretty handy thing although it does flop about, it doesn't stick to the front of the phone which is a shame really although I have a thin film cover over my screen which may be hindering it from sticking with what I assume has light magnets but it's still nice to have that cover option. The hard case part is textured with leather giving it a luxorious feel to it and totally matches the phone's asthetics if you're into that. Using the phone through the cover is convenient but not 100% responsive as expected but understandable. The buttons are still accessible and there are no problems presing on them as well. Overall it's a fantastic case cover and I would recommend it to those curious about it. The only bother for me is the flopping cover but that may be caused by my film cover.
Perfect Experience
Hi, I am new to the Sony family and really wanted a legitimate, authentic Sony product for my phone case. I received the case quickly and it matched my phone perfectly (the rose gold), was easy to install, and protects both the edges and the screen of my phone without having to use anything sticky or any special tools. It doesn't add a lot of bulkiness to the phone, and it looks professional and stylish. I love it! If there was anything, I wish it was a little more difficult to open the flap (maybe a magnet or something?) my toddler likes to open and close it. :-)

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