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Official Sony DK52 Micro USB Charging Dock for Xperia Smartphones Reviews

Dock and charge your Sony Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium and many more with the hassle-free DK52 USB charging dock by Sony. Perfect for use at your desk or your bedside table, the DK52 is stylish as well as being extremel
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 4.8 stars from 9 customers

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great as usall
awsome product as usall
This product is very good!
Official Sony DK52 Micro U S B Charging Dock for Expedia Smartphonees
The charging dock works well with my Sony Expedia Z5 smartphone and the best bit is there is a attachment that allows the smartphone in its case to be charged , brilliant.
Absolutely brilliant, works great
Love the charger stand, works great. Was having problems previously with charging my phone. All solved with the stand.
Great service
Great service. Less than a week from the UK
Best stand for the z5 family
A verry nice little charging stand for the Xperia z5 family, Your phone sits vertical so you have a nice view of your phone at all times. It's nice to have on your bed stand or desk as you can see any notifications that pop up, unlike having it lay on its back. If your looking for a charging dock then look no further!
Great device
Great desktop device. Enough power to charge quickly and the device fits easily, but snugly. Very user friendly.
Good fit for the phone minus a case
Whilst the box states it is for the Z3+/Z4, there are three inserts including one for the Z5 Which is the (narrowest) supplied 52A and is a good fit for the phone minus a case. The B & C variants presumably might fit various cases as they are both wider. They however do not fit my Olixar wallet but I have hopes that I can fashion a home-made solution. For around twenty quid I do not overly mind taking tools to it, as with differing cases improvisation is often required. This charging base at least provides options and for that I cannot complain. There is also gentle adhesion applied to the base so that in its chosen position it will stay still when the phone is removed (or inserted).

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