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Official Sony SCR24 Xperia Z3 Style Cover with Smart Window - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This official smart case in black from Sony houses your Xperia Z3 smartphone, providing protection and functionality through the incorporated Smart Window, allowing you to view incoming notifications, change your music and even take calls.
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$33.18 inc VAT
 4 stars from 48 customers

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I have received it well.
Product satisfaction.
thank you.
Thanks for your stock!
There is no stock this product at any shop in Japan. Fit perfectly and beautiful. Thanks.
Good design and fast delivery
Surprised that the item was shipped from England considering the web site was Australian, however the item was as described and to my surprise it was genuine Sony.
Very Happy
I am very happy with this phone case. It is easy to use and practical. The window allows a quick glance at what's happening on the phone.
Very good
Very good
Happy with purchase
Purchased an original case for my Sony Xperia Z3. The item is high quality.
Awesome case
Awesome case, however the small window in the front isn't in the correct position to display time. I'm not sure if theirs a setting for it at this time and it also doesn't offer great protection of the sides of the phone for the money. But that all said it is a quality case and has a nice feel to it that I like. Also had the Sony logo on it, which I find a nice touch. White is my favourite!
Very good cover
Very good cover nice fit to like it very much would buy another one in a different colour
Case was late arriving also case is not sticking proper to the phone which fell twice already. Disappointed . Ghassan
Much better to have a cover with a secure cradle
Extremely disappointed with this product! In fact I have returned it.
It failed to hold the phone securely and it would drop out extremely easily, If you value your phone do not buy any covers like this which relies on a sticky backing to secure the phone.
Much better to have a cover with a secure cradle in my opinion.
worse than useless
As the purpose of a phone cover is to protect the phone this cover is worse than useless, regardless of any cool features it might claim. The 'gel adhesive' does not reliably secure the phone in the cover. Eventually the phone will fall out when you open it and hit the floor unprotected. This cover is all but guaranteed to ensure your expensive phone is damaged. Don't buy it.
Very Useful
The style Case is exactly what I wanted ,protection while not bulky and the function of the smart properties work just as I hoped . I kind of new how it attached to the phone but would have like more info on that before buying.
Being a Sony loyalist, was really looking forward to this cover. While it looks great, the adhesive did not work for me even for a day, with the result that the cover is useless as the phone drops off. Expect a lot better from Sony.
Very good
Having had a very bad experience buying a mobile phone online I was hesitant to buy again online,but thankfully my experience here was excellent. The price was reasonable and the delivery time was very quick,I would have no problem recommending this website to friends and family.
Great service
Fantastic product. Initial delay in delivery but final product was great.
Product & Service
I am very happy with service and the product. I will use this site again
I bought this case for my husband. He is very happy with it and loves how it works with his phone. Great product for him.
White Z3 cover with smart window
This cover looks good and is better than any other I have brought as there is access to the charging port at the side of the phone so you don't have to open the case. Although the case could have done with having some sort of fastener to keep the front over the phone whilst in my handbag!! and the smart window does not always work.
Z3 Cover
Really happy with the case, cover... The window a great idea... Would buy another one tomorrow ;-)
Official Sony Xperia Z3 Style Cover with Smart Window - Silver Green
This item is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a great product and certainly worth the money. And it is an official Sony product too! I love my purchase and I would certainly buy from here again. It came in record time and was in brilliant condition upon arrival.
it serves the purpose
the cover is NFC connected so it does help to pick up phone and see the information like missed calls and messages received. it not actual protective case. it doesn't protect your phone from accidental fall as all corners of phone are all totally uncovered. its just glorified screen protector if you bluntly put it. so if you are looking for protection look away from this.
Brilliant case
Brilliant case, love the way you can use the little screen without opening the full thing.would recommend and mobilefun are defo competitive in prices thanks
Switching from Samsung with S -view cover, and the fact that Sony had a solution for a window cover was a big reason for me switching to Z3. Like the other reviews, extremely poor design with the adhesive gel solution. When the phone is laying flat on a surface, the front cover does not lay flat on the phone. Why didn't they make it like the other cover without the window where the phone is placed into a holder.
Great Job!
Received exactly as advertised in perfect shape and within time. Thank you!
good service
good service
Style yes, substance not so.
This case fits the phone as you would expect from an OE manufacturer, perfectly. This being said in an attempt to keep the form factor to a minimum, reduces the cases ability to protect the edges of the device. Not a case for a rough and ready environment, more an office and evening case. The phone is held in place by an adhesive pad, so regular removal and refit is not really practical. A bit expensive for what it is.
Function Over Style
Functional but not particularly stylish.

