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Official Sony Xperia 5 Style Cover View Case - Grey Reviews

This official Style Cover View in Grey from Sony houses your Xperia 5, providing protection and full functionality through the see-through touchscreen font cover, allowing you to view and action incoming messages and calls.

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 4.6 stars from 5 customers

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Great Cover
This is a great Cover, allows you to see phone screen whilst it is shut. Phone switched on & off when opening and closing...
Nice tactile feel also.
Cannot use as a stand though...
Nice and stylish
Thanks to the store for the goods received, timely delivery.
Sony's premuim case is nearly a 5-star option
What's to like about the Sony Style Cover View case? Actually quite a bit... it's well designed, looks as stylish & sleek as the phone itself, and adds minimally to the overall size of the phone. The texture of the back of the case feels great in your hands - kind of a gritty feel versus the smoother feel of the Xperia 1 case. I purchased the dark blue colour which looks very nice with my black Xperia 5.

What don't I like? It all has to do with the front cover. While the see-through "view" aspect is nice, the cover is glossy and is a fingerprint magnet. More disappointing, though, is that this is a "view" only case - the cover is NOT touch sensitive like the Xperia 1 case. I didn't know this when I purchased the case but that's my fault... I didn't read the description well enough and just assumed it was touch. For the life of me I DO NOT understand why Sony didn't make this with the frosted, touch sensitive material used on the Xperia 1 cover!

Other than this one disappointment I'm very happy with the case and have no other issues with it. I've read some complaints about the cover not sealing shut when closed but it's not an issue for me. And I have no issues using the fingerprint reader with the cover.

I'd highly recommend this cover for complete coverage and it's sexy good looks.
Good looking protective case with smart cover
Good protection for front and back, slim and 'Sony-stylish' complimenting design of the phone. Worth also getting screen protector though for when case is open and using the phone
Does what it says on the tin!
Style cover is just that. Discreet slim. Can see notifications through the cover. Phone wakes up when open case cover. Makes phone easier to handle because really slippy without a case. Does not affect side touch function. Good value. Delivered promptly.

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