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Official Sony Xperia 1 Style Cover Touch Case SCTI30 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This official Style Cover Touch in white from Sony houses your Xperia 1, providing protection and full functionality through the see-through touchscreen font cover, allowing you to view and action incoming messages and calls.
Price: £44.99
This official Style Cover Touch in white from Sony houses your Xperia 1, providing protection and full functionality through the see-through touchscreen font cover, allowing you to view and action incoming messages and calls.
 4.7 stars from 24 customers

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What I expected
It's good quality stuff for it is genuine. I just wish I had the opportunity to purchase the black cover instead of the white one.
Perfect case
Very good case! It's not a very common design - but it is very functional. You can use the case even with the screen closed for regular tasks, and enjoy the 4k display by lifting the cover when you want to and even flip it to the back and hold the phone like normal. My old case was a clear case that was turning yellow and dust was accumulating. It could've caused microscratches. I've seen no such problems with this case. It's a new experience - try it! Nice to see the Sony logo on the back as well. I still recommend keeping it clean and avoiding staining it.
Top notch
Excellent cover. Keeps my phone safe and sound.
Great experience!
Thanks so much the C.S team for rectifying my problem promptly. They were very helpful & I will highly recommend friends to do shopping on this online shop.
Arrived quicker than one from Sony!
I ordered online and it arrived three days later, as expected really good quality item and great communication, let me know when it was dispatched so I knew when to expect it. Really pleased and will use them again.
Must Have for Your Xperia 1 Phone
These cases were not easily available in the United States. Thank you Mobile Fun! Fantastic case and shockingly very intuitive and smart. Sony designed a brilliant case to truly match and protect this phone. Well worth the price, so I bought two!
Official cover case.
Offers good protection to the phone.
Acts like an Ipad cover - sleep / wake when I open/close it
Brilliant piece of kit to have
The very good original Sony product.
The time when product become avaliable.
Genuine product at excellent price
This fits the Xperia 1 as it should and can be used through the front cover. You do have to go into your Settings, Display, Advanced, Interaction, Cover selection, and choose Style Cover Touch, to use it through the see through front cover.
well designed
looking good, front cover see through is great designed. But the material used for side too soft.
Sony smart touch
I love this case,. Great job Sony
Nice Sony brand case
Very nice case for Xperia 1, Only problem is you cannot use the front camera when the cover is closed.
Sony xperia case
More accurate delivery time
Excellent product, Sony original case.
Very pleased with the product, just a shame it took a while to be delivered due to supply.
A truly great case
I was looking for a perfect case for my phone and this is the best phone cover I have ever bought.
I don't have to open the case when I want to use the phone. The cover is touch sensitive and visually good.
Simply the best.
Good quality product (as expected from Sony)
Overall a great accessory for my Xperia 1, love the way the screen "wakes-up" on opening and switches off when closed to save on battery usage.
HOWEVER, there is a big design fault - when closed there is no way for the status LED to show through the cover, so notifications cannot be seen until it is opened!
I like it, but..
It's a very nice case and the ability to use the phone with the the screen closed is very handy. Only issue I have is that the spine of the cover is very soft and sometimes does not sit square on the phone when you have it closed and when typing a text message or doing anything on the far right email edge of the screen you sometimes have to apply more pressure than usual as it doesn't always sit flat on the phone screen and the view through the cover is quite opaque and a little blurry and could put a strain on someone's eyes. Also it's very expensive for a case. All said though I do like it and I'm happy with it.
Good case
Ticks all the boxes protection-wise, and definitely looks a treat, but is far too expensive in my opinion - even dearer ordering direct from Sony..
Excellent case, though expensive.
Case is ideal for the Sony Xperia 1, providing good protection, as well as being able to use with the front cover closed (though you're not then obtaining the full screen quality). Without a case, the Xperia 1 could easily slip off a surface - this case makes this very unlikely. My only real complaint is that the notification led cannot be seen unless you open the front cover. It's also expensive - but worth it for the quality of the case?
The case is a bit expensive, however it is made by Sony and is the only one for the Sony Xperia 1, it is a good quality product as I expect nothing less from Sony, and the colour compliments the phone.

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