The cutouts along the spine for example give you access to the various ports but spoil the overall asthetic. The window reveals some information on screen but doesn’t look great and feels a bit cheap/flimsy, it also attracts smudges/smears very easily. The case is lightweight and slim but consequently it’s a bit flimsy feeling. The phone does however seem to be securely fastened despite just being attached via an adhesive back. I got the black one and it would’ve been better if the interior was black too instead of off-white, this is going to look dirty quickly and doesn’t look great now.

Opening the front cover switches the screen on/off and you can access the camera and answer calls when closed but for notfications I found it less useful. The screen only flashes on (sometimes) when a message is received but won’t show the sender or allow you to read it. It flashes on pretty briefly too so if you don’t look straight away you’re none the wiser a message has arrived, especially with no hole for the notification light in the front cover.
Functional but that's all
Upon opening this case I was immediately disappointed. The case was basically two bits of cardboard with a plastic window and sticky back. But I endured and used the case only to find that the phone would constantly detach itself from the case after prolonged use. What's more, is that the phone would gradually slip whilst stuck down, obstructing the camera. Two or three weeks of use has rendered the case inert as the sticky has gone.
There were some nice features to the window screen and when paired with the magnetic dock, it was nice but these were overshadowed by the case issues itself.
Very Cool
Great loooking cover/case. At first glance, I was annoyed that the case utilizes a stick-on backing to attach to the phone, but then I realized that the stickiness is designed for removing from the phone as needed. It then sticks right back on without loosing stickiness. This was a concern because I regularly put my phone in a tough case affixed to my bike for GPS tracking and did not want this nicer case to be a permanent solution. So fear not...Sony nailed it with this one.
Z3 style cover
I have received the same and the delivery has been as per committed timing..the product is also as per specs...need to check whether the glue used for attaching the phone stays ok
Sony Xperia Z3 Style Cover with Smart Window
Official Sony Xperia Z3 Style Cover with "Smart" Window - Great feature, however the item quality is not the best.
Great Case
As you may expect the case is a perfect fit for the Z3. It functions perfectly with the option for displaying 5 customizable windows each with their own widget and one with a preset for playing music. The Home screen also displays a camera icon from which you can launch the camera. You cannot open apps or messages from the screen without first opening the cover but you can for example see your calendar entries and a scrollable list of emails in your inbox (assuming of course that these are widgets that you have installed on the screen windows).
The home screen also displays received text messages, missed calls and the weather whilst the status bar cleverly drops to the top of the case's window whether in portrait or landscape mode and displays exactly as it would without the case. All ports are accessible with the case fitted and the device can still be docked by swapping the the holder with that supplied with the case.

There are a few minor negatives;
1) The case offers no effective corner protection if the device were to be dropped.
2) It would be better if the case design allowed the front cover to be dropped down when docked so as to provide full access to the device.
3) The instructions supplied with the case are to say the least very basic. Further information can be found on the Sony website where the SCR24 User Guide provides some additional information - but you'll stiil find more when exploring the case.
A very expensive miistake
I bought this cover thinking that as it was a Sony brand it would be the best thing since sliced bread ,I should have bought a plain loaf and a bread knife !! As far as I can see the only minor benefit is that you can see the who is calling you before you answer, but you still have to open up before answering or reading messages and emails , so what is the point? Also not entirely convinced of the safety as only held on by sticky back, and what would happen if dropped ? The Krusell wallet case/cover is a far superior product in my view, each to there own though !!
While the case does protect my phone the adhesive gel pad which holds the back of my phone to the case does not work very well as my phone can still move about even when attached this is quite disappointing if you consider that this is a official sony product and is quite expensive I think with a bit of research a better and cheaper alternative could be found personally I would find this case so much better If I could secure my phone more securely to the case ie if I could clip the back of my phone in place would be so much better and feel so much more secure overall this is a good case but with some very minor changes could be so much better.

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