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Official Sony DK60 USB-C Charging Dock for Xperia Smartphones Reviews

Dock and charge your Sony Xperia XZ Premium, XA1 Ultra and other Sony Xperia USB-C smartphones with the hassle-free DK60 USB charging dock by Sony. Perfect for use at your desk or your bedside table, the DK60 is stylish as well as being extremely useful.
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$53.10 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 10 customers

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Works great with XZ Premium
It is fantastic dock and works well with Android Screensaver (previously Android Daydream) apps. It comes with adapters for other Xperia phones and sticks to the desk pretty well. Only wish it came with another USB-C cable for the price that you are paying. Other than that, it is a great dock.
easy to use
easy and convenient
Works Great
This unit works on all the newer line of Xperia phones that have a USB type C port. It comes with interchangeable adapters for different phone sizes and can accommodate a phone being in a case. Otherwise the unit comes with a film covering the bottom which when removed has a sticky surface that will allow the unit to be slide free when put on a desk or surface. This anti-slipping will help for single hand mounting and is a wonder feature I've not seen in docks regularly.
No USB cable
I was a little disappointed with the Charger, for that price it should comes with USB 3.1 Type-C cable. The Docking is easy to connect and charging.
Dock is rigid and stays in place on table
On the bottom of the dock has rubber tracks to keep the dock in place whenever there is slight movement from the placement. USB-C connection is very convenient for my Xperia phone. Well thought out product.
Love it.
Almost Perfect Charging Dock
Only REAL USB Type C Quick Charger out there right now! All others I researched DO NOT use Qualcomms Quick Charging technology! Why Sony doesn't sell it in the USA, I don't know?!?! E-mailed Sony and got back a worthless reply basically saying thanks for my interest but it was not available in the USA! Anyway, giving it a "Great" rating rather than an "Excellent" rating, IMO, is that it is only 1.5" wide. So the wider your phone, the more the phone sticks out either side. Making it 2.5" wide would allow more support for larger phones and aesthetically would look much better. I still recommend purchasing charger, as it works! It is plastic but well constructed. One other thing I want to mention is, that it is VERY light, but Sony has opted for using a VERY strong adhesive to hold it in place! There's no problem removing or replacing phone in charger. As the old saying goes, you can have any color, as long as it's black.

